Application Of 3 Phase Induction Motor

Do you want to understand the applications of 3 phase induction motor and their main types? Three phase induction motors are the most widely used AC induction motors for industrial and domestic purposes. These motors are highly efficient, robust, and long-lasting; therefore, application of 3 phase induction motors is broad and large-scale. Xinnuo Motor manufactures premium quality 3-phase electric motors made with 100% raw material. 

Figure 1 Three-phase Induction Motor

Figure 1: Three-phase induction motor

In this article, we will discuss the application of three phase motors and its main types. 

Different application of 3 phase induction motor: 

There are two major categories of 3-phase induction motors. Application of three phase motor differs based on these two categories. 

Figure 2 Major types of Three-phase Motors

Figure 2: Major types of three-phase motors

Let’s discuss two major types to understand various application of three phase motor;

Slip Ring Induction Motor:

In this type of motor, the rotor has slip-rings and brushes to generate high torque and provide maximum speed control. A slip ring or wound-type motor is a heavy-duty 3-phase induction motor that is used in different high-grade industries. These motors have complex construction with high chances of fluctuation. Here are some common applications of Slip-ring three phase motors;


  • Lifting industries: Due to high resistance and commendable torque rate, lifting industries are the main application of three phase motors. Slip Ring motors can carry a high load without causing over-heating. Cranes, accelerators, elevators, hoists, and conveyors are the common 3 phase motor uses in the lifting industry. 
  • Chemical industry: Slip ring induction motors are also widely used in the high-volume compressors and crushers in petroleum refineries and the gas extraction industry. These motors have high load capacity; therefore, the chemical industry is the major application of 3 phase induction motors. 
  • Electrical equipment: Another significant use of slip ring three phase induction motors is electrical equipment. These motors allow external resistance with a high PF rating; thus, used in generators, turbines, winders, and dynamos. 
  • Rolling mills: Slip-ring motors have a wide range of applications in rolling, turntable, and rotating machinery. Rolling mills utilize these motors because wound-type motors offer high starting torque and efficiency. 
  • Medical equipment: The slip-ring motors are also used in the medical industry such as MRI, and CT scan equipment, due to their exceptional power and analog transmission. 

Squirrel Cage Induction Motor:

This type of 3 phase motor uses a cage rotor for rotations. These motors are also self-starting and low power-consuming. However, these motors are low-load carrying; thus, offer a different set of applications;


  • Lathe and turning machinery: Squirrel cage motors are used in the lathe machines for cutting, tapering, and parting purposes. For example, grinders, lathe, millers, and machine tools. These motors are efficient and long-lasting; therefore, perfect choice for low-grade commercial purposes. 
  • Blowers and pumps: Cage-type motor is also applied in blowers and pumps for their incredible reliability. These motors provide error-free performance in blowers and pumps for various purposes. 
  • Home appliances: Home appliances are another major application of three phase induction motor. Squirrel cage motors are a reliable option for home appliances and domestic uses because of their robust construction, cheap cost, and easy maintenance. These motors are implemented in refrigerators, compressors, and mixers. 

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Due to exceptional motor speed control and torque, application of 3 phase induction motors is wide-ranging. Different high-grade and low-volume industries utilize three phase motors for constant torque, efficiency, and variable frequency. If you are looking for a precise and efficient induction motor, three-phase induction motors are the right choice. Moreover, our customer care team is 24/7 available to address your queries and concerns. For further inquiries, contact us

Frequently asked questions-Application Of 3 Phase Induction Motor

1. Can a 3 phase motor be used as a generator?

Conversion into a 3-phase generator is a common application of 3 phase induction motor. A three phase synchronous motor can be used as a generator if we excite the rotor by an external source. We need to magnetize the stator winding to maintain synchronous speed. That is how the three phase motor will start working as a generator. 

2. How to 3 phase motor on a single phase?

A 3 phase motor uses a 3-phase power supply; however, running it on a single-phase power supply is not a very hectic task. To run three phase motor on a single-phase, you will need a VFD (variable frequency device). For this purpose, you will have to connect the single phase power to the input of VFD and three phase power to the output. After successful connection, the three phase induction motor will start running on a single phase supply. 

3. How to change the direction of a 3 phase induction motor?

Changing the direction of the motor is a very common practice to enable the different applications of 3 phase induction motor. To simply change the direction of a three-phase motor, you need to interchange any two phases of the motor. For example, you can connect the Y phase to the R phase and vice versa. In this way, the direction of magnetic fields will be reversed. 

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