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Cycloidal gear speed motor

  • Xinnuo Motor’s cycloidal reducer gearbox is a high torque transmission motor that reduces speed to maximize power output.
  • Xinnuo’s cyclo pinwheel electric motor gearbox has outstanding ratio quality; therefore, the speed reducer provides a maximum 90% efficiency rate. 
  • Our cyclo gear box is protected with H-type insulation and IP55, IP54 protection class to avoid damage in case of water, grease, oil, and dust contact. 
  • We have designed a cycloidal reducer gearbox with advanced scroll meshing parts to elevate working capacity and performance.

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Cycloidal gear speed motor specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

An introductory guide to cycloidal gear speed motor


A cycloidal gear speed motor is a type of transmission device that is used to decelerate motor speed. The cyclo drive system is widely used in various low-volume and high-grade machinery for torque ratio and speed reduction. Xinnuo Motor is a leading electric motor supplier in China that manufacture advanced cycloidal reducer gearbox.

Cycloidal gear speed reducer

Figure 1: Cycloidal gear speed reducer

In this introductory guide, we will discuss major types, working mechanisms, and applications of the cycloidal gearbox

Types of cycloidal gear speed motor:

There are two major types of the cycloidal electric motor gearbox


XWD-type cyclo reducer is compact, low-noise bearing, and long-lasting. These reduction motors are capable of high power transmission. XWD cycloidal pinwheel gearbox has rolling friction features that make them highly durable in harsh climate conditions. These motors are widely used in the textile industry, industrial machinery, oil industry, and chemical industry. 


This type of cycloidal motors is also utilized in the industries as driving and retarding devices. These speed reducers have a high-efficiency rate and small moment of inertia. Moreover, the BWD-cyclo gearbox is highly resistant to backlash. Therefore, BWD gearboxes are the perfect choice for high-volume industrial applications

Working of cycloidal gearbox:

Cycloidal gear speed reducers work on the principle of planetary mechanism in which the input and output shaft complete motor revolution. The rotating shafts are fitted to the ball bearing that controls the motion. The pin tooth meshing mechanism with arranged needles carries out an exceptional deceleration system inside the motor. Although all helical gear and worm gear reducers are compatible devices; however, the cyclo gearbox is an advanced reducer with improved meshing teeth to provide high gear ratios. 

Except for cycloidal gearboxes, Xinnuo Motor also offers high-quality NMVR reducers, 3-phase electric motors, and Explosion-proof motors

Applications of cyclo drive speed reducer:

Cyclo pin-wheel reducers are used in the following industries;

  • Construction industry
  • Lifting machinery and conveyors 
  • Dyeing and Printing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Mining industry
  • Textile and metallurgy industry 

These days, industries are using cyclo speed reducers for advanced speed reduction applications. Cycloidal gear speed motors have outstanding high ratios and efficiency, which make them superior to other gearboxes. If you are looking for a trustable manufacturer of cycloidal gear speed motor, Xinnuo motor should be your choice. Contact us to get free consultation and quotations. 

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