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High-Quality 1 HP 3 Phase Motor Manufacturer In China

Xinnuo Motor is a well-known supplier in the motor industry. We produce highly capable 1 hp 3 phase electric motors.
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Lightweight And Compact Size of 1 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor

Xinnuo Motors manufacture compact size 1 horsepower 3 phase motor for reliable accommodation in small machineries. Xinnuo manufacture 1 hp 3 phase electric motors with lightweight aluminum; therefore, these motors are lightweight. Compact size and lightweight feature of these motor make them suitable for industrial application. These motors provide high efficiency rate with easy and accessible accommodation.

Low Vibration And Volume Of 1 Horsepower 3 Phase Motor Designed By Xinnuo Motor

These days, industries demand low vibration electric motors to avoid noise pollution. To fulfill the demand, Xinnuo designed low noise bearing 1 hp 3 phase motors for industrial application. These motors produce minimum friction which ensures smooth machinery operation. The 1 hp 3 phase electric motors produce very low noise even on full working capacity. This characteristic has made these motors eco-friendly.

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Frequency Range And Torque Rate Of 1HP 220V 3 Phase Motor

The frequency range of Xinnuo’s 1 hp 3 phase electric motor is 50 HZ to 60 HZ depending on the application. Xinnuo’s technical team has designed these motor with advance features to reduce the requirement of additional power devices. 1 horsepower 3 phase motors are self-starting; hence provide high starting torque to meet the requirement of machinery. 

Choose Our Reliable 1 HP 3 Phase Motor To Boost Your Industrial Operations.

China’s most trusted motor supplier provides wide range of electrical motors for various industrial and commercial purposes. Our 1 hp 3 phase electric motor is highly efficient, low power consuming and long-lasting. Our motors are made with 100% raw material with customizable feature.

MS series 1 hp 3 phase motor
The MS series 1 horsepower 3 phase motors are high performing with 1440 rpm (revolution per minute). The MS series are made of 100% copper coil and aluminum casing. Our 1 hp motors are water resistant and dust-proof. These motors provide high efficiency rate with maximum starting torque to ensure accurate industrial operation. The (MS series) motors are typically used in the machining tools, compressors and gear box.
Y series 1 hp 3 phase motor
Y series 1 horsepower 3 phase motors are the most frequently used electric motors in the power industry. These motors provide 100% output which is equal to 0.75 kw. The Y series motors are available as 1 hp 220v 3 phase motor, 1 hp 380v and 1 hp 440v motors. Moreover, Xinnuo motor provides complete customization of voltages and frequency range. These motors are implemented in gear boxes, fans, blowers and industrial equipment.
YE3 Series 1 hp 3 phase motor
Xinnuo motor manufacture international standard YE3 series 1 horsepower 3 phase motors. These motors have high operational capacity and starting torque; thus, their primary application is high power industries (e.g., printing industry, automotive industry and mining industry). The YE3 series motors works without additional capacitor because they generate maximum initial torque. The (YE3 series) 1 hp 3-phase motors have reliable cooling method and protection class which ensures durability.

Reliable And Affordable 3 Phase Motor Manufacturer In China

XINNUO is a global electric motor manufacturer that offers a variety of 3 phase motors for different applications.

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Xinnuo Motor Supply High Standard Electric Motors To Global Consumers

The top-notch motor manufacturer delivers premium quality electric motors at very affordable price range. We offer various categories of electric motors such as 1 hp (0.75 kw) and 1.5 hp (1.103 kw).

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will uncover some frequently asked question regarding 1 hp 3 phase motor. We will concisely address your queries related to 1 hp 3 phase motor specifications, working mechanism, and its applications.
1. Who Is The Best 1 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor Supplier In China?

Xinnuo Motors is China’s most trustworthy, reliable and cost-effective motor supplier with over 8 years experiencing in motor manufacturing industry. Almost 50,000 satisfied international customers recommend Xinnuo to international buyers because we do not compromise on quality. We have highly qualified team of technician who design unique and efficient motors. Morever, our customer care is 24/7 available to address your queries and concerns. The company offers variety of different motors for industrial and commercial applications. Some of Xinnuo’s bestsellers include 1 hp 3 phase motor, 1.5 hp and 4 hp motors. Check our product catalogue to learn more. 

2. How Many Amps Does A 1 Horsepower 3 Phase Motor Draw?

1 hp 3 phase motor amps rating is 1.83 amps on full load; however, 1hp single phase motors draw 16 amps on full load. That is why 1 hp 3 phase motors are more efficient than single phase motors. The efficiency rate of 1 hp three phase motors is 73% to 75% making them suitable for low-speed industrial purposes.

3. What Are Common Applications Of 1 Horsepower 3 Phase Motor?

The general applications of 1 hp three phase motors are discussed below.

 Let’s have a look,

  • Domestic appliances 
  • Industrial equipment 
  • Machining tools and Gear box
  • Automation industry
  • Compressors and Pumps
  • Mining industry
4. How Many KW Is A 1 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor?

1 hp motors are 0.75 Kw, and have 1440 rpm value (revolution per minute). This feature ensures accurate performance with controlled speed. These motors are low power consumption, which makes them affordable and reliable.

5. How To Extend The Lifespan Of A 1 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor?

Although 1 hp three phase motors are long-lasting, you can increase the lifespan of 1 hp motors with regular checking and care. Here are some of the important tips to extend the life of your 1 hp 3 phase motor:

  • Regularly check the leakage and temperature of the motor to avoid sparks and damage. 
  • Overheating is the primary cause behind the early failure of 1 hp motors. Avoiding frequent supply voltage changes reduces overheating in the winding.
  • Monitor external conditions like moisture, heat, water, and grease to ensure the long life of 1 hp motors.
  • Check the proper positioning of the motor to extend the operational capacity and lifespan of the 1 horsepower 3 phase motor.
6. Does The 1 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor Demands Capacitor?

No, the 1 horsepower 3 phase motor is self-starting which does not demand additional power supply. These motors generate high initial torque without external support. Unlike 1 hp single phase motors, they induce current with capacitor’s starting rotations. They run through the rotating rmf produced in the stator winding.

7. What Is The Working Principle Of A 1 HP 3 Phase Motor?

The working mechanism of a 1 horsepower 3-phase motor is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. In electromagnetic induction, there is a difference between the relative speed of the stator and rotor that induces a current. The relative difference between the speed of the rotor and stator is called slip. The motor gets excited when connected to the current supply. The stator winding produces magnetic fields, which influence the rotor to rotate at a constant speed. Thus the rotor moves in the direction of the stator’s magnetic fields. The rotor has slots slightly parallel to the shaft that induces a current in it. The shaft carries current to the load and utilizes it for the final application.

8. What Is The Price Difference Between 1 HP (Three Phase) And 1 HP (Single Phase) Motor?

The cost value is one of the valuable perks of a single phase 1 horsepower motor. Another common dissimilarity of 1 hp single phase and 1 hp 3 phase motor is price range. The 1 hp single phase motors are cost-effective. These are the perfect choice for low-budget customers. 

On contrary, the 1 horsepower three phase motors are a bit pricy because of their various significant features (e.g. frame size, speed, and PF rating). Although these motors are more expensive than single phase 1 hp motors, consumers prefer 1 hp three phase motors because of their wide range of applications in different commercial sectors.  

9. What Are Some Significant Benefits Of 1 HP 3 Phase Motor?

1hp 3 phase electric motors are very popular because of their exceptional features. Let’s uncover some significant features and general specifications of 1 hp three phase motors.

Operational capacity:

The operational capacity of a 1 hp 3 phase electric motor is high because these motors work on a three-phase power supply. These motors are connected to the star or delta configuration, which increases the working capacity of these motors.

Low Noise and Vibration:

Less noisy and low vibrating machinery lasts long. Therefore, industries these days demand frictionless low-bearing motors to avoid noise on sites. The 1 horsepower three phase motors are low noise bearing, confirming the less vibratory industrial operation. Moreover, these features make the 1 hp 3 phase electric motors eco-friendly by reducing noise pollution.

High starting torque:

The 1hp three-phase motor provides high initial rotatory motion to the motor without any external power device. However, a capacitor can be used to increase the power efficacy of the motor. Due to this incredible feature, 1 hp 3 phase electric motors are widely used in numerous technology fields.

10. What Are The MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) And Delivery Period At Xinnuo Motors?

Xinnuo Motors has the fastest delivery service for international orders. We provide in-stock products within 20 days of placing orders. However, for customized products delivery time varies from 25-28 days. 

The MOQ depends on the chosen category and the product. Every category have different minimum order limit since the price range differ. 

11. Does Xinnuo Offer Warranty And Return Policy?

Absolutely, we offer 1 year warranty on our electric motors. However, Xinnuo offer return and refund only on damaged and incapable products. If a damaged product is delivered to you, we will cover it under our return and exchange policy. 

Let’s See What Previous Clients Say About Xinnuo Motor

Xinnuo Motor’s primary priority is satisfying its customer base. We have always preferred customer-based business strategy to serve our consumer. Previous customers of Xinnuo Motors are pleased with our services and products.
  • star star star star star
    Xinnuo Motor has always been my favorite motor manufacturer from China. I randomly ordered my first product which was OEM motor from Xinnuo through a web link. I was stunned with the quality and customer care service of the company. I will forever be grateful, thanks Xinnuo Motor!
    Noah Jacob:
  • star star star star star
    Back in 2019, I ordered a 1.5 hp electric gear motor from Xinnuo. Honestly, I was not sure about the quality and capacity of product but Xinnuo completely changed my mind. I am so happy that I chose Xinnuo and the customer care further guided my pretty well. I would recommend Xinnuo to everyone.
    Emily Marie William:
  • star star star star star
    Recently, I had an important client’s project to follow up. I tried several websites and ware houses to find customized 1 hp 3 phase motor but nothing worked. I went to Xinnuo Motor’s sites and got a quotation in few minutes. They delivered the customized products two days before the due date. I’m truly impressed.
    George Henry:
  • star star star star star
    I was tired of low quality of domestic motors. I ordered one from Xinnuo Motors on my friend’s recommendation and I loved the delivered product. The price range of the domestic motors is affordable and quality is premium. I will continue buying high efficiency products from Xinnuo.
    Lucas Grayson:

Are You Interested In More Information Or An Accurate Quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable electric motor supplier, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

An Introductory Guide of 1 HP 3 Phase Motor

3 phase electric motor is the type of induction motor that operates on alternating current. These motors provide constant and controlled speed to the machinery. If you want to understand the perks and valuable features of 1 hp three-phase motors, then you are at the right place. In this introductory guide, we will discuss 1 hp motor specifications such as power use, amps rating, RPMs, and efficiency. We will also explain the construction, working mechanism, and general applications of the 1 hp 3 phase motor. 

Let’s get into it,

What is a 1 hp 3 phase motor?

1 horsepower 3 phase motor is an asynchronous motor that works accurately under various mechanical and environmental conditions. 1hp suggests the capacity of the three-phase motor of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. A 1 hp 3 phase electric motor can convert 746 joules of electrical power into mechanical power. The mounting dimension of 1 hp motor is reliable. These motors are widely used in industries for numerous functions (gearbox, compressors, electronic appliances, and blowers). 

1 HP 3 Phase Motor

Figure 1: 1 HP 3 Phase Motor

 These motors are applicable in the industries where speed control and accuracy are required. Xinnuo Motors is the leading motor manufacturer in China that delivers high-quality electric motors globally.  

1 hp motor specifications: 

Let’s discuss some of the technical specifications of 1 hp 3 phase electric motors that make them very popular in the motor industry;

  • Mounting:

The 1hp three phase motor has B3 Horizontal Foot Mounting dimension. 

  • Rpm Rating:

The motor has 1440 rpm (revolution per minute).

  • Degree of protection:

Manufacturers use IP54 and IP55 protection in 1 hp 3 phase motor to ensure durability. 

  • Insulation type:

The motors have B or F type insulation. 

  • The number of poles:

The 1 horsepower 3 phase motor has 4 poles. 

  • Cooling Method:

The cooling method of 1 hp 3 phase motors is ICO141 designed on the ICE international standards. 

  • Altitude:

The altitude of a 1 hp 3-phase motor is less than 3280.84 feet above sea level. 

  • Frequency:

The frequency rate of these motors is between 50 HZ to 60 HZ.

  • Efficiency rate:

The efficiency rate of the 1 horsepower 3 phase motor is 73% to 75%. 

  • Voltage range:

The commonly available motor is 1hp 220v 3 phase motor. Some three phase motors ranges between 380V-440V. 

  • Theoretical output:

The maximum theoretical output of a 1 hp 3 phase electric motor is 1 horsepower which is equal to 0.75 kW. 

  • Ambient temperature:

The ambient temperature of the 1hp three-phase motor is -15℃ to +40℃. 

Construction of 1 hp 3 phase motor:

Like all other three-phase induction motors, 1hp motors include a rotor, stator, and windings.

Construction of 1 hp 3 Phase Electric Motor

Figure 2: Construction of 1 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor


The moveable rotating part of the 1 hp 3 phase motor is called a rotor. The motor completes its revolutions in the direction of the stator due to electromagnetic induction. Therefore, it produces an induced current in the direction of magnetic fields. The shaft is enclosed in the rotor bearing. The shaft rotates and carries current.


The stator of the motor controls the rotor movement and influences it to move in the direction of provided magnetic fields. The stator of the 1 horsepower 3 phase motor is made up of 100% raw material and stainless/fabricated steel. The high-grade material used in the stator provides support and stability to the other parts of the stator (e.g., winding and stator core). 

Stator Winding and Poles of 1 hp 3 Phase Motor

Figure 3: Stator Winding and Poles of 1 HP 3 Phase Motor


The winding of a 1 hp 3 phase electric motor is made of 100% copper coil to ensure high resistivity and long life. When we provide a three-phase current supply to the motor, its winding establishes a rotating magnetic field in the stator. The cooper coil and high-grade wire used in the windings make them heat and water-resistant.  

1 Horsepower 3 Phase Motor (Gear Motor)

Figure 4: 1 Horsepower 3 Phase Motor (Gear Motor)

Advantages of 1 hp 3 phase motor: 

1 hp 3-phase motors are notably famous in the motor industry due to their several advantages. Some of the outstanding perks of 1 horsepower 3 phase motors are discussed below;

  • The 1 hp three phase motors are highly reliable because of their ability to generate high starting torque. The automation industry implements these motors as gear box.
  • You can change the poles for the 1 hp 3 phase electric motor as per your machinery requirement. This feature helps to optimize the motor according to the operational condition. 
  • Since these motors are made of 100% raw material; therefore, the 1 hp three phase motor has a long life with minimum maintenance requirements. 
  • The motor does not demand any capacitor to initiate rotations.
  • The thermal performance of a 1 hp 3 phase electric motor is incredible because these motors are designed specially to work under stressful temperature conditions.
  • The price of this motor is market competitive for potential consumers. They are more expensive than single-phase motors, but the quality pays off. 

Different types of 1 hp 3 phase motor used in the power industries:

Industries use both single-phase and three-phase 1 hp motors for various machinery operations. Some of the most commonly used 1 hp motors are as follows;

  • Y2 series three-phase electric motors
  • YD series pole changing 3-phase electric motor
  • MS series 1hp 220v 3 phase motor

Xinnuo Motors manufacture 1 hp and 1.5 hp electric motors for reliable and durable performance. Other than 1 hp and 1.5 hp electric motors, we offer high-grade industrial motors, Permanent magnet motors, and Explosion-proof motors


If you are tired of low-capacity electric motors, 1 hp 3 phase electric motors are the perfect option for you. Three phase motors are the supreme quality electric motors with noteworthy features, offered by Xinnuo. The voltage range, frequency, price, and 1 hp 3 phase motor amps rating makes them reliable for constant speed industries. These motors are a one-time investment because they are long-lasting, reliable, and energy-saving. 

To get the information and free quotation, feel free to contact us. Our customer support is 24/7 available to address your queries. 

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