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Our 10kW electric motors are trusted by worldwide industries for different applications with low maintenance and extended life.

10kw electric motor MS series
MS Series Aluminum Shell 10kw Threephase B14 Flange Motor
10kw electric motor Y3 series
10kw Electric Motor Y3 Series
10kw electric motor YE3 Series
YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency Big Size 10kw Three-phase Motor
YBX3 Series high efficiency explosion proof 10kw three phase motor
YBX3 Series High Efficiency Explosion Proof 10kw Three Phase Motor

10kw Electric Motor

Xinnuo 10kW electric motors are built to perform in extreme condition with utmost reliability.

10kw Electric Motor Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

Data Sheet of 10kw Electric Motor

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10kw electric motor Data Sheet


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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

10 kW Electric Motor: A Complete Guide

Electric motors have become a big part of our lives. From microwave ovens and electric cars to industrial blowers and fans, we depend upon electric motors and our life would be incomplete without these appliances. You will not find the applications of electric motors in domestic settings but there are plenty of commercial and industrial applications that can not be completed without electric motors. 10kW electric motor is one of these motors that can be used for multiple purposes from domestic to industrial applications.

That’s why we bring you this frequently asked questions guide to provide you with all the major information about the 10kW electric motor. This guide will answer every question regarding the 10kW electric motor from its expected life to its uses. So let’s dive in and find out.

1. What is a 10kW electric motor?

10kW electric motor

Figure 1: 10kW Electric Motor

An electrical motor is the powerhouse of electrical appliances that provide the energy for high-efficiency working. In the power transmission areas, some objects need more power than others and electric motors are designed with different power capacities to fulfill that requirement. To accommodate the machinery that needs more power than a regular motor, a 10kW electric motor is a perfect solution. It handles massive energy requirements and provides the maximum outcome consuming less energy. It is a high-potent motor with 24 hours working capacity, however, you’ll have to adjust the temperature of the surrounding so that the motor doesn’t get heated up.

Xinnuo manufactures certified 10kW electric motors that are equipped with the finest tools and the latest technology so that the clients become satisfied. The spare parts of our motors are genuine and imported from Japan and Germany for the longtime working of your machines. Even the tiniest wires and parts are examined before the manufacturing of the electrical motors.

2. What Are The Advantages Of 10kw 3 Phase Electric Motors?

The three-phase electric motor is the most popular and the most used in the industrial and power transmission areas for its impeccable advantages. The reason is that the electric motors (especially those operated with alternative current (AC) tend to take a high peak of energy and then fall making a loud noise. If you use these machines at a lower level such as in houses, then the noise can be bearable. However, in the greater operating areas where the machines with high power such as 10kw are used, the noise would be impossible to bear.

The three-phase electric motors use three paths for moving energy. These paths give the constant net outcome and do not overlap. The reason is that there is no interference in the energy transmission because three separate ways are used at a single time without any interference. Moreover, using three-phase motors, you don’t need to use winding at the start. These are the most reliable advancement in the field of machinery.

3. Why Is Speed Control Necessary For 10kw Electric Motors?

You might be aware of the fact that the high speed of any object results in the high-efficiency and high production. This may not be the case with electrical motors and you need to be careful about speed control. The heavy load machines work under tense conditions and it is very crucial to maintain their speed at any cost. All the major functions of the electric motors such as;

  • Drilling
  • Rotation
  • Quality outcome
  • Damage resistance
  • Conveyor belt
  • Drill sizes and tolerance are controlled by speed.

Some industrialists use frequency tools to alter the motor frequencies just to keep the speed in control. This happens by adjusting the amplitude or frequency to a certain level that does not affect the productivity of the electric motors. Xinnuo also assists you with speed control meters. All you have to do is to give us a visit or simply place a call to discuss your queries. We will send our qualified technicians to your door to sort the queries.

4. What are the trouble-shooting signs for the failure of a 10kw electric motor?

Electric motors are the prime assets of the manufacturing industries and no progress can be imagined without them. Your motor may get damaged and you might not know. If the damage gets prolonged, it might result in malfunctioning or explosion of your motor. To avoid this, we have a list of trouble-shooting signs to look for in your machines so that you can maintain them at your best.

Rusting: If the motor is exposed to an unfavorable environmental condition such as moisture, the motor starts rusting. Another cause of this failure is not using a fanned motor or not drilling holes for water expulsion.

Changed color of grease: This happens when it starts leaking from the winding along with a disturbed magnetic field. The motor grease changes its color as a result.

Oil discharge: If you see an unusual oil breakage from the motor, it is either because of the strains in the pipe, bearing destruction, the irregular gasp for air, and false coupling.

Reduced torque: If torque reduces, the efficacy of the motor also decreases. The reason for this damage is due to the fault in the power circuit or disrupted power supply.

Excessive heat: There are a lot of causes for the increase in motor temperature. It can either be a high power supply, or the machine’s working, distorted magnetic field, and excessive load.

Increased noise: Faulty power supply, error in the circuits, and other similar issues cause the increase in the motor noise.

Voltage spike: Unexpected or instant increase in the power or current from the main switch can cause the voltage surge of your motor. Use stabilizers so that the current flow reaches the required amount to the motors.

Now that you have gone through these points, keep them in mind for future use. Keep your mind alert and closely observe the signs to avoid further damage. For safety purposes and smooth working, keep your motors well maintained and ask for any assistance at Xinnuo.

5. What is the difference between single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase electric motors?

Difference between electric phases

Figure 2: Difference Between Electric Phases

The motors perform the same function of making energy using electrical and magnetic currents. However, there is a silver lining between the three types of motors which are described below.

Single-phase: The use of this motor has become rare in industrial use because of its less load-taking capacity. It can only work at the domestic level where little to no energy is required to operate the items. Capacitors of certain capacitance are required to operate these motors.

Two phased: Making a two-way energy transfer mechanism is rather impractical to achieve and that’s why these motors are not seen in the market for potential use. It needs starting winding at 90 degrees to operate.

Three faced: It provides ideal three-way energy transfer with constant output, making it ideal for tons of applications at the industrial level.

6. What are the specifications of the 10kw electric motor Xinnuo offer?

10 kilo-watt electric motor specifications

Figure 3: 10 Kilo-Watt Electric Motor Specifications

Xinnuo manufactures 10kW electric motors with the following specifications.

  • Voltage: 110 – 660 V
  • Working status: Continuous opertions
  • Speed: 700 – 3600 rpm
  • Motor casing: Aluminum
  • ISO, CE Certification
  • Product type: Three-phased motor
  • Motor color: As per your preference

7. What steps improve the efficiency of the 10kw electric motor?

Electric motors are everywhere in our life. Every industry is using some kind of electric motor to drive their machinery and other equipment. This makes the electric motor a very important aspect of industries and its failure can bring the entire plant to a standstill and cause huge downtime that can result in high cost. Below mentioned are some of the steps that can help you improve the efficiency of your electric motor and reduce the chances of failure.

Regular Inspection:

Low resistance is the most common cause of electric motor failure. The adverse operating environment such as overheating, corrosion, and any kind of physical damage cause the degradation of the insulation of the windings. This leads to insufficient isolation between the windings, short circuits, leakages that cause the motor failure. Xinnuo’s electric motors are manufactured keeping all these factors in mind and deliver you the best performing electric motors.
Regular inspection of the insulation for any sign of wear and tear can help you minimize the motor failure and make the electric motor run at full efficiency. It also prevents low resistance.

Voltage Unbalance:

The voltage unbalance can severely damage the operation of the 10kW electric motor. The voltage unbalance can cause a reduction in the full load speed and break down the torque for applications. It can significantly increase or decrease the operating temperature.
To keep your motor efficient it is necessary to eliminate the voltage unbalance. Distribute the single-phase load on a three-phase system for the equal load on all three phases. Replace the equipment with unbalanced three-phase reactance as soon as possible. You can also install the reactive and active filters and reduce the harmonics that will significantly reduce the unbalance.

Our 10kW electric motor is designed to perform exceptionally well and it is tested in many different operating conditions. We at Xinnuo make sure that the electric motor does not impose voltage unbalance.

Monitor Vibrations:

The uneven and unstable surface where the electric motor is placed can cause vibrations in the motor. The other reasons for vibrations can be corrosion, misalignment, or loose bearings. The monitoring of the vibrations is very crucial because excess vibrations can lead to motor failure. Many low-cost analytical tools can be used for the monitoring of vibrations. This can help you ensure to run the 10kW electric motor at full efficiency and reduce the chances of motor failures.

Select Right Motor Size

Selecting the right size of the electric motor is a very important step while buying the electric motor for your applications. This is also true for commercial and industrial plants because they use high electrical appliances that consume a huge amount of energy. Different applications and processes require different types of the electric motor so it is necessary to evaluate everything.
Employing a slightly oversized electric motor for your applications will offer extra capacity and can increase the life of your motor. Also, make sure that there is a little bit of difference in your electric motor’s optimal potential and standard operating load to ensure the potential of the motor is not wasted. This way you can save money and can run your electric motor at optimal efficiency.

Proper Maintainance:
To keep your 10kW electric motor optimal and efficient proper maintenance is very important. Routine maintenance activity allows the operator to identify motor problems and fix them before they lead to major damage. We suggest our clients to weekly check their electric motor properly and make sure it is running properly without any excessive noise. Avoiding maintenance can further damage the internal parts of the electric motor and affect the maximum efficiency of the motor.

Planned maintenance increases the service life of the 10kW electric motor and also reduces the chances of downtime and repair expense. Thoroughly checking every part of the motor and making sure it performing optimally can increase the performance of the motor.

The above-mentioned steps are can increase the efficiency of your 10kW electric motors. Xinnuo 10kW electric motors are built to provide you with maximum efficiency and extended life. We use high-quality steel in the manufacturing of our electric motors that provide high efficiency and utmost performance in every operating condition.

8. What Is The Average Lifespan Of A 10kw Electric Motor?

The lifespan of the 10kW electric motor depends upon multiple factors. These factors can be different operating environments such as humidity, corrosion, high temperature, etc, it can also be the improper installation of the 10kW electric motor or fluctuations in the output, or maybe unexpected load changes. They are some of the key aspects that reduce the performance of the electric motor that eventually leads to motor failure. There can be multiple factors involved that decide the life of the motor.
In general, the average life of the 10kW electric motor Xinnuo offer is more than 15 to 20 years provided within the limits of the specified values and suitable operating conditions.

9. Where 10kw electric motors are used?

Applications of 10kW motors

Figure 4: Applications of 10kW motors

Electric motors are very important in our lives, they have made our life easier and more efficient. From vacuum cleaners to dishwashers, from electric cars to industrial machinery you will find electric motors everywhere. Likewise, 10kW electric motors have widespread applications in different industries. It is also used in many domestic and commercial applications. Below are some of the many applications of 10kW three-phase electric motors.

Washing Machine

10kw electric motors are used in many appliances and washing machine is one of them. The 10kW electric motors help to rotate the clothes inside the machine and clean them effortlessly.

This is a mechanical system that is used to transport the products or material from one place to another using minimal effort. The conveyor also uses a 10kW three-phase electric motor to eliminate the need for labor. It reduces the productivity of the industry.

Lathe Machine

This is a machine most commonly used in the metal industry. It rotates the material for cutting, sanding, drilling, and shaping it. This rotation action is performed with the help of a 10kW electric motor.

Electric Vehicle:

A 10kW electric motor is also used in many electric motors that have a limited speed. This is a relatively new addition to the applications of the electric motor as electric vehicles are becoming more and more common. Different types of electric motors are used in these vehicles depending upon the speed, load, torque, and many other factors.

Industrial Automation:

The most common use of a 10kW electric motor is industrial automation. It is used for performing heavy tasks without any interruption. This reduces the need for labor. Because most of the industrial machinery runs automatically they need an electric motor to perform this operation. 10kW electric motors are efficient and provide high production values to the manufacturers.

10. Does Xinnuo offer a 10kw electric motor?

Yes, We offer you the high-performing 10kW electric motor that is built to perform in extreme conditions with utmost reliability. Xinnuo is a leading electric motor manufacturer from China with 20+ years of industry experience. We have delivered thousands of 10kW electric motors to our clients worldwide. Our electric motors are proved highly efficient in any given environment and application from domestic to industrial. We take pride in mentioning that electric motors are manufactured in an advanced technological facility with a world-class quality control system. Our quality control system ensures every electric motor is built with high-quality standards and stands in extreme condition with extended life. Place your order now to get started with your project.

11. How can I place my electric motor purchase order at Xinnuo motors?

You can place your order by calling us at the given number or can fill out the form with your order information and you will get your quotation within a matter of hours. You can also write us at our email address with your queries and our support team will get back to you with all your answers.







You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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