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Axial Flow Fan Manufacturer In China

XINNUO motors are a globally known supplier of axial flow fans. We manufacture all of our products in China, and we ship them directly to buyers, with no middleman involved.
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Noise And Volume Standards Of Xinnuo’s Axial Flow Fans

The axial air fan is designed for ample airflow at low noise levels. It also has low energy usage, and large air volume, making it ideal for many applications. This fan can be used in homes, offices, and other facilities to provide high-quality ventilation. Additionally, the axial flow fan features a compact design that makes it easy to install in any location.

Industrial Axial Flow Fan With High Protection And Insulation Category

The IP54 protection level denotes that industrial axial flow fans are protected from water and dust. It can be used under moist conditions without any damage to the parts. The F grade for insulation indicates that it does not accidentally emit electric shock when touched by humans or animals.

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Reliability And Durability Assurance For Axial Air Fans

XINNUO produces the axial flow fan with high-quality materials. Besides, it uses robust and durable parts to ensure long service life. Moreover, it requires low maintenance costs for the efficient operation of your facilities. Lastly, it offers high efficiency for reduced energy consumption.

To Obtain The Best Axial Flow Fan Types, Fraternize With Xinnuo Motors

XINNUO Motors can also produce a variety of axial air fans that can meet your company’s high standards for operational efficiency, energy savings, and incredible air volume output. We can also manufacture custom units according to customers’ unique needs or specifications.

axial fan blower
The axial fan blower is a centrifugal fan that uses an impeller to create airflow. This fan is commonly used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Axial Fan blowers are available in various sizes at XINNUO and can be used to move large volumes of air at high speeds.
dc axial fan
DC axial fans are equipped with electric motors that use direct current to create rotational force. They are often used in cars, boats, other vehicles, and a variety of industrial applications. XINNUO offers DC Axial Fans customized to meet your specific needs or requirements.
tube axial fan
A tube axial fan is an industrial fan with a disk-like wheel or propeller. This type of fan has been used because it is very efficient, easy to install and maintain, and produces little noise compared with other fans. It exhibits up to 65% of airflow efficiency. XINNUO is a world-leading manufacturer of tube axial fans.
panel cooling fan
Panel Cooling Fan is a crucial part of any device, such as CPU and GPU on computers. The cooling fan in this device has been upgraded from a traditional DC Brushless Motor to a brushless motor with Hall Sensors. This helps the system control the speed of the fan, as well as determine when it is safe to turn off or on.

Reliable And Affordable Axial Flow Fan Manufacturer In China

XINNUO is a Global Axial Flow Fan manufacturer that offers a variety of axial fans for different applications.

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Technical Parameters

Axial Flow Fan Related Products

XINNUO is a world-leading supplier of axial fans. We offer a variety of axial fans for different applications, including axial fans for air conditioning, cooling tower and HVAC. The diverse selection of axial fans offered by XINNUO includes forward curve, backward curved and radial blade. You can find the perfect axial fan for your specific needs at XINNUO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about axial flow fans. We will explain what an axial fan is and how it works. Also, you can find information about the best axial flow fan manufacturers in China.
1.Who Is The Best Axial Flow Fan Manufacturer In China?

XINNUO is a trusted name in the fan manufacturing industry, with over a decade of experience in axial flow fan production. As a professional engineering company, XINNUO can provide customized products to customers according to their requirements, such as different types of axial fans and other ventilation accessories (exhauster fan, blower fan). Besides this, we also have talented technical engineers who are always available to help you with your ventilation system design.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional axial flow fan manufacturer in China, XINNUO is your best choice. 

2. Define The Axial Flow Fan Working Principle?

Working of axial flow fan

Figure 1: Working of axial flow fan

The axial flow fan is a type of centrifugal fan which moves parallel to the axis of rotation. It has blades with a high aspect ratio and relatively low solidity (between cross-sectional area and chord) that work at moderate angles. As such, they can deliver air at large volumes against low-pressure drops but have higher rotational speeds than centrifugal fans

Axial flow fans work by drawing air in at the centre of the fan and pushing it out the sides. This is done by rotating several blades around a central shaft. As the blades rotate, they create an area of low pressure near the centre of the fan. This causes air to be drawn in from the surrounding area. The air is then pushed out the sides of the fan by the high pressure created by the rotating blades.

3. What Are Some Benefits Of Using An Industrial Axial Flow Fan?

Some benefits of using an industrial axial flow fan include:

  • They can move air or other gases in a duct at high volumes against low-pressure drops.
  • They have a high rotational speed, which allows them to move large amounts of air quickly.
  • Their blades are designed to work at moderate angles, making them ideal for moving air or other gases through long ducts.
  • They are compact and can be used in tight spaces where there is not enough room for more giant fans.
4. What Is The Difference Between A Square Axial Fan And A Mesh Around An Axial Fan?

Square axial fan Mesh axial fan

Figure 2: a) Square axial fan, (b) Mesh axial fan

The air inlet and outlet are on opposite sides concerning the square axial fan. The mesh around the axial fan has four corners with a net covering it all over.

5. How Does The Vane Axial Fan Work? How Is It Different From Others?

Working of Vane Axial Fan

Figure 3: Working of Vane Axial Fan

The Vane Axial Fan has a spiral blade inside the fan casing. The air is drawn into the fan near the center and forced out toward the edges of the blades. This type of axial fan moves more air than other types and is less likely to cause damage to equipment or personnel.

Its unique design can easily distinguish it from other axial fans, which consists of a central hub surrounded by four equally spaced blades. The air is drawn into the fan near the center and forced out toward the edges of these blades. This type of axial fan moves more air than other types and is less likely to cause damage to equipment or personnel.

6. Give A Brief Idea Of The Axial Air Fan Sizes Available At Xinnuo?

XINNUO offers axial fans with a below size range. These Axial flow fan sizes are available in square and round types depending on the customer’s need.

  • Axial Fan 6 inch
  • Axial Fan 8 inch
  • Axial Fan 10 inch
  • Axial Fan 12 inch
  • Axial Fan 16 inch
  • Axial Fan 18 inch
  • Axial Fan 20 inch
  • Axial Fan 24 inch
7. Enlist The Different Industrial Axial Flow Fan Types?

Axial fans are classified according to their uses in different industrial applications. Here are the most commonly used axial flow fan types which can be designed and customized by Axiflow Technologies:

Tube-axial Fans: 

Tube axial flow fans are used in applications where the resistance to airflow is relatively high or low. These fans have a cylindrical casing and a propeller fixed at one end of the case. The motor is generally mounted on the casings, with an extension shaft attached to it.

Wall Fans:

A wall fan has a round or rectangular casing with an impeller attached to the front. The blades are usually curved, and the fan is mounted on a wall so that it sucks air in from one side and blows it out the other.

8. How Can We Distinguish Between An Axial Bifurcated Fan And A Compact Axial Flow Fan?

Axial bifurcated fans have two inlets and one outlet, while compact axial flow fans have only one outlet. Axial bifurcated fans are used when needed to produce high-pressure airflows. On the other hand, compact axial flow fans are used when there is a need for a large air volume.

9. What Factors Need To Be Considered While Searching For A Good Axial Flow Fan Manufacturer In China?

When searching for an axial flow fan manufacturer in China, you need to consider the following factors:

  • High Quality of the products
  • Competitive Price
  • Quick Delivery time
  • Excellent Technical support and after-sales service.

XINNUO Motors is an axial flow fan manufacturer in China. The company has been manufacturing and supplying industrial fans to companies worldwide since 2000. All of its products are manufactured under strict quality control measures. They offer great value for money, making them a reliable choice for any customer looking to purchase industrial fans.

10. How Does Xinnuo Ensure The Quality Of Its Axial Fan Products?

We have an independent testing lab for all our axial fans and can provide power consumption, airflow, sound level and bearing life cycle test reports. All the data in these reports are 100% reliable. XINNUO has strict quality control procedures from incoming material inspection, in-process inspections and final product inspections when producing axial fans.

11. How can we get a quote at XINNUO?

To get a quote from XINNUO, you need to provide them with the following information:

  • Fan type
  • Airflow requirements (in m³/h)
  • Voltage and frequency
  • Speed (RPMs)
  • Special requirements, if any.

The company will then send you a detailed quotation with the price and delivery time. You can also request a sample of the fan you are interested in to see how it performs.

What Are Our Previous Clients' Impressions Of Us?

We are proud to have a long list of satisfied clients. Our previous clients have been impressed with our quality products and services and our responsiveness and flexibility.
  • star star star star star
    I have worked with XINNUO on a few occasions now, and they always provide quality products and services. They are swift to respond to any emails and always provide timely follow-ups. Their prices are competitive, which is a huge plus when it comes to large orders!
    Brandon Frank.
  • star star star star star
    Back in 2020, We were in very urgent need of some motors for our project. Our market research led us to XINNUO. The motors I received from them are only some off-the-shelf models, but they were highly durable, quiet and powerful. It was a tremendous help to have such a reliable supplier on board.
    Albert Roy.
  • star star star star star
    I have been working with XINNUO motors for a few years now and have always found their high-quality products. Recently, we needed some custom motors made for a project, and they were able to accommodate our needs quickly and efficiently. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable and reliable motor supplier.
    Kathryn Willie.
  • star star star star star
    Since 2016, I have been using XINNUO motors and I am delighted with their quality. Their customer service is excellent, and they respond quickly to inquiries. The product's price was reasonable considering the high-quality materials used in manufacturing. Thanks to XINNUO motors, my projects have been a success.
    Antonio Davis.

Are You Interested In More Information Or An Accurate Quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable axial flow fan manufacturer, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

Axial Flow Fan Manufacturer

In the industrial and commercial sectors where machines are at their extensive use, axial flow fans are a great aid in maintaining the machine temperature. You might think of axial air fans as an additional expense because machines are manufactured to work under high temperatures and pressures. But this may not be the case every time because uncertainties happen and you need to be prepared beforehand.

An axial flow fan manufacturer, Xinnuo is competent. It is the life saviour of your machines as it instantly brings down the temperature of your equipment. The following article unravels the qualities and specs of your axial flow fan so that the working concept gets clear in your mind.

Axial Flow Fans – An introduction

Axial Flow Fans

Figure 1: Axial Flow Fans

Starting from the very introduction of the axial flow fans, if you aren’t familiar with the term then we will elaborate it for you. The blades of the axial flow fan are connected together at a centre point which is called the axis. The blades flow around the axis and extract the air from its surroundings and reveal it in the same direction of the axis (i.e. parallel). This methodology is highly effective for immediate cooling of the machines, thus, avoiding the risk of explosion.

Xinno as axial flow fan manufacturer, our engineers carry out the design of axial flow fans. They draw up the laws and directives which are followed in the production of axial flow fans at our production sites. We enforce an effective strategic environment that brings out the best output from our staff and you get high-quality axial fans. 


Axial fan designs

Axial fan design

Figure 2: Axial fan design

Effective designing is the core basis for the efficient and successful working of the axial flow fans. If the design fails, there is no use of the high-quality product and the latest technology because the roots are shallow. 

Xinnuo is high-concerned about maintaining the designing paradigm and hires professional and trained designers for this purpose. Certain factors are considered before making a draft which includes

  • The size of the center disc binds the axial flow fan plates together. The airflow at this part is in the opposite direction from the tip of the blades and the slightest error can affect the whole fan working.
  • The width and the number of blades are decided precisely because the width of the blades determines the productive working of the fans. The narrow fans, however, do not bring about the best airflow out of the axial air fans. The ideal number of blades in a fan is 4 – 6.
  • We also closely design the shape of the blade because simple flat blades aren’t that effective when compared to a little curved blade. We keep the blades slightly curved inwards from the tip and the bottom.
  • The blade distance is kept according to the number of blades to avoid the risk of collision. Moreover, the blades vibrate during the working mode which is quite obvious. If the vibration increases, it can be hazardous for the fan health because it increases the pressure on the blades.
  • The axial flow fan motors and frame are also designed according to the size and working demand. 

After being certain of the above-mentioned factors, our designers make a draft and choose the specifications according to the different models and dimensions. We run a draft analysis before undergoing the manufacturing process to ensure the safety and proper working of the fans. This is to avoid any flaws and to provide you with the best quality axial flow fans you paid for.


Types of axial fans

Over time, the industrialists have done a lot of modifications in the design and structure of the fans. It is to provide more efficiency and produce more airflow by consuming less power. There are two main types of axial fans according to shape and size. 

As the name suggests, the tube axial fans have a tube-like structure with aluminium or steel propellers. Due to their cylindrical shape, they might be equipped with ball bearings. They are cheap to buy but give great advantages by working under high temperatures and pressures. They are designed for general ventilation purposes including drying and cooling. However, to remove dirt or smoke residuals from the industrial or commercial areas, the belt tube fans are the best choice. 

Just like tube axial fans, the panel axial fans are made up of aluminium or stainless-steel alloys which are highly compatible materials to withstand strong conditions. They can be fixed directly on the walls and their propellers are usually mounted on their shaft or axis (for commercial usage). For the conditions where high-air volumes are required, the panel axial fans are a great choice.


Important parts axial fans 

Centrifugal vs. Axial flow fans

Figure 3: Parts of Axial flow fans

It would be unfair not to discuss the important parts of the axial air fans. They serve as a root to the overall functioning of the axial flow fans. At Xinnuo, the fan parts are designed to serve their specific functions.  These parts include 

  • Imported motor: The powerhouse of the fans
  • Blades: 3 – 8 depending upon the requirement. They are the building blocks of airflow.
  • Bearings: Usually installed in cylindrical axial flow fans 
  • Fan casing: Protects the fan from getting damaged
  • Impellers: produce torque and bring the air pressure towards the centre of the axial flow fans.
  • Propellers: they expel the air out of the axis in the parallel direction to the blades.
  • Noise controller: an instrument for maintaining noise during the working of the fans. 
  • Switches: To control the high and low volumes and turn on and off functions. 
  • Duct area: Where the wire is connected.
  1. Axial vane: directs the gas or air to flow in the axial direction.

For the proficient working of the axial flow fans, all these parts must not be worn out. Ensure that they are in good condition and see the product working. If any part is broken or you detect malfunctioning of some parts, just give us a call and our technicians will help you sort the fans. 

The Installation process of axial fans 

Keep in mind that the installation process of all the fans is not the same for every type of fan. It is different for ducted and non-ducted axial air fans. The process of installation of axial fans is very delicate. Don’t install them in the areas where different volumes of the air overlap as it may hinder the working of the impeller and your axial flow fan may not work properly. Keep the mouth of the fans open in the front and a little narrow at the ends just like the bells. This allows the maximum room for the air to flow through. Always read the instructions of installation beforehand on the Xinnuo product catalogue. This is because a little study keeps you from a bigger flaw.

Different sizes 

As an axial flow fans manufacturer, Xinnuo has a diverse range of extension sizes.  From 8 inches to 24 inches blade fan width, we provide you with versatile fans with different sets of features. Other than the basic three sizes that are small, medium, and large, you can personalise your design with specific features. 

The Manufacturing process of axial fans 

The manufacturing process of the axial flow fans at Xinnuo is affordable and takes a few steps. 

First, we follow the imperial design of the fans and choose environmentally friendly materials such as aluminium or steel for the blades and inner parts. The outer casing can be of metal and plastic depending upon your preferences. Then, we proceed to the practical implementation using the latest technology motors, monitoring screens, and spare parts. Our equipment is sanitised and our construction site follows the health and safety codes. 


Working principle of axial fans 

Working Principle of Axial flow fan

Figure 4: Working Principle of Axial flow fan

Due to the simple yet efficient manufacturing process of the Xinnuo team, the working principle is also simple to understand. When you turn on the axial air fan, its impeller takes the air from the surroundings and passes it towards the axis or centre of the blades. If the air density is low, the axial fans take less load to operate and vice versa. The air flows in the axial direction of the fans and thus provides the cooling effect by taking away all the hot air. 

Specifications and features 

Xinnuo’ stop concern is to install the axial flow fans with immense features and specifications so that enjoy the quality work out of your investment. 

We have devised the following specifications and features for our fans.

  • Durable design and high strength frame
  • You can change the positions of the airflow with ease. The parallel position of the propellers, however, brings forth the high airflows.
  • They are constructed with a high-potency material that can resist strong environmental conditions including corrosion, rust, and abrasion. 
  • They can be easily maintained with no special treatment or assistance. You easily get to know the residing faults as the axial flow fan construction is simple and easy to understand. 
  • If you need cooling or ventilation at a place in the industry where you want minimum noise, then there is no better option than the axial fans. They produce no noise and are perfect for the circumstances where peace is to be maintained.
  • With the advanced technology and a set of exceptional mechanical features, the lifespan of these fans has increased up to a certain height. 
  • You get the maximum airflow out of these fans without getting them heated. 
  • Low power consumption and high output.


Industrial and commercial uses

Xinnuo is an axial flow fans manufacturer  which are used in a wide range of industrial applications. These axial fans help to cool heated machines. Enabling them to maintain their temperature and to start working again at normal temperatures. It is also used to take away the dust produced during the manufacturing process and often helps in drying. While in commercial areas, these fans are constantly utilised as ceiling fans, car fans to avoid heating, cooling fans, and exhaust fans.

Technical Specifications of Axial Flow 

The experienced engineers of Xinnuo introduce the following technical specifications to your axial flow fans.

  • Voltage: 220 – 380 V 
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Current: 0.25 to 2.25 amperes 
  • Power: 65 – 2700 W
  • Rated speed: 930 – 2700 rpm
  • Pressure: 60 – 250 Pa


Axial fan cost

The cost of the axial flow fans is directly proportional to the energy consumption and the set of features you choose to have in them. On average, the price of a single fan is $4k to $5k, however, the bulk price may differ. Don’t worry about the cost while setting up your relations with Xinnuo because we provide cost-effective prices to our clients. 

Difference between actual and tested performance 

During the manufacturing process of the axial flow fans, we run the performance tests two times. One is conducted at the time of design formation and the other is conducted after the manufacturing for the final approval of the satisfied working. The performance tests can differ, supported by the argument that what is on the paper is an ideal state while in reality, no ideal state exists except for the closest precision. To elaborate, there is no need to worry if there is a little fluctuation in the tests, however, it should not be far beyond the intended designs. 

Axial fans vs. centrifugal fans 

Centrifugal vs. Axial flow fans

Figure 5: Centrifugal vs. Axial flow fans

It is important to note the difference between these two fans because they are often misunderstood. 

  • An axial flow fan promotes the blade flow around its axis while the centrifugal fan takes the help of the ducts to create high air pressure.
  • The power consumption of both fans differs. The axial fans consume less horsepower than centrifugal fans.
  • The cost also fluctuates between the two fans with axial fans being the cheaper ones.
  • The application of the axial fans lies in the general sector while centrifugal fans are subjected to high-pressure drying and cooling

Single and multi-stage axial flow fans 

Xinnuo manufactures single stage axial flow fans for the sake of low air-pressure needs. To deal with the massive pressure, we manufacture multi-impeller axial fans that can be installed together forming a series of fans. They collectively generate high airflow that fulfils our requirements. 


Axial flow fan manufacturers 

There are a lot of axial flow fan manufacturers in China but not any competitive match to Xinnuo. Our techniques are advanced and our workforce is trained to work under pressure and offers innovation in machine designs. We introduce a unique set of qualities in our axial flow fans and our customers are satisfied internationally. You’re free to contact us within our active hours (which are 24 hours a day)!

Axial flow fans offered by Xinnuo 

We provide a wide variety of axial flow fans such as 

  • Tube axial fan
  • Panel cooling fan
  • External rotor axial fan 
  • Dc axial fan 
  • Ac axial fan 
  • Axial fan blower 
  • Axial bifurcated fan

Choose a fan of your choice and place your order at market competitive prices.

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