5 Best Gearbox Manufacturers in China

Geared motors are commonly used in industries where speed control and high torque transmission is the primary requirement. Gear speed reduction motors provide high torque, controlled speed, and maximum power output. A geared motor work as a speed reducer and high rotation supplier, thus; the demand for the gearbox is rapidly increasing in the industries. However, finalizing the best gearbox suppliers in China could be complicated.

Figure 1- Gear reduction motor

Figure 1: Gear Reduction Motor

 In this article, we will go through the 5 best gearbox manufacturers in China that deliver premium quality and highly capable gear reducers globally.

The 5 best gearbox manufacturers in China list

1. Xinnuo Motor:

Xinnuo Motor is top of the list of best gearbox manufacturers that designs innovative and reliable products. Xinnuo Motor develops high-precision gearboxes with customizable features for its international customers. Xinnuo manufactures all products with 100% copper coil and raw material to ensure quality and reliability. Moreover, the company proudly claims that its annual output is more than 20 million. The best thing about the company is that they offer pre and post-purchase services to its clients.

Types of gearboxes Xinnuo Motor offers:

Xinnuo Motor offers a diverse variety of gearboxes and reducers. Some common types of gearboxes that Xinnuo motor manufactures are as follows;

Planetary Gearboxes: Planetary gearboxes are high torque producing gearboxes that are used with the motor to increase overall performance, endurance, and reliability. The planetary-type gearbox has four meshing points that efficiently control the speed of the motor. These gearboxes are widely used in high precision industries, such as agriculture, automotive, and pumping industries.

Figure 2- Planetary Gear reducer

Figure 2: Planetary Gear Reducer

Worm Gear Reducers: Worm gearbox reducers are ideal for reducing the speed without affecting the power output of the motor. These motors are designed to drive high-grade industrial operations without errors. The structure of the gear wheel motor is robust. The teeth, screw, spiral, and wheel coordinate together to drive the motor. Some common applications of worm-geared motor are the packaging industry, conveyors, and lifting machinery.

Helical Gearbox: Another widely used type of gearbox is the helical gear box. The teeth of bevel gearboxes are angled, which increases the contact during meshing. These gear reducers are low noise bearing, low power consumption, and compact in size. Bevel gearboxes are used in many high-volume industries such as the crushing/mining industries, conveyors, construction, and plastic industries.

Xinnuo Motor also offers a variety of electric motors such as three-phase motors, Single phase motors, and NMVR reducers.

2. Zhejiang Tousu Motor Manufacturing Co:

Zhejiang Tousu Motor is another famous name among the best gearbox manufacturers in China. Zhejiang Tousu Motor has a qualified technical team that performs quality tests to ensure the standard working of gear reduction motors. The company claims that they provide customizable reduction motors at a very affordable price range.

Here is the list of speed reducers and gear boxes that Zhejiang Tousu Motor offers;

  • Mc/ H Series Industrial Gearbox
  • Shaft mounting reducer
  • Hollow Shaft speed reducer
  • 150 rotation Reduction Motor
  • X/B series gearbox

3. Shenzhen Greelife Technology:

Shenzhen GreeLife Technology is another best gearbox manufacturers in China. The company has advanced engineering capabilities to produce outstanding products. The company produces quality gearbox china made and hardware products.

Shenzhen Greelife offers the following types of gear-boxes to its customers;

  • Small/big planetary gear reducer
  • DC gear speed reducers
  • Brushed/brushless gear motors

4. Suzhou Dawang Transmission Equipment:

Suzhou Dawang is another prominent name in the list of best gearbox manufacturers in China. The company is known for large-scale motor production. The motor supplier has over 70% export percentage making them successful in the international market.

Suzhou Dawang offers the following gearboxes;

  • Right-angled helical gearbox
  • Anti-rotation worm-gear motor
  • P series planetary gear reducer

5. Zhengzhou Aokman Machinery:

Lastly, Zhengzhou Aokman machinery is a well-known gear reducer supplier in China. Zhengzhou Aokman Machinery has vast manufacturing teams that deliver innovative and excellent products. The qualified team of the company passes the machinery through several quality tests to ensure error-free operation.

  • Cycloidal Gear reducer

Figure 3- Cycloidal Gearbox

Figure 3: Cycloidal Gearbox

  • Customized reduction motors
  • Planetary gearbox
  • Hypoid speed reducers

How to shortlist the best gearbox manufacturers in China:

Selecting a trustworthy and capable speed reducer supplier from China is not an easy task. You need to consider multiple factors while selecting the best gearbox China supplier. To shortlist the best gearbox manufacturers in China, you need to consider the following factors;

  • Make sure the company is credible and has quality assurance certificates.
  • Always ensure that the company has an international reach and delivers worldwide.
  • Always choose the supplier that offers customization and quotation services.
  • Make sure the manufacturer offers pre and post-purchase services and covers damaged products under the warranty policy.


Gear reduction motors have become a significant part of the motor industry. Therefore, selecting the right company is necessary to ensure the quality, capability, and durability of gearboxes. This article has discussed the best gearbox manufacturers in China to help you find the right gear reducer for your machinery. Xinnuo Motor provides 100% customization and quotation services to its customers. Contact us for further information.

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