• 20 hp explosion proof motor

10 hp explosion proof motor

  • 20 hp explosion proof motors are designed for Class 1 and Class 2 hazardous locations producing high torque and 1800-3600 rpm. 
  • Xinnuo Motor’s 20 hp motors are highly efficient motors with a 91.0 efficiency rate. These motors have a full load of about 22.5-22.8 amps.
  • Our 20 hp three-phase motors have IP55 insulation, which provides maximum protection and reliability during operations. 
  • Xinnuo 20hp motors are made with 100% stainless steel and approved by NEMA and UL safety standards. 
  • We offer complete customization of explosion-proof motors according to the client’s requirements. 

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20 HP Explosion Proof Motor

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

A brief introduction to 20 hp explosion proof motor

If you are having trouble finding a suitable explosion-proof and highly efficient motor, well! we got the perfect solution to your worries. 20hp explosion proof motors are industrial standard motors that are maximum torque without causing overheating. Isn’t it the safest solution to avoid mishaps and explosions at the industrial site?

20 hp explosion proof electric motors not only withstand explosion-proof features, but these motors also provide continuous output torque and durability. Xinnuo Motor manufactures premium quality and long-lasting 20 horsepower explosion-proof motors at affordable prices. 

Figure 1 20 hp Explosion Proof Motor

Figure 1: 20 hp explosion-proof motors

If you are looking for efficiency and safety, Xinnuo Motor’s 20hp explosion-proof is what exactly you need. In this brief introductory article, you will get all the basic information about 20 hp explosion proof motors. So, stay tuned!

What is a 20 hp explosion proof electric motor?

Figure 2 20 hp explosion proof electric motor

20 hp explosion proof motors are generally three-phase electric motors that are manufactured for the dangerous industrial location where ignition material has been used. These motors are high-speed and low-noise bearings; thus, suitable for heavy-duty commercial equipment. 

20hp flame-proof motors are manufactured with copper coil and cast iron, which makes them long-lasting and durable. These motors have a fan cooling system with a winding thermostat to dissipate heat and vapors. 

Classification of 20hp explosion-proof motor:

Since 20 hp explosion-proof motors are effective and reliable, these motors are classified for the following hazardous areas;

  • Class 1, Division 1, Group C and D.

(Includes explosive gases, liquid, and flammable vapors)

  • Class 2, Division 1, Group F and G.

(Combustible dust particles and flammable metal dust)

If you want to know more about three-phase electric motors, check out our latest article. 

Applications of 20 hp explosion proof motors:

As we discussed above 20 horsepower explosion-proof motors are ideal for high-grade commercial applications. Here are some common industrial applications of 20 hp explosion proof motors;

  • Textile industry 
  • Petroleum refineries 
  • Chemical industry 
  • Mineral mining industry 
  • Pharmaceutical industries 

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Industries that encounter harsh climates and working conditions switch to explosion-proof motors to ensure safety at the workplace. Therefore, 20 hp explosion-proof motors are suitable options for high-grade industries because these motors offer premium efficiency and definitive performance. 

Xinnuo Motor designs highly-qualified explosion proof motors which work immaculately in unfavorable conditions. From buying to installation, our customer support team is here to assist you. For more details and quotation services, feel free to contact us.

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