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50kw Electric Motors In China

XINNUO motors are made of high-quality steel material, which generates speed and torque. Our 50kw motor is designed to consume low-voltage.
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High Speed And Torque Of Dc Motor 50kw Manufacturer

50kw electric motors are widely used in electric vehicles and machinery. For that purpose, we manufacture 50kw motors to generate high speed and starting torque. The 50kw electric motor has a frequency rate of 50HZ/60HZ that carries out operations efficiently. Moreover, we customize voltages and frequency rates according to the client’s desires.

We Deliver Secure And Long-Lasting 50kw Motors Globally

XINNUO’s three-phase 50kw electric motors are explosion-proof and have a long life. We design our motors with IC01 cooling method and F-type insulation to make them reliable. Lightweight 50 hp electric motors have cast iron housing which protects the motor from dust and water. Our 50kw electric motor saves energy while performing and delivering high productivity.

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Low-Noise Bearing And Durability Of XINNUO’s 50kw Motors

Our expert technical team has drafted a low noise bearing and volume 50kw electric motor to meet international standards. We continuously innovate our products to make them eco-friendly. The average lifespan of a 50kw motor is about 30,000 to 50,000 hours. XINNUO’s motors are dust and water-resistant, which boosts the average life under different operating conditions.

Choose XINNUO If You Want A Range of 50kw Electric Motors

XINNUO Motor test their motors and related products through various control methods to ensure top-notch quality. The wide range of 50kw motors includes brushless permanent magnet motor, three phase traction motor, and lightweight 50 hp electric motor. Our motors provide 100% power output.

Y series 50kw electric motor
XINNUO’s Y series 50kw electric motors are produced for industrial demand because they have high efficiency, less energy consumption, high torque, and speed. Three-phase asynchronous motors are water cooled and have a permanent magnet that allows smooth operation under different environmental conditions. The Y series 50kw traction motor works as a highly driven engine in electric vehicles. It provides high efficiency with minimum loss of electricity. Moreover, Y series 50kw motors give increased torque to overcome all sorts of resistance (drag and rolling friction).
YE3 Series 50kw electric motor
YE3 Series water cooled three phase motors have a permanent magnet and cast iron body. These motors are designed especially for manufacturing heavy vehicles (trucks, cars, high-speed motorcycles). XINNUO’s YE3 Series 50kw motor is compact, fixing the hustle of space management. Moreover, a brushless dc motor 50kw provides maximum productivity with minimum energy consumption. The 50kw motors are implemented as a conversion kit in vans, trucks, and cars. XINNUO Motor delivers free user manuals with products to ensure easy and proper installation.
YVF2 Series 50kw electric Motor
YVF2 Series 50kw electric motors are also known as adjustable speed motors because they allow variable frequency and speed range. These motors are brushless, and the bldc motor controller administers the position of the rotor. YVF2 series 50kw and 40kw electric motors have frequency controllers which regulate the rotating speed of the YVF2 motors. These motors are widely used in the chemical industry, textile industry, designing, and metallurgy industry.

Reliable And Affordable 50kw Electric Motor Manufacturer In China

XINNUO is a Global 50kw Electric Motor manufacturer that offers a variety of Electric Motors for different applications.

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50kw electric motor Data Sheet

XINNUO Motor Has An Extensive Range Of High-Quality 50kw Electric Motors

XINNUO has established a high benchmark of quality and innovation in the motor industry. From industrial applications to electric vehicles, XINNUO motors dominated the marketplace with quality and customer satisfaction.

XINNUO Answers All The Queries Related To 50kw Electric Motors

This section will assist you in acquiring the necessary information about our company and motors. We will answer all the most commonly asked questions by our customers. Let’s dig into it.
1. Are Brushless 50kw Motors Waterproof?

Yes, brushless 50kw motors are waterproof, moisture-free, and dust-resistant. XINNUO has designed new motors with IP67 protection type to meet international standards of ICE. The motors are equipped with iron casting to make them reliable and long-lasting. Compact packaging makes them resistant to harsh climate conditions. Moreover, 50kw utilizes a water cooled system to disperse heat. This feature further protects the motor from hazardous conditions (spark, over-flowing of current and short circuits).

2. How Much Horsepower Is A 50kw Traction Motor?

The 50kw traction motors are widely installed in electric vehicles because they are highly efficient and provide fast speed. The 50kw and 40kw electric motors are the most commonly used traction motors in the vehicle manufacturing industry.

1KW energy is equal to 1.341 HP.

1HP is equal to 3/4 kW.

Calculating the horsepower of 50kw electric motor:

Formula: (Power in KW) x (1.341 HP)

50kw x 1.341 = 67.0511 Mechanical Horsepower  

3. Why Is A 50kw Electric Motor Used In Electric Vehicles? Describe The Significant Reasons?

There are many reasons and factors that technicians considered while designing 50kw motors for electric vehicles. Some commonly used 50kw motors in EV are as follows:

  • Permanent magnet dc motor 50kw
  • Bldc brushless motors
  • AC induction motors ( 3-phase)

We will discuss some significant reasons why 50kw motors are used in the EV industry:

High speed and Efficiency:

The brushless motors have permanent magnets with a bldc controller. The commutation of the 50kw motor is coordinated by the bldc motor controller. Bldc motors have traction features; therefore, they are also called traction motors. These motors have high starting torque and efficiency rate (95-98%). So, 50kw motors are the best choice for electric vehicles. The permanent magnet

Low cost and maintenance:

The price range of 50kw electric motors is way less than other AC and DC motors. Similarly, the overall maintenance rate of a 50kw motor is less. They are reliable and long-lasting if installed and operated with appropriate care. Clients choose affordable, compact, and reliable motors for the proper functioning of electric vehicles.

Environment-friendly and stable:

50kw electric motors have low-noise bearing and energy-saving characteristics, which makes them eco-friendly. Similarly, air pollution from fuel burning has become a global concern. Therefore, electric vehicles are the better option as they are cost-effective and environmentally safe.

4. Explain The Most Important Factor Clients Must Consider While Installing An Electric Motor?

The installation process is a very crucial step. Inability to install the motors could damage the motor operation severely. Clients must consider these factors to ensure proper installation of electric motors:

  • Make sure the placement area of the electric motor is clean, dry, and moisture-free.
  • Always check the operating temperature and humidity level of machinery before installing electric motors.
  • Always install the motor in a well-ventilated area because it is critical to maintaining the temperature of the operated motor.
  • If the electric motor is exposed to dust and water, ensure that it has a B or F protection class with a compact casing. There is no need to worry about these environmental factors in the case of 50kw electric motors.
  • Double-check the voltage, phase, and frequency of the power supply to ensure the efficiency and speed of the motor.
5. What Are Some Major Industrial Applications Of 50kw Motor?

50kw electric motors are widely implemented in various industries because of their high efficiency and output value:

  • Electric vehicle industry (boats, cars, trucks, vans, and transport ships)
  • Chemical Industry
  • Manufacturing of electric drones
  • Marine industry
6. What Practices Ensure Long-Life And Low Maintenance Of Electric Motors?

The average lifespan of a 50kw electric motor is about 16-20 years. With proper care and safe operation, we can increase the average lifespan of 50kw motors. Following practices ensures long-life and maximum operational capacity of electric motors:

  • Proper maintenance once or twice a year increases the average lifespan of a 50kw electric motor.
  • Make sure the cooling or ventilation system works properly to adjust the temperature gradient.
  • Motors work with a maximum operational capacity if the installation area is flat and dry.
7. How To Get Free Quotation And Consultation At XINNUO Motor?

To get a free quotation at XINNUO motor, you need to follow these easy and quick instructions:

  • Go to XINNUO Motor’s official website
  • Fill out the required form on our website (make sure to enter desired voltages, frequency, and phase).
  • Submit the requirement form.
  • Our consultation team will review your request, and you will get a free quotation instantly.

If you are having trouble choosing the perfect motor that complements your business, ask our expert technician and seek help. We provide expert suggestions according to the requirements of your machinery and industry. Our customer care is available 24 hours to answer your queries and concern.

8. How Many Days Does XINNUO Motor Takes To Deliver Products To The Doorstep?

Usually, the time period of delivery at XINNUO Motor is about 15-20 days for available in-house products after payment. However, for customized motors, the delivery time varies from 25-30 days after payment. Our products are sensitive; thus, we choose reputable logistics to ensure the safety and security of delivered products.

9. What Damages, Defects, And Malfunction Does XINNUO Covers Under A 1-Year Warranty?

XINNUO offers a 1-year warranty for all types of motors and products. XINNUO analyzes the quality of electric motors before delivery to avoid the unfavorable condition. However, in case of malfunction and damaged products, we offer a return policy. For that, you have to send us the images of the damaged product you received. We will conduct an investigation and re-deliver the new product within 20-30 days. If you find any operation defects and incapacity, the manufacturer offers 30 days money-back guarantee on its electric motors.   

10. How Do I Place My Order Online At XINNUO Motor’s Website?

To place an order online on XINNUO Motor’s website, follow the following procedure:

  • Firstly, select the type of the desired motor through the “Category Option.”
  • After selecting the best fit for your operation, signify if you want any customization under the “Customization” tab. We offer frequency, voltages, color, and casing customization.
  • After that, choose the power output according to your demands.
  • Identify the quantity of selected motor before order confirmation.
  • Look through the confirmed technical specification before proceeding with personal information.
  • Fill out the delivery address and contact information.


How Well-Satisfied Are XINNUO’s Valuable Customers With Our Services?

We feel the pride to showcase the testimonials and reviews of our satisfied customers. Here is what XINNUO’s contented customers say about our services:
  • star star star star star
    I have been a regular customer of XINNUO Motor for the past 5 years, and I am fully convinced with the quality and adjustable specifications of XINNUO Motor. Recently, I ordered Y series 50kw electric motor, which I received within 25 days of placing the order. Although I asked for some customization, they delivered it on time.
    Anil Limbachia
  • star star star star star
    I have never been so excited to write a review for an online supplier. XINNUO motors not only provided me 50kw motor, but they also sent free user manuals for accessible installation. I ordered and received the best quality 50kw motor for my electric vehicle. XINNUO also offered after purchasing services, and I am happy that I chose XINNUO.
    Michael Marne
  • star star star star star
    A few days ago, I was looking for a 50kw electric motor as a conversion kit for my electric vehicle. I came across the banner “50kw electric motor for sale,” which took me to XINNUO Motor’s website. I filled out the required form and got a quotation instantly. I would recommend XINNUO to every customer who wants quality and affordability.
    Alex Smith
  • star star star star star
    Purchasing online motors was a big no for me after having a bad experience. However, a friend of mine convinced me to try out XINNUO motors once. Honestly, I didn’t expect the quality and customer care services I received. The XINNUO customer care helped with all my queries. Truly delightful experience it was. Thanks, XINNUO.
    Rochelle Mario Rae

Are You Interested In More Information Or An Accurate Quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable 50kw Electric Motor manufacturer, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

50kw Electric Motor: A Complete Guide

Choosing the right electric motor for your needs can be a daunting task. There are so many different options available, each with its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the 50kw electric motor and provide a complete guide to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your application. We’ll cover every technical aspect, so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase. 

Three phase 50 Kilowatts Electric Motor

Three phase 50 Kilowatts Electric Motor 

XINNUO motor has come forward with high definition, budget-friendly, and compact 50kw motors. XINNUO motor has a 50kw electric motor for sale at a very affordable price. Our 50kw traction motors are high-efficient and long-lasting. We deliver our international orders with complete safety and security. If you want to implement a reliable and durable 50kw motor in your vehicle conversion kit, choose the XINNUO motor.

What is a bldc 50kw electric motor?

The newly designed 50kw motors are manufactured to meet the demand of the modern marketplace. Brushless 50kw and 40kw electric motors are high-speed and torque generating motors. They are also known as traction motors because they are widely used in the conversion kit of electric vehicles. Dc 50kw electric motor provides 100% output with minimal energy loss. The 50kw motors are very compact, making them perfect for industrial usage. The three phase brushless 50kw motors are permanent magnet; thus, controls the frequency and temperature rate effectively. XINNUO’s 50kw electric motors are the perfect fit for commercial applications because they manage both DC and AC current conversion.

BLDC 50kw Electric Motor

Working Principle of 50kw motor:

The 50kw electric motor does not have a brushless for commutation. It has a permanent magnet and bldc motor controller, which adjusts the position and frequency of the motor. The bldc motor controller controls and adjusts the rotation of the shaft. The 50kw motors are highly efficient, having an efficiency rate of 95% to 98%. The high-efficiency rate provides increased torque and speed. The stator provides a magnetic field to the magnets of rotors. The rotor rotates at high speed, ensuring the high starting torque. Thus, the 15kw motor has high productivity and operational speed. Moreover, the traction motors are water cooled, providing long life and durability.

XINNUO motor offers a wide range and variety of electric motors. We manufacture single phase electric motors, three-phase electric motors, and 10 HP three phase motors.

Major parts of 50kw electric motor:

Major Parts of 50kw Electric Motor

Some important parts of the 50kw motor are as follows:

  • Casing: The outer covering of the 50kw motor is known as casing. It is usually made of iron and aluminum to avoid energy loss. The material used in the casing plays an important in the overall functioning of the 50kw motor. Most electric motors are available in blue and silver colors, but XINNUO motors allow color and material customization.
  • Stator: Stator is a very integral part of 50kw electric motor. The stator is basically the static that converts the energy into the magnetic field. It has a set of coils called winding that provide high torque through electromagnetic induction. Asynchronous motors provide high speed and power to the machinery in which they are placed.
  • Rotor: As the name suggests, a rotor rotates around the magnetic field implied by the stator. The rotor works in combination with the stator to provide current to the appliance.  
  • Permanent magnet: The stator of a 50kw electric motor has a permanent magnet that repels and attracts the magnet of the rotator to provide high starting torque. The bldc 50kw motor electrically controls the commutation ensuring high precision and outcome.
  • Cooling system: The 50kw electric motors are water cooled because it involves extensive thermal energy. The water cooling system instantly cools down the motor and dissipates the heat.
  • Fan: The fan at the back of three phase 50kw motor maintains the internal temperature of the motor components. A fan also blows out heat and dust particles from the motor.

Specification of brushless 50kw motor:

Type: 50kw motor/ brushless DC motor/ traction motor

Model: Brushless dc motor 50kw 

Cooling system: Water cooled/Air

Size: 154mm x 115.55mm maximum

Weight: 5.9Kg (Lightweight and compact)

Maximum power output: 50000w or 67Hp max

Protection Type: IP54

Voltage range: 120 Voltages maximum

Use: Vehicles and electric ships

Does XINNUO Motor manufacture 50kw electric motors?

XINNUO motor is a leading motor supplier in China with an average production rate of 10,000 to 15,000 motors every month. Our motors made a well-reputed position in the marketplace because of the top-notch quality. XINNUO motor offers industrial motors and reducers to its customers. Our products are made with 100% raw material and steel. We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction as a leading motor manufacturer. XINNUO motors are SGS, CCC, CE certificated, and we deliver products worldwide. We offer the return and exchange policy in case of damaged and incapable products. Moreover, our customer care is 24/7 responsive for customers. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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