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We manufacture high-grade electric motors that boost the performance of your industrial machinery. You will get premium budget-friendly products.
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High operational speed of 30 hp 3 phase electric motor

These motors perform with full potency during operation. The 30 hp 3-phase electric motors are high-speed motors that are usually used in high-power industrial equipment and appliances. The electric motor is available with a high power rating and voltages to generate a high rpm value. The general rpm range of 30Hp three-phase motors is 1200 rpm to 3600 rpm.

Exceptional dimension of Xinnuo’s 30 hp 3 phase motor

The technical team of XINNUO motor has made this motor for advanced industrial equipment. Therefore, Xinnuo’s 30Hp three-phase motors have a unique compact size and weight, which makes them the perfect choice for high-power electronic appliances. The power factor rating of this motor is impressive to carry out industrial operations smoothly. Moreover, it has a reliable star and delta connection to increase the working efficiency of the motor.

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Durability of Xinnuo’s 30 hp 3 phase motor

The 30 hp motors are very durable and long-lasting due to their outstanding features. They are made with 100% copper coil and raw material to ensure long life and low maintenance. These motors have an IP55 protection class to make them highly resistant to dust, water, and oil. Moreover, it has a reliable cooling method and insulation class for excessive heat dissipation. 

Xinnuo 30 hp 3 phase electric motors

XINNUO motor is serving its customers with the utmost quality and noteworthy services. Our electric motor range is diverse starting from domestic motors to high volume industrial motors. The 30 hp 3 phase motor price range is affordable, and it offers incredible features. 

GOST standard 30hp 3 phase motor
GOST standard 30 hp 3 phase electric motors are fully enclosed high-quality motors. They are available in both compact and big sizes for convenience. GOST standard 30 hp 3-phase motor amps rating are not perfect for high load appliances, but they are suitable for low-current machinery. These motors are also known as 2800 rpm motors because they have high efficiency and starting torque.
Y series 30 hp 3 phase motor
The Y series 30 hp 3 phase electric motors are the most commonly used 30 hp motors in the industries. These motors are water-proof and explosion-proof, which makes them perfect for high-volume commercial applications. These motors provide 100% power output with minimum energy loss. The Y series 30 hp 3 phase motor generate 3600 rpm; thus, it is suitable for industrial usage.
YE3 Series 30 hp 3 phase motor
YE3 series are high productivity induction motors. These motors provide high voltage and maximum load capacity. These motors are cost-effective and have a wide range of applications. The YE3 series 30 hp 3 phase motors generate 1440 rpm to 2800 rpm on max load. Some of the industrial applications of the YE3 series are pumping, mining, compressors, turbine, and agriculture machinery.

Reliable 3 phase electric motor manufacturer in China

XINNUO is a global electric motor manufacturer that offers a variety of 3 phase motors for different applications.

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30 hp 3 phase motor Data Sheet

The top electric motor manufacturer in China

XINNUO motor is a customer's top priority because we provide satisfactory services. Our motors are high-performing that provides 100% power output and power factor (PF) rating. We also offer customization of voltage, frequency, and speed to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s uncover what previous satisfied customers say about XINNUO motor’s services.
1. Who is China's top-notch electric motor supplier?

XINNUO is a top electric motor manufacturer in China with over 50,000 international orders every year. We have high-qualified technical team who has 20 years of experience in the motor manufacturing industry. We design unique and effective electric motors to meet the demand of growing industries. We provide quality products in a reasonable price range. Moreover, our customer support is 24/7 available for any assistance. We have a wide range of electric motors for industrial and domestic purposes. Our electric motors are certified with CE, SGS, and CCC quality inspections. We offer customization, quotation, and consultation services. Visit our website to get free quotations instantly.

2. What is the amps rating of a 30 hp 3 phase electric motor?

The amps rating of 30 hp three-phase motor varies on different power loads. However, 30 hp 3 phase motor amps rating is about 35.1 on full load. Since we offer customization of voltages; therefore, the amps rating of the 30 hp three-phase motor varies with the voltage range. 

3. How much copper is in a 30 hp electric motor?

XINNUO uses 100% certified copper coil in the electric motor. The copper used in the 30 hp three-phase motor depends on the speed and rpm rating of the motor. As the rpm rating varies; so, the copper weight also varies. The volume of copper in a 30 hp motor is 10% to 15% of the total weight of the motor. 

4. What are the noteworthy advantages of a 30 hp three-phase motor?

The 30 hp three-phase motors are very beneficial for industrial applications because of several impeccable features. Let’s discover some of the top advantages of a 30 HP three-phase motor;

  • High performance:

The 30 hp motors are high-performing and produce maximum efficiency on full load. It converts electrical current into mechanical power with full capacity. These motors are designed to work in harsh climates; thus, they work with a full load. 30 hp 3 phase motor produces high starting torque without any additional power supply. 

  • Reliability:

These motors are durable and work exceptionally for an extended life period. 30 hp motors operate smoothly in extreme conditions, such as grease, oil, water, and dust. Moreover, these motors can tolerate high temperatures without affecting the internal parts.

  • High precision:

Xinnuo’s 30 hp motors are highly precise and operate flawlessly without any errors. These motors are made with high-grade raw material and went through several inspection tests to ensure faultless working.

  • Cost-effectiveness: 

Xinnuo has always kept its customer base in consideration while designing new products. We offer quality products at a reasonable price. Our products are available in the market competitive price range. 

5. Define 30 hp electric motor specifications?

The 30 hp 3 phase motor specifications are incredible, making it the foremost choice for an industrial and commercial setting. Let’s discuss some outstanding features of 30 hp 3 phase electric motor. 

Rated Voltage: 380 Voltages 

Protection Class: IP55 protection

Insulation Type: F and H class insulation

Cooling Method: ICO141

Frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz

Operation Type: Continuous S1 operation

Connection: Delta and Star connection

Average efficiency rating: 75% on maximum load

6. How many KWs is a 30 hp three-phase motor?

The 30 hp 3 phase electric motor is 22.0 to 24 kW. The one-hour duration of a 30 hp three-phase motor is rated as 22.5 kWh. Therefore, the motor consumes 22.5 electrical units during 1-hour operation. These motors work efficiently and consume maximum current to carry out their functions smoothly.

7. What factor should people consider while buying 30 hp three-phase motor?

While buying an electric motor from online suppliers, you must keep the following factors in mind;

  • Check out if the price of the motor is competitive and the quality is premium. Ask the customer support team about manufacturing material in detail to inspect the quality of the motor.
  • Always check the rated voltages, frequency, and amps rating before buying an electric motor. Make sure these factors fit your machinery requirements.
  • Before proceeding, check the credibility and customer reviews of the company you have chosen.
  • If you are not sure about the motor application, ask the customer care team to buy a suitable motor for your operation.
8. How to optimize the power of a 30 HP 3 phase motor?

Capacitors are used essentially to optimize the full performance of 30 hp three-phase motor. High volume production industries utilize capacitors to enhance the efficiency and power output of 30 hp electric motors. The capacitor helps to produce high torque and rotations.

9. What are the minimum order quantity and delivery time of XINNUO motor?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) at XINNUO varies along with the category. The MOQ is different for different categories. To get the information regarding your chosen category, feel free to get help from our customer support. The delivery time at XINNUO is about 20-25 days for in-stock products and 25-30 days for customized products.

10. How to extend the life of an electric motor with easy practices?

XINNUO produces high-grade motors made with top-quality material. However, some practices can extend the lifespan and productivity of your electric motor effectively. Let’s discuss them;

  • Inspect and check your motors regularly to detect any faults, tears, and errors. 
  • Always check the working of your cooling system, and take immediate actions if you notice over-heating. 
  • Try to maintain the ambient temperature to keep the internal parts of the motor safe. The ambient temperature should be between -15⁰C and 40⁰C. Maintaining a temperature gradient lower the risks of sparks and explosion at the workplace. 
  • Always check the place you are positioning your motor. Don’t place the motor in extreme dust and moisture even if it is dust-proof and water-protected. 
  • Regular maintenance and wire connection inspection can extend the lifespan of your electric motor.
  • Keep the motor at 1000m height or less to increase its performance. Positioning the motor above the recommended height could be harmful.
11. How to control the speed of a 30 hp 3 phase motor?

Some industries demand speed control to slow down 30 hp three-phase motor in some cases. Speed control is necessary to make 30 hp 3 phase electric motor applicable for various industrial and commercial purposes. 30 hp motors are adjustable with variable rpm values; such as 1440 rpm, 1200 rpm, 2800 rpm, and 3600 rpm.

12. Does XINNUO MOTOR offer customization services to its customers?

Yes, we offer 100% customization of frequency, voltage, style, casing, and color. We customize electric motor as per customer’s request and desire. We also modify the electrical box, terminal box, and windshield to the motor perfect fit for your machinery requirements. Contact our customer care to get more information regarding customized products. 

What do our satisfied customers say about XINNUO motor?

Our international customers are pleased with the top-notch quality products and services of XINNUO motor. Let’s see what our previous clients write about our services.
  • star star star star star
    In 2020, I was unable to choose the electric motor manufacturer that provides fast delivery. A colleague suggested XINNUO motor, and I went to their website. I ordered my OEM motor with minor customization, and I got it within 20 days. Thanks, Xinnuo for delivering my parcel on time. I am delighted.
    Mario Scott:
  • star star star star star
    I had an exceptional experience with XINNUO back in 2016 when I ordered my first 30 hp 3 phase motor. The customer care helped me with everything and satisfied me. I am so happy that I chose Xinnuo, and I would recommend XINNUO MOTOR to everyone.
    Tris Humphries:
  • star star star star star
    I have been using Xinnuo’s 20kw electric motors for the past 3 years. Since then, I have become a regular customer of Xinnuo. Their motors are long-lasting and perform with maximum efficiency. Honestly, Xinnuo is the most reputable electric motor producer in China.
    Micheal S. Johns:
  • star star star star star
    I was tired of low-quality and expensive electric motors in Canada. I wanted something less pricy but high-quality for my micro business. I went to Xinnuo’s webpage through an online link, and trust me it was the best decision. Xinnuo’s motor boosts my business efficacy and production. Thank you XINNUO motor!
    Corey Miller:

Are you interested in more information or an accurate quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable electric motor supplier, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

A complete guide to 30 hp 3 phase motor


If you are looking to buy a 30 hp 3 phase electric motor for your industrial application, we got you. This beginner guide is for people who do not relate to a technical background.  We will help you learn the benefits, disadvantages, and applications of 3 phase motor. Let’s get into it.

What is a 30 hp 3 phase motor?

A 30 hp three phase electric motor is a type of asynchronous motor. The motor has high efficiency and PF rating that make it applicable for commercial and industrial operations. The 30 hp electric motor specifications claim that they are high-performing motors with the low vibration feature. XINNUO motor supplies top-quality and affordable electric motors to its customers.

Figure 1 30HP THREE PHASE MOTORFigure 1: 30 hp three phase motor

How many rpm does a 30 HP 3-phase electric motor produce?

Mostly, 30hp three-phase motors are 1200 rpm, 1440 rpm, 2800 rpm, and 3600 rpm. The motor efficiency and KWh performance always modify with the revolutions.

How much copper is in a 30 hp electric motor?

The weight of copper coil in 30 hp motor is 10% to 15%

Pros and Cons of 30 hp 3-phase motor:

The 30 hp three-phase motor has several advantages and disadvantages depending upon the type of operation. Let’s discuss some common pros and cons of 30 hp three-phase motor:


  • The 30 hp 3 phase motor amps rating is incredible for industrial usage as it utilizes maximum energy to increase the efficacy of the equipment.
  • The motors have a long life and easy maintenance due to the high-grade raw material used in their manufacturing.
  • These motors have a low-noise bearing which reduces the excessive vibrations.
  • Since these motors are self-starting, they do not demand additional power devices to generate initial torque.
  • These motors have incredible features and compact size which make them stand out in various 3-phase motors.


  • The amps rating of 30 hp three-phase motor is not convenient for variable current industries.
  • The Power factor rating of 30 hp motors is not ideal for all industrial and commercial applications.
  • The 30 hp 3 phase motor price range is bit higher than other 3 phase motors

Different types of 30 hp 3-phase motors are available in the marketplace:

  • YE3 series 30 hp (big and small) motors
  • Y2 series 30hp 3-phase motors
  • Y series 30hp motors

Figure 2 Y series 3HP 2800 rpm motor

Figure 2: Y series 3hp 2800 rpm motor

  • Gost Standard 30 hp electric motors

XINNUO MOTOR also offers international standard 1HP, 5HP, industrial and explosion-proof motors.

Industrial applications of 30 hp 3 phase motor:

Industrial applications of 3 hp motors are diverse because of their stability and reliability. Following are some common industries that use 30 hp 3 phase electric motors for their equipment:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Pumps, Compressors, and rollers
  • Paper industry
  • Mining industry
  • Domestic appliances (refrigerators, Air conditioners, mixers, etc)


30 hp 3 phase electric motors are exceptional if you are looking for high speed and precision. These motors are widely used in high-production factories to ensure precision and productiveness. If you want to get more information, contact us or visit our website.


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