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Excelling as a manufacturer for high-grade motors of single phase and three phase qualities since the turn of the millennium, Xinnuo is one of the most reputed companies with a clean track record and responsible sales history for clients around the world.

Before we get started on the crucial details of our working, let us walk you through the branding values of our company. Xīn Nuo Motor originates from Chinese words ‘Xīn’ meaning ‘New’ and ‘Nuo’ meaning ‘Oath’. Our brand name is a representation of the core values of Xinnuo, such as ‘bringing brand new equipment and ideas’ to the industrial world of motors without compromising on professional commitments.

Let’s get started with what you came looking to find about us!

ZhenLi(Xinnuo) Product Roadmap

ZhenLi is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

Who We Are?

Xīn Nuo Motor is a well-reputed company functioning since 2000 and currently has passed the two-decade mark with a flourishing history. Located on the scenic coast of Wenling on the State Line Road, our factory is easily accessible to you, should you want to tour it at any time. Just make sure to send us an enquiry so that we can keep the entry passes ready for your arrival without any hassles.

We manufacture products in the range of small and medium sized motors that range from three phase and magnet synchronous motors in both single and three phases. With a total of over 140 employees, Xinnuo Electric Motor Co. Ltd., is a well-established China motor manufacturing leader with several achievements under our sleeve.

You can pick from YC/YL and YL, YES, Y3, Y2, Y Series, YD series multi-speed motors, YDT series three phase motors, MS aluminum shell, YCT electromagnetic adjustable speed, YVF2 variable frequency regulating, YEJ electromagnetic adjustable speed , YEJ electromagnetic braking three phase asynchronous, JY single phase, water pump, and NMRV speed reducer, to name a few.The best thing about Xinnuo Motors is we aren’t just a wholesaler, but a manufacturer and the same is the reason why we can offer high-grade customization according to customer needs without any ados.

At Xinnuo Motor, we’re well-equipped with several zones and departments for a hassle-free working environment. You’ll come across the central Command system, Administration department, Production area, Purchasing department, Sale zone, Technical area, QC department , Financial and Billing departments.On top of it, we also feature seven more zones such as the Punch workshop, Welt workshop, Seiko workshop, Installation zone, Painting area, Packaging zone, Warehouse, and much more. If the need be to tour our factory, be sure to take notes because it’s extensive and huge.

Xinnuo Motors is proud to confess that our annual output of three phase motors exceeds <strong<20 million while the single phase exceeds 10 million. We cater to clients located around the UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Middle-East, South America, South Africa, and Asia. Our products are widely used for energy vehicles, cleaning machines, air compressor, mechanical equipment, textile machines, turbines, and many other sophisticated industrial purposes.

With an ever expanding factory that’s capable of upgrading products at the nick of time based on your demands, our market value is high for permanent synchronous magnet motors with high performance and power density. Our establishment also houses the R&D that’s spearheaded by under five experts to upgrade our processes and performance of our inventory from time-to-time.

Our quality management is above par with other manufacturers, thanks to certifications we excel in such as BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System Certification. Xinnuo proudly claims to have passed the CE, SGS, CCC and many more product certifications that come with high quality inspection systems as well as quality assurance functionalities.We’re also particular about state of the art management and functioning that includes dynamic enterprise management, regularly-updated detection mechanisms, above-average device performance, detection criteria of technical equipment as well as scales, and rigorous implementation of the quality management directives of ISO9000.

At Xinnuo Motors, our staff and management remains laser-focused on pioneering the motor industry with sophistication, advancement, and efficiency. We can ensure high-quality products in a price range that suits you with additional features like pre-sale and after-sale services so that you can engage in long-term business without any ados.

If you’re thinking of investing in high-quality motors, you know where to look because we have our own export license too.


At ZhenLi Motors, we’re proud to be certified for the high-quality of our motors from all sides. Apart from the Certificate of Compliance (or Conformance), you can check our Certificate of Registration, Product Certificate, and other accomplishments below.

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Our Vision & Mission

When it comes to professionalism and commitment, ZhenLi is set on providing the best quality motors with superlative service, no matter what kind of contract you hold with us. Read on to find out our concept of functioning below.

Our Vision

At ZhenLi (Xinnuo), we aspire to provide the highest quality motors regardless of your purchase. Our highly qualified staff are familiar with our goals, values, purposes, vision, and mission to coordinate the same.

Our Mission
  • – To make sure our raw materials are top-notch.
  • – To provide high quality motors that comply with your needs.
  • – To ensure every motor we manufacture delivers high performance.
  • – To maintain a superlative level of trust and commitment to customers.
  • – To deliver and fulfill our agreements to customers without any hassles.
  • – To resolve any after-sales concerns and issues that arise with utmost responsibility.
  • – To cater to your customization needs with the best of our facilities and faculty without ados.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to ordering motors from ZhenLi Motors, you might have several questions before committing to buy. Find all the right answers to the most important questions below.

1. Do you have any requirements in choosing raw materials?

Yes at ZhenLi Motors we take extra care when choosing raw materials to build high-quality motors. To do so, we need flawless raw materials.

From ensuring that the wire used for motors is 100% copper to high-grade C&U bearings, our list of raw materials are also inspected and investigated for top performance. Our superlative raw materials also include silicon steel sheets at 800 cold-rolled grades.

2. What is the maximum power that the motor can achieve?

Depending on the type of motor you select, the maximum power can vary from one to another. With different series, the power and capabilities can vary. At present, the most powerful motor available in our inventory records 315KW on 355 frames.

3. What voltage can the motor achieve? Is dual voltage possible?

The reference range of voltage for motors varies from 110 to 600 V but it’s also possible to achieve 50 to 60 Hz too. At ZhenLi, our motors can also achieve dual voltage varying between 220/380 as well 230/400.

4. Do you accept customization requests?

Yes, we accept customization at ZhenLi (Xinnuo) Motors no matter what your requests are. We can help you personalize different aspects of the motor from the junction box style or electrical boxes to keep the wire connections safe. Other modifications are permitted for the style of the case and the windshield characteristics.

You can also select from generic or customized order quantities apart from paying for the molding directly.

5. How do you ascertain the quality of the products? What are the different methods for testing customized products?

At ZhenLi, we have a finely detailed inspection process that takes care of the QC process with laser focus.

Starting from inspecting the raw materials upon arrival up till usage, our team of experts regulate the quality periodically. Other parts of the QC process include Rotor Detection which involves dynamic balancing per motor followed by Stator Surge Tests that work on the failure of fault rates, No Load Current Detection via IQC inspection, Leakage Detection, and the Final Inspection.

When it comes to customized products, it undergoes all of the QC processes used for regular products. Finally, it’s assessed by a sample test before moving raw materials into mass production to ensure accuracy and precision.

6. How long is the warranty for motors?

If you’re worried about the performance of motors produced by ZhenLi, the most important thing to keep in mind is that our QC processes are finely detailed. On top of it, we also provide one year warranty for all our motors, no questions asked. Send us an inquiry today to know more about it right away!

7. Is the delivery time the same for customized products?

Unlike generic products that we regularly manufacture, customized products require special instructions for procuring the raw materials to every stage of production, QC, and even packaging. It typically takes from 15 to 20 days to produce and deliver it to your shared address when you’re ordering a generic product. But, when it comes to a personalized motor, the ZhenLi team can take anywhere from 20 to 23 days.

Please send us an inquiry detailing your needs because the lead and delivery times might be shorter or longer based on your demands. Also keep in mind that the lead time jumps to a month during the peak season and 15 days during the off-season.

8. What type of packaging options do you offer?

We have a wide variety of packaging options for producing motors based on your demands and needs.

Once your order is confirmed, we can discuss different packaging materials ranging from plywood to fumigated wooden crates, colored boxes with foam, plywood pallets, and honeycomb boxes. These types of packaging options are readily available and customers can choose based on their individual concerns by talking with the concerned sales person.

It might interest you that our packaging standards qualify the European Standard Shipping and Packaging regulations.

9. Do they regularly get updated certificates?

Yes, our team at ZhenLi Motors takes it into the highest priority to keep the Certificate of Compliance updated regularly. It’s created after the production right before shipping. It will include all the technical specifications on how the product is manufactured.

10. Can you clarify the monthly production capacity?

When it comes to the production capacity of ZhenLi Motors, our factory is well-structured and upgraded to produce up to 15,000 three-phase motors and up to 10,000 single-phase motors.

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