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Highly Efficient Axial Fan Blower With Low Noise

Xinnuo manufacturer high-quality and extremely efficient axial fan blowers. Our axial fan blowers are trusted by a wide range of industries across the globe for many different applications. Manufactured with high-quality material to provide you maximum efficiency and last longer than average axial flow blowers.
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Low Noise And Large Air Volume Axial Fan Blowers

Xinnuo axial blower fans are manufactured keeping in mind their different applications and low noise requirements. Our blower exhaust fans perform exceptionally well in large air volumes and are used for general air supply and exhaust systems. You can use our blowers in the normal household, offices, parking, and for many other industrial applications.

Xinnuo’s Axial Blow Fans Are Highly Efficient With A Low Maintenance Requirement

We believe in delivering the finest quality possible and that’s why we have made our axial drum fans in a way to provide you with higher efficiency and low maintenance requirements. With higher airflow delivery and no quick wear and tear parts, our fan blowers require low maintenance and ensure high efficiency.

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Our Axial Fan Blowers Are Convenient And Flexible To Install

Install on any position according to your applications it gives you the ultimate performance regardless of its position. Our axial fan blowers can be base-mounted and ceil-hung horizontally or vertically without any extra accessories and you can also roof mount them for outdoor installation. Because your convenience is our responsibility.

Blower Exhaust Fan With Reliable Structural Design For Smooth Operation

We have put a lot of time and effort into the structural design of our axial flow fans so it ensures consistency and accuracy. Through repeated tests, we have built an optimized design to compensate for your different applications and provide higher strength and greater reliability.

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Get Yourself Different Kinds Of Axial Fan Blowers For Your Industry-Specific Applications

Xinnuo offers different types of axial flow blowers to compensate for your distinctive needs. Our fans cover a wide variety of domestic to industrial applications. You can also order a customized axial fan blower as per your requirements.

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Axial Fan Blower is the top product of this category and it is used for many different applications such as exhausting air fumes from chemical industries, supplying fresh air, building or parking ventilation and general spot cooling, etc. Our axial flow fans are designed to handle large air volume under low pressure and are available in different models to better fit your applications.
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These fan blowers are also a type of axial fan blowers, which have radially extended blades. They are used in industries for dust collection, network servers, HVAC systems, filtration, suction, and exhaust purposes. As the world is constantly moving into the technological era the applications of these blowers are also evolving. The axial fan blowers are now used in vending machines to keep the computer inside cool for cashless operations.
FZY external rotor axial fan
FZY external rotor axial fans are widely used in different air volume control devices, medical equipment, and computers. It is easy to install and has low noise making it a fan of choice for many different applications such as building ventilation, purification, office supply automation, and ventilation for different industries. FZY external rotor axial fans have energy-efficient features with class B and class F insulation.

Reliable And Affordable Axial Fan Blower Manufacturer In China

XINNUO is a Global Axial Flow Fan manufacturer that offers a variety of axial fans for different applications.

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Technical Parameters

Different Types Of Axial Fan Blowers Are Available At Xinnuo Motors

Xinnuo manufactures a number of different fans such as axial fan leaf blower, panel cooling fan, redial centrifugal fan, ventilation fan, and many others. You have come to the right place if you are looking for multiple options in axial flow blower and exhaust fans.

Axial Fan Blower - Frequently Asked Question

Our team of experts develops a series of frequently asked questions to answer all of your basic queries. If you have any other queries regarding the axial flow blower, you can directly reach out to our customer support or technical support team. You can also order an axial fan catalogue to go through a range of axial fans manufactured by Xinnuo.
1. What Is The Average Life Of An Axial Fan Blower Xinnuo Offer?

The average life of our axial blower fans is 10 to 20 years. But there are so many factors involved that increase and decrease the life of the axial flow fan. For instance, if it is properly maintained throughout all these ears with planned maintenance and necessary checkings it may last longer than its expected life. In contrast, humidity, high temperature, extreme condition, and other factors can affect the life of the fan blower. We at Xinnuo manufacture our axial flow blowers with the finest quality material to cope with the harsh condition and extreme application with utmost reliability.

2. Does Xinnuo Have A Proper Quality Control System?

Yes, we have a proper quality control department that oversees each step starting from raw material to the finished product to ensure the best quality. The raw material is properly inspected and then sent into manufacturing. The final product is scrutinized and tested to make sure there is no compromise in manufacturing and quality of the material than the order is dispatched to the customers. We can also arrange a tour of our facility to give an idea about the process and practices we follow. We believe in delivering the finest quality possible to our clients and building relationship with them that last longer to the prospect of both parties.

3. Can I Order A Customized Axial Fan Blower?

Yes, Xinnuo offers customized axial fan blowers to fit into your specific applications. You can order us with your customization request and address the required changes and we will manufacture your product just as you wanted and deliver it to you within a matter of days. We have already delivered thousands of customized axial fan blowers to different industries.

4. How Much Time It Will Take Me To Receive My Order?

It will normally take 10 -15 days to receive your order. But your geographical location will determine how many days exactly it will take you to receive your order. You can contact us on the given number or email us with your address and details and we can guide you that how quickly you can receive your order.

5. How Can I Place My Order?

You can simply fill out the form on our website and our representative will get in touch with you with the quotation and all the information you need. You can also call us and write to us on our email. The information required for the order is 

  • What kind of axial fan blower do you want?
  • What quantity do you need?
  • What size and dimensions you are looking for?
  • In what application do you want to use these axial fan blowers?
6. Is There Any Way To Check Your Product Before I Buy It?

Yes, you can try our product before making a final purchase. Xinnuo offers a money-back guarantee you can request a refund of your product if you are not satisfied with our product and we will send you the refund within 30 days.

7. What Are The Payment Options Available?

We offer multiple payment options and you can choose any at your convenience. You can either PayPal, T/T, or send through Western Union. For larger orders, we may offer you discounts if you pay with a credit card. We charge 30% deposits at the time of the order and the remaining balance must be paid before we dispatch your shipment. We also give you two years warranty on all of our products. If you aby a query regarding the payment policy or like to have more information please feel free to contact us on the given number or right to us.

8. What Periodic Maintenance Is Necessary For These Axial Fan Blowers?

The periodic maintenance is necessary to extend the life of the axial fan blowers and keep them operational. But the maintenance or only required once or twice a year. You should check the fan blower for any wear and tear after every 5000 running hours or 12 months. You get proper guidance from our veteran engineers about the maintenance of the axial fan blowers when you buy from Xinnuo.

9. Are You A Certified Manufacturer Of Axial Fan Blowers?

Yes, we are ISO-certified manufacturers of axial fan blowers from China. Our manufacturing facility follows strict international standard guidelines. Xinnuo stringent quality control makes sure each product manufactured in our facility tops the high-quality standard. We have been manufacturing different fan blowers for our widespread customers for years and we never received a complaint about the quality of our fans.

10. How Much Power Does An Axial Flow Fan Consume?

The consumption of our axial fan blowers depends upon multiple factors. For instance, voltage and current supplied to the fan decide how many units the blower will consume. Also, keep in mind that the size, shape, and design of the electric motor have a great impact on the energy consumption of the fan. It is suggested to thoroughly check your commercial axial fan blower or ventilation fan to check any irregularities that may lead to more power consumption

11. Is Xinnuo Axial Fan Blower Noiseless?

Yes, we have designed our fan blower in a way to produce minimal sound possible. They are perfect for offices and places where you need sound-sensitive fan blowers. These noiseless features are produced after thorough research and using the special motor and fan blades to ensure smooth operations to reduce the noise.

12. Does Xinnuo Have A Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

We believe in delivering high-quality products no matter you are ordering one axial fan blower and a large volume.  You can order any number of axial flow fans. We do offer discounts on large orders. You can call us 24/7 for your order or any kind of query.

Don’t Believe Us, Hear It Out From Our Clients

We have a worldwide spread clientele, who trusted us for the years and partnered with us to deliver them the finest axial fan blowers. Let’s find out what they have to say.
  • star star star star star
    We have a building under construction and we wanted exhaust fans for our project, after researching we found Xinnuo and ordered axial ventilation fans. They were pretty easy to install with multiple mounting options. Our team is delighted with the quality and no noise features of these fans.
    James Gordon
  • star star star star star
    We have been the customers of Xinnuo for more than 3 years now and they never stop to delight us with their exceptional quality and customer service. Our last order was the axial fan blowers and this is to inform you that we received our products with the finest packaging and delivery was on time.
    Richard Francis
  • star star star star star
    Hey, we received our order yesterday and we all thank you for your exceptional customer support. They are very responsive in every manner. We are delighted with the product quality and timely delivery. We congratulate you for your impressive service and look forward to doing business with you.
    Charles Harper
  • star star star star star
    After a brief meeting and testing with the different suppliers of ventilation fans, we ordered ventilation fans for our project from Xinnuo. The fans we received are just noise-less and easy to install. The noise was a major issue because of the nature of our business and Xinnuo helped us overcome this issue. I highly recommend Xinnuo if you are looking for quality and value for money.
    Calvin Graham

Are You Interested In More Information Or An Accurate Quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable Axial Fan Blower manufacturer, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

Axial Fan Blower: Everything Worth Knowing

Axial Fan Blower is a significant type of fan that is widely used for cooling, ventilation, heating, or blowing purposes in domestic and commercial applications. Without the axial blower fans, our daily life operations seem difficult. Their usage ranges from ceiling fans to industrial applications. The Axial flow blowers slightly differ from the centrifugal fan in the direction of the air being sucked and blown away.

Xinnuo is a benchmark in producing commercial axial fan blowers with a broad power spectrum. Axial blower fans have a number of applications that rely on this greater performance with minimal space consumption and tiny power requirements. The axial blowers work in adverse environmental conditions in applications that heat up during continuous operation. Ventilation and air conditioning are also a great application of Axial Blower Fans. This article covers the introduction, working, parts, and technical aspects of a blower exhaust fan.

What is an Axial Fan Blower?

Named after the wind flow direction they create, Axial Fans are based on the European windmills dating back to the Middle Ages. Usually, they are powered with a 12V DC motor and blow the air using several blades directed at a common angle.

Axial Flow Fan

Axial Flow Fan

Made up of industrial-grade housing, they provide long operational life and a vibration-free motion. Unlike centrifugal fans, these fans suck air in the direction parallel to the rotating axial shaft and blow in the same direction. The speed and air mass flow rate is affected by a number of factors including the shape of the blades, the motor being used, air density, and climatic conditions like moisture and installation location.

Working Principle of an Axial Blower Fan

When powered by recommended electrical voltages, the axial blower functions to suck air from the inlet and creates airflow in a specific direction with scaled magnitude. The fan is incorporated with a number of blades that are projected at an angle to create specific torque at various speeds. As the number of revolutions begins to increase, the air mass flow is increased in a linear manner, enabling achieving huge volumes of the air force in a certain direction. The blades of the axial fan convert the kinetic energy of moving air into pressure which helps achieve certain tasks like cooling, heating, or ventilation. XINNUO offers Axial Blower Fans with a customized number of blades, angles, and sizes for your convenience.

 Components of an Axial Fan Blower

Components of an Axial Fan Blower

After many decades have passed developing Axial Fan Blowers, manufacturers have developed state-of-the-art methods to produce Axial Fans with a sturdy body, long-lasting and efficient motors, and impellers with top-notch quality to provide sustainability and reliability under harsh industrial environments.

The design of the Blower fan is simple and includes the following components:

  • A fan is provided with a number of blades ranging from 2 to 20, or even more depending on the design. The fan is made of hard plastic or metal whichever is suitable for the given climatic conditions. The fan should be cleaned periodically to maintain streamlined airflow and efficiency.
  • An electric motor to power the impeller. The motor can be single-phase or three-phase decided by the power rating of the fan or requirements of the client. The electric motor is winded with top-notch quality copper wire to ensure operational reliability and hassle-free service life. XINNUO offers AC and DC Axial fans to meet your diverse requirements.
  • The impeller is enclosed in a metallic or industrial grade plastic to provide a defined path to the intake air. The housing also protects it from debris and an accidental touch of the operator.
  • To protect the rotating fan from hazards like debris, a metallic mesh is provided with two variants, single-net, and double-net.
  • Electrical connectors with sufficient wire length are provided to make an easy connection with the control board.

Axial Fan Blower Vs Centrifugal Fan

The axial fan and centrifugal fan may work for a common cause but differ in their manufacturing, action, design, and output direction. The axial fan intake and exhaust air in the same direction and on the contrary, the centrifugal fans are based on the natural phenomenon of centrifugal force. The centrifugal fan intakes air in the direction perpendicular to the direction they blow air. Centrifugal fans are silent in comparison to the axial fans. Axial Fans are more often used in applications that require an increased mass flow while the centrifugal fans increase the pressure of exhaust air.


XINNUO motors produce Axial Fan Blowers that are widely applicable in industrial machinery, domestic appliances, computers, motors, exhaust systems, coolers, and heaters. Owing to their top-notch quality and standards, 12V axial blower fans are used in applications whose operational efficiency relies on temperature.

  • Industrial machines are heated up during continuous operation and require a blower fan to cool efficiently.
  • Generators and transformers are one of the major applications of Axial Blower Fan.
  • Warehouses, factories, laundries, foundries, rooms, and garages need to be ventilated using a blower fan.
  • Painting, Welding, manufacturing, and process industries are some of the major applications of axial fan blowers.

The company also offers related products with versatile technical specifications including an external rotor axial fan.

Benefits of using an Axial Blower Fan

Axial blower fans offer a number of advantages that might persuade you to switch over it:

Maintenance ease: The Axial Fan Blowers are easy to maintain and require no extra skill to mount and dismount. Axial Blow fans require minimal maintenance like cleaning to provide you with a hassle-free and long operational life.

Better control: With its broad power spectrum, you can control the speed of the axial blower fan according to the requirement of the system. If operated on DC voltages, the speed can be easily controlled by simply varying the voltage.

Durability: The high-quality material used makes sure that you experience an uninterrupted operation throughout its service life. The axial fan blower when operated in recommended ambient conditions offers optimal performance.

Energy Efficient: The blower fan is energy-efficient when it comes to loading vs consumption. The axial fan is incorporated with an electric motor that operates with minimal power loss owing to its high-quality winding.

Diversity of Sizes: The Fan is available in various sizes of their blades, motor, and housing. The customer can also order a customized size according to their requirement. The company has a proven history of manufacturing industrial diversity of size

Increased efficiency: With its state-of-the-art design and motion technology, the axial blower fan fulfills your airflow requirement in a cost-efficient manner. The fan provides high airflow from the start owing to the high initial torque of the motor used.

Soundless Operation: The smooth drive of the motor and lubricated bearing makes it a soundless blower fan. This characteristic makes it most usable in sophisticated applications like computers, hand-dryers, laptops, and small electronics.

Precautions required for Blower exhaust fans

XINNUO puts best efforts into manufacturing durable and sustainable axial fans to meet the requirements of an adverse industrial environment. To ensure a long service life, the user needs to perform his part by ensuring preventive measures as described in the user manual that comes with the device.

  • The blower may only be installed on a clean surface to ensure proper tightening.
  • The air supplied should be filtered from debris, dust, and dirt.
  • The power supply should be tested before usage, and provide stable voltages.
  • Use protective devices to prevent damage from running on over-current.
  • Use the fan in recommended applications for optimal performance.
  • Use recommended screw size and tightening torque to securely mount the blower.
  • Consult the user manual to know the correct direction of the application.
  • The electrical connections should be made securely. In case of loose connections, sparking may occur which can damage the motor winding.
  • If you experience lower speeds, burning smell, or noise during operation, turn OFF the device and call a service inspection to avoid any unfavorable situation.
  • Before turning ON the cooling fan, make a check on the net of the fan.
  • If installed in an application with continuous vibrations, use anti-backlash nuts to keep mounting secure.

XINNUO Motors – A reliable Axial Fan Manufacturer in China

XINNUO Motors continues to serve the international market with its cost-effective and reliable manufacturing techniques in the domain of Axial Fans and various other electrical equipment used for versatile applications. We produce state-of-the-art products and are recognized by our ISO 9000 certification and RoH compliance. Our products pass through a series of inspection and testing procedures to ensure product quality.

Along with the highest quality material we offer in our products, you get a two-year warranty, ensuring no inconvenience caused to you. XINNUO loves to help you with technical challenges by offering technical help from a qualified team of engineers and technicians.

To see our diverse range of industrial automation products, visit our website. If you want a customized product, XINNUO extends its reliable and cost-effective services in design and manufacturing to meet your high demands and expectations.

The company ensures safe delivery by secure packaging to avoid surface damage during handling and transportation. Looking for China’s reliable and trustworthy fans manufacturer? Contact us!

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