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1HP Electric Motor Catagory

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

1hp electric motor ML series
ML Series Aluminum Shell Single Phase With Capacitor 1HP Electric Motor
1hp electric motor MS series
MS Series Aluminum Shell Three-phase B3 Flange 1HP Electric Motor
1hp electric motor YCL series
YC Series Single Phase Capacitors Asynchronous 1HP Electric Motor
1hp electric motor YL series
YL Series Single Phase Dual-Value Capacitor 1HP Electric Motor

1HP Electric Motor

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

1HP Electric Motor Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

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1hp electric motor Data Sheet

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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

1HP Electric Motor | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


A 1HP electric motor is a reliable option for electronic applications where high-speed is not mandatory.  This motor is widely reputable for promoting the functionality of numerous electronic appliances. 1 horsepower electric motor price, amp rating, power consumption, etc are also very impressive.

Do you know the pros and cons of the 1HP electric motor? Xinnuo Motor is an elite electric motor manufacturer in China. This FAQ guide is an excellent source for a deep understanding of different types of 1 HP motors. Let’s start.

1. What Is A 1HP Electric Motor?

A 1HP electric motor is a superb electromechanical component. Here 1 Horsepower refers to its capability of transforming 746 Joules electrical energy to the mechanical form. This highly functional motor is constructed with durable materials that can resist mechanical and thermal pressures.

1 HP motor single phase and three phase both are supremely appreciated in the electronic world. Their specifications, reliability, long lifespan, etc make these motors a trusted option for agricultural, commercial, industrial, etc sectors.

Usually, these electric motors 1 HP are not the first choice for high-speed applications. But, 1 HP electric motor 3450 rpm offers outstanding speed control along with effective cost performance.

The core parts of this motor are the rotor, stator, windings, etc. Its low power consumption makes it popular to a large extent. You can undoubtedly rely on this motor for your projects.

Figure 1- 1HP Electric Motor

Figure 1- 1HP Electric Motor

2. How Does A 3 Phase 1HP Electric Motor Function?

A 3 phase 1HP electric motor is operated by using three-phase AC currents. Here, a  coil is found inside this motor that generates a magnetic field. The oscillating AC and magnetic field change their positions, enabling the stator to produce a revolving magnetic field.

This variable magnetic field causes current induction to the rotor coil. It results in creating magnetic force in the rotor in the opposite direction. Net torque is generated when the rotor and stator field intend to align in terms of polarity.

3 phase 1 HP electric motor windings produce a rotating magnetic field when linked with the alternating current. Then, you can change the number of poles to optimize the motor speed as per your requirements.

Figure 2- 1 Horsepower Electric Motor

Figure 2- 1 Horsepower Electric Motor

3. What Are The Differences Between Single Phase And 3 Phase 1HP Electric Motors?

1HP electric motors are compatible with both single phase and three phase operations. But, there are some differences in their performances due to their different operating principles.

Let’s have a look at a comparative analysis between these two effective 1 horsepower electric motors.

Operating Principle

3 Phase electric motors are self-starting. This Motor consists of 4 terminals that deliver the maximum effectiveness in parallel operations. On the contrary, you can find two terminals in a 1 HP motor single phase.

It requires an extra starting mechanism to generate initial torque. It is highly effective while remaining in series.

Range Of Application

3 Phase 1HP electric motors offer superlative performance in electronic appliances. That’s why it is widely used in various fields. It is an automatic choice for industrial equipment.

But, 1 phase electric motors offer a limited range of applications compared to 3 phase motors. 1 HP 1 phase induction motors are usually applicable for domestic and commercial sectors. 1 HP single phase motor specifications are not suitable for high-volume industrial machinery.

Torque Rating

1 phase motor torque rating is not as impressive as 3 phase motors. Three phase 1 horsepower electric motors are supportive of high-speed electronic equipment. Usually, 1 HP 3 phase electric motor rpm covers a wide range.

Cost Performance

One of the most significant positive sides of a 1 HP motor single phase is its cost performance. A 1 HP single phase motor price supports low-budget consumers. Because of use in small size electronic applications and low PF rating, a single phase 1 HP induction motor price is not so high.

On the other hand, a 1 HP three phase motor price is comparatively high. Its high PF rating, commendable speed control, frame size, etc are responsible for being expensive. 3 phase 1HP motor amps rating is also higher than 1 phase motors. These features turn it into a cost-effective electric motor nowadays.


3 phase 1HP electric motors offer consistent performance in motor-based applications. These motors generate low noise and vibration that improve operational integrity.  But, a 1 HP motor single phase can’t deliver such a high level of consistency.

Figure 3- 1 HP Amps 3 Phase Electric Motor

Figure 3- 1 HP Amps 3 Phase Electric Motor

4. What Is The Reliable Process Of 1HP Electric Motor Wiring?

The 1HP electric motor has different wirings for single-phase and three-phase operations. You need to ensure reliable wiring to optimize motor performance and get smooth service.

1 HP Motor Single Phase Wiring

  • First, take out the grounding terminals and black wires from the wiring box. A trustworthy manufacturer usually delivers this wiring box for single voltage 1 phase AC motors.
  • Now, establish a secure connection between ground terminals and wires. You can apply nuts to perform this step.
  • Then, join the switch’s hot wires with the motor’s load wires properly.
  • There is a slight variation in the case of dual voltage 1 HP 1 phase motors. It is required to connect the green wires to the grounding terminal here.

1 HP Three Phase Motor Wiring

  • For low voltage Wye wiring, you need to connect 4, 5, and 6 motor leads together.
  • In the case of conductor wiring, you can follow the wiring given below:
ConductorMotor Lead
  • On the contrary, connect (6,9); (5,8); (4,7) together.
  • Then, join the motor leads 1, 2, and 3 with L1, L2, and L3 conductors.
  • The rest of the procedure is similar to the wiring of a 1 HP motor single phase.

Figure 4- 1HP Electric Motor Proper Wiring

Figure 4- 1HP Electric Motor Proper Wiring

5. What Is The 1 HP 3 Phase Motor Amps Rating?

1 HP 3 phase motor amps rating is perfect for a machine to function with optimum efficiency. Since 3 phase motors have different types, 1 HP amps 3 phase varies. Here, 3 phase 1HP motor amps for various series of electric motors are listed for you.

TypesRated Voltage


Full Load Amps (A)Efficiency (%)
MS Series 3 Phase Electric Motor3801.8377.4
Y2 Series 3 Phase motor3801.877
YD Series 3 Phase Motor220-7602.873
YEZ Series 3 Phase Motor With AC Brake3802.676

Figure 5- 1 HP Electric Motor 3 Phase

Figure 5- 1 HP Electric Motor 3 Phase

6. How Can You Control The Speed Of 1HP Electric Motors?

Speed control is a vital factor for 1HP electric motors. You can apply some reliable techniques to achieve your desired speed in these motors. In the case of 1 phase motors, you have the following options:

  • Implementation of a variable speed controller
  • Changing the number of poles
  • Alternating the frequency
  • Regulating 1HP single phase motor amps.

But, you should consider the shaft torque issue of 1 phase motors while thinking about these changes. Otherwise, there will be overheating.

Again, the necessary measures for controlling the speed of a three phase 1 HP induction motor include-

  • Control frequency
  • Control the three phase motor cascade
  • Change the station pole count.
  • Include additional resistance in both rotor and motor.
  • Regulate the three-phase supply voltage.

Figure 6- 1 HP AC Motor Speed Control

Figure 6- 1 HP AC Motor Speed Control

7. Which 1HP Electric Motors Are Used In The Power Industry?

Different 1HP electric motors with optimum quality are used in the power industry. The most notable types of these motors are-

  • MY/ML series Aluminum shell 1 phase electric motor
  • YL series 1 phase electric motor dual-value capacitor
  • YC/YCL series asynchronous 1 phase electric motor
  • MS series 3 phase electric motor
  • Y2 series 3 phase motor
  • YD series pole changing 3 phase motor

Xinnuo Motor manufactures a versatile series of 1HP electric motors with supreme reliability. All of these 1HP electric motors are highly durable and reputable for their functionalities. Inquire about us to get the best quality 1 HP AC motors, 3 phase, and 1 phase induction motors at affordable prices.

Figure 7- YL Series 1 Phase Electric Motor

Figure 7- YL Series 1 Phase Electric Motor

8. What Are The Benefits Of A 1HP Electric Motor?

1HP electric motor offers outstanding benefits in electronic applications. Its notable advantages are described below for your convenience.

  • 3 phase 1HP electric motor’s torque rating is high. That’s why it is used in high-speed vehicles with outstanding reliability.
  • 1 HP induction motor price is competitive and affordable for the consumers.
  • This motor is made of effective raw materials. Besides, its electrical properties are also supportive of a long lifespan.
  • 1 HP amps 3 phase electric motors are a good choice for industrial productions.
  • 1 horsepower electric motor PF rating is perfect for the smooth functioning of electronic components.
  • Its power consumption is worthwhile for commercial and industrial projects. 1 HP 3 phase motor price is a little bit high. But, its high-quality performance minimizes this effect.
  • 1 HP 1 phase AC motors are compatible with a wide range of operating temperatures. So their thermal performance is also commendable.
  • If you want to enjoy a low vibration and noise motor, 3 phase 1 HP induction motor is the best choice.

Figure 8- 1 HP Motor Single Phase

Figure 8- 1 HP Motor Single Phase

9. How Do You Check A 1HP Electric Motor?

Regular checking keeps a 1HP electric motor functional for an extended period. That’s why you need to inspect this motor regularly to ensure quality control.

Checking The Outer Portion Of Motor

First, check the mounting holes and other external portions of a 1HP electric motor. Ensure that there is no dark spot due to excessive heat or any kind of external contaminants.

Checking The Motor Bearings

To check the bearings, you need to run the rotor manually. Then properly observe the real-time behavior of this motor. If any bearing is defective, you can hear the sound of scraping. Then, you need to arrange an immediate replacement.

Winding Checking

This is a vital part of the electric motor inspection. Windings sometimes get shortened and stop functioning. You should check the winding resistance by using a multimeter or ohmmeter.

In most cases, motors suffer from unmatched windings between different winding terminals. In the case of a 1 HP motor single phase, you have to ensure a high resistance in the start-run winding.

Again, a low resistance value is desired in the common-run winding. You also check whether the windings are open or not.

Capacitor Checking

You can utilize a multimeter to test the start and run capacitors of 1 horsepower electric motors. During the test, it is expected that the resistance will gradually increase. If you don’t get the desired result, replace the 1 HP motor capacitor.

Fan Checking

In this case, it is required to check the metal guard of the motor fan. Ensure that the fan is capable of transferring air properly. A defective fan can cause overheating in 1 HP 1 phase AC motors.

Full Load Amp Checking

Conduct the FLA (Full Load Test) test during its operation. It is effective for getting a perfect 1HP single phase motor amps rating.

Figure 9- 1HP Electric Motor Testing

Figure 9- 1HP Electric Motor Testing

10. What Are The Common Causes Of A 1HP Electric Motor Failure?

1HP electric motor provides tremendous effectiveness due to its functional specifications. Sometimes, this motor can’t deliver the maximum output. Here are the common causes of failure of a 1 HP electric motor 3450 rpm.

  • Low resistance causes short circuits and leakage in electric 1 phase motors. This feature creates a significant separation between the windings that leads to motor failure.
  • Excessive vibration and thermal forces also reduce motor functionality.
  • Overload in winding terminals is responsible for overheating in a 1 HP AC motor. The frequent change in supply voltage usually causes it.
  • External contaminants like moisture, dust, chemicals, etc cause severe damage to this motor.

11. Does Reversing A 1HP Electric Motor While Running Cause Problems?

Reversing a 1HP electric motor during its operation causes immense stress to the rotor. In the case of a high load operation, it increases the momentum to a great extent. This increased momentum due to driven load hampers the functionality of the motor.

Besides, altering the feeders revolving to opposite direction shortens the working life of a 1 HP electric motor 3450 rpm.

Figure 10- 1 Horsepower Electric Motor Reverse

Figure 10- 1 Horsepower Electric Motor Reverse

12. What Is The Function Of Capacitors In 1HP Electric Motors?

Capacitor, a charge-storage device, plays a significant role in 1HP electric motor operations. It stores electrical energy and provides the energy to the motor when necessary. The voltage rating of a capacitor determines the charge spring capacity of a capacitor.

1 HP motor single phase is not a self-starting electric motor. It requires a starting torque for its functioning. 1 HP motor capacitors are used in providing this starting torque in some 1 phase motors.

Besides, a 1 HP motor capacitor significantly impacts running a 3 phase 1 horsepower electric motor. That’s why you need to use a suitable capacitor for this motor.

Figure 11- 1HP Electric Motor Starting Capacitor

Figure 11- 1HP Electric Motor Starting Capacitor

13. Why Does A 1HP Electric Motor Hum Without Spinning?

Sometimes, a 1HP electric motor starts humming but refuses to spin. It occurs due to several reasons like excessive heat, malfunctioning of centrifugal switches, deficiency of starting capacitors, etc.

If you face such problems, it is required to disconnect the load. Then, turn the electric motor manually. You should ensure that the bearings are not locked up. You can also test the starting capacitor to solve this issue.

14. What Is The 1 HP Electric Motor Power Consumption Per Hour?

1HP electric motor power consumption per hour depends on several factors, such as efficiency, load factor, etc. You can use the following formula to calculate 1HP electric motor power consumption.

Power consumption (KWh) = 0.746  Rated Power  load factor  hour

Let, the load factor of a 1 HP electric motor 3450 rpm at full-load condition is 75%.

Now, the consumed power per hour = 0.746  1  0.75  1

= 0.56 KWh

In the case of a 1 HP motor single phase, a no-load factor also needs to be considered. Here, you should add the no-load power consumption with the full-load consumed power.

15. What Are The Significant Applications Of 1HP Electric Motors?

1HP electrical motors offer tremendous reliability in electronic projects. Their electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties are suitable for large-scale applications. The following industries are most significant where you can use these motors.

  • Paper and pulp
  • Like tractors, water, and wastewater, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mining
  • Vehicles
  • Food & beverage
  • Home appliances
  • Industrial equipment
  • Air conditioner
  • Refrigerator
  • Fan
  • Compressor
  • Drilling equipment

1HP electric motors offer low voltage features. It plays a vital role in its superlative performance in numerous fields.

Figure 12- 1 Horsepower Electric Motor Wide Application

Figure 12- 1 Horsepower Electric Motor Wide Application

16. How Long Does a 1HP Electric Motor Function?

A 1HP electric motor lasts for around 6-8 years. Its construction materials and parts are highly durable and tolerant of external contaminants. So, its electric and mechanical properties don’t deviate due to excessive heat or high current loads.

If you can ensure proper quality control of this motor, its longevity increases to a large extent. It is essential to check this motor regularly and keep it always at appropriate temperatures.

Figure 13- 1 Phase Electric Motor Long Lifespan

Figure 13- 1 Phase Electric Motor Long Lifespan

17. Is 1HP Electric Motor Cost-Effective?

1HP electric motor promotes the overall performance of various applications. Its superb functionalities and specifications make it a cost-effective motor. 1 HP motor prices are not beyond the customer’s limit.

1 HP 3 phase motor price is comparatively higher than 1 HP single phase motor price. But, 3 phase 1HP motor amps rating and power consumption are suitable for both high low-volume applications.

1 HP induction motor price is worthwhile for equipment used in commercial and agricultural sectors. That’s why a 1HP electric motor is a cost-effective motor.


1HP electric motor specifications are pretty impressive and worthwhile for versatile uses. If you are worried about your low-volume capabilities of electric motors, this will be an excellent solution for you.

Xinnuo Motor assures you of delivering 1 HP single phase and three phase electric motors having supreme quality. Our products will be effective for boosting up your business.

For more information about its manufacturing, feel free to contact us. We are always at your service. Stay tuned.

You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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