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Xinnuo 3kw electric motors are mostly used in domestic and commercial settings and in some industrial applications.

3kw electric motor Y2 series
3kw Electric Motor Y2 Series
3kw electric motor YE3 Series
3kw Electric Motor YE3 Series
YBX3 Series high efficiency explosion proof 3kw three phase motor
YBX3 Series High Efficiency Explosion Proof 3kw Three Phase Motor
YD Series Pole-Changing Multi-Speed 3kw Three-Phase Motor
YD Series Pole-Changing Multi-Speed 3kw Three-Phase Motor

3kw Electric Motor

Our 3kw motors are a symbol of impeccable power and extreme performance.

3kw Electric Motor Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

3kw Electric Motor FAQ Guide


Electric motors have become an integral part of our lives. We can not imagine our lives without these electric motors, they have changed our lives and made it easier. Electric motors application can be seen from normal households to industries.

Likewise, 3kw electric motors are also employed for a number of different applications. In this guide, we bring you its applications, how to maintain it, what are the specifications of the 3kw electric motor, and where you get the best motor for your applications. This frequently asked questions guide will provide you with all the answers you are looking for regarding the 3kw electric motor. At the end of this guide, you will have enough knowledge about the 3kw electric motor that you can make a clear decision about buying it.

1. What is the expected life of the 3kw electric motor Xinnuo offer?

The Xinnou electric motors are produced, keeping in mind the extreme harsh condition they might operate in. We make sure our electric motors are built with material that lasts longer. To make this possible, we have a complete quality control system. This system makes sure every step of manufacturing increases its reliability and does not compromise the quality of our electric motor.

The expected life of our 3kw electric motor is 10 to 15 years.

But this can fluctuate due to some reasons. If it is adequately maintained, the life of the electric motor can be increased significantly. Likewise, some of the factors can affect the life of the electric motor, such as sudden workload changes, improper installation, humidity, and temperature.

Xinnuo electric motors are proved best in extreme and harsh environments. We choose our raw materials with a stringent quality control system to make sure the electric motors last long no matter the applications.

2. What are the applications of 3kw electric motor?

3kw electric motors are used in a wide variety of different industries worldwide. Its applications are everywhere, from domestic to commercial to industry you will find this electric motor in every setting. 3kw three-phase electric motor is a powerful motor that is used to run different machineries and is also used in household appliances.

3kw electric motor is also widely used in industrial applications in different machinery such as compressors, fans, pumps, crushers, blowers, and HVAC systems. Along with this, it is used to drive machines like mining tools, CNC machine tools, electric buses, many other mechanical equipments. 3kw electric motors are also used in boats, bikes, and controllers. 3kw is a universal electric motor that can be used in different applications.

If you are looking for a high-quality 3kw three-phase induction motor then you are at the right place. Xinnuo manufactures high-quality electric motors at affordable prices. Our 3kw electric motors are trusted by large industries around the globe and are also used in normal household applications.

3. How many amps does a 3kw motor use?

The 3kw electric motor at 110V approximately consumes 49 amps, 24 amps at 220V, and a 3kw at 240V uses 22 amps.

4. Difference between single-phase and three-phase electric motors?

Induction motors are everywhere. We come across many induction motors in our daily life; they make our life easier by performing different functions with efficiency and affordability. Induction motors are the most frequently used electric motors in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. They are cheap and require less maintenance. They are designed to perform on single-phase and three-phase power supplies. Let’s find the difference between single-phase and three-phase induction motors.

Single-phase Electric Motor

Single-phase is widely used in residential settings because of its reliability. They are also a good option for small loads in homes and small businesses. Single-phase simultaneously changes the supply voltage of an AC power. Its distribution of power uses the phase and neutral wires. Phase wire carries the current, and neutral wire provides the path for current return.

When the motor is running on a single-phase power supply, the main winding of the motor carries the alternating current. This kind of motor needs an extra circuit because a single-phase supply connecting to an AC motor doesn’t produce a rotating magnetic field. The power output of the single-phase motor is not constant; voltage rises and falls.

Three Phase Electric Motor

Three-phase induction motors are also known as self-starting induction motors. These motors don’t use starting devices such as capacitors and start windings. Three-phase induction motors are used in commercial and industrial applications. These motors deliver three alternating currents, with three different electric services. Three-phase power output remains constant and never drops to zero. It has one neutral wire and three-conductor wires at 120- degrees distant from each other.

Choosing between the 3kw single-phase or three-phase motor depends on your necessity, application, and economy. While considering between these two power supplies always consider your practical needs. Single-phase is mostly used in domestic and residential applications. But you should consider certain factors before selecting the one such as required wirings, voltages, the efficiency of the performance, place of utility, and so on.

5. What are the main components that make a 3kw industrial electric motor?

Electric motors’ design can vary according to their specifications and the application they are used in. But generally, they have some common parts, such as a rotor, a stator, and a commutator. These three parts cause the motor to spin continuously by the attractive and repulsive force of electromagnetism. Below are the main parts of the 3kw electric motor.


The stationary part of the 3kw motor is known as a stator. This part contains windings and a permanent magnet. The stator of the AC motors carries the armature while the DC motor’s stator carries the field winding.


This part of the 3kw motor is a set of winding and magnetic cores from which the motor shaft is attached. It delivers mechanical energy to the shaft. The rotor is inserted into the stator, and it consists of the copper wound in the form of a coil around the axle. When the electric current flows through this coil, it creates the magnetic field that pushes the stator and makes the axle spin.


The commutator is also an essential part of the 3kw electric motor. This part is used to periodically reverse the direction of the current in the rotor to ensure that the coil does not move in the opposite direction and ensure the axil spins in a single direction. It maintains the repulsive force between the rotor and the stator poles.

Bearing and Assembly

The bearing supports the rotor and maintains the air gap in 3kw 3 phase electric motor. Bearing transfers the shaft load to the casing of the motor. The rotor winding assembly is mounted over the shaft. The shaft extends to the outside of the casing, and it helps to transfer the mechanical energy to the load.

Insulation materials

The insulation in a 3kw electric motor protects the motor windings from contaminations and short circuits. The insulation material can be resins, varnish, paper, rubber, glass fiber, or mica.


The casing protects the components of the 3kw electric motor, such as stator, rotor, and other parts. The casing protects these parts from the external environment. It is commonly made up of aluminum


In a 3kw motor, the brushes are used to provide electricity to the rotor. It constantly maintains contact with the commutator regardless of the rotational speed. With the help of the spring, the contact pressure is maintained.

An electric motor works on the principle of electromagnetism. The rotor and stator windings carry current act as an electromagnet produce force of attraction and repulsion between them. Xinnou electric motor uses the finest quality material to produce these parts. Our material control system makes sure high-quality material is used to build these high-performing electric motors. Our electric motors perform in extreme environments and rough conditions with utmost reliability.

6. How can you ensure greater efficiency of your 3kw electric motor?

The efficiency of the electric motor is one important factor that helps you save electricity and make the whole process less costly. The efficiency of the electric motors can be increased significantly with certain steps. You can save a handsome amount of money by avoiding certain things. Below are some of the techniques that can ensure the greater efficiency of your 3kw electric motor.

Turn Off When Not in Use

It’s a simple but effective method to save energy. You may keep your electric motor running to avoid damage by repeatedly switching on and off. You can install a soft starter that can decrease pressure on mechanical and electrical systems.

Reduce Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is a major problem for any electric motor because they are subjected to forces and high currents when started. You can use soft starters to reduce and control the damage. You can also use Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) to control the speed and torque. It is a bit expensive but an efficient way to motor control.

Buy Right Motor Size

Buying the right electric motor size can have a huge effect on the efficiency of the motor. The industrial and commercial plants operate huge appliances on these electric motors, which consume a large amount of energy. Therefore, it is essential to properly evaluate the applications and processes to buy the right size of electric motor.

Use Smart Motor Technology

If your electric motor electricity consumption is going over your budget, you can use smart motors. Smart motors are highly efficient and only consume the required amount of energy to start your electric motor. This is the best solution to improve efficiency, lower cost, and downtime.

Eliminates the Voltage Unbalance

Voltage unbalance can pose a potential threat to your electric motor life. It also affects the efficiency and performance of the electric motor. To make your electric motor efficient and functional, it is crucial to eliminate voltage unbalance. Use the following methods to eliminate voltage unbalance.

  • Replace the component that is responsible for the voltage unbalance.
  • To make the equal load on all three-phase, distribute single-phase loads on a three-phase system.
  • Install active and reactive filters to minimize the harmonics to reduce the unbalance.

Planned Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is one sure thing that can help you avoid much wear and tear. It allows you to fix the problem as soon as it arises. If there is any delay and the problem goes attended, it can cause severe damage to the electric motor and reduce its efficiency. Planned maintenance can increase the life of the motor and save you from repair costs.

These steps can make your 3kw electric motor more efficient and less costly. We suggest you apply these techniques to ensure the long life of your motor. Xinnou’s 3kw electric motor comes with the efficiency that saves you energy and performs reliably in any given condition. We also educate and provide you with clear instructions that help you install and run your electric motor efficiently. If you are looking for energy-efficient electric motors, you are in the right place.

Figure 1- three-phase electric motor

Figure 1- Three-Phase Electric Motor

7. What is the optimum temperature to operate a 3kw electric motor?

Overheating the electric motor is the major cause of its damage. The temperature range of a 3kw electric motor is defined by the instruction manual and nameplate motor. The ambient temperature range to operate a 3kw electric three-phase is -20° C to 40° C. It is consistent with common industrial applications. If the temperature exceeds the normal ambient temperature of 40° C in certain applications, special consideration is required for the components like insulation, seals, fan, and the grease of the bearings.

Though the ambient temperature of the 3kw electric motor for operating in most cases is 40° C, its components, such as windings, are designed to perform at a much higher temperature. The temperature above ambient temperature in winding operating on full load is known as temperature rise. The energy provided to the electric motor is lost as heat, and it increases the temperature. A powerful motor with a Class F insulation system can have more than 105° C in permissible temperature rise.

To compensate for the high temperature, we at Xinnou use durable, insulative magnetic wire, varnish, ground insulation, lead wire insulation, string, tapes, and sleeves for the assembly of 3kw electric motors. Each component is assigned to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) MG1-2016 insulation class, which evaluates the motor components based on 20,000 hours rated motor service life operating at the permissible temperature.

8. How to extend the life of 3kw electric motor?

Electric motors are extensively used in many industries. Because of the extended use of electric motors, it become worn and less efficient. Its life depends upon certain factors and with proper steps the life of the electric motors can be extended. Below mentioned are the some of the steps that can help you stretch the life of the electric motor.

Adequate Lubrication:

Proper lubrication is very essential for any electric motor. The parts of the electric motors needs to be lubricated to minimize the friction and heat to reduce the wear and tear. Lubrication also help to prevent contamination and corrosion. Keep in mind that under and over lubrication both are harmful for the electric motor. Optimal lubrication is a key factor to increase the life of your electric motor.

Optimal Temperature:

The increase in temperature can severely damage your electric motor. It is important to monitor and maintain the temperature of the electric motor and make sure the temperature is optimal for the operation. Give the motor the chance to cool down and keep the operating environment away from the dirt and the debris to make sure the ventilation is not blocked.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is also an important factor that increases the life of your electric motor. Regular maintenance could be preventive, predictive, and reliability-based.

Preventive maintenance helps you to find the issue before it can affect your electric motor. This type of maintenance can be mechanical assessment, electrical tests, measuring resistance, etc.

The predictive method is forecasting when maintenance is required. This helps you to predict the life span of the electric motor’s parts.

Reliability maintenance is the most suitable method to ensure the longevity of your electric motor. It can be done through motor analysis.

Xinnuo knows that maintaining an electric motor is as crucial as operating it. So we provide you with proper guidance from our veteran engineers about how to maintain an electric motor. Our engineers are highly skilled and extremely experienced, they give you the detailed information that helps you extend the life of your electric motor.

Figure 2- 3kw three-phase electric motor

Figure 2- 3kw Three-Phase Electric Motor

9. How Xinnuo produce efficient electric motors with extended efficiency and life?

Xinnuo always puts efforts to increase the efficiency of its electric motor to provide you with a motor that saves your cost and performs reliably. We have implemented certain steps and material upgrade in our manufacturing system that gives our electric motor extra efficiency and extended life. Let’s have a look at some of these steps:

Using Copper Windings

We use copper coils in stator rather than aluminum ones. The conductivity of copper is higher than aluminum. Aluminum magnet wires require larger cross-sections so that they can deliver the same amount of conductivity as copper. Achieving higher efficiency is obviously more than just deciding on copper and aluminum windings. Just like high-pressure piecing crimp can be used to enable better efficiency. Aluminum windings can also match the power of copper but they require more time and money.  For the short run duration and if the motor work occasionally, using an aluminum can make sense. Otherwise, copper winding is the best option.

Using Precise Moving Parts

Precision machining is used to produced high tolerance machined parts. It gives the ability to produce the accurate part with desired features with consistency. Using these precise parts in our electric material makes it more efficient and delivers the maximum output. But the maintenance should be timely and by the expert is suggested.

High Quality Steel

We use high-quality steel to produce the stator and rotor of our electric motors. This ensures high performance because of high magnetic permeability and low power loss. The power loss can be reduced by a good number using good steel but still, power loss may occur.

Using More Coils

The phase coil wires of the small power motor are thinner. Because of this, the number of coil turns should be higher to increase the magnetic force or current density. The phase winding resistance and power loss density are higher in high-power motors. That’s why low-power motors with high speed require more magnetic force. It means more coils with the higher number of turns are required to generate higher current density.

Xinnuo doesn’t compromise on the quality and we always make sure to produce an efficient electric motor that saves your money and performs impeccably. If you are looking for energy-efficient electric motors that save you money and fit into your application just right then Xinnuo should be your first priority.

10. What are the specifications of the 3kw electric motor Xinnuo offer?

  • Voltage: 380v
  • Output: 3kW (4HP).
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Current: 5.3 A
  • Rated Speed: 1500 rpm
  • Efficiency: 85.5%.
  • Dimensions: 198mm Wide x 387mm Long x 252mm.
  • Duty: Continuous
  • Shaft: 28mm dia x 60mm with 8mm wide key.
  • Phase: 3
  • Enclosure: IP55.
  • Weight: 26.4kg.
  • Ambient Temperature: 40 °C

Figure 3- 3kw induction motor

Figure 3- 3kw Induction Motor

11. Does Xinnuo have a proper Quality Control System?

Xinnuo is a leading electric motor supplier from China with a stringent quality control system that makes sure you get the best electric motor for your applications. We believe in delivering the finest product to our customers and that’s why we monitor every step of manufacturing to maintain the quality throughout the process and manufacture a reliable and long-lasting electric motor. We deliver application-specific electric motors that stand out through harsh and extreme conditions and perform reliably in every situation.

12. What is the delivery option for a 3kw electric motor?

Depending upon the geographic location and size of the order, we provide you with different delivery options. We have our trusted partner that delivers your electric motor right at your address with proper packaging. We have delivered thousands of electric motors across the globe and we proudly say that our customer from different regions of the world receives their electric motors with utmost reliability. We also provide you with the tracking option so you can always stay updated regarding the delivery and be prepared.

13. Does Xinnuo offer 3kw motors?

Yes, Xinnuo is a leading electric motor supplier from China. We manufacturer 3kw electric motors which perform in any given environment. Xinnuo is trusted by a wide range of different industries worldwide. With more than 20 years in the electric motors manufacturing industry, we have built different kinds of electric motors for specific applications. Our expert engineers are highly experienced in manufacturing electric motors that perform beyond one’s imagination and last long. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with modern technological equipment that helps us produce the finest electric motors with impeccable quality.

Order your electric motor from Xinnuo to get the best. You can simply call us on the mentioned number or fill out the form to get the quotation and our customer representative will be in touch with you with all the information and answer your query.






You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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