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Xinnuo Motor manufactures international standard 2 HP three phase electric motors. Our company’s motive is to serve quality and cost-effective products.
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Working Efficiency Of Xinnuo Motor’s 2 HP 3 Phase Motors

The 2 HP three phase electric motors are highly efficient in terms of producing initial torque and continuous revolutions. The rpm rating of a 2 HP three phase electric motor is 1725 to 2800 rpm. The 2 HP 3 phase motor amps rating varies on different loads. The amps rating on 440V is about 3.4 amps, but it is different on 230v. Therefore, these motors have a high working capacity.

Incredible Structure And Construction Of 2 HP 3 Phase Motor By Xinnuo

The 2 hp three phase electric motors are designed by the highly qualified technical team of Xinnuo Motor. They have manufactured these motors with 100% copper coil and die-cast aluminum. These motors have a very compact structure making them the first choice for precise industrial equipment. These high-quality constructions carry out machinery operations perfectly. 2 hp three-phase motor housing ensures ventilation and self-cooling.

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Low Vibration And Durability Of Xinnuo’s 2 HP 3 Phase Motors

Xinnuo Motor’s 2 hp three phase electric motors are manufactured with low noise bearing to control excessive noise and vibration. This characteristic of these motors reduces overheating and sparking. These motors have IP44 protection class and B-type insulation, ensuring the long life of the electric motor. The 2 hp three-phase motor dimension dissipates extra heat to maintain temperature gradient; thus, enhancing durability.

2 HP 3 phase motors in different series

 Xinnuo Motor is China’s top Electric motor Manufacturer with hundreds of international customers. We offer a wide range of electric motors for various commercial and domestic purposes. Our motors provide high efficiency and 100% power output. Moreover, Xinnuo offers voltage, frequency, and color customization to its customers.

MS series 2 hp 3 phase motor
The MS series 2 hp three phase electric motors have a 56H frame made with stainless steel. These motors are very compact with b5 or b14 flange, making them suitable for industrial machinery. The newly designed MS series 2 hp motors are highly resistant to water and heat; therefore, they are long-lasting. General applications of MS series 2 hp motors are gearbox, compressors, blowers, and saw tables.
Y series 2 hp 3 phase motor
The Y series 2 hp three phase motors perform exceptionally in domestic appliances. These motors provide 100% power output and maximum efficiency on full load. The Y series motors are available in the range of 230v to 440v. Since these motors are self-starting, they do not demand additional power supply. The Y series 2 phase electric motors are implemented as gear motors in the automotive industry.
YE3 Series 2 hp 3 phase motor
The YE3 series 2 hp 3 phase electric motors are very high efficiency with low energy consumption features. The technical team of Xinnuo Motors has manufactured this motor on advanced IEC34-1 standards. These motors produce low noise and vibration. YE3 series motors are made with 100% raw material (copper coil and aluminum) to enhance protection in harsh climate conditions. Moreover, it has an ICO141 cooling method for maintaining internal temperature.

Reliable 3 Phase Motor Manufacturer In China

XINNUO is a global electric motor manufacturer that offers a variety of 3 phase motors for different applications.

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China’s Supreme Quality Motor Manufacturer And Supplier

Xinnuo Motors is customers' top priority due to its high-quality products. Xinnuo delivers top-notch electric motors that include 1.5 hp, 7.5 hp electric motor, 3hp 3 phase motor, and 2 hp electric motor 1725 rpm 3 phase.

2 HP 3 Phase Motor - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a 2 hp three phase electric motor for your next project? Before you buy, be sure to read our list of frequently asked questions. This will help you make the best decision for your needs. Our team has years of experience in the electric motor industry, so we know what to look for when it comes to quality motors. Let us help you find the perfect motor for your needs.
1: What Is A 2 HP 3 Phase Motor?

The 2 hp three-phase motors are the type of induction motors mainly used in low-speed industries. The 2 hp motors are asynchronous motors that operate on a three-phase power supply. These motors have a voltage supply of 208v/230v/440v. 2 hp 3 phase motor amps rating depends on the power supply and full load capacity of the motor. These motors are high efficiency, have low power consumption, and are compact. The 2 hp three-phase motors run without capacitors because these are self-starting. They produce high initial torque. The rpm value of the 2 hp 3-phase motor is high, ensuring continuous and accurate operation.

2: Why Should I Choose Xinnuo Motor?

Xinnuo Motor is China’s most trustworthy electric motor manufacturer. We manufacture around 300,000 motors every year on large scale. We are operating in the motor manufacturing industry for about 20 years. Xinnuo has more than 50,000 satisfied customers worldwide. We deliver products in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. We provide high-grade single phase and 3 phase electric motors in an affordable price range. We deliver a variety of electric motors such as 1 hp, 1.5 hp, 3hp 3 phase motor, and 2 hp three phase electric motors. The motors are also available in different series with 10% customization. Xinnuo Motor’s customer care team assists customers 24/7. If you have any queries, contact our customer support.

3: Why Xinnuo Motor Is The Perfect Choice For Industrial Applications?

Xinnuo Motor is the primary choice for industrial applications because we offer high-quality and excellent working electric motors. Let’s discover some top features of Xinnuo Motors that make them the perfect choice for high industrial equipment;

Exceptional manufacturing:

Xinnuo Motor manufactures electric motors made with high-grade raw material. We use B, F, and H type insulation in our industrial motors. Our products went through several quality tests to ensure high performance and reliability. Our technical team use cast iron, 100% sensitive aluminum, and copper coil for manufacturing these motors. We offer electric motors in different dimensions, voltage, ranges, and frequencies. 

High Efficiency: 

Xinnuo Motor manufactures highly efficient electric motors with exceptional features. Our 3 phase electric motors generate high torque to initiate rotations. Our motors consume low power while providing 81.5% nominal efficiency. Our motors provide 100% power output working in the machinery equipment. 

Long-life and Reliability:

Our motors are designed to work in unfavorable conditions such as water, dust, oil, and heat. We have protected our motors with high protection class to ensure reliability and durability. Xinnuo claims that their motors work exceptionally with less maintenance and regular checkups.

4: Explain Common Applications Of 2 HP 3 Phase Motor?

The 2 hp three phase electric motors are used in multiple industries because of their high efficacy and output value. The mechanical power and extraordinary properties of 2 hp motors make these motors useful for large-scale industrial applications. Let’s discuss some of the most common commercial and domestic applications of 2 phase electric motors;

  • Cutting industry (saw tables)
  • Mining and drilling industry
  • Automotive Industry (gear motors and gearbox)
  • Paper, Pulp, and Flour mills 
  • Textile Machinery
  • Pumps, Blowers, Compressors, and Fans
  • Refrigerators and Air conditioners
  • Home Appliances and Gadgets
5: What Are The Benefits Of A 2 HP 3 Phase Motor?
  • 2 hp electric motor 1725 rpm 3 phase have high amps ratings on different voltage supply.
  • The shaft size and dimension of these motors make them highly efficient and durable.
  • They are self-starting; therefore, they work accurately with any external power.
  • They have a wide range of applications from household appliances to high-volume industrial equipment.
  • The average lifespan of these motors is 20-30 years if used with proper care. Thus, we can also call them a one-time investment. 
  • They produce high starting torque and consistent operation.
6: Can We Use VFD With A 2 Hp Three Phase Electric Motor?

2 hp 3 phase motor and VFD are used together in different applications to control speed and frequency. The 2 hp electric motor with VFD is also known as variable speed/frequency drive. A VFD provides single phase power to three-phase motors. A 2 hp 3 phase motor and VFD work well under a single phase power supply.

7: Can I Get Customization Services At Xinnuo Motor?

Yes, Xinnuo Motor provides 100% customization on electric motors as per your requirements. Our customers can choose the motor category and input desired customization features to get a quotation. We offer frequency, voltage, color, and speed customization at Xinnuo Motor. We also provide windshield, case styles, and junction box modifications according to our customer’s desires.

8: What Is The Warranty Limit Of A 2 HP 3 Phase Motor?

The warranty span of products depends on the category. Different categories have different warranty limits. However, most of our motors come with a 1-year warranty. We cover the maintenance and operational capacity of our electric motors under a 1-year warranty. You can further contact our customer care team to get more information about the warranty process.

9: Does The Company Provide Free Quotations And Consultation?

Yes, Xinnuo provides free quotation services to the customers on our official website. You can fill quotation form on our website with your requirements to get a quick quotation. Our customer care team is very responsive and addresses clients’ concerns instantly. Moreover, we provide free consultation services. You can get expert suggestions from our technical team if you are having trouble choosing the perfect fit for your equipment.

10: Which Products Are Covered Under Xinnuo’s Exchange Policy?

Xinnuo Motor covers damaged and incapable electric motors under the exchange policy. Although the chances of damaged products are very less; however, in such case we replace it with new product. XINNUO does not offer an exchange policy if the product is mistreated and exploited while using. To exchange the product, you have to send us images of the damaged product. We will investigate and inquire to replace the product as soon as possible.

11: Does Xinnuo Offer Fast Delivery Services To International Customers?

Xinnuo has been delivering 50,000 plus deliveries internationally on time. Xinnuo Motor is not bound to any technical conditions of wholesalers, we manufacture and deliver products spotlessly. We deliver in-stock products within 20 days of order placement. Expect delivery of customized products within 20-25 days after placing an order.

Our Previous Customers Say About Xinnuo Motor

Xinnuo’s customers are 100% satisfied with our high-quality electric motors and services. We have always kept our customers on our topmost priority. Let's see the reviews of your happy clients.
  • star star star star star
    I recently ordered a 2 hp 3 phase motor from Xinnuo with few customizations. I asked the customer support team about technical information, and they were so nice to help me out. My motor got delivered within 25 days to my doorstep. I could not be happier with an online purchase.
    Ethan Williams:
  • star star star star star
    I ordered a gear box motor from Xinnuo in 2019. I was so unsure about the quality and customization I asked for that I kept asking the customer to care about it. Honestly, I am so happy that they answered my all queries professionally. Since then, I have become a regular customer of Xinnuo.
    Atlas Cummins:
  • star star star star star
    I have had bad experiences with multiple online motor suppliers. I came to know about Xinnuo recently, and I ordered a 3 hp 3 phase motor for my warehouse. When it got delivered, I was stunned by the quality and precision of the motor. I will keep buying, thank you Xinnuo Motor.
    Robert Patrick:
  • star star star star star
    I bought 1.5 hp and 7.5 hp electric motors from Xinnuo on my friend's recommendation. The whole order placement process was so smooth. I asked for a quotation and received it within 15 minutes. I loved the quality of the motor. They also sent a user manual for guidance, and I appreciate that. I am overwhelmed with the experience.
    John Morre:

Are You Interested In More Information Or An Accurate Quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable electric motor supplier, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

All You Need to Know About 2 Hp 3 Phase Motor


Are you fed up with unnecessarily prolonged guides? Well, this short guide will provide you with fundamental information about 2 hp 3-phase motors.

2 HP Three Phase Electric Motor

2 HP Three Phase Electric Motor

2 hp 3 phase motors are perfectly suitable for low-speed industries that demand continuous operation. 2 Hp three phase electric motors are long-lasting, cost-effective, and durable. Xinnuo Motor offers ultra-efficient and budget-friendly electric motors globally.

How does a 2 HP 3 Phase Motor Work?

The 2 hp three phase electric motor is the type of asynchronous motor that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The stator of the induction motor generates magnetic fields in the rotor. While operating at 3-phase voltage 2 hp electric motor produces 1725 rpm (high revolution per minute). Since these motors work on electromagnetic induction, they are self-starting. They do not require additional capacitors or power supply for generating rotations.

How Do we Control the Frequency and Speed of 2 HP Three-phase Electric Motors?

A VFD can be used to control the speed and frequency of a 2 hp motor (three-phase). 2 hp 3 phase motor and VFD works well-balanced to regulate the frequency and speed of the motor.

VFD for 3 phase electric motors

VFD for 3 phase electric motors

VFD is used in industries where controlling speed, torque, and frequency is the basic requirement. It is used in gearbox, saw tables, automotive, pumping, and mechanical equipment.

2 HP 3 phase motor specifications:

The basic specifications of a 2 hp three phase motor are as follows;

Type of Motor:

AC Induction Motor

Frame type:


Amps rating:

2 hp 3 phase motor amps rating is 3.0

RPM value:



208v/ 230v/440v

Shaft Length and Design:

Keyed design/ 10 7/8 length

Mounting Type:

Foot Mounting/ Rigid

Number of Poles:

4 Poles

Insulation Class:

B, F, H


IP44 and IP45

Motor Dimension:



Maximum 81%

Ambient Temperature:

40 Celsius

Why 2 HP 3 phase motors are better than single-phase motors?

Although both motors have different working mechanisms, operational capacity, and application range, we will discuss some common perks of 2 hp three phase motors that make them better than single phase motors.


The efficiency rating and working capacity of 2 hp 3–phase motors are higher than the single phase motors. They work continuously and produce their own initial rotations.

Power Output:

The power output of a 2 hp 3-phase motor is greater, and it works on 4 poles providing maximum power output.


2 hp three-phase motors are made with premium quality electric steel; therefore they are highly resistant and long-lasting as compared to single phase motors.

Types of 2 HP 3 phase motors:

  • Gear Motor
  • MS series 2 hp three phase motor
  • YE3 series 2 hp 3-phase motor

Xinnuo Motor offers high-grade exceptional working 1.5 hp, 7.5 hp electric motor, 3hp 3 phase motor, OEM motors, and industrial electric motors.


If you are looking for a high-quality and long-lasting electric motor for your industrial and domestic usage, 2 hp 3 phase motors are a perfect choice. The price range and extraordinary features make these motors an appropriate fit for commercial purposes.

To get any information regarding motors, contact Xinnuo Motor’s customer care team. We are 24/7 available to address your queries and concerns.

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You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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