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8 HP Electric Motor Catagory

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

8 hp electric motor MLseries 1
MY/ML(ALU) Series Aluminum Shell 8 HP Single Phase With Capacitor Motor
8 hp electric motor MS series
MS Series Aluminum Shell 8 HP Three-phase B3 Flange Motor
8 hp electric motor YCL series
YC/YCL Series 8 HP Single Phase Capacitors Asynchronous Motor
8 hp MSseries electric motor
MS Series Aluminum Shell 8 HP Three-phase B5 Flange Motor

8 HP Electric Motor

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

8 HP Electric Motor Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

Data Sheet of 8 HP Electric Motor

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8 hp electric motor Data Sheet

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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

8 HP Electric Motor | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you looking for a high-grade electric motor with a standard HP rating for your projects?

8 Hp electric motor is an outstanding electrical solution that combines efficiency and stability in motor-driven applications. Its features are worthy of moderate amp rating and power factor in single-phase and three-phase connections.

Xinnuo Motor is a trustworthy manufacturer of 8 HP electric motors in China. We deliver top-class products that meet your demands. This FAQ guide will be a useful source for knowing the ins and outs of this motor in simple words. Let’s make a move.

1. What Is An 8 Hp Electric Motor?

An 8 HP electric motor is a superb electrical component that converts electrical power into mechanical power. Usually, its energy conversion rate is around 5968 Joules per second.

The major parts of an 8 HP motor are the rotor, stator, winding, terminal box, fan, etc. These components are composed of highly durable materials. That’s why this motor renders excellent resistance against moisture and dust contamination. This feature increases its shelf life to a large extent.

You can find electric motors with 8 HP power ratings in various dimensions concerning their applications. All series of these motors are reliable and offer high-class performance in controlling numerous applications.

8 HP single phase motors and three phase motors show unique features during their operations. Their protection class and cooling mechanisms are impressive. That means 8 HP electric motors include many positive points to your electronic projects to promote efficiency.

Figure 1- 8 HP Electric Motor

Figure 1- 8 HP Electric Motor

2. What Are The Features Of An 8 Hp Electric Motor?

8 HP electric motors are supremely used in different sectors with excellent reliability. Their outstanding features play a vital role in their immense popularity. Their features can vary according to the types of electric motor. But the most noteworthy specifications of an 8 HP 3 phase electric motor include-

  • Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
  • Protection class: IP44, IP 55
  • Protect Feature: Drip-proof
  • Rated voltage: 220V-760V
  • Cooling mechanism: ICO141
  • Insulation: F, H
  • Mounting type: IMB3/IMB5
  • Efficiency: IE
  • Mode of operation: Continuous S1
  • Center height of the motor: 280mm
  • Synchronous speed: 300 rpm/600 rpm/1500 rpm/3000 rpm.
  • Connection: Star and Delta
  • Certification: IEC, CE

Figure 2- 8 HP Three Phase Electric Motor Dimensions

Figure 2- 8 HP Three Phase Electric Motor Dimensions

3. What Is The Average Weight Of An 8 Hp Electric Motor?

An 8 HP electric motor offers stability in the case of its weight. The average weight of this motor varies between 180lb and 220lb. This weight range is perfect concerning its dimensions.

Maintaining a proper weight is very crucial for an electric motor. It is related to quality control, placement, protections, etc. Besides, weight significantly impacts torque output in 8 HP electric motors.

In most cases, torque-speed is directly proportional to the motor volume. That means the increased weight is supportive of high torque output. So, you need to pay close attention to the motor weight while buying an 8 HP 3 phase motor.

Figure 3- 8 HP Electric Motor Weight Measurement

Figure 3- 8 HP Electric Motor Weight Measurement

4. What Are The Most Used Types Of An 8 Hp Electric Motor?

8 HP electric motors have various types that are used in the modern electronic world. These motors are found in both single-phase and three-phase forms.  The most used types of electric motors having 8 HP horsepower ratings are-

  • Y2 series 3 phase electric motor
  • MS series Aluminum shell 3 phase electric motor
  • Y3 series 3 phase electric motor
  • YE3 series B35 flange 3 phase electric motor
  • YC/YCL series single-phase capacitor asynchronous motor
  • YL series single-phase dual value capacitor motor

There are also variations in these motors in the case of size, speed, etc. But you can depend on these highly functional motors to optimize the performance of your electronic devices.

Figure 4- Y3 Series 8 HP Electric Motor

Figure 4- Y3 Series 8 HP Electric Motor

5. What Is The 8 Hp Electric Motor Amp Rating?

The 8 HP electric motor amp rating is effective for high-grade electronic appliances like robotics, boilers, and driving equipment. The current rating varies in the case of electric motors of different series. Usually, this feature is related to efficiency, speed, PF rating, etc.

We are here with a list of amp ratings of various 8 HP electric motors. Let’s have a look.

Electric Motor TypeAmp Rating (A)Speed (rpm)
YC/YCL series single phase electric motor32.51430
YL series single phase electric motor32.51500
YE3 series three phase electric motor11.63000
Y3 series three phase electric motor11.53000
Y2 series three phase electric motor113000

Figure 5- 8 HP Electric Motor Amp Rating

Figure 5- 8 HP Electric Motor Amp Rating

6. How To Compare Between 8 Hp Single Phase And Three Phase Motor?

8 HP single phase and three phase electric motors are widely used in versatile fields. But there are some differences between their features and performances. A comparative analysis between these two is given below for your convenience.


8 HP single motors require a starting mechanism to produce initial torque. In most cases, these motors use capacitors for this purpose. But 8 HP three phase motors are self-starting. That’s why these motors offer better functionality in advanced electronic applications.

PF Rating

The 8 HP 3 phase motor’s PF rating is more impressive than a single phase motor of the same HP rating. This feature indicates the superior performance of 8 HP three phase electric motors. Usually, 8 HP single phase motors deliver low power factors during operations.

Speed Control

Three phase 8 HP electric motors are compatible with versatile synchronous and asynchronous speeds. Their features are effective for controlling speeds to a large extent. On the contrary, 8 HP single-phase motors have a lower torque speed. Again, their speed control features are not appropriate for high-speed applications.

Power Consumption

8 HP 3 phase motors consume electric power more efficiently than a single-phase motor. That’s why it assures you of a low cost while using a three phase motor for your projects.  Besides, their amp ratings are perfect for high-density appliances.


Three phase electric motors usually offer superior durability in vulnerable conditions. These motors contain a high-quality structure tolerant to extreme electrical and mechanical pressures.

Besides, 8 HP 3 phase motors are explosion-proof to a certain extent. That’s why their protection class is IP55, which is quite impressive. But single phase 8 HP motors don’t deliver high-class durability as three-phase motors consistently.

Effective Size And Weight

All series of 8 HP 3 phase motors are small in size. Besides, their lightweight is a great advantage for the manufacturer to design complicated devices. These features also make their appearance more lucrative compared to an 8 HP 1 phase electric motor.


8 HP Single phase electric motors of different series require high maintenance to achieve optimum performance. Their maintenance cost is comparatively higher than an 8 HP 3 phase motor.

Cost Performance

A three phase electric motor 8 HP is cost-effective because of its outstanding durability and low maintenance cost. On the other hand, 8 HP single phase motor’s cost performance is not impressive like three phase motors.

Noise Reduction

8 HP 3 phase electric motors are reputable for low noise and vibration while functioning. Their reliable operation ensures effective noise reduction, making these motors preferable to the users. But 8 HP 1 phase motors can’t reduce noise efficiently during their functioning.

Figure 6- Comparisons Between 8 HP Single Phase and Three Phase Electric Motors

Figure 6- Comparisons Between 8 HP Single Phase and Three Phase Electric Motors

So, it is clear that 8 HP 3 phase motors offer better benefits than a 1 phase 8 HP motor. But single phase motors have unique beneficial features for specific applications. That’s why you should choose a perfect motor for your projects concerning your requirement.

7. What Is The Cable Size Of An 8 Hp Electric Motor?

The cable size is essential to ensure safety, cost minimization, and low loss of an 8 HP electric motor. This feature depends on several factors, such as efficiency, PF rating, load current, etc.

First, you need to identify the load current to determine the proper cable size.

Load current=

Let an 8 HP 3 phase electric motor operates with 220V system voltage, 0.9PF rating, and 90%  efficiency.

So, the load current=

= 19.33A.

Now, you can find the right cable size concerning the load current of your motor from the cable size chart. Usually, the 4 square meters area of the cable is perfect for 19.33 A current at 30⁰C temperature.

You need to consider the temperature change and voltage drop in this case.

Figure 7- 8 HP Electric Motor Cable Size Selection

Figure 7- 8 HP Electric Motor Cable Size Selection

8. What Are The Uses Of An 8 Hp Electric Motor?

An 8 HP electric motor is used in versatile applications because of its compatibility with single-phase and three-phase connections. Usually, 3 phase 8 HP motors have better uses in the electronic fields, but 1 phase motors are also used in specific sectors.

The most notable uses of these 8 HP motors are-

  • Agricultural equipment, like pumps, tractors, etc.
  • Industrial machinery, like boilers, mining instruments, paper mills, etc.
  • Consumer electronics, such as air coolers, fans, refrigerators, etc.
  • Medical equipment
  • Robotics industry
  • Conveying machinery
  • Plastic extruding
  • Blowers

Figure 8- Widely Used 8 HP Electric Motor

Figure 8- Widely Used 8 HP Electric Motor

9. What Is The Optimum Temperature To Operate An 8 Hp Electric Motor?

8 HP electric motors remain supremely operative at different temperatures. The operating temperature of 8 HP 3 phase motors is more than 50⁰C. The ambient temperature is also a concern in this case. You need to keep it between -15⁰C and 40⁰C.

Figure 9- Thermal Features Of An 8 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor

Figure 9- Thermal Features Of An 8 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor

10. What Are The Limitations Of An 8 HP Single Phase Electric Motor?

The significant limitations of an 8 HP single phase electric motor are-

  • High manufacturing and maintenance cost
  • Low power factor
  • High vibration and noise
  • Low durability

You can avoid these issues if you ensure top-notch manufacturing of 8 HP 1 phase motors. Inquire us immediately to get the best motors.

11. How Does A Capacitor Affect The Performance Of An 8 Hp Electric Motor?

Capacitors play significant roles in 8 HP electric motor performance. It affects the starting and running of this motor. Some 8 HP single phase electric motors generate initial torque using a start-capacitor.

Improper capacitance causes severe problems in electric motors. It increases torque-speed, vibration, power consumption, noise, heat production, etc. That means the increased capacitance enhances the probability of overheating during motor operations.

Figure 10- 8 HP Electric Motor Capacitor

Figure 10- 8 HP Electric Motor Capacitor

12. How To Prevent An 8 Hp Electric Motor Failure?

8 HP electric motors fail due to some technical reasons. You can take preventive measures to increase the longevity of your electric motors. Here, the most common causes and ways of preventing 8 HP motor failure are described.


Overload is caused due to carrying excessive current loads in the different motor windings. If the rated voltage is low, the motors draw excessive current beyond the safety limit. Then, overload occurs.

You can reduce these harmful issues by incorporating an overcurrent-protection feature in your motor. It helps detect overloads.


Overheating is a common cause of electric motor failure. It occurs because of high operating temperatures, low power quality, and low-standard materials. The best way to prevent this issue is to control temperature change properly and use thermal-effective motor materials.

External Contaminants

External contaminants, like moisture, dust, etc cause severe damage in 8 HP electric motors. You need to apply proper shielding and place the motor in a clean, dust-free area to prevent contaminations.

Improper Resistance

Overheating and corrosion often cause degradation of insulating properties of motor windings. It leads to low resistance that is the most challenging problem to overcome. You have to check the motor windings regularly to maintain proper resistance.

Figure 11- Causes of Failure Of an 8 HP electric motor

Figure 11- Causes of Failure Of an 8 HP electric motor

13. How To Choose The Best 8 HP Electric Motor?

You can choose the best 8 HP electric motor if you consider some vital factors. Such as

  • High PF rating
  • High amp rating
  • Moderate shelf life
  • High speed
  • Lightweight
  • Useful size
  • Competitive Cost
  • Proper Cable size
  • Low power consumption
  • Capacitors
  • CE and IEC certifications

You should contact a reliable manufacturer that ensures high-class features of 8 HP motors at affordable costs. That’s why choosing a trusted manufacturer is also essential. We offer OEM electric motor manufacturing with supreme reliability.


8 HP electric motors offer unique specifications that make these motors compatible with modern electronic appliances. You can rely on these electric motors to upgrade the performance of your devices.

If you are worried about the quality of motors, Xinnuo Motor is the best solution for you now. We never compromise the effectiveness of a motor with anything. We hope this FAQ guide is adequate for you to know the making, features, pros and cons of 8 HP electric motors. Contact us to get high-quality products within the shortest possible lead time.

You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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