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Heavy-Duty Industrial 22kW Motor Supplier

Xinnuo 22kw electric motors deliver ultimate precision at higher speeds. Our motors offer silent and noise-free operations. The 22kw motor comes with a copper winding and it can deliver high efficiency at higher loads.
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Top Quality Maintenance-Free 22kw Electric Motors with

The brushless electric motor is manufactured with state-of-the-art motion technology and top-notch quality housing to provide a sustainable operation. Owing to its brushless design, you’re saved from the hassle of maintenance and repair. The high-quality bearing provides it with an ultra-smooth motion with no backlash.

Sturdy Build 22kw Motor For Adverse Environmental Conditions

XINNUO 22kW synchronous motor is manufactured with the finest quality components and industrial grade material to provide a hassle-free service life. The motor housing is IP65 protected and is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications. This makes it a tough competition for the competitors. The motor insulation is provided to protect it from harsh climatic conditions like moisture, metal chips, oil, and grease.

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State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Technique

The brushless 22Kw motors are produced on the most state of the art manufacturing lines of the XINNUO Motors in China. The company has optimized its production lines to provide you with minimal manufacturing time and delivery to meet your time urgent demands. The grease-lubricated bearing used, enables vibration-less motion and zero lag in power delivery. The motor output shaft is balanced accurately which allows smooth running and increases the life of the coupling.

To Experience Great Customer Service And Care, Order 22kw Motor Today

The 22kW motor comes with its user manual to avoid any hassle during installation and commissioning. An aluminum flange is provided to allow easy mounting and requires careful handling during transportation and installation. The motor is rated for a 22kW maximum load and should not be attached with a greater one.

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To Get A High-Quality And Reliable 22Kw Motor

XINNUO Motors has a proven record of providing manufacturing and maintenance services all over the world. By manufacturing cost-effective and energy-efficient electric motors, the company aims to solve your high power issues most feasibly. A two-year replacement warranty is provided by the manufacturer to keep you at ease.

explosion proof 22kw motor
The Explosion-proof 22kW Motor makes it possible to solve the drive solution at potentially explosive applications. The explosion-proof motor design is intended to survive the possible potential explosions in adverse industrial applications. A sturdy housing encloses a high-quality copper coil that rotates to produce efficient drive transferred through an axial shaft. The motor is featured with a strong electrical connector to make the connection with the power source.
Y series 22kw electric motor
The Y-series Electrical is oriented to provide an efficient drive with maximum output power availability. The motor is equipped with a smooth axial shaft and fins on the housing that allows sufficient heat dissipation. The motor is designed to have pads for secure mounting that eliminates the need for separate fittings. Use of recommended size screws and tightening torque is recommended to achieve the best results. A cooling fan is incorporated at the backside of the winding to keep it cool. The impeller is guarded with a metallic fence.
YD Series 22kw Three-Phase Motor
The YD series synchronous 22kW motor is designed to be operated with a three-phase power source. The 100% copper coil ensures maximum power delivery through the plain output shaft and is kept cool through the fins in the body and axial cooling fan at the back. The electrical box is provided for a secure connection with the power supply. The motor, tightly sealed against solids, liquids, and gases provides a long service life.

Reliable And Affordable 22Kw Motor Manufacturer In China

XINNUO is a Global electric motor manufacturer that offers a variety of 22Kw Motor for different applications.

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22kw motor Data Sheet

A Variety Of 22 Kw Motors With Broad Power Spectrum And Capabilities

XINNUO contributes to industrial automation and the development of several industrial sectors by manufacturing modern synchronous motors. All motors are built using industrial-grade material and are shipped after inspection and testing which saves you from the hassle of receiving a faulty product. These motors are widely used to power blowers, pumps, power tools, compressors, ships, paper mills, turbines, and rolling mills. Covering a wide range of industrial and domestic applications, they are available in the diverse broad power spectrum and technical features to meet your diverse demands.

FAQ Guide For 22kW Motor

This FAQ guide is intended to help you with your queries and concerns related to the 22kW motor and the services we provide. This guide includes all frequency asked questions about product specifications, size, features, and warranty.
1: Does XINNUO Offer An Engineering Design Service?

Yes, XINNUO has a certified team that can help you design an electric motor for your application. XINNUO Motor has an annual output of 300,00unitsit with 21 motor enterprises and 10 production lines. To call for an assessment, contact us at XINNUO Motors.

2: Is This 22Kw Motor Waterproof?

Yes, this synchronous 22kw motor comes with an IP55 degree of protection making it waterproof in specified conditions. The motor is equipped with absurd and tightly packed housing that keeps it from environmental dust and moisture. XINNUO Motor loves to solve your environmental challenges with a superior degree of protection in its motors.

3: Do You Provide A Warranty For This 22Kw Motor?

Yes, XINNUO offers a 2-year replacement warranty, reflecting its confidence in product quality and manufacturing. The motor is passed through a series of inspection and quality control procedures to ensure product quality and reliability. Even if you receive a defective product, you can rush to our customer support channel and get it replaced in no time.

4: Do You Provide After-Sale Services For Your Products?

XINNUO Motors offers complete after-sale services including maintenance, repair, and spare parts for all-electric motors. The spare parts are manufactured with the finest quality material to avoid frequent repairs. If you feel unsatisfied about the performance of your 22kW Motor, call an inspection service from our expert team of engineers and service technicians. We provide reliable solutions and cost-effective services with low maintenance time.

5: What Sizes Are Available In This Motor?

This brushless 22kW motor comes in different sizes and power ranges. You can get the tiniest electric motor with high precision motion and also the heavy-duty such as a brushless 22kW motor. XINNUO can provide you with a customized design according to your sophisticated application at affordable prices. Send us your technical requirements and get a quotation in no time.

6: What Are The Symptoms Of The Failure Of An Electric Motor?

Electric Motors are manufactured with the finest quality material and are intended to provide a long life. However, they do have a limited lifespan after which they tend to behave abnormally or may fail to work. The life span decreases significantly if the motor is operated under unfavorable conditions which can be indicated by the following symptoms:

Oil leaks: The oil may leak due to overheating, which damages the seals or it can be cracks in the body. The cracks can be due to continuous vibrations for longer durations or poor environmental conditions that result in corrosion and ultimately crack in the housing.

Reduced Torque: The motor will consume high power while delivering low torque. This can be a result of weakened windings or insufficient lubrication of the driven parts. If the motor shaft is exposed to environmental dust or debris, this can also result in poor performance.

Extreme heat: If your electric motor is overheating within the safe loading limits, the following reasons could be the cause:

  • Failure of a cooling fan to work
  • High ambient temperature
  • High resistive load on the output shaft
  • Low input voltages
  • Weakened winding coils

Corrosion: Rusting is a common and considerable hazard to the life of an electric motor. Most parts of the electric motors are made of metals which when exposed to chemically reactive substances or industrial moisture, get rusted. If your electric motor is getting rusted, take preventive measures. Remove the rust and get it insulated. Corrosion reduces the heat exchange from the fins on the motor housing.

Noise: This brushless 22kW motor, if making noise, might be in undesirable condition with its mounting or axial shaft. The motor may not offer smooth power delivery if the output shaft is unbalanced. The shaft gets unbalanced if not mounted securely and tightly due to vibrations.

Grease: Insufficient greasing is another reason for the inefficiency of electric motors. Moving parts should be properly greased to minimize friction and yield greater power values. In case the motor is installed in harsh climatic conditions, a changed grease color is also a symptom. The oil leakages may also change the grease color and affect its chemical properties making it less efficient.

7: What Differentiates Single-Phase And Three-Phase Electric Motors?

When it comes to the function of energy creation, single-phase and three-phase synchronous motors work for a common cause. Both motors work to convert electrical current into torque. The major difference between both types is their load capacity.

Single-phase motors tend to operate with lower loads while three-phase motors are widely used in industrial applications for heavy-duty applications. Single-phase is powered by a single live wire while a three-phase requires three live wires of phases. The sine wave graphs of Single-phase and three-phase electric motors are shown for comparison.

8: What Are The Technical Specifications Of The 22kW Motor XINNUO Offers?

XINNUO offers you a brushless 22kW motor with the following specifications:

  • Voltage: 110 – 660 V
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Operation: Continuous S1
  • Motor Housing: Aluminum
  • Certification: ISO, CE
  • Products: Single-phase, Three-phase motor
  • Color: Choice of colors
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
  • Cooling method: ICO141
  • Rated altitude: 1000M
9: What Is The Permissible Ambient Temperature For Optimal Operation?

The XINNUO 22kW electric motor is designed to be operated under ambient tempera in a range thereof -15 to +40 degrees Celsius. Above or below this temperature, the motor might not provide optimal performance. If your 22kW motor is exposed to sunlight, a shade must be placed to keep it cool. The motor can be cooled through the external cooling fan or sufficient cooling technique in uncertain environmental conditions. If placed in a foundry, place temperature sensing devices to continuously monitor the motor temperature and prevent damage from overheating.

10: What Is The Shortest Delivery Time XINNUO Commits?

XINNUO Motors provides the shortest delivery time of 15 – 30 working days after the payment. The product is packed in the strong cartoon, secured by foams inside, or plywood case. The product is shipped through well-reputed logistic service providers to ensure timely and secure delivery.

11: How are purchases at XINNUO Motors?

You can place an order by visiting our website or calling the provided number. You can also fill out the form with your information and requirement to get a quotation and receive the order within 15 – 30 working days after the payment. If you have any queries, our technical team is available to help you with the answers.

12: What Is The Average Lifespan Of A 22kW Motor?

The average lifespan of a 22kW motor is decided by multiple factors including operating conditions, build quality, design, and use. In general, the average lifespan of the synchronous motor is measured to be 15 to 20 years if operated within safe operational conditions. Read the usage instructions mentioned in the product manual that comes with the motor before starting the operation. Ensure the following points to experience a hassle-free and long life:

  • Installation location is clean and free from oil and grease
  • Recommended size bolts are used for tightening
  • The mounting surface is flat
  • Ambient temperature is maintained within safe limits
  • The cooling fan works all the time
  • The input voltage source is stable
  • The humidity level is maintained

Kind Reviews By Some Valuable Customers Around The Globe

XINNUO Motors is well-reputed for its customer satisfaction. The company values customer service as well as customer care which results in happiness of the customer.
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    I've been a long-time customer of XINNUO Motors, and I've always appreciated their high-quality products and excellent customer service. Their products are definitely high-quality and well-finished.
  • star star star star star
    I feel lucky enough to have bought this 22kW motor from XINNUO Motors. Their commitment to quality and standard reflects their absolute focus on product reliability and sustainability. I would definitely recommend it.
  • star star star star star
    It is worth mentioning that Team XINNUO is a global leader in the manufacturing and research of long-lasting, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly electric motors. They provide great customer care and technical help.

Are You Interested In More Information Or An Accurate Quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable 22kW motor manufacturer, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

22kW Motor

XINNUO is a leading designer and manufacturer of modern electric motors. The company produces a broad spectrum of motors including a 22kW motor with a brushless design. The motor design aims to solve your power, as well as space challenges with its compact physical size and robust design. The electric motor is a synchronous type brushless motor, used in a wide range of automation applications across various industries owing to its attractive aesthetics, compact size, favorable cost, and performance.

22kW Electric Motor

Working Principle of  Brushless 22KW Motor

A brushless 22kW motor is based on the modern principles in which brushes and commutators are used to supply electricity of the magnetic coils (winding) on the. Armature. The motor is controlled using a controller often termed a ‘motor driver’. The driver controller adjusts the phase and amplitude of the current to control the motor accordingly.

Major Components of a 22kW Motor

XINNUO Motors uses top-notch quality parts for its electric motors to avoid any inconvenience. The motors are passed through a series of inspection and testing procedures to ensure safe and secure operation. Some of the major components of the motor are briefed below:

  • Armature -A set of winding coils rolled over a non-conductive body in a sequential manner. The coils carry current and generate a magnetic field around the magnets.
  • Rotor – As the name suggests, it rotates within the stator, which is a stationary part. It is attached to the output axial shaft which rotates along with the rotor.
  • Magnets – The magnets are placed around the rotor, which when powered, generate a magnetic field result of which the rotor rotates.
  • Housing – It is the external covering of the motor which protects the internals from environmental hazards.
  • Fin – It is the extension of the housing to stimulate the heat dissipation process.
  • Fan – A fan is provided which blows the hot air outside to keep the internal components cool.

Major components of a 22kW Electric Motor

Advantages of Synchronous Motor

Apart from being light in weight and compact in size, brushless electric motors harvest many benefits including the following:

  • Power-to-weight ratio: The motor can be preferred for its high power-to-weight ratio if operated in specified environmental conditions.
  • Speed: The motor is designed to operate at high speed with nearly instantaneous control of the revolutions per minute. Applications such as machine tools and cutting machines use these motors. If used with the right motor driver, they offer the best user experience.
  • Maintenance: Owing to its brushless design, the 22kW electric motor requires no maintenance if used in a manner described in the user manual. Modern motion technology saves the user from the hassle of maintenance or repair.
  • Efficiency: The brushless electric motors tend to be more efficient than brushes. Owing to the fact that they have fewer frictional parts and state-of-the-art motion control technology, they provide a rich user experience.


Owing to the advantages one gets with the use of this 22kW motor, it has many applications that rely on its high precision and efficiency. Some of the common applications are discussed below.

Transport: Due to the ability to deliver a high torque ratio with minimal weight and size, the 22kW electric motor has captured a considerable share of the transportation sector and will continue to grow.

Heating & Ventilation: The HVAC domain cannot be neglected when it comes to the applications of heavy-duty electric motors. These motors are used with the large industrial and commercial fan/blower to ventilate the system.

Industrial Engineering: This is one of the most benefited fields with the invention of heavy-duty electric motors. Considering the fact that the 22kW electric motor provides high torque with minimal weight and space consumption they are used to power large drive trains. There are countless applications, from minor to major, in the Industrial sector, they rely on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of electric motors.

Aero-modeling: The availability of lightweight electric motors with the versatility of sizes and power rangers have revolutionized aerospace engineering i.e. Helicopters and Jet Fans. Owing to their favorable torque-weight ratio, they are preferred to be used in sophisticated applications like helicopters. XINNUO has made a great contribution to aerospace engineering by producing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective electric motors with heavy load capabilities.


Are You Not Happy with Your Electric Motor?

Electric motors, even if used in maintained environmental and technical conditions can cause problems of uncertainty. One needs to perform a regular check on the motor health to assess its performance and remaining lifespan. The operator should have a proactive approach toward maintaining the electric motor. However, it comes with a brushless design, but any uncertain situation can be prevented by fixing a small glitch.

1) Worsening Performance: This can be caused due to improper mounting and lack of lubrication. The motor is operating underrated and performance should be assessed thoroughly to find the cause. The harsh environmental dust accumulated on the motor shaft and winding can cause the motor to noticeably worse.

2) Overheating: Insufficient cooling, improper voltages, and diverted airflow are some of the major causes of overheating. Use sufficient protection devices like a diode to prevent damage from overheating. The motor winding may smoke due to overheating caused by overloading.

3) Vibrations: Increased vibrations are a sign of a weakened motor or improperly maintained motor. If the 22kW electric motor shakes when turned OFF, call an inspection from XINNUO to assess the health. Weakened bearings and loose mountings can also be blamed for this shaking. This issue, if not addressed properly, can lead to bigger problems.

4) Increased Power Consumption: If your electric motor measures to consume significantly increased power, motor winding needs to be checked. Wakened winding coils can consume a great amount of power while providing less torque.

XINNUO Motors – A Well-Reputed Motor Manufacturing Company in China

If you’re looking for reliable service providers in China, XINNUO Motors offers cost-effective services globally. The company provides a 2 years product warranty and ships the user manual for your convenience. The motor should be observed periodically as described in the product user guide. The repair or maintenance job may only be awarded to certified personnel. Need to call an inspection service, save the hassle by contacting XINNUO qualified team.

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