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Xinnuo is high quality 4kW motor manufacturer from China with more than 20 years of industry experience.

4kw electric motor YE3 Series
YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency Small Size Three-phase 4kW Motor
YBX3 Series high efficiency explosion proof 4kw three phase motor
YBX3 Series High Efficiency Explosion Proof 4kw Three Phase Motor
YD Series Pole-Changing Multi-Speed 4kw Three-Phase Motor
YD Series Pole-Changing Multi-Speed 4kw Three-Phase Motor
YEJ Series Threephase 4kw Motor With AC Brake
YEJ Series Threephase 4kw Motor With AC Brake

4 Kilo-Watt Electric Motor

High performing with eminent efficiency electric motor that performs in any given condition.

4kw Motor Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

4kW Motor FAQ guide


An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It works on the interaction between the magnetic field and current the windings to generate the force in the form of torque.  There are many different kinds of electric motors available on market today. But in this FAQ guide, we will specifically explore a 4kW 3 phase electric motor.

We have brought you the frequently asked questions guide for a 4kW motor that will answer all the queries. We have gathered our answers from different sources to provide you with a clear idea about the specification, functioning, and everything you need to know about a 4kW motor

Figure 1- 4kW Electric Motor

Figure 1- 4kW Electric Motor

1. What is a 4 kW motor?

A 4kW motor is a widely used electric motor in many domestic, industrial and commercial applications. It is a general-purpose electric motor with ease of operation and low maintenance. The remarkable power and characteristics of the 4kW motor can help you perform many operations. . A 4kW is a rugged and reliable electric motor that is suitable for many widespread applications. It performs exceptionally in wet and dusty applications.

2. What are the specifications of the 4kw motor?

  • 4 Pole = 1400rpm
  • Amps at 400v 8.2
  • Frame size: Ms112M-4
  • Body: Lightweight aluminum Construction
  • Enclosure: IP55 enclosure
  • 50/60hz rated
  • Inverter drive rated
  • Multi-Mount feet
  • High-Efficiency IE2 Rated
  • Weight: 33kgs
  • Shaft Diameter: 28mm x 60mm
  • Base to Centre of Shaft: 90mm

3. What factors should you consider while purchasing a 4kw motor?

Understanding AC and DC motors:

Before you make a purchase it is suggested to get a general understanding of the AC and DC motors.

AC (Alternating Current): They are the common motor used for many applications. AC motors are affordable and extremely universal. It comes in two types, single phase, and three phases.

DC (Direct Current): They are used in high power applications. DC motors are more efficient and have strong torque but it requires more maintenance than AC motors.


The applications of the electric motor in your company are the biggest factor to decide what kind of the electric motor you need, the AC motor or DC motor. The electric motors mainly perform two functions, constant speed, and variable speed. Constant speed remains the same and does not fluctuate and DC motors are considered best for these kinds of applications. Variable speed changes as needed. They are best for the applications like elevators and air conditioners.


Before buying an electric motor make sure to check if the motor is efficient enough for your applications. If it’s not, it will cost you money and your time. Selecting motors that fit your needs can save you money and time and also make sure to give you the desired result.

Required Torque:

Similar to knowing the efficiency, the required torque is also important to know before making the purchase. This also helps to increase the efficiency of the motor. It is suggested to always go for a bit more torque than required to make sure the job is handled properly.


Having the knowledge of the required voltage for your application is very necessary. Some electric motors run on batteries and some of them require an outlet to be plugged in. You are suggested to consult the electrician to check if the battery can make the motor run at full capacity.

Expected Motor Life:

When buying an electric motor, it is always a good idea to know the expected lifespan of the electric motor, so you can calculate the return on investment. It is crucial to know that the investment you are making should deliver you long-lasting results and make enough money to return the investment.

These are some of the factors that you should consider while choosing a 4kw 3 phase motor for your applications. Xinnuo has more than 20 years of experience in electric motor industries and we proudly say that we have catered to 100s of companies with our high-quality products. When you choose Xinnuo you don’t need to think twice.

4. What factors increase the efficiency of a 4kw motor?

Improving the efficiency of electric motors can reduce the potential machine failures and increase their life. It also helps in reducing energy consumption. Let’s have a look at the top 5 ways to improve the efficiency of your 4kw motor.

Streamlined Inspection:

The common cause of electric motor failure is the low resistance, which is caused by the degraded winding insulations. This happens because of overheating, physical and corrosion damage, which leads to insufficient isolations between leakings, windings, and short circuits eventually causing motor failure. Regular inspection of this insulation to check any sign of wear can help you save your electric motor from a major breakdown and also prevent low resistance that causes machine failure.

Protection against Overload:

The over-current occurs when the current that the motor is designed to carry exceeds. It is commonly caused by the low voltage supply that leads to the motor drawing extra current to maintain the torque. It can also be caused by the short circuit and excessive voltage supply.

The installation of the over-current protection can detect the overcurrent before it becomes a major problem and protects the motor from overload. This will let the motor run at maximum efficiency at the same time reducing the chance of the breakdown.

Check Vibration:

Vibration in electric motors is caused by uneven and unstable surfaces. It can also be caused by loose bearings, misalignment, and corrosion. Monitoring vibrations is important because excess vibrations can cause permanent motor failure.

Motor analyzing tools are low-cost and ideal methods to monitor vibration levels and temperature in electric motors. They can ensure the motor is running at full efficiency and reduce the risk of motor failure.

Protect against Contaminations:

The electric motor is operated in an environment contaminated by dirt, dust, and chemicals. It is the leading cause of motor failure so it is critical to make sure the motors are protected against any kind of contaminations.

The tools, fixtures, and areas should be kept clean as possible to reduce contamination. Also, position electric motors away from the grinding machines or any other machines that create contaminations. This will help you keep the electric motor at its highest efficiency and reduce any possible breakdown.

Figure 2- Motor Testing

Figure 2- Motor Testing

These above-mentioned factors can help you to improve the efficiency of your 4kw motor and also increase the motor’s life. Xinnuo knows that the efficiency of the electric motor is an important factor that saves your money and time and that’s why we have developed a research unit that specifically works on improving the efficiency of our electric motors. Our motor is trusted for its efficiency and high-quality steel material that gives the motor an extended lifespan and makes sure you get your return on investment.

Xinnuo 4kw single phase motor and 4kW 3 phase motor is built to perform in extreme conditions with utmost reliability and save you money and time.

5. How many amps does a 4kw motor draw?

A 4Kw electric motor draws 24.056A at 120V, 18.18A at 220V, and 12.028A at 240V.

6. What are the allowable mounting positions for a 4 kW three-phase electric motor?

A 4kW motor comes with a B05 flange design and it has can be installed to the machiner with any mounting position. Some of the installation positions of a 4kW motor are:

  • IMV1
  • IMV3
  • IMB5

7. Which motor you should choose, Brushless or brushed?

When buying an electric motor, it is necessary to check every requirement and make a purchase according to the requirement of your application. The most common type of DC motor is brushed and brushless motors. We bring you the difference to help you make a better decision.

Brushed Motors:

The brushed DC motor wound wire coils called the armature works as a two-pole electromagnet.  The commutator is a mechanical rotary switch that reverses the current direction twice per cycle. This helps the flow of the current to the armature and makes the poles of the electromagnet pulls and push against the permanent magnet along the outside of the motor. The commutator then reverses the polarity of the armature electromagnet as its poles cross the permanent magnets poles.

It is the most simplest and commonly-used electric motor in industrial and especially low-budget applications. Brushed motors are easy to control and are also inexpensive and suitable for extreme operating environments.

Brushless Motor:

In contrast, the brushless motor uses a permanent magnet as its external rotor. But it uses three phases of driving coil and a sensor to track the rotor position. As it tracks the rotor position, it sends the reference signals to the controller. The controller then activates the coil in an organized way- one phase after the other.

The brushless overall maintenance is low because there are no brushes and it operates effectively at all speeds.  It has a small size and superior thermal characteristics. Brushless motors also have a high-speed range and low noise generation.

Figure 3- Brushless Vs Brushed DC Motor

Figure 3- Brushless Vs Brushed DC Motor

Xinnuo offers both 4kW brushed and 4kw brushless motors with high-quality steel that stands in extreme conditions and delivers high performance. Our brushless motors are used for many domestic and industrial applications such as fans, pumps, vacuum cleaners, mixers, hairdresser and many other adjustable and variable speed applications.

8. What preventive methods you should apply to your electric motor?

The maintenance of the electric motor is very crucial to guarantee the correct operation of the motor. It also prevents many faults and increases the life of the electric motor. The preventive method of maintenance helps to perform maintenance periodically in order to verify operations and perform procedures such as lubrication, revisions, and adjustments. These activities are performed as maintenance planning and should interfere little with routine operations.

Bush and Commutator Inspection

Regular maintenance helps to avoid major breakdowns in the parts of the electric motor. Look for the signs of any wear and tear because any tear can lead to commutation problems in the motor. If it looks bad you need to change the brush in order to regain the integrity of the motor’s function. Along with this, also check the commutator if it has dents, scratches, or grooves.  Also inspect the rotor, stator, motor mount, and belts thoroughly and replace the worn-out parts.

Motor Winding Test

This test helps to check any anomalies or failures in the windings. If you see any burn marks, cracks or smell burning odor then conduct a mandatory motor winding test. The test involves the disassembling of the motor to determine any abnormalities. If the winding is overheated the chances of damage can be higher. Rewinding the motor and testing the wind insulation is also a critical part of the test.

Check the Bearings

In the preventive methods, checking the bearing for the noise and vibrations is also necessary as they indicate a potential problem. This might be because of poor lubrication, dirt buildup, and wear and tear. If the housing of the bearing is too hot to touch, it may mean the motor is overheating or there is a sufficient amount of grease. The requirement of the bearing maintenance can vary depending upon where the equipment is situated.

Vibration Test

Excessive vibrations are hard to detect manually. If the vibrations are not detected on time it can lead to motor failure or a shorter lifespan of the electric motor. The common cause of the vibrations can be mechanical such as ball bearings, faulty sleeves, too much belt tension, or maybe improper balance. But sometimes it can be an electrical problem that can give rise to motor vibrations. It can be tested by removing the best or disconnecting the load and then operating. Some tests such as vibration analysis can be done through mobile instruments that help to measure the exact frequency and amplitude of the vibrations.

Our products reliability is our responsibility, that’s why we provide you proper guidance from our veteran engineer to maintain your electric motor and keep its operation throughout its life. The techniques and knowledge Xinnuo provides you help to extend the service life of your electric motors.

9. How to choose a reliable and affordable 4kw motor supplier?

Selecting the supplier can affect various economic factors, especially when you are buying electric motors. You need a professional electric motor supplier with good service with top quality after-sale service. Let’s have a look at some of the important factors you should consider before selecting a 4kW 3 phase motor supplier.

Quality factor:

Quality is an extremely important factor when you are looking for an electric motor supplier. When choosing a supplier always make sure to opt for the one who has a proper quality control system. This ensures that the material used in making electric motors have gone through rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

Price factors:

It is also a crucial factor when you make an electric motor purchase. However it is not always necessary that the supplier with the lowest price is most suitable, consider transportation costs, product quality and delivery time when making your final decision. The low price may affect the quality of the electric motor.

On-Time Delivery:

Whether the product is delivered at the stated time and address directly affects the company’s production activities and supply chain. Make sure to hire a supplier that has an exceptional delivery system with trusted vendors. A late delivery affects the supply chain at all levels and interrupts the manufacturer’s production plans and sales plans.

Check Customer Feedbacks:

When choosing an electric motor supplier always go through the customer feedback for the supplier. It is not suggested to go through the buying process to check if the supplier is satisfactory or not. You can check the customer feedback to see the experience of other companies with the supplier. Customer feedback tells a lot about the company and the pros and cons of the particular supplier.

Standards and Certificate

Make sure the quality standards are strictly followed by the supplier. A supplier that complies with the ISO standards and has proper QC certificates will always deliver you the best quality electric motors. A supplier with stable and high standard production is always preferable.

These are some of the main points that you should keep in your mind while choosing an electric motor supplier. Xinnuo believes in providing the utmost quality and service to its customers that’s why we follow strict guidelines to deliver you the finest electric motors available in the market. The above-mentioned points are the core of our business at Xinnuo because the best quality product with impeccable reliability is our priority.

10. Does Xinnuo offer high-quality 4kW three-phase electric motors?

Yes, Xinnuo offers high-performing 4kW motors with impeccable quality at an affordable price. We have a high technology manufacturing facility that is equipped with modern machinery. This led us to the leading electric motor manufacturer from China. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we have delivered thousands of electric motors to our different clients across the globe. Our electric motors are used in domestic applications to industrial settings and they are proved as best.
If you are looking for highly efficient electric motors with extended life then you are at the right place. Order your 4kW motor from Xinnuo.

11. How can I order my 4kW motor?

You can order directly by calling us at the given number or you can also write to us. For the quotation fill out the form on our website you will get your quotation within a matter of hours.

We provide you with a dedicated representative that supports you throughout the buying process and answers your technical queries.

Xinnuo is a leading electric motor supplier from China. We have partnered with a number of industries across the globe and delivered them reliable and high-performing electric motors. We don’t compromise on the quality of our electric motors and provide you with application-specific motors. Our 4kW motors are used in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications for different purposes. They are trusted by many industries because of their impeccable performance in extreme conditions.




You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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