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25 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor And Single Phase Electric Motor Catagory

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

MS Series Aluminum Shell 25 hp electric Motor
MS Series Aluminum Shell 25 hp electric Motor
Y3 Series 25 hp B35 Flange Motor
Y3 Series 25 hp B35 Flange Motor
Y3 Series 25 hp electric motor Motor
Y3 Series 25 hp electric motor Motor
YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency 25 hp electric Motor
YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency 25 hp electric Motor

25 HP Electric Motor

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

25 HP Electric Motor Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

Data Sheet of 25 HP Electric Motor

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25 hp electric motor Data Sheet

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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

25 HP Electric Motor| The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you struggling with the deficiencies of your motor applications?

25 HP electric motor is an excellent solution to promote the efficiency of electronic applications that consist of electric motors. Impressive features and functional properties make this motor compatible with various complicated projects. 

Xinnuo Motor is a reliable electric motor manufacturer in China. We have a firm reputation for high-grade 25 HP electric motor manufacturing over a long period. If you don’t know the pros and cons of electric motors of 20 horsepower, this FAQ guide is the right solution for you. 

We hope you will get satisfactory answers to your queries from this guide. Let’s make a move.  

1. What Is The 25 HP Electric Motor?

A 25 HP electric motor is an effective electronic component. It converts 18650 Joules of electrical energy into a mechanical energy form. A 25 HP electric motor is an effective electronic component. Its main parts are the rotor, stator, terminal box, capacitor, fan cover, fan, and windings. 

This motor is found in three-phase connections in most cases. The most popular three-phase 25 HP electric motors are-

  • MS series Aluminum shell 3 phase electric motor
  • Y2 series large size 3 phase electric motor
  • Y3 series electric motor
  • YE3 series 3 phase electric motor

25 HP Electric Motor

2. What Are The Common Applications Of A 25 HP Electric Motor?

A 25 HP electric motor is used in versatile applications. Its features are highly impressive from both an electrical and mechanical perspective. The most common applications of this motor include-

Agricultural Sector

25 HP motors are widely used in different agricultural machinery, such as tractors, pumps, etc. The supreme functionality of the 25 HP electric motor brings out a significant change in the farming sector. 

Industrial Sector

It has significant use in the automotive industry, like robotics, cars, etc. Its high amp rating and adequate power consumption improve the quality of industrial equipment. You can also apply this motor to boilers, turbines, compressors, mining, and drilling equipment.  

Home Appliances

Fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc consumer electronics contain 25 HP 3  phase electric motors. Their cost-effective features and high durability make these motors preferable to consumers. 

Medical Instrument

Different medical instruments like scanners, testing equipment, etc are composed of 25 HP 3 phase motors. 

Besides, this motor has excessive utilization in the paper Industry, rolling mils, ships, movers, etc. 

Widely Used 25 HP Electric Motor 3 Phase

3. How Do You Check A 25 HP Electric Motor? 

You should check a 25 HP electric motor regularly to optimize its performance. The FLA (Full Load Amp) test is a reliable test to check the efficiency of this motor during its running. You can conduct this test through a multimeter.

Besides, you need to check the winding resistance of different terminals by using an ohmmeter. You can use a multimeter to properly check the power supply and ground resistance. 

These techniques are the primary ways of checking a 25 HP motor. You need to consult a reliable manufacturer to handle this issue. 

Properly Tested 25 HP 3 Phase Motor

4. What Is The 25 HP Electric Motor Weight?

The average weight of 25 HP motors lies within 300 lbs to 580 lbs. 25 HP electric motors of different series have different weights. Like 3 phase electric motors of Y2 and YE3 series are available in small and large sizes.

Weight is a vital factor in optimizing its operation and design. Effective weight is required for achieving the dimensional stability of an electric motor. It affects the motor cost, manufacturing, handling, storage, etc. 

Since a 25 HP electric motor weighs appropriately, its performance in extreme conditions is commendable. 

25 HP Electric Motor Weight

5. What Are The Advantages Of 25 HP 3 Phase Motors?

A 25 HP 3 phase motor is dependable in the modern electronics world. It offers immense positive points in motor-driven devices. The most notable advantages of this motor are listed below for your convenience.  

Power Factor Rating

A 25 HP 3 phase motor’s PF rating is perfect for high-density applications. That’s why it is used in more sectors compared to single-phase motors. 


25 HP three-phase electric motors offer tremendous functionality during their operations. Their torque-speed is impressive. Most noteworthy, their functional properties are supportive of high-grade complex designs. 

Besides, this motor controls speed efficiently. That’s why it can handle overheating issues with supreme reliability. 

Amp Rating

25 HP electric motor 3 phase amp rating supports electronic projects that deal with high-current. Different 3 phase electric motors help carry higher current loads. 


The electric motor materials offer high-class durability in electronic applications. These elements are resistant to moisture and dust. The IP rating of 25 HP 3 phase motors is IP55. It indicates its high tolerance against dust and water. 

Besides, its IK rating is also commendable. That means this motor delivers superior mechanical resistance while operating in vulnerable conditions.  

Competitive Cost

Its cost is not very high compared to other motors. Its regular price is worthy of outstanding performances. Besides, it does not require high-level maintenance. So, the maintenance cost is not out of your reach.

High-grade 25 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor

6. How Much Amp Does A 25 HP Electric Motor Draw?

25 HP electric motor amps are different for a versatile series of electric motors. Here, a list is given for your understanding.   

SeriesAmp Rating
Y2 Series34.7A
Y3 Series34.7A
YE3 Series34.1A


7. What Is The Shelf Life Of A 25 HP Electric Motor?

A 25 HP electric motor is a supremely functional motor. Its average shelf life is almost 8-10 years. Compared to the Y2, YE3, MS series electric motors, it is vast. 

 It remains operative for such a considerable period because of its reliable operating principle of durable construction materials. Its rotor and stator are highly resistant to mechanical stresses. You can use these motors at variable temperatures. 

Besides, the mechanism of its functioning is effective for controlling high speed. Besides, its reversing is not very complicated. So, if you don’t try to reverse this motor during its operation, there is no chance of overheating and malfunctioning. That’s why it has a longer lifespan than other electric motors.  

25 HP Electric Motor Long Lifespan

8. How Do You Ensure Proper 25 HP Electric Motor Wiring?

You can ensure proper wiring of a 25 HP 3 phase electric motor in Star and Delta connections. You should ensure that the winding ends are correctly noted while wiring this motor.

Usually, you have to note three phases of electric motors. For example, R-phase is registered as R1-Coil-R2. You can apply the same process for B-phase and Y-phase. It ultimately deals with the production of 6 windings. These windings are named R1, R2, Y1, Y2, B1, and B2. 

You need to attach R1 and B2 windings to create the first phase in the Delta connection. Next, you have to connect R2 winding to Y1. It results in the formation of the second phase. The third phase is formed when you connect Y2 winding to B1 winding. 

The wiring is slightly different in the case of Star connection. You have to connect R2 to Y2 and B2 to form a neutral connection. Then, connect R1, B1, and Y1 windings to their definite phases, making three different phases.

3 Phase 25 HP Motor Reliable Wiring

9. What Is The Operating Principle Of 25 HP 3 Phase Motors?

The 25 HP 3 phase electric motors operating principle is perfect for high-quality electronic projects. These motors consist of the self-starting feature. That means three-phase electric motors don’t require a start capacitor to generate initial torque like traditional single phase electric motors

Three-phase 20 Hp electric motors contain coils that generate a magnetic field during the operation. It changes its position with oscillating AC. Then, the stator starts rotating, and a revolving magnetic field is produced. Thus, a 20 HP 3 phase motor operates in numerous electronic appliances.

25 HP 3 Phase Motor Operation

10. Can A 25 HP Electric Motor Run On Single Phase?

Usually, 25 HP single phase motors are not applicable in high-volume electronic applications.  Single-phase connections are not suitable for a high HP rating. Their PF rating, speed control, amp rating, etc features are not supportive of 25 HP electric motors.  

11. What Are The Best Conditions For Using 25 HP Electric Motors?

A 25 HP electric motor functions with optimum efficiency when it remains in the best operating conditions. That’s why you need to ensure a proper environment according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

The perfect conditions for using an electric motor of 25 HP are-

Ambient Temperature

25 HP 3 phase motors are compatible with a wide range of temperatures. But, it offers the best output at a maximum of 40⁰C. Its lowest ambient temperature should be -15⁰C. 


Altitude is a vital factor for electric motors. You must place a 25 HP motor within 1km altitude. 


50Hz-60Hz frequencies are the best for electric motors of different series.  


The rated voltage needs to be between 220V and 780V. But, 380V is the most applied voltage for 25 HP electric motors. 

Cooling Method

The cooling mechanism should be ICO141. 


The weather must be free from moisture and dust. That’s why you should avoid extreme humidity while storing this motor. 

Y2 Series 25 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor

12. How Do You Calculate The Daily Power Consumption Of 25 HP  Three Phase Electric Motors?

25 HP 3 phase motor power consumption is ideal for modern electronic appliances. You can easily calculate the daily power consumption of this motor. Several factors relate to the 25 HP 3 phase electric motor power consumption. Such as

  • Efficiency

Motor Efficiency is the ratio of output and input power in percentage form. 

  • Load Factor

The load factor of the electric motor indicates what portion of the full load amp is used during the operation. 

  • Operating Hour

Let a motor run for around 15 hours at 80% of the full load and 90% efficiency.  

So, the consumed power = 0.746HPEfficiency(90%) load factor (0.8%)operating hours

= 0.746250.90.815

= 201.42 KWh 

You can also calculate the electricity bill from this if you know the cost of per unit electricity in your locality. 

YE3 Series 25 HP Electric Motor Power Consumption

13. How Do You Choose A Reliable 25 HP Electric Motor Manufacturer In China?

Choosing a reliable manufacturer of 25 HP electric motors is a critical task amidst the competitive market of China. You should consider some vital points while choosing the electric motor manufacturer. The mandatory specifications of a 25 HP motor manufacturer are-

  • It should have a long manufacturing experience of dealing with three-phase and single-phase electric motors. 
  • The manufacturer needs to have a group of skilled and professional engineers. It is required to solve minute problems during motor operations. 
  • A well-equipped factory with an adequate testing facility is also essential for a trustworthy manufacturer. 
  • It needs a sufficiency in raw materials for delivering instant custom solutions concerning the consumer’s demand. 
  • It is essential to be certified by reliable organizations like RoHS, CE, etc. 
  • The 25 HP electric motor price is a vital issue for the makers. A good manufacturer should have the ability to produce cost-effective motors. 

We have been dealing with electric motor services for an extended period. Our products are helpful to meet your demand and ensure the best price. Inquire about us to experience the excellence of electric motors. 

A Well-manufactured 25 HP Electric Motor

14. What Is The Right 25 HP Electric Motor Generator Size?

Generator size is a crucial issue for electric motors. Wrong use of the generator causes voltage fluctuation and glazing motors. So you need to consider this factor with high priority. 

The average size of a generator for a 25 HP electric motor is almost 25 KVA during its running. Again, it is around 50-60KVA when the motor starts. 

25 HP Electric Motor With Effective Size Of Generator


A 25 HP electric motor is an excellent solution to resolve the problems of your motor-based applications. Its operating principle is highly effective for industrial and commercial equipment requiring smooth energy conversion. Xinnuo Motor takes care of all issues related to its manufacturing with outstanding reliability. 

We have intended to present a straightforward explanation of the critical issues of this motor through this FAQ guide. We hope it will be good support for your business. Contact us immediately to get the best quality 25 HP motors. Get in touch to receive further information.   

You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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