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200 HP Electric Motor Catagory

Xinnou is a leading supplier of high performance and quality built 200 Hp electric motor from China.

Y2 Series B5 Flange 200 hp Three-phase Motor
Y2 Series B5 Flange 200 HP Three-phase Motor
GOST Standard Big Size 200 hp Three-phase Motor
GOST Standard Big Size 200 hp Three-phase Motor
200 hp electric motor YE3 Series
YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency Big Size 200 HP Three-phase Motor
200 hp electric motor YE3 Series 2
YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency Small Size 200 HP Three-phase Motor

200 HP Electric Motor

Heavy-duty electric motor designed to perform in harsh condition with utmost reliability.

200 HP Electric Motor Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

Data Sheet of 200 HP Electric Motor

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200 hp electric motor Data Sheet

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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

200 HP Electric Motor | Ultimate FAQ Guide


Electric motors can be found everywhere, they are the reason behind the technologies we enjoy in the 21st era. Without these motors, we have been living in times where the only purpose of the electricity would have been lighting the bulbs. But thanks to technologies and impeccably built electric motors that are found in power tools, trains, cars, pumps, air conditioning, and household items. 

This guide will help you understand the basics of a 200 horsepower electric motor. At the end of this guide, you would be able to know how it works, what are its specifications and applications, what its average life and what to consider when buying a 200 hp electric motor. However, choosing the right electric motor for your application is the first crucial step in making your project a successful one. Let’s dive in and find out about this powerful motor that makes our life easier and help us deliver the best.

200 HP Electric Motor

200 HP Electric Motor

1. How does a 200 hp electric motor work?

Learning about magnets, electricity, and electromagnets can help you understand how a 200 hp electric motor works. This motor uses magnets to produce motion. Remember the days you played with magnets, the law of magnets makes this process function, opposite poles attract while the likes repel. If there are two magnet bars in the 200 hp motor, the north and south will attract each other while the south and south will repel each other. These attracting and repelling forces produce the rotational motion in the motor.

What basically an electric motor does is convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to create motion in the motor and run it with the help of the above-mentioned mechanism. Magnetic fields increase when the magnitude of the current increases. The 200 horsepower electric motor is used in blowers, pumps, power tools, fans, and many other conventional industries.

Internal components of electric motor

Internal components of electric motor


2. What to consider when purchasing a 200 hp electric motor?

When you are buying a 200 hp electric motor, there are lots of things you should consider. But the most important factors in all these things are current, voltage, torque, and velocity (RPM). Let’s have a look at these terms and find out what review before buying a 200hp AC electric motor.


Current powers the electric motor but too much current can also damage it. Heat sinks are important for the electric motor to perform normally and constantly run. It also keeps the motor cool and does not let the coil melt.


Voltage performs an important function, it keeps the current flow in a single direction. It also controls the backward flow of the current. The higher the voltage the higher the torque. The recommended voltage should be applied because a shorter voltage can lead to improper function whereas many volts can damage the windings or completely destroy the motor.


The rotational force a motor develops is called the torque. The more the toque the greater will be the ability of the electric motor to perform. In some of the applications, you must know how far you can push the motor. The torque needed to be strong enough to lift the weight of the machine and provide proper acceleration.


3.   What are the applications of a 200 hp three-phase electric motor?

 A 200 horsepower electric energy can drive multiple components from industry to industry. Because of its ability to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy its applications are beyond our imagination. From heavy machinery used in some domestic settings to high power industrial applications, from compressors to pumps and conveyors you will find 200 hp electric motors everywhere.

The three-phase electric motor is also widely used in electric mobility applications such as hybrid cars and commercial electric vehicles. Xinnuo is also a core supplier of 200 hp three-phase and 100 hp electric motors to these industries for their distinct application. We have also custom-built some of the electric motors to support specific applications for different industrial applications.

These motors also help to minimize the cost and failures in farming, school buses, and mining equipment. In addition, these electric motors also optimize their performance.


4.   Why does a 200 hp three-phase electric motor fail to operate?

A 200 hp 3 phase electric motor is an effective and reliable motor that helps to run a number of different machinery and other equipment. But they also fail sometimes. There are many reasons behind the failure of this three-phase electric motor but overloading is considered as the number one cause to halt the operation of the motor and cause failure.

Thirty percent of all failures occur because of overloading. Other than overloading, heat, unbalance phase, voltage unbalance, poor ventilation, lack of lubrication, over cycling, excessive moisture, and many other factors contribute to the failure of a 200 hp electric motor. Let’s have a look at some of them so you can maintain your electric motor operational by avoiding these mishaps.


Heat is considered one major sign of a problem in an electric motor. Insulation in electric motors degrades due to excessive heat. The insulation degradation the shorted of the windings and makes the motor unfunctional.

Phase Unbalance

It occurs when power lines are out of phase. When a three-phase system is loaded with one phase load it causes any two lines to carry more or less of the load. These unbalance in the phase cause this motor to run at higher temperatures than their listed ratings. The more the phase unbalance the greater the temperature. The rising temperature breaks the insulation and causes motor failure and other problems. A 200 hp three-phase electric motor is unable to deliver the rated horsepower if the phase is unbalanced.

Voltage Unbalance

When the voltage at the terminals is not equal the voltage unbalance occurs. It can range from a few millivolts loss to major voltage loss on the power line. This causes overheating in winding and eventually degradation of winding insulation. The voltage unbalance leads to current unbalance. The voltage should be checked periodically.  

 When you choose Xinnuo as your electric motor supplier, you already mitigate the failure. We provide your proper guidance to help you understand the criticalities of your electric motor. We offer you the assistance to help you maintain your asset.


5.  What is the average life of a Xinnuo 200 hp electric motor?

 Xinnuo’s 200 hp electric motors are used by many industries around the globe and they have been using it for years. The average of any electric motor depends upon certain factors. So, it is imperative here to mention that, if you are facing any input power problems, is there any environmental factor halting the performance, and is there any mechanical factor that needs to resolve, all these factors should be considered before determining the expectancy of your 200 hp electric motor.

If properly used and maintained with planned maintenance you can expect 15 years or more. Not to forget, this figure can vary according to the usage and operating conditions.


6.   What are the specifications of the 200 hp electric motor Xinnuo offers?

 Below mentioned are the dimensions and specifications of the 200 hp electric motor that Xinnuo offers.

·                     Output HP: 200 Hp

·                     Voltage: 480/3

·                     Amps: 240

·                     Wire Size: 250 MCM+(1)#3 GND

·                     Frequency: 60 Hz

·                     Current: 223.0 A

·                     Service Factor: 1.15

·                     Shaft Size: 8-1/2″

·                     Efficiency: 95.8 %

·                     Output KW: 149.0 kW

·                     Speed: 1790 rpm

·                     Duty: Continuous

·                     Phase: 3

·                     Enclosure: Drip-proof

·                     Ambient Temperature: 40 °C


7.    What is the average weight of a 200 hp three-phase ac motor?

The weight of your electric motor is a crucial figure to know. Let’s say you are riding a boat that has a 200 hp electric motor and your boat’s motor suddenly stops working. Now you have to remove the electric motor to rectify the issue and resolve it. The first thing that comes to your mind is how much does this thing weigh. So we make it easier for you to perform the necessary task by knowing its weight.

The average weight of a 200 hp three-phase AC motor is –. 2545 lbs.


8.   What is a three-phase electric motor?

The three-phase electric motors have become the main element or you can say workhorse of many mechanical or electromechanical systems because of their long service life, simplicity to operate, and reliability. It transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy with the help of electromagnetic interactions. They also act as a generator by reversible mechanisms – like transforming mechanical energy into electrical power.

It is a type of induction motor known as an asynchronous motor because it operates by using the principle electromagnetic induction. There are single-phase electric motors that are not common in industries but are used in domestic applications such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaning, etc. Whereas 3 phase electric motors are widely used in industrial applications because their power is 150% greater than that of single-phase motors. Three-phase motors are expensive and do not produce noisy sounds and vibrations such as single-phase motors.

Parts of a three-phase electric motor

Parts of a three-phase electric motor


9. What are the testing techniques for a 200 hp three-phase electric motor?

If your 200 horsepower electric motor exhibits any problem such as irregular power consumption, overheating, failure to start, you should diagnose with the different methods mentioned below. These methods will help you rectify the problem that is halting the motor operations.

General Inspection

This is the basic inspection, like a visual inspection. You check the motor for any visual indication for damages. These damages can be easy to spot. You check the shaft by manually rotating it and assessing the condition. It should move easily and freely unless the motor is too large. You also assess the connections of the motors for any indications of damages or any potential wire break. Broken wires should be handled and replaced carefully.

Continuity Tests

These tests test the resistance between the two points. If it shows the higher resistance it means the circuit is open and if it gives the low resistance it means the two points are electrically connected. The earth continuity test tells you if the electric motor is grounded or not.

Power Supply Test

This test gives you an idea about the incoming power supply. It tells you that the power is as it is expected and according to the specifications of the electric motor. This is done with the help of a multimeter by checking the voltage applied to the motor. If the voltage is lower or higher than the expected value, this may be the indication of a problem.

There are many other tests such as insulation resistance test, running amps test, ac motor winding continuity test that are also being applied in order to check any abnormality in functions and operations.


10.   How to choose a reliable and affordable 200 hp electric motor supplier?

Choosing the right and reliable supplier can be a tough job for many of you. There are certain problems customers face when they are opting for an electric motor supplier. But we bring you some of the important factors you should consider while ordering an electric motor. Let’s have a look

·         You should always compare the price your supplier is offering from the rest of the market

·         Check the customer testimonials of the supplier to see how their customers are responding to their service

·         Ask for the manufacturing process and raw material information to check the material used in the manufacturing is authentic.

·         If you are located at a different geographical location from the supplier, ask for the delivery option and ETA of your product.

·         Make sure the customer support is friendly and helps you by answering your queries and providing your relevant information.

 Xinnuo is the leading electric motor supplier from China that strictly follows the guidelines to deliver you the best service and product along with transparency and affordability in price. From raw material to the final product we have a system to control the quality of electric motors. We keep in mind the harsh conditions our electric motors need to operate in, that’s why we don’t compromise on quality. We deliver your motor with proper packaging and through fast track delivery options so you can get your product ASAP. Our customer support is always available for you to get in touch with.


11.   Does Xinnuo provide 200 hp electric motors? 

A big YES, our 200 hp electric motors are installed in different industries around the globe to perform different functions. We proudly say that we have partnered with hundreds of different clients and provided them with powerful and high-quality 200 horsepower electric motors. Our 200 hp three-phase electric motor comes with the specifications that meet your criteria and bring life to your equipment. With extended life and enhanced performance capabilities, we are offering you the electric motor that lives with you for years and years.

We call our electric motors the engineering marvels because time, research, skilled labor, and experienced engineers have invested so much in these electric motors that they are as perfect as they can get. Get yours by calling us at the given number or fill out the form so that our representative can contact you.

You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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