• YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency 220v 3 phase motor
  • Y3 series 220v 3 phase motor
  • Y series 220v 3 phase motor

220v 3 phase motor

  • XINNUO motor produces 3 phase motor 220v that provides increased speed and continuous performance in high-grade industrial equipment.
  • XINNUO’s 220v 3 phase motor circuit and coil are made with 100% copper and stainless steel to extend lifespan and productivity.
  • 220 volt3 phase motor has satisfactory insulation class (H, F) to ensure low-maintenance and long life of the electric motor.

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XINNUO motor is a top-priority electric motor supplier that delivers premium quality 220V 3 phase motors globally. We manufacture electric motors with 100% raw material on the ICE standards. We have 50,000+ satisfied customers all over the world. We offer a diverse catalog of electric motors, including 220v 3 phase motors, 20kw, 30kw, and industrial motors. Moreover, our customer support is 24/7 available to address your queries. 

220v 3 phase motor specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

220V 3 phase electric motor – FAQ

220 volt 3 phase motors are commonly used in manufacturing and industrial automation applications. However, there are many myths and rumors about these motors that can be confusing for buyers. This guide will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these motors. Stay informed and make the right purchase decision with this helpful guide!

What is a 220v 3 phase motor? How does it work?

A 220 volt 3 phase motor is a brushless induction motor that works on a 3 phase power supply. The 220 voltage motors are highly efficient and constant speed motors. These motors operate on the principle of electromagnetic induction. They have a delta or wye connection circuit to maintain high-efficiency operation without additional capacitors. 3 phase 220v motors provide high starting torque by inducing magnetic flux. The magnetic contactor used in the motor reduces friction; thus, the chances of energy loss decrease. 

220V 3 phase electric motor

220V 3 phase electric motor

How many amps does 220v 3 phase motor draw?

220 volt 3 phase motors draw a minimum of 30 amps in most electrical equipment. However, the modification of the voltage range changes the amp rating accordingly.

Product List of 220v 3 phase motor

XINNUO motor manufactures a wide variety of 3 phase 220v motors for industrial and commercial purposes.

Y2 series 30kw electric motor

The Y2 series 220 volt 3 phase motors are brushless induction motors that provide 100% power output on maximum load. These motors are reliable, durable, and highly productive. 

YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency 220v 3 phase motor

YE3 series 3 phase 220v motors are ultra-efficient industrial motors. These motors have magnetic contactors to provide high power output with minimum energy loss. 

 Y3 series 30kw electric motor

XINNUO’s Y3 series 3 phase 30kw 220v electric motors are compact size and long-lasting electric motors. Their price range is a bit higher than other 3 phase electric motors due to exceptional features and specifications.

Can 220v motor run on 240v?

Plugging a 220v motor into a 240 voltage power supply can be dangerous without a single-phase converter. Switching a 220 volt supply to 240v can burn out the wiring or distort the polarity of wires. To avoid hooking up an unsuitable power supply, use a VFD for phase-changing purposes. A variable frequency drive is a customizable device for adjusting the speed, frequency, and phase of motors. Furthermore, it eliminates the chances of overheating, overload, and sparking.

How do you wire a 220 motor?

Star (Y) and Delta wiring of motor

Star (Y) and Delta wiring of motor

The wiring of a 3 phase motor 220v manually is easy and accessible. We will discuss some common ways to wire 220 volt motor.

  • According to the 220v 3 phase motor wiring diagram of 220v, delta or Wye wiring is used in this motor.
  • Connect L1 (black wire) to the 1 to 7 numbered wire in the meter.
  • Connect L2 (red wire) to 2-8 wires in the meter.
  • Connect L3 (blue wire) to 3-9 wires in the meter box.
  • Check the reverse direction by switching supply lines T1 to T2 and then T2 to T1.
  • You can use a motor control switch to modify the wiring of a three-phase electric motor.
Can you run a 3 phase motor on 220v?

Yes, a 220v 3 phase motor can run on 3 phase and single phase power supply. For this purpose, you need to change the single phase power supply to 3 phases by using a single phase converter. Set up the delta connection to exciting the third phase with the modification of capacitors. A variable frequency drive or inverter can be used to change the power supply phase with zero effort.

How do we control the speed and frequency of 3 phase motor 220v?

In speed-controlled equipment and industrial machinery, a variable frequency device is essential. Since the 220 volts 3 phase motors are continuous performing motors, they demand a VFD, frequency converter, or inverter to control the speed and frequency of the motor. XINNUO motor has exclusively designed an inverter motor 3 phase input 220v to provide variable speed and frequency without unnecessary hustle. 

What are the minimum order quantity and delivery time at XINNUO motor?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) at XINNUO motor depends upon the chosen category. Every category has a different MOQ range. The company has a fast delivery method for its international customers. The delivery time for available ready-to-deliver products is 20-25 working days. However, the delivery time for customized products is between 25-30 days. You can contact our customer care team for further assistance. 

Does XINNUO motor offer customization services?

Yes, we offer full customization service to its customers. Our highly skilled technical team acknowledges your machinery requirements and provides suitable modifications accordingly. At XINNUO, we provide frequency, voltage, terminal box, casing, and color customization. You can input your machinery requirement in the quotation form available on our website to get a free quotation. For further details, contact our customer support team.

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