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15kw Electric Motor Manufacturer In China

Xinnuo Motors are a well-known supplier of 15kw electric motors, globally. We make 15kw motors with 100% copper coil and top-quality electrical steel.
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Volume And Vibration Level Of Xinnuo’s 15kw Electric Motors

Xinnuo Motor has designed the 15kw motors, especially for industrial and commercial use. The low noise and minimal vibration level of Xinnuo’s motors make it accessible for almost all industries. Our motors are designed according to international standards to meet customers’ expectations worldwide.

High Precision 15 k Electric Motor For Advanced Industrial Requirements

The premium quality 3 phase and single phase induction motors are widely used in heavy industrial machines and equipment. Xinnuo develops high-precision motors to provide high starting torque and efficiency. On the top, 100% copper coil and iron material carry out the operations smoothly.

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Easy Maintenance And Long-lasting Quality Of Xinnuo 15kw Motors

We make 15kw motors with F class insulation. It ensures the long life and reliability of electric motors. F/B insulation protects the motor from potential loss. Similarly, IP55 protection grade secures the electric motors from environmental damage. Xinnuo’s 15kw electric motor kit offers easy maintenance for customers’ convenience.

Choose Xinnuo’s 15kw Electric Motor To Boost The Efficiency Of Your Business

Xinnuo Motors manufactures a wide variety of electric motors that are specifically designed to provide operational efficiency, 100% power output, and energy-saving. Our motors have flexible voltage and frequency levels which make them perfect for domestic and industrial use. Lastly, we offer customization according to customers’ requirements.

15kw electric motor MS series
Xinnuo 15kw motors (MS series) have a frame size range from 56 to 20.0. Newly designed 15 kw electric motors (MS series) are dust and water-resistant. This innovative feature increases the durability of electric motors. MS series electric motors have a wide variety of applications that include compressors, vacuum cleaners, and industrial cranes. Our vast product catalog helps customers to select desired motors effectively.
NMRV Reducer With Motor
Voltage flexibility and efficiency requirements are the most frustrating side of ac or dc motors. Xinnuo introduced NMRV reducers with the motor as a quick fix. It works as a decelerator and increases the torque transmission. It is stable and easy to operate. The exclusive Xinnuo NMRV reducers are lightweight, electricity-saver, and less vibratory.
YEJ Series 15kw Motor With AC Brake
The three-phase YEJ series AC motor is of international quality that enables prompt braking and high starting torque in 15kw motors. The construction industry, packaging industry, and chemical industry are the major applications of YEJ series motors. YEJ series motors with AC brakes are available in different frequencies at Xinnou Motor. The AC brake in this motor provides instant braking and definite placement.

Reliable And Affordable 15kw Electric Motor Manufacturer In China

XINNUO is a Global 15kw Electric Motor manufacturer that offers a variety of axial fans for different applications.

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Xinnou Is A Global Top-Notch Electric Motors Supplier In China

Xinnou is a well-known motor supplier that delivers quality products at a good price internationally. We offer a diverse range of electric motors including 10kw, 4kw, HP 20 motor, and single phase AC motor.

15 kW Electric Motor - Frequently Asked Questions

We will discuss some frequently asked questions about 15kw electric motors. We will briefly address the queries of the audience about electric motors and their sub-products. You will get information about working principles, best applications, and major suppliers of 15kw motors in China.
1: Who is China’s Best 15kw Electric Motor Supplier?

Xinnuo is a trusted and reliable motor supplier in China. We have over 50,000 satisfied international customers. The experts at Xinnuo have more than 15 years of experience in motor manufacturing. Xinnuo does not only provide high-end motors but also offers complete customization according to customers’ requirements. We have a variety of motors such as 10kw, 15kw, and 20kw. Moreover, the motors are available in various multiple series. We have professional technical engineers who are 24/7 available to help you out. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

2: What Is The Weight Of A 3 Phase 15kw Electric Motor?

Although, 15kw motors are available in different weights and sizes. However, the 3 phase 15kw motors that Xinnuo offers have weighed about 103.5kg. The weight of a 15kw ICE motor is about 139.0 kg. This size is ideal for the perfect working and long-life of 15 kw electric motors. The shaft of Xinnuo’s 15kw (3 phase) is about 42mm dia x 110mm. It also has a 12mm wide key that carries out technical operations smoothly. The highly qualified engineers at Xinnuo have designed the HP, Brake motor, and four pole motors productively.

3: Why Is A 15 kw Electric Motor Better Than An 11kw Motor?

The working mechanism of both motors is similar; however, many factors make a 15kw electric motor better than an 11kw motor. Here we will discuss three important aspects of a 15kw motor that make it more efficient, reliable, and productive than an 11kw motor:

Efficiency Rate: If an 11kw and 15 kW electric motor is working with 100% capacity, the efficiency rate of a 15kw electric motor is higher than an 11kw motor. The efficiency rate of an 11kw motor is 92.5% per OEM. However, the efficiency rate of a 15kw 3 phase motor is about 93.7% per OEM.

Reliability: The braking system of a 15kw electric motor makes it more reliable for industrial and commercial use. The low voltage feature of the 15kw motor ensures the stability of machinery. 

Working capacity: The maximum current capacity of the 15 kw electric motor is more advanced than the 11kw motor. The full load current of the 15kw motor is 90.211 Ampere at 120 volts which makes it more productive than the 11 kW electric motor.

4: What Are The Important Benefits Of A 15kw Electric Motor?


The new Xinnuo 15 kw electric motors are designed for low energy consumption. We manufacture low voltage 15kw motors with unique techniques and materials. The energy-saving mode of 15 kW motors has advanced benefits like low heat output, less- expense, and long insulation.

Less Vibration:

The new motors are less vibratory and are specifically designed to lower noise pollution. This environment-friendly feature of Xinnuo’s 15kw electric motors makes it more stable and reliable for usage. 

Less maintenance:

The skilled engineers at Xinnuo have built the 15 kW 3 phase motor with superior material and mechanical power. These features enable the machine to operate in a severe environment for a longer period.

5: What Is A 15kw BLDC Electric Motor?

The BLDC series of 15kw motors is a brushless motor. The power supply of BLDC motors is different from mediocre conventional DC motors. BLDC motors are powered by direct current instead of brushes. Another important feature of the brushless electric motor is electronic communication. It does not have brushes and is operated electrically which makes it more accurate. The electronic controller controls the torque and speed of the BLDC motor automatically.

6: What Are Some Major Applications Of The 15kw Electric Motor?

DC motors have a wide range of applications in different industries due to their high-efficiency rate. Mechanics implement DC (brush or brushless) motors in machinery where high speed and torque are in demand. Basically, DC motors perform tasks as the result of two interacting magnets. It is applied in elevators, excavators, steel mills, factories, rolling mills, and locomotives. These industries demand high speed and torque; therefore, 15kw DC motors are the best choice.

7: What Factors Should We Keep In Mind While Purchasing 15kw Electric Motors From China?

15kw electric motors are specially designed motors that provide high speed and torque while consuming low voltages. Sometimes clients find it difficult to find and select the best motor for their machinery. Here are some important tips to follow:

  • Online purchases come with a lot of risks. Always check the credibility of the company while purchasing motors from China. Check out reviews, testimonials, and endorsements before proceeding.
  • Never compromise on the quality of the motors. Identify the speed, torque, voltages, and efficiency before buying. 
  • Look through user manuals and working mechanisms to buy the right fit for your machinery.
8: Why Is Xinnuo Motors The Best Choice For Industrial Use?

Xinnuo Motors is the top-class motor supplier in China. We have been in the motor business for more than 15 years. We have a wide variety of motors for industrial as well as domestic use. Industrial motors of Xinnuo are chiefly manufactured with proper consultation and practice. The best thing about Xinnuo is efficient customization. We customize motors according to the technical demand of machinery. 

9: What Is The Minimum Order Quantity And Delivery Time At Xinnuo Motors?

The minimum order limit of the products depends on the selected category. Every category has a different MOQ as the price range is different. However, according to a rough estimate, the lowest limit is about 5000 USD. 

Since Xinnuo motors are operating all over the world, the shipment time for in-stock products is about 20 days. For customized products, shipments take about 23 to 24 days.

10: Does Xinnuo Motor Offer A Warranty?

Xinnuo offers a one year warranty on every purchased product. Our products are industrial graded, so the chance of damaged products is very less.

11: Does Xinnuo Provide High-Quality 15kw Electric Motors?

Xinnuo is a trusted motor manufacturer in China with over 50,000 international customers. Our qualified team of engineers designs motors for different industrial purposes. We manufacture premium quality motors because quality is another name of Xinnuo. We provide customization to ensure the steady application of motors in heavy machinery. The efficiency rate, voltage power, and speed of our electric motors are customizable. We offer high-quality products at a very competitive price. Moreover, the customer care team of Xinnuo is highly responsible. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and queries. If you have any questions, click here to book a consultation call with our expert team.

What Do Our Precious Customers Say About The Services Of Xinnuo Motors?

Customers are the core of any business. Similarly, Xinnuo Motors has kept customer satisfaction as a topmost priority. Previous clients of Xinnuo are fascinated by our services and quality.
  • star star star star star
    I have been working with Xinnuo since 2018, and the quality of their 10kw, 15kw, and other motors are exceptional. I have not seen a company offering premium quality motors in such a competitive price range. The motors are durable and long-lasting with very little maintenance. I’m glad that I chose Xinnuo!
    Henry James
  • star star star star star
    Back in 2019, I had an urgent project to follow up on. I randomly contacted Xinnuo’s customer care to seek information about customized motors. Since then, I have become a regular customer of Xinnuo. Their customer care and consultation team are incredible. They provided me with 100% customization of motors according to my desires.
    Tatum Henderson
  • star star star star star
    I was fed up with the quality, delivery time, and pricing of international motor suppliers. Then, I discovered Xinnuo through market research. Xinnuo not only provided me with premium quality, but their delivery time is also very impressive. I would recommend Xinnuo to everyone who wants efficient custom motors with fast international delivery.
    Samuel Payne
  • star star star star star
    Honestly, when I ordered a 15kw electric motor from Xinnuo, I was not sure about the quality. However, I am delighted by the quality of motors I received. The high-definition motors are available in a very affordable range making Xinnuo the best choice for bulk orders. Thanks, Xinnuo motors. I am fully satisfied.
    Anthony Joshua

Are You Interested In More Information Or An Accurate Quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable 15kw Electric Motor, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

15kW Electric Motor – A Complete Overview

To convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy we use electric motors. We use the motor to do this job in a way they should be less costly, simple in operating and easily available, long life, heavy-duty – with the advantages of easily maintainable, less in weight and high flexibility in terms of by variation and alternate variety of loads its performance should be steady-state.

15kW electric motors are extremely efficient and reliable. For motors with capacities ranging from 10 HP to 500 HP, their efficiencies range from 85 percent to 95 percent. They are exceptionally trustworthy and durable, and they cover more than 90% of the installed capacity of industrial electric motors. We bring you everything you need to know about a 15kW electric motor so that you can make the decision easy to buy your next 15kW electric motor. Let’s dive in.

What Is A 15kW Electric Motor?

Three-phase and single-phase electric motors of 15 kW work in a variety of ways. When the magnetic field is established, the 15 kW single-phase motors start. Then the rotor starts to spin. Single phase motors are not often capable of self-starting. 15KW single phase motors with a dual capacitor, on the other hand, can produce starting torque. A secondary winding is necessary for these motors to provide a magnetic field that rotates the rotor. Self-starting 15kW 3 phase motors, on the other hand, are available. A coil generates a magnetic field that shifts in response to pulsing alternating current. This approach allows the stator to create a rotatory magnetic field.

15KW Electric Motor

Figure 1- 15KW Electric Motor

Parts of 15 kW Electric Motor

Physically they are made rugged and also some special components are implemented on-demand for special conditions as mostly a typical a 15kw made up of several components including:

A  motor’s armature, often known as the rotor, is the moving portion. The armature rotates the shaft. And they came two main varieties squirrel cage and wound configurations


Figure 2 – Rotor

It’s one of the core parts of any motor and acts as a magnet with the poles’ magnetic field which makes them twist.

The wire length of the electromagnet in the stator is critical to the output of your motor.

Stator and Rotor

Figure 3 – Stator And Rotor

The stator is the electromagnetic circuit’s most important component. It is made out of thin metal sheets that save energy. In the stator of your industrial motor, you can employ windings or a permanent magnet.

  • Air Gap

The air gap is the physical space between the stator and rotor that helps to enhance the magnetic circuit’s reluctance. As a result, the air gap is critical for optimal performance.

  • Coil or Windings 

Stator winding

Figure 5 – Stator Winding

Typically, insulated copper and aluminum are used as winding; they must be made to bear all the electrical and heating stress.

  • Commutator

Commutators in a  motor reverse the direction of the current on a regular basis. This is an essential action since the motor would shut down without it.


Figure 6 – Commutator

Xinnuo makes sure to produce electric motors with high-quality raw materials to ensure high efficiency and extended life. We have delivered thousands of electric motors to our widespread customers around the world.

Specifications of 15 Kilo-Watts Electric Motor

Electric motors with a power rating of 15 KW are helpful in a range of environments. Therefore, in order for such a motor to provide the most power, it must first be in good working order. If suggested requirements are satisfied then these will give a more optimized and high performance with longer age and less will be the failure to occur. Here are the general specifications:

  • F and H class of insulation is provided.
  • 50Hz and 60Hz are rated frequencies.
  • 220V to 760V is the rated voltage
  • ICO141 scheme is given for cooling.
  • -15⁰C and 40⁰C working within these ambient limits.
  • 1000m altitude is maximum for best performance.
  • This kind of protection is highly recommended for the environment where dust and moisture are more than norms so for that IP55 Ingress protection (IP) is provided
  • Star as well as Delta connections are compatible.

What are the Domestic and Industrial Applications of 15kW Motors?

Applications of 15kW come under a wide range of umbrellas. Because of its excellent properties, it is suited for a wide range of applications. The majority are installed under these applications

  • EV’s
  • Reservoir systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Drilling machinery
  • Metal process industries
  • Health and Safety Departments
  • Air conditioner
  • In Different kinds of turbines
  • Domestic appliances
  • Machinery manufacturing industries’
  • Agriculture industries
  • Agricultural pieces of machinery.
  • With the equipment used in the power sector
  • Excavating equipment
  • Blower equipment
  • Mega ships and yachts
  • Powerhouses

It may also be used in high-level voltage and low applications. As a result, in electrical applications which require variable power ratings, consider employing a 15KW electric motor. With more than 20 years of experience in the electric motor industry, we have manufactured and delivered thousands of electric motors. From domestic to industries our motors are proven resilient and deliver high efficiency in any given environment. Get your hands-on Xinnuo 15kW electric motor to keep your operation functional throughout the years.

How to Test and Maintain a 15kW Electric Motor?

If you keep the following considerations in mind, you can assure quality control of a 15Kw electric motor.

  • You should conduct some reliable tests to check its functionality.
  • And get some clarity on the effectiveness of something like the machine of 15KW, insulation tests, and FLA (full load amps) tests are conducted by doing, so we can see the actual performance of this machine.
  • Resistance is vital, thus the resistances between the changed terminals must be carefully maintained.
  • This equipment must be serviced on a proper basis.
  • The temperature should be maintained within a tolerable limit.
  • The humidity of surroundings should be within permissible limits so avoiding such environments is essential


15 KW electric motor specifications help optimize the performance of motor-based electronic devices. The durability and immense performance of this machine enable it to perform in a variety of applications. As with advancements in technology and demand for reliability, this motor is considered to be the best. Because of its simplicity, durability, and low cost, this type of motor is the most often used and, in practice, is suitable for almost all types of machines. Along with the other benefits, these motors have very high performance and high output efficiency which will significantly reduce the running cost. The speed of these 15KW now is controlled via frequency inverters.

To experience the best manufacturing of a 15KW motor with supreme reliability, Xinnuo motor is considered to be highly reputed in manufacturing electrical motors in China with keen knowledge and cutting edge technology. Along with a highly professional team of engineers provided to make such a high-performance electric motor. Xinnuo has excellent customer care service and standards followed in packing and deliverance of equipment. Also, the company provides a variety of single-phase eclectic motors as well as three-phase motors. We follow IEC and RoHS standards to ensure satisfactory performance of the electric motors. Click here to get in touch with Xinnuo motors.

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