A Selection Guide To China Explosion Proof Motors

Is your working environment at risk of explosions? If you are constantly worried about the safety at workplace, an explosion-proof motor is the all-in-one solution for you. These motors provide maximum protection from overheating, sparks, and flammable materials

Xinnuo explosion proof motors are characterized as safe and efficient motors because these motors operate flawlessly under high mechanical stress. Xinnuo Motor is the top-priority electric motor manufacturer that delivers standard quality explosion proof motors globally. 

China Explosion Proof Motors

Figure 1: China Explosion Proof Motors

So, choose China explosion proof motor for the safety of your equipment and property. In this guide, we will discuss different types, classifications, and applications of explosion-proof motors. So, please keep reading!

What is a China explosion proof motor? 

China explosion-proof motors are the type of motors that are specified for operating in hazardous locations. These motors have an internal explosion mechanism that prevents high-grade blasts and equipment damage. The flame proof motors are made with 100% stainless steel, copper aluminum, or cast iron to reduce the risks of friction and sparks. 

These motors prevent equipment malfunction, property damage, or in the worst scenario, severe injuries. 

Different types of explosion-proof motors:

Here are some common types of explosion proof motors that are used for different commercial and domestic applications. 

Figure 2 Asynchronous Motor

Figure 2: Asynchronous motor

  • Synchronous motors (Flame-proof)
  • Three-phase explosion proof motors
  • Single-phase explosion-proof motors

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China explosion-proof motors—Classification:

Figure 3 Classification of Hazardous Areas

Figure 3: Classification of hazardous areas 

Understanding the UL classification of hazardous locations is significant to find the right China explosion proof motor for your application. Let’s understand the explosion-proof motor classification;


  • Class I: It includes ignitable vapors or gas in the air, such as gasoline, acetylene, or combustible gas.
  • Class II: It includes flammable substances in the environment, such as dust particles, grains, and coal dust.
  • Class III: These locations indicate the presence of flammable fibers and flying, such as wood shavings or cotton gins. 


  • Division I: This type of location includes a commercial facility, which is hazardous even under normal conditions. These areas confirm the presence of ignition substances or gases.
  • Division II: These locations are dangerous only under an abnormal situations. For example, a sudden rupture or a burst can cause the spilling of a combustible substance.


  • Group A, B: These groups include acetylene, hydrogen, and explosive gases.
  • Group C and D: The ignition material in these groups includes gasoline, butane, and propane.
  • Group E, F & G: It includes flammable dust such as metal dust, carbon black, coke dust, starch, flour, and grains.

Identifying reliable China explosion proof motor manufacturers: 

The global demand for explosion proof electric motors has been growing continuously with the expansion of safety awareness. However, finding a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer from China seems like a tough job. 

These are some of the most crucial factors a buyer must consider identifying reliable motor manufacturers in China. Let’s have a look;

  • Identify the company’s background and manufacturing material before short-listing it. Make sure they use high-grade stainless steel and 100% copper coil for manufacturing explosion-proof motors.
  • Analyze the production capacity and overseas operation of the supplier. These factors will help you understand the maximum delivery time and MOQ.
  • Make sure the company has quality assurance and safety standard certification of explosion-proof motors. The certifications include ICE, ISO9001, UL, and IECEx. 
  • Ensures that the chosen manufacturer offers free quotation and customization services to its customers according to their requirements. 
  • Make sure the company provides pre and post-purchase services and an installation guide. 

Which industries use China explosion proof motors? 

The applications of explosion proof motors in the commercial industry are widespread due to their outstanding features. Here are some significant examples of industries that use China explosion-proof motors;

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Textile industry
  • Beverages and food Industry
  • Oil and gas industry 
  • Mining Industry 
  • Home appliances 
  • Pumps and blowers 

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Explosion-proof motors have become essential equipment for industries to ensure safety and protection. These motors can withstand unfavorable climates, overheating, and ignition material. Therefore, China explosion proof motors are considered the top choice of high-grade industries. 

If your machinery operations involve heat, vapors, or flammable particles, choose Xinnuo Motor’s explosion-proof motor for stress-free operation. For any queries, feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you with all pre and post-installation services. 

China Explosion Proof Motors-FAQ

How do I identify if my motor is explosion proof or not?

Figure 4 Division Markings of Explosion-proof Motors

Figure 4: Division markings of explosion-proof motors

The nameplate of explosion proof motors identifies their suitability for hazardous locations. The nameplate indicates the class, division, and group for which the model is designed. Moreover, the certification from UL, CCC, and IECEx is mentioned on these motors for identification. 

Are Chinese explosion proof motors durable?

Yes, Chinese explosion proof motors are durable and long-lasting. Although these motors do not demand frequent maintenance, a general inspection periodically can significantly improve the performance of the motor. Moreover, the quality of china explosion proof motors also depends on the selected supplier and the raw material used in manufacturing. 

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