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Leading Electric Motor Manufacturer
three-phase motor
single-phase motor
permanent-magnet motor
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Leading Electric Motor Manufacturer

  • Focus on Electric Motor since 2000.
  • OEM/ODM services as per requests.
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2008, CE, SGS, and CCC certificated.
  • High-quality raw materials like 100% copper, and C&U bearing for ensuring guaranteed product quality.
  • Manufacturing 300,000+ motors every year.

Process: Dedication To Details

Laser-Focused On High Quality & Superlative Performance From Start To Finish

Raw Material Warehouse
  • W800 Cold Rolled Steel Stator
  • Pure copper (100%)
  • C&U bearing
  • One-time forming Electric motor case maker higher concentricity
  • Standardized CNC machine control bearing error within 0.01mm
  • Automatic wire inserting machine complete one stator per minute.
  • One bearing can be processed every three minutes.
  • Each electric motor inspected in 6 steps before leaving the factory

How Can ZhenLi Electric Motor Benefit Your Business?

Complete Product line
Including three-phase & single-phase motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor,ultra-efficient motor.
Quality Guarantee
Inspect every order specifically from raw material to final packaging to ensure quality.
We offer a one-year-long warranty on the motors you purchase.
XBS EN ISO 9001:2008, CE, SGS, and CCC Certificated.
Electric motor style can be customized with drawings
Value-Added History
Over 20 years of professional experience in the motor industry.

Product Category

Our high-efficiency asynchronous induction motor in three-phase with a conformity of standards such as ICE34-1 and GB/T22722-2008. It is well structured, good appearance, low vibration and noise.
Xinnuo single phase asynchronous electric motors that conforms with the regulations of International Association of Electrician including IBC. Good starting and running performance, low noise, small volume, light weight, convenient maintenance, etc.
single phase motor
permanent magnet motor
Permanent-magnet synchronous motor
Our PMSM motori s a wide-speed adjustable driven product characterized by high efficient, energy-saving and high power density.Able to save 50% electricity compares to normal Ie1 motors.
ZhenLi NMRV gear reducers are pioneers in the market for providing advanced solutions concerning flexibility and efficiency. NMRV gear reducers have a wide range of power ratings to guarantee the high performance and reduction of ratio from 5 to 1000 will prove appealing.
speed reducer

Frequently Asked Questions

Take note of the questions below to understand how to order your choice of electrical motors from ZhenLi Motors.

Why choose ZhenLi(Xinnuo) Motors?

With a combined experience of over two decades catering to clients from varied types of industries, ZhenLi is a prominent name in the industry for high-quality electric motors. We have annual revenue of over USD 10 million with over five assembly lines, R&D headed by five experts, and three installation workshops.

When you choose ZhenLi Motor, we guarantee high-quality motors with excellent performance and efficiency after thorough quality inspection including that of raw materials. ZhenLi is a pioneer in varied types of electric asynchronous motors ranging from single to three-phase options.

Start talking with our experts by sending an inquiry right away!

How do I pay for motors I want to buy from ZhenLi?

You can pay for orders to ZhenLi Motor by LC, T/T, D/P, or Western Union. If you need assistance with any of the aforementioned, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team today.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

As per our policy, MOQ is dependent on the item you select. Please let us know the item to know the detailed specs of the Minimum Order Quantity in detail. In general, the lower limit is 5000 USD.

Do you offer any customization?

Definitely, yes. At ZhenLi, we offer many types of customization for generic products ranging from junction box modifications to case styles as well as windshield features. Customers can also toggle between present Minimum Order Quantity as well as custom orders.

What’s your QC process?

Quality Control on ZhenLi Motor is a rigorous process. Here’s a brief on it:

When the raw materials reach our warehouse, the QC team assesses them for efficiency and quality throughout the time of storage in repeated intervals.
Rotor detection helps in dynamic balance for every manufactured motor.
Stator Surge Tests eliminate the chance of failure rates.
No load current detection measures the insulation tester resistance.
Leakage detection has to do with the prevention of accumulation test detection.
Final products are assessed for visible damages and defects.

Do you deliver products on time? What’s your typical TAT?

ZhenLi has a combined experience of over two decades with a spotless track record of serving customers all over the world. As manufacturers ourselves, we aren’t bound by the technical difficulties of wholesalers. That’s the same reason why our Turnaround Times are pinpointed to accuracy.

For in-stock items, expect delivery within 20 days and for customized selections, brace up for up to 23 days to receive shipments.

Is ZhenLi Motors eco-conscious?

Yes, at ZhenLi we try our best to ensure the least amount of waste and environmentally harmful products are ejected out as waste. You can further talk with our customer service team to know the kind of processes that support ecological balance during manufacturing at ZhenLi Motor.

Does ZhenLi(Xinnuo) offer free samples?

No, at ZhenLi(Xinnuo) free samples aren’t offered.

For more information, we suggest you talk with our sales team by sending an inquiry via the contact form to get acquainted with the formalities and limitations of this industrial-grade item.

Do you have OEM/ODM services?

Yes, you can get OEM and ODM services at ZhenLi (Xinnuo) Motor. On top of that, your designs and technical specifications will remain confidential and secure once you share them with us. We’ve worked with several companies and big players to know A to Z about working on the same.

Get in touch with us right away to know more!

Where are you located?

We are an electrical motor manufacturer from China. Our reputation of successful sales across the globe makes us a pioneer in the field. For the exact location of our factory and headquarters, talk to our customer service team today.

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