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4 HP Electric Motor Catagory

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

4 hp electric motor MLseries 1
MY/ML(ALU) Series Aluminum Shell 4 HP Single Phase With Capacitor Motor
4 hp electric motor MS series
MS Series Aluminum Shell 4 HP Three-phase B3 Flange Motor
4 hp electric motor YCL series
YC/YCL Series 4 HP Single Phase Capacitors Asynchronous Motor
4 hp MS series electric motor
MS Series Aluminum Shell 4 HP Three-phase B5 Flange Motor

4 HP Electric Motor

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

4 HP Electric Motor Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

Data Sheet of 4 HP Electric Motor

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4 hp electric motor Data Sheet

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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

4 HP Electric Motor | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Fans, power supply, water pumps, air conditioners, compressors, and other electrical devices all employ electric motors. Electrical motors are practically integral to gadgets.The power of an electric motor is usually measured in horsepower. A 4 HP electric motor is a specific kind of motor that is utilized in certain applications.

You may have some queries concerning the 4 HP electric motors if you’re considering them.

We’ll discuss and clarify some fundamental information concerning 4 HP motors in this FAQ article. We hope that this post will assist you in obtaining suitable 4 HP motors for your business. Let’s move forward.

1. What Do You Understand About The 4 HP Electric Motor?

The spinning device known as an electric motor is responsible for converting electrical power into mechanical power.  The motors father mechanical energy production by combining magnetic fields and electric current.    The motor’s cable windings are used to pass the combination through them.

The result of the combination of the magnetic field and the electric current is a rotating shaft. The rotating shaft is the actual result of an electric motor.

The majority of the time, electric motors operate based on horsepower. As a result, the electric motor that produces 4 horsepower is referred to as a 4 HP electric motor. 1 mechanical horsepower equals 746 watts of electrical energy produced.

The 4 HP electric motors father torque thrusts other outer devices such as fans, lifting machines, drilling machines, etc. The feature of an electric motor is to spin constantly throughout operations. Electric motors are more efficient than conventional spinning devices utilized in industrial applications.

You can classify the electric motors based on the power type usage. They are AC motors and DC motors. AC motors use Alternate Current(AC), and DC motors use Direct Current(DC).

On the other hand, in terms of the power phase, electric motors are operated in two phases. They are Single-Phase electric motors and Three-Phase electric motors.

2. What Are The Components Of A 4 HP Electric Motor?

Every electronic device must have some particular parts to generate the particular functionalities. Also, the electric motors are not out of the things. There are several key parts in a 4 HP electric motor. They are as follows.


A 4 HP electric motor’s rotor is the moving portion. The key participant in the rotation of the shaft is the rotor of the electric motor. The shaft generates mechanical energy.

There are inductors on the rotors to provide electric current. To create the power that turns the shaft, the inductors combine with the magnetic field.


The stator is the fixed part inside the electric motor. The shaft goes through the stair from the rotor to the outside of the motor. It is made of steel sheets, magnets, and laminates. The laminates are behind to keep the energy consistent.

Figure 02- Motor Stator

Figure 02- Motor Stator


Windings are the conducting wires, to put it simply. Around the motor’s magnetic core, they’re coiled.   The magnetic field sections receive electric current from the windings. The rotor is then spun by the magnetic field.


Bearings are the main component that provides support to rotate the rotor. You will see the motor shaft goes through the bearing from the rotor.


With an interval of time between the external circuits and the rotor, commutators reverse the current between those circuits and the rotational element. The commutator principally provides an electric current that drives the windings of the commutator.


A shaft is a metallic rod that spins to create mechanical energy. It comes from the rotor through the bearings and commutator. All components that work in the motor spin the shaft to ensure the objective function of the motor.

3. How Can You Wire A Three-Phase 4 HP Electric Motor?

There are two types of wire connections for a three-phase 4 HP electric motor: Wye wiring, and Delta wiring. To employ the wiring, you need to have some preparations.

Firstly, open the wire box. You should see 9 wires labeled from 1 to 9. You may identify the wires with specific colors.

Be assured of the voltage of the motor from the nameplate of the motor. Connect the common wires with nuts.  Now, start the wiring to the motor leads.

Wye Wiring

Low Voltage-230V

  • Combine leads 2, 5, and 6 of the motor. Connect the 1 and 7 leads to the L1, the 2 and 8 leads to the red L2, and the 3 and 9 leads to the blue L3 transmission line.

High Voltage- 460V

  • Combine motor leads 6 and 9, 5 and 8, and 4 and 7. Link the motor lead 1 to the L1 conductor, lead 2 to the L2 conductor and lead 3 to the L3 conductor.

Delta Wiring

Low Voltage-230V

  • Link the motor leads 1,6, and 7 to the L1 conductor. Motor leads 2,4, and 8 to the L2 conductor, and motor leads 3, 5, and 9 to the L3 conductor.

High Voltage- 460V

  • Combine the motor leads 6 and 9, 4 and 7, 5 and 8 together. Connect lead 1 to the L1 conductor, lead 2 to the L2 conductor, and lead 3 to the L3 conductor.


The grounding process is the same for both Wye and Delta. Connect the ground wire to the motor’s ground terminal. Then properly tighten the ground nuts.

4. What Are The Materials Inside A 4 HP Electric Motor?

You will find the following materials inside a 4 HP electric motor.

Figure 03- Armatures Supports Windings To Increase The Performance

Figure 03- Armatures Supports Windings To Increase The Performance

  • Rotor Coil: Rotor coils are primarily made of copper wire. They will be knitted onto the armature. During current flow, the copper coil acts as an electromagnet.
  • Armature: The rotor coil is supported by the armature. The purpose of this assistance is to increase the electromagnet’s efficiency.
  • Magnet: A 4 HP electric motor contains two permanent magnets. For the coil to work effectively, the magnets keep a stable magnetic field.
  • Brushes: Brushes keep the commutator in touch. It ensures the flow of current in and out of it. Brushes are made from carbon.
  • Former: A magnetic material that joins the two permanent magnets is known as the former.

5. How May You Expand The Lifespan Of A 4 HP Electric Motor?

Proper care and handling is the precondition for a long lifespan of a 4 HP electric motor. So, how may you properly take care of your motors? The following tips may help you extend your electric motors’ lifespan.

Lubricate Correctly

The most efficient and required fact about the motors’ efficiency is the proper lubrication. Therefore, you should lubricate your motor in a regular period. Lubricant helps to avoid excessive heat and vibration. Also, make sure you are using dust-free lubricant to avoid any contamination.

Figure 04- Lubricate Motor Parts Regularly

Figure 04- Lubricate Motor Parts Regularly

Clean The Motor Regularly

Cleaning is part of ensuring a good and efficient motor. Cleaning the motors is not a complex task. Therefore, you should ensure the cleaning task is routine work. Be assured that you are using the proper cleaning chemical not to damage your motor.

Ensure Sufficient Cooling And Voltage Control

Excessive temperature can heat your motor even after proper lubrication. Ensure proper cooling to prevent excessive heat. Ensure your motors are running with the proper voltage that the manufacturer mentioned.

Check The Vibrassion If Excessive

Vibration is a normal fact for motors. But, excessive vibration is harmful to lifespan and performance. So, first, use an ultrasound monitor to check the vibration level of your motors. Then, take proper action to minimize the vibration.

Check that all components are correctly aligned.

Properly Store The Motors When You Do Not Use

Ensure proper storage for the motors when you need to unmount the motor for services or storing purposes. Also, ensure proper handling when doing the processes. Take utmost care during the transportation of motors, like shipment or any other movement.

6. What Is The Amp Rating Of A 4 HP Electric Motor?

The AMP rating of a 4 HP motor indicates a load of current for a certain period of time without degrading the insulation and other phenomena. It also indicates the maximum time for the motor to run with a particular amount of current flowing.

It is also the ability of a motor that determines how fast it can cool itself with the particular current flow. The AMP rating of a motor depends on several things such as horsepower, running voltage, the efficiency of the motor, and the power factor of the motor.

At 230 volts, efficiency rate 90%, and power factor 0.9, the AMP rating for a three-phase 4 HP electric motor is 9.25 Amps.

You may check the AMP rating by using an AMP rating calculator.

7. What Is A Single Phase 4 HP Electric Motor?

A single-phase motor is defined as a motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy by using a single-phase power source. A single-phase motor contains two kinds of wires: a live wire and a neutral wire.

They only utilize a single alternating current voltage that may exceed 3 kilowatts. The current that runs through the two wires that the single-phase motor utilizes is always the same, regardless of the load.

Figure 05- Single-Phase 4 HP Electric Motor

Figure 05- Single-Phase 4 HP Electric Motor

The voltage of the alternating current is switched continually by the single-phase motor. It is often referred to as domestic voltage due to the fact that single-phase motors are the most commonly employed in household applications.

Single-phase motors are often powered by 230V electricity. It generates a frequency of around 50 Hz.

8. What Are The Advantages Of A Single Phase 4 HP Electric Motor?

The single-phase 4 HP electric motors offer different benefits in terms of power consumption and usability compared to their three-phase counterparts. It is possible that you may find them useful in the following ways.

  • Because single-phase electric motors are mostly utilized in residential applications, they must use little power. The single-phase motors, on the other hand, require very little power and are capable of driving all of the essential electronics.
  • Single-phase motors are distinguished by their straightforward and simplistic design. They are small and light in weight, and their size is compact.
  • Single-phase motors have a higher efficiency while operating with a little amount of current. It is a result of the drop in I2R.
  • Generally speaking, single-phase electric power is more efficient in lower horsepower ranges, which is about equivalent to up to 5 horsepower. Because the 4 HP electric motors are powered by a single-phase power source, they are capable of achieving the best possible performance.

9. How Can You Test Your 4 HP Electric Motor?

The electric motor might face performance and physical damage issues. It is essential to diagnose the problems and fix them. So, how can you check your motor to find out the issues?

You may follow the following process to find out the motor’s problem.

Checking Windings

Windings are among the most vital parts of a motor. It is essential to check the windings regularly. Keep in mind that the resistance of the windings is in proper condition.

For the windings test, you need a multimeter. Set the multimeter in ohms.

Checking The Bearings And Shaft’s Vibration

Vibration is a simple fact for the bearings and shafts. But, it has limits. Excessive vibration is harmful to the motor. It might have happened because of the misalignment of the shaft and bearing. Check the alignment and fix them.

Make sure they turn smoothly during the performance.

Power Testing

Your motor must be consuming the right power regarding its capability. You need to check the power consumption of your motor with a multimeter. Before testing, read the motor’s manual to ensure the motor’s voltage range. Different motors have different voltage ranges.

Figure 06- Power Testing With Multimeter

Figure 06- Power Testing With Multimeter

Cooling Fans Checking

The cooling system of the motor is one of the most crucial facts. The fans must be in sound working condition to keep your motor at a tolerable temperature. Ensure the right alignment and adjustment of the cooling fan of your motor. Secure the fan’s attachment.

Checking Physical State

Check for the motor’s physical condition if any damage or broken parts exist. If found, replace them as soon as possible.

10. What Are The Applications Of The 4 HP Electric Motor?

Electric motors are employed in practically every industry, including industrial and residential applications. The following devices, depending on their demands and sizes, employ 4 HP electric motors.

  • Fans, machine tools, and turbines
  • Pumps and a drill machine.
  • Blowers, alternators, compressors, rolling machines, and pulling machines are all examples of power tools.
  • Cooling systems, ventilators, and tiny motor vehicles, for example.

11. What To Consider Before Purchasing A 4 HP Electric Motor?

You must expect that your motor will perform at its best point. But you need to ensure some essential facts of the motors which ensure the best performance of the motors. You should consider the following facts when purchasing a 4 HP electric motor.

  • Check the efficiency level of the motor.
  • Keep the facts in mind that how crucial is the maintenance process.
  • Make sure the motor working environment is compatible.
  • Check the mechanical stress capability of the motor.
  • Check the weight.
  • Consider the power consumption features.

12. How To Choose The Right 4 HP Electric Motor Manufacturer?

Everything will go wrong if your motor is made wrong. A highly skilled and experienced manufacturer can help you out with this. So, how could you determine the manufacturer is reliable you are dealing with?

You should check the following facts on a manufacturer to make sure they are the perfect choice for your motor production.

  • Highly experienced.
  • Good work environment.
  • Highly skilled and professional staff.
  • Having the latest technology.
  • Deadline meeting capability.
  • Bulk production ability.

These characteristics can determine a motor manufacturer as among the best manufacturers. Xinnuo motors may meet all criteria in these regards.


The 4 HP electric motor is one of the specialized power motors that need utmost care to make. Before starting to produce the motors, you need to know the basics of them. We hope this FAQ article will help you out in this regard.

Xinnuo Motors is one of the leading motor manufacturers in China. We provide top-class motors to our valuable clients as per their requirements. You could contact us to get your desired production of the 4 HP electric motors. We also provide the best and quick quotes as well.

You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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