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500 HP Electric Motor Category

Domestic, commercial, and industrial applications benefit greatly from the high performance of Xinnuo 500 HP motors.

GOST Standard Big Size 500 hp Three-phase Motor
GOST Standard Big Size 500 Hp Three-Phase Motor
Y2 Series B5 Flange 500 hp Three-phase Motor
Y2 Series B5 Flange 500 Hp Three-Phase Motor
Y3 Series 500 hp Three-phase Big Size Motor
Y3 Series 500 Hp Three-Phase Big Size Motor

500 HP Electric Motor

Industries around the world depend on our 500 HP electric motors for their efficiency and performance.

500 Hp Electric Motor Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

Data Sheet of 500 Hp Electric Motor

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500 hp electric motor Data Sheet


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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

The Ultimate Guide for the

500 HP Three Phase Electric Motor


Electric motors account for 46% of the world’s electricity consumption. We see them everywhere performing different functions and making our life easier. They run pump motors, operate fans, drive conveyors, and compressors, used in mixers and blowers. They are at the heart of every industry.

Xinnuo’s motor is used in a range of domestic and industrial applications. This powerful electric motor makes our life easier and gives industrialists the ability to produce parts efficiently. To give you the idea about a 500 Hp electric motor and answer your questions that tingle iin your mind, we bring you this FAQs guide. This guide will clear your thoughts and help you make the decision.

1. What are the specifications of the 500 hp electric motor Xinnuo offer?

  • Output HP: 500 Hp
  • Voltage: 460 V
  • Amps: 590
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Current: 538.0 A
  • Service Factor: 1.15
  • Shaft Diameter: 2.375 in
  • Efficiency: 96.2 %
  • Output KW: 370.0 kW
  • Speed: 3572 rpm
  • Duty: Continuous
  • Phase: 3
  • Enclosure: Drip-proof
  • Ambient Temperature: 40 °C

2. How to choose between an AC motor and a DC motor?

Electric motors are a huge part of our lives. They have a significant influence on our lives and provide us with easier solutions to our otherwise hard and time taking functions. There are two types of electric motos used in different industries and domestic settings. We have explained the major differences between them and how to choose the one for your applications.

The fundamental difference between them is the power source. AC (alternating current) runs single-phase or three-phase while the DC runs on batteries or solar cells. Another major difference is speed. The speed of the ac motor is controlled by the varying frequency while varying currents control the DC motor.

AC Motors

AC motor involves synchronization between the rotor rotation and current frequency, which means the AC motor’s speed remains constant. AC motors are simple to build and are more economical because of their low start-up consumption. They have a longer lifecycle and require less maintenance.

AC motor is used in applications that require continuous movement and few gear changes. That makes this motor the best option for conveyors, pumps, and fans. They can be integrated with the system that needs less accuracy. In contrast, the speed control system makes them more expensive.

DC Motor

They are very common motors used in a range of different industries. The main advantages of these motors are that they are fast and accurate, and the varying voltage supply can control their speed. DC motor starting torque is high, and these motors can quickly start, stop, and accelerate.

DC motors are suitable for dynamic applications that require high accuracy. For example, they are used in elevators because of accuracy, and in terms of position, they are used in robots and machine tools.

Figure 1- AC Motor Vs DC Motor

Figure 1- AC Motor Vs DC Motor

This was a brief introduction to AC and DC motors. After giving this a read, you are now able to understand the basics of both these motors. You can now make the decision about which type of electric motor suits your applications.

3. What are the industrial applications of 500 hp three-phase electric motor Xinnuo offer?

Electric motors are everywhere in our lives. It is safe to say that they make our life easier helps in minimizing the effort, and increase our ability to perform extreme tasks with ordinary capabilities. The 500 horsepower motor is no different; it efficiently reduces the labor required and provides comfort, safety, and convenience by working effortlessly. We have gathered the major 500 hp electric motor applications in this modern technological era. Let’s have a look.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

The electric motors are used to provide thermal comfort for the indoor environment. Such as 500 hp electric motor works by providing fresh air from outdoors. These systems are used in building to maintain the temperature at a comfort level. Electric motors are the main components of these systems, such as it is responsible for powering the blowers to move the air.

 Industrial Automation

500 hp electric motors are also used in different industries to automate certain operations. It eliminates the use of labor. We can perform many tasks without any interruption with the help of this 3 phase electric motor. Most industries automate the machinery using 500 horsepower electric motor to make the operation non-stop. It is highly efficient, and automated control offers high production value.


Electric motors are also used in compressors that increase the gas’s pressure by reducing its volume. The 500 hp electric motor pumps the gas inside, increasing its pressure and releasing it through an opening (outlet). Compressors are also used for cleaning, filling tires and gas cylinders. The compressor is also used in painting, as it pressurized air so that paint can stick to the surface.


The conveyors are used to transport products or materials with minimal effort. These conveyors use electric motors to perform this mechanical system. It significantly reduces the use of labor and helps feed material from one machine to another. 500 hp electric motors used in these conveyors provide them with their functional ability.

These are just a few main applications of 500 hp electric motors. There is a long list of jobs being done with these electric motors’ help.

4. What is a three-phase induction motor?

The induction motor is the most crucial motor among all types of motors. Three-phase induction motors are widely used AC motors to produce mechanical energy in different industries. 80% of the motors of all industries across the globe are three-phase induction motors.

A three-phase induction motor runs of the three-phase supply to perform the operation. The three-phase supply current produces the electromagnetic field in the stator winding that leads to the generation of the torque in the rotor winding having a magnetic field.

The main advantages of the induction motor are:

  • Its construction is robust and straightforward.
  • It requires less maintenance as compared to other motors.
  • Three-phase induction motors are easy to run.
  • You can operate a three-phase induction motor in any environment.
  • The cost of this motor is low, and its lifespan is high.

The three-phase induction motors are used in industrial applications. Below are some of the applications of three-phase induction motors.

  • Grinding machine
  • Pumps and submersible
  • Lathe machine
  • Conveyor
  • Flour mills
  • Compressor
  • Pressing machine
  • And other low mechanical power applications

Figure 2- three-phase Induction motor

Figure 2- Three-Phase Induction Motor

5. What does a 500 hp motor weight?

500 Hp electric motors are widely used in various industrial and domestic applications. The usage and reliability of this electric motor are beyond our imagination. To keep the electric motor functional, you need to maintain it properly. And for the sack of maintenance, you might need to remove and install it again, or it might need to send to some other place for maintenance. This means knowing the 500 Hp motor weight is essential to make the arrangements accordingly.

The weight of the 500 Hp three-phase electric motor is 2,649.00 LB.

6. What factors to consider while selecting an electric motor for your application?

Buying an electric motor can be a tricky step, and your project success depends upon it. A suitable electric motor can help you achieve the outcome you are looking for. In contrast, the electric motor with the wrong specification and requirement can impose a considerable loss in terms of time and money. So it is important to consider requirements beyond speed, power, torque, and voltage. Let’s check out what needs to be considered.

Voltage: It is suggested to know how much voltage you need. Some electric motors can run on batteries, but most motors need outlets to plug into.

Speed: What does your application require? A set speed or speed range at which your electric motor can operate? Take this into consideration so you can add exact and adjustable speed control into your motor.

Torque:  Check how much torque your application needs. Does the requirement of the torque vary throughout the period of operation?

Power:  When considering specification, know if you are using running power or maximum power. Is the amount of power your application needs equal to the power it actually consumes?

Duty Cycle: Check if your application requires continuous running of the motor or short intermittent running that gives the electric motor time to cool down. An application that requires intermittent running of the motor can use a small motor.

Life Cycle: What is the lifespan of your product? An application that runs intermittently can get by with a shorter life cycle, and higher maintenance require DC and Universal motors. And continuous running applications with thousands of hours need  AC or brushless DC motors.

Enclosure Rating & Environment:  In what condition will your motor perform? Does your electric motor require extra protection from dust and water? Do you have any special requirements, or does it need extra corrosive resistance material?

Figure 3- 500 Hp electric motor

Figure 3- 500 Hp Electric Motor

7. Does 500 hp electric motors are used in the marine industry?

Yes, the 500 horsepower electric motors are commonly used in the marine industry. 500 hp marine electric motor is a powerful motor used in speed boats and other transport applications. These motors are specially built to perform in highly corrosive environments and saltwater.

Xinnuo’s 500 hp electric motors are produced specifically to perform in harsh conditions of the sea with utmost reliability. Every system in our well-crafted electric motors is optimized to deliver outstanding fuel efficiency with less maintenance requirement. We have been delivering these high-performing electric motors to a number of clients, and we proudly say that they have proved as a symbol of resilience when it comes to performing in the sea.

8. How to extend the life of a 500 hp electric motor?

Proper maintenance can increase the life of your 500 hp electric motor. When you buy the electric motor, your supplier mentions specific steps to keep your motor operational, but we bring you some extra tips that help you increase the service life of your 500 hp three-phase electric motor.

Proper lubrication: Proper lubrication is the most significant factor that increases the efficiency of the motor and its reliability. Lubrication reduces the friction and heat in your electric motor. But keep in mind that using the suitable lubricant with proper viscosity is imperative.

Routine Cleaning: Cleaning is a simple task that should be practiced routinely. Use only approved chemicals so you don’t damage the motor and other vital parts. Keep the body of the motor away from the dust and clear the ventilation from any blockage.

Voltage Control and Cooling: Heat is a significant problem because of continuous running. Make sure the motor’s cooling is adequate and check ventilation is not blocked. Excessive voltage can also lead to malfunction and heating; check voltage regularly.

Vibration Test: Inspect if the motor is vibrating excessively using an ultrasound monitor. Some of the vibrations are normal, but excessive vibrations can lead to improper load distribution and bearing nonalignment.

9. What are the delivery options for a 500 hp electric motor?

We offer multiple delivery options for our clients. The delivery options depending upon your geographical location. You can choose according to need, and we deliver you carefully packaged 500 hp electric motor to your address with our trusted delivery vendors.

Xinnuo doesn’t only produce the finest and high-performing electric motors but delivers these motors at your doorsteps with the utmost reliable delivery options. We are the leading electric motor supplier from China. Our electric motors are used by the big names of every industry around the world.

10. Does Xinnuo provide 500 HP electric motors?

Yes, Xinnuo is one of the leading suppliers of  electric motors from China. Our technologically equipped facility can produce high-quality electric motors that perform in extreme environments with impeccable reliability. We are being trusted by the different industries worldwide because of high-performing electric motors and unhindered communication throughout your buying process.We also offer a customised service to meet your motor requirements.

If you are looking for an electric motor that lasts longer with affordable prices and low maintenance, look no further. Xinnuo brings you the best of all-electric motors. Just fill out the form or call us to get started.

You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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