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30HP 3 Phase Electric Motor Catagory

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

30 hp electric motor Y2 series
Y2 series 30hp three phase electric motor
30 hp electric motor Y3 series
Y3 series 30 hp three phase electric motor
30 hp electric motor YE3 Series 2
YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency Big Size 30hp Three-phase Motor
30 hp electric motor YE3 Series
YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency Small Size Three-phase Motor

30 HP Electric Motor——Xinnuo

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

30HP Electric Motor Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

Data Sheet of 30HP Electric Motor

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30 hp electric motor Data Sheet

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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

30HP Electric Motor| The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you worried about the performance of your high-power electronic applications?

30 HP electric motor is an excellent motor that upgrades the motor-driven device’s efficiency. Its superior features and functionality make it compatible with versatile high-grade appliances, along with ensuring supreme reliability.

Xinnuo Motor is a dependable electric motor manufacturer that handles the motor production of different HP ratings. This FAQ guide will be a great source of information for you about the ins and outs of this motor. Let’s make a move to dig it deeper.

1. What Is A 30HP Electric Motor?

A 30HP electric motor is a worthwhile motor in the electronic world. Its HP rating indicates that a device receives 22380 Joules of mechanical energy per second from electrical power through this motor. Its amp rating and dimensions are fruitful for high-voltage motor-based equipment.

This supremely functional motor is constructed with high-quality materials. Its principal parts are durable enough to resist high vibrations and electrical pressures. The most significant parts of this motor are the rotor, terminal box, bearing, front endshield, stator, key, shaft cover, jacket, etc.

The wiring connection and reversing process of this motor are reliable. It is compatible with different operating temperatures with great functionality. Besides, its protection class and colling mechanisms are highly standard. That means you can easily rely on this motor to boost your electronic project to a higher level.

Figure 1- 30HP Electric Motor

Figure 1- 30HP Electric Motor

2. What Are The Specifications Of A 30HP Three Phase Electric Motor?

The specifications of 30HP electric motors are dependable for high-volume motor-driven industrial and commercial applications.

The mote noteworthy 30 HP electric motor dimensions are-

  • Rotors are dynamically balanced.
  • Protection class IP55.
  • UL recognized and IEC34-1 certified.
  • Torque ratings fulfill NEMA standards.
  • Insulation class F, H.
  • Continuous S1 duty
  • Ball bearings are shielded for being compatible with coupled applications.
  • Supportive of Delta and Star connections based on voltage and power ratings.
  • Frequency 50Hz and 60Hz.
  • A standard rate of efficiency
  • Rated voltage 380V.
  • Colling method ICO141.

Xinnuo Motor has been manufacturing top-class 30HP electric motors for quite a long period. Contact us to experience the excellence of electric motors at reasonable costs.

Figure 2- Y2 Series 3 Phase 30HP Electric Motor Features

Figure 2- Y2 Series 3 Phase 30HP Electric Motor Features

3. How To Test A 30HP Electric Motor?

30HP electric motor delivers premium performance if you can ensure regular testing. Different tests are reliable to find the defects of these motors to achieve the best efficiency.

Usually, the following tests are mostly standard for 30HP 3 phase motors.

General Inspections

First, you can check the motor visually. Check there are any significant damages on the motor surface. Then, you can observe the condition of the shaft, bearings, etc. In the end, properly check the connections.

If there are loose wires, it can cause severe damage. After completing the visual checking, you need to go for electrical inspections with appropriate tools.

FLA (Full Load Amp) Test

The FLA test is applicable when the motor runs with a full load. Then, you can measure the current rating by using a multimeter. It is good to utilize sensors at different terminals of the motor. You can get the correct result in that case.

Winding Resistance Test

Checking the winding resistance through a multimeter is vital for 30 HP 3 phase motor testing. It is required for maintaining the proper resistance between different terminals.

Again, conduct the following tests to check the winding continuity.

  • No Power Incoming Test
  • No Power Outgoing Test
  • Line To Neutral Test

Insulation Resistance Test

In this case, you have to take an insulation tester. Then, set its voltage rating to a certain point based on manufactures guidelines. You should check the phase resistance. Besides, the resistance between phase and earth is also crucial. If these resistances cross the safe range, you need to repair or replace the motor.

Power Supply Test

The power supply test is conducted by using a multimeter. It is used in checking the voltages applied to the 30HP electric motors. Then, you should compare this value with the specifications written on the nameplate or datasheet.

Figure 3- 3 Phase Electric Motor Testing

Figure 3- 3 Phase Electric Motor Testing

4. What Are 30HP Electric Motor 3 Phase Amps?

The 30HP electric motor 3 phase amps are suitable for complex designs of appliances that run through motors. Usually, their average current rating is more than 40A. But, it varies concerning electric motor types.

Here, a list of full-load amp ratings is given for your convenience.

SeriesFull Load Amp (A)Speed (rpm)
Y3 series 3 Phase Electric Motor43.21500
Y2 Series Large size 3 Phase Electric Motor413000
 YE3 Series Ultra High Frequency 3 Phase Electric motor40.23000

Figure 4- Y3 Series 30 HP Electric Motor Amps

Figure 4- Y3 Series 30 HP Electric Motor Amps

5. What Are The Applications Of A 30HP Electric Motor Three Phase?

A 30HP 3 phase electric motor is used in numerous electronic applications with ensuring superior reliability. Its top features are functionalities playing vital roles in its immense popularity in different sectors.

The significant applications of 30HP electric motor three phase include-

Consumer Electronics

A 30 HP 3 phase motor is an unavoidable part of versatile consumer electronic products. Besides, this motor has significant use in motor-driven appliances used in doors and other critical portions of domestic areas—for example, refrigerator, air conditioner, fans, etc.

Industrial Equipment

The major use of this three phase electric motor is in industrial sectors. Different electronic equipment such as compressors, boilers, turbines, etc consists of 30 HP 3 phase motors.

Besides, you can apply this motor in the mining and automotive industries. Especially, it is widely used in robotics because of its superb speed control and standard toque rating.

Agricultural Machinery

Various agricultural machinery like pumps, tractors, roller, land imprinter, etc is made of 30 HP 3 phase motors. These motors improve the functionality of the equipment used in agricultural sectors.

You can find 3 phase 30HP electric motors in the food and beverage industry except for these. Rolling mills and various paper bag machines are also composed of these motors.

Figure 5- 30 HP Electric Motor Applications

Figure 5- 30 HP Electric Motor Applications

6. Which Factors Do You Need To Consider While Buying The Capacitors For 30HP Electric Motors?

You should choose 30HP electric motor capacitors by considering some crucial factors.

  • Rated frequency
  • Rated voltage
  • Amp rating
  • Efficiency
  • Use of the capacitors. (Starting or run)

Capacitors are essential parts of 30 HP single phase electric motors and three phase motors. You need to keep in these factors to optimize motor performance.

Figure 6- Capacitors Used In Electric Motors

Figure 6- Capacitors Used In Electric Motors

7. What Are The Major Parts Of A 30HP Electric Motor?

The significant parts of a 30HP electric motor are the rotor and stator. You need to make these parts supremely functional to optimize the performance of your electric motor of 30 HP rating.


The rotor is a vital part of the electric motor that is joined to the load by using the motor shaft. It plays the leading role in rotating an electric motor 30 HP. Usually, squirrel cage and slip ring rotors are widely used in the motor industry.


The stator is the stationary part of 30HP electric motors. It receives the power supply of different three-phase and single-phase motors. The stator consists of three major segments.

  • Core
  • Frame
  • Winding

The real success of using a 30HP 3 phase motor or 30 HP single phase electric motor depends on the rotor and stator. That’s why you need to consult a reliable manufacturer that can handle the winding connections and core formation of the stator and rotor.

Figure 7- Different Parts Of 30HP Electric Motor

Figure 7- Different Parts Of 30HP Electric Motor

8. Which Factors Do Affect The 30HP Electric Motor Price?

The following factors are vital while you are thinking of 30HP electric motor price-

  • Quality dimensions
  • Maintenance
  • Cooling mechanism
  • Weight
  • Amp rating
  • Construction materials
  • Lifespan
  • PF rating
  • Manufacturer

Figure 8- Cost-Effective 30HP Electric Motor

Figure 8- Cost-Effective 30HP Electric Motor

9. What Are The Advantages Of 30HP 3 Phase Electric Motors?

30HP electric motors have immense popularity in numerous sectors because of their outstanding advantages. The most notable positive points are described below so that you can get a clear idea about these electric motors.

High Functionality

30HP electric motor parts are highly functional. That’s why this motor is reputable for its speed. Its rotor and stator function with great effectiveness during its operations. It converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy smoothly without causing overheats.

Besides, high power rating and voltage control make it reliable for high-volume industrial productions.


30 HP 3 phase motors provide high-class durability in extreme conditions. These motors are tolerant to a wide temperature range. The IP55 protection class indicates their superior resistance against moisture and dust. That’s why you can be trouble-free about the motor for an extended period.


This motor is preferable to clients due to its cost-effective feature. You can experience high-quality performance at a reasonable price. Again, easy handling and reliable operation lead to a low maintenance cost.

Standard PF Rating

The power factor rating of 30 HP 3 phase motors is impressive and effective for high-density electronic projects. But, 30 HP single phase electric motors don’t offer standard PF rating like 3 phase motors.

Effective Power Consumption

A 30HP electric motor is reputable for its practical power consumption. It takes electric current and functions efficiently. Besides, its PF rating and rated voltages are worthwhile for consuming electric power with maximum effectiveness.

Dimensional Stability

30 HP 3 phase motors ensure dimensional stability in electronic applications. Their weight, cable size, transformer size, length, etc feature are suitable for advanced devices.

Figure 9- 30HP Electric Motor Significant Advantages

Figure 9- 30HP Electric Motor Significant Advantages

10. How To Increase The Longevity Of 30HP Electric Motors?

You need to maintain some things to increase the longevity of 30HP electric motors. Such as

  • You have to check the electric motor regularly.
  • It is required to ensure proper handling of the motor. Like, keeping the motor above 1000m height is injurious.
  • Always keep the ambient temperature between -15⁰C and 40⁰C.
  • Don’t place the motor in extreme dust and moisture.
  • You should incorporate a reliable cooling mechanism and wire connections.

Figure 10- 30HP Electric Motor Having A Long Lifespan

Figure 10- 30HP Electric Motor Having A Long Lifespan

11. What Are The Disadvantages Of A 30 HP Single Phase Electric Motor?

30 HP single phase electric motors are not widely used in different fields because of considerable limitations. Some notable disadvantages of these motors include-

  • The PF rating is not standard as 3 phase motors.
  • 30 HP single phase motor amps are not suitable for high-current applications.
  • These motors are expensive compared to other three phase motors of the same horsepower.

You need to choose a dependable electric motor manufacturer for getting the optimum output from single phase motors. We can assure you of delivering flawless construction of versatile electric motors at affordable prices. Inquire us immediately.

Figure 11- Single Phase Electric Motor

Figure 11- Single Phase Electric Motor

12. Which Things Do You Need To Consider While Reversing A 30HP Electric Motor?

Reversing a 30HP electric motor is a sensitive issue. You need to consider some crucial things while reversing this motor. It is harmful to the electric motor to alter its direction during its operations. You need to consider some essential things while reversing this motor.

It causes overheating that hampers the shelf life of electric motors. Besides, the driven loads produce a huge momentum. It is a great stress for the rotor to counter this effect.

Again, you must consider the torque-speed and PF rating while reversing the motor directions.

13. What Are The Most Common 30HP Electric Motor Types?

30HP electric motors are found in versatile forms and series. These motors are very popular in three phase connections. 30 HP single phase electric motors have limited use in electronic appliances.

The most common types of 30HP electric motors are-

  • Y3 series electric motor
  • MS series Aluminum shell 3 phase electric motor
  • YE3 series 3 phase electric motor
  • Y2 series large size 3 phase electric motor
  • Y2 series B5 flange 3 phase motor

Figure 12- YE3 Series 30 HP Electric Motor 3 Phase

Figure 12- YE3 Series 30 HP Electric Motor 3 Phase

We also offer a customised motor service,Xinnuo is one of the leading OEM electric motor manufacturers in China.

14. Why Is Speed Control Necessary For 30HP Electric Motors?

The 30HP electric motor speed control is a great concern for high-speed applications, such as pumps, boilers, etc. Speed control is essential to ensure smooth energy conversion from electrical to mechanical form.

High-speed electric motors are required to slow down their speed in some cases, like paper mills. In that case, a speed control mechanism will be a great help to regulate speeds.

Usually, 30HP 3 phase motors are compatible with variable speeds. Such as 3000 rpm, 1500 rpm, 1000 rpm, etc.

Figure 13- 30HP Electric Motor Speed Control

Figure 13- 30HP Electric Motor Speed Control


30 HP electric motors are reputable solutions for easily running complicated motor-based devices. If you struggle with choosing the high-quality electric motors of 30 H, the Xinnuo motor is the best option.

We have an excellent reputation for manufacturing electric motors of single-phase and three-phase connections. We hope this FAQ guide will help you know the details about this motor. Contact us for further queries. Stay tuned.

You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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