Top 10 Electric Motor Manufacturers In China


In today’s advanced life, every life activity surrounds near electric motors. From home appliances to industrial machinery, machines operate us. If you are looking for the best electric motor manufacturers in China, we are here to help you out. In this blog post, we will go through the top 10 electric motor manufacturers in China. The list includes

  • Xinnuo Motor
  • Ningbo Fenghua Hongma motor
  • Shanghai Pinnxun Electric Motor
  • Taizhou Taicheng Electrical Equipment
  • Taizhou Sweelin Electromechanical
  • Zhejiang Yachan Electrical Machinery
  • Zhejiang Dagao Electric Motor
  • Jiangsu Dazhong Electric Motor
  • Anhui Wannan Electric Machine
  • RongCheng Hengli Electric Motor

You can choose these electric motor manufacturers in China to get reliable and cost-effective motors.

Let’s discuss these companies further,

1. XINNUO Motors:

Xinnuo motor is one of the leading electric motor manufacturers in China. The company is the top electric motor manufacturer with over 10 production lines and 300,000+ annual outputs. The china electric motor company is a global supplier pioneer. It offers high-quality, reliable, and customizable electric motors. Xinnuo motors produce quality electric motors with 100% copper coil and electric steel. The China electric motor supplier has annual revenue of USD 10 million. It makes them superior in the international marketplace. Moreover, Xinnuo Motor has a qualified Quality Control team and Customer care. The company claims to provide high-quality products at a very competitive price. The delivery time of Xinnuo motor is 18-20 days for in-stock orders. But, the company offers 28-30 days for customized products. The electric motor supplier offers pre and post-purchase services to its customers. Xinnuo provides free quotation and repairing services to its consumers globally.

Types of Electric Motors XINNUO Offers:

Xinnuo is one of the top-notch electric motor manufacturers in China. Xinnuo motor has a wide range of electric motors for different industrial applications. The china electric motor supplier offers:

Let’s discuss some bestsellers in detail:

Single Phase Electric Motors

Xinnuo’s single-phase electric motors are lightweight and convenient. Clients use these motors for single-phase electric supply. Xinnuo Single phase electric motors have B/F type insulation. It has a 50HZ-60HZ frequency rate. Single phase electric motors are used in compressors, medical equipment, and small machines. They have compact size and shape.

Figure 1 Single-Phase Electric Motors

Figure 1: Single-Phase Electric Motors

Xinnuo Motor offers the following single-phase electric motors to its customers:

  • YL Series Dual-Value Capacitor Motor
  • YC/YCL Series Asynchronous Motor
  • MY/ML (ALU) Series single-phase Motor
  • MY/ML (ALU) Series motor with Capacitor B35

Three-Phase Electric Motors

Xinnuo Motor offers high efficiency and industrial electric motors. The three-phase electric motors are low vibrating and noise bearing. China Electric Motor Company manufactures 3 phase electric motors on IEC34-1 standards. The Xinnuo electric motors are water and dust-resistant. Three-phase electric motors have an ICO141 cooling method to dissipate heat.

Here is the list of three-phase electric motors that Xinnuo offers:

  • Y2 Series Small Size/Big Three-phase Motor
  • Y2 Series B5 Flange Three-phase Motor
  • GOST Standard Small/Big Size 3 Phase Motor
  • YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency motor
  • MS Series B5, B35, B14 Flange motor

Explosion-Proof Electric Motors

Factories and industrial sites experience casual blasts and sparks. The leading electric motor manufacturers in China develop explosion-proof motors for industrial usage. The permanent magnet and cooling system protect the electric motor from overheating. It also ensures protection from electric sparks. Xinnuo Motors offer YBX3 Series Explosion Proof (Induction) Electric Motor.

Figure 2 Explosion-proof Electric Motor


Figure 2: Explosion-Proof Electric Motor

Water-Cooling Electric Motors

Xinnuo Motor offers permanent magnet water-cooled electric motors. These motors are designed for smooth machinery operation under severe environmental conditions. Industries install water-cooling electric motors in heavy vehicles, trucks, and high-speed motorcycles.

2. Ningbo Fenghua Hongma Motor:

Ningbo Fenghua Hongma is one of the top 10 electric motor manufacturers in China. The factory of Ningbo Fenghua motor is located in Ningbo City. China Electric Motor Company has above 10 production lines with over US$2.5 Million – US$5 Million output. The electric motor supplier has ICE certificates to meet international customers’ demands.

Types of Electric Motor Ningbo Fenghua Hongma Manufacture:

The china electric motor suppliers manufacture a wide range of electric motors. It includes:

  • YL, YCL, and YC single-phase motors
  • High voltage motors
  • Three-phase multi-speed motors.

Here we will discuss some bestseller electric motors:

IE1 Asynchronous Electric Motors

Ningbo Fenghua Hongma manufactures IE1 electric motors for heavy industrial operations. The IE1 series has high efficiency and large starting torque. It controls the machinery operations. It has B3, B5, and B35 mounting dimensions, which approve the ICE standards.

Three-Phase Induction Motors

Most electric motor manufacturers in China design high-quality three-phase induction motors. Manufacturers design these motors for industrial and commercial applications. Three phase motors have high speed and top-notch accuracy levels. Moreover, Ningbo Fenghua’s three-phase motors have B and F class insulation. These features make them water and dust-resistant.

Electromagnetic Brake Motor

China electric motor Company Ningbo has produced self-cooling motors. They have also designed electromagnetic brake motors for the textile industry. Surprisingly, the braking part and energizing coil do not consume electricity. The supplier claims that the motor has a DC brake system that assures locating stability.

Figure 3 Electromagnetic Brake Motor

Figure 3: Electromagnetic Brake Motor

3. Shanghai Pinnxun Electric Motor:

Shanghai Pinnxun is prominent name in electric motor manufacturers in China. The suppliers have more than 70% exports overseas. The factory outlet of Shanghai Pinnxun is in Shanghai City. The China electric motor supplier manufactures motors and provides after-purchase services. The company has exported products in more than 70 countries till now. The China electric motor company has gained an international reputation due to quality, first-class products, and after-purchase services.

Types of Electric Motor Shanghai Pinnxun Motor Supplies Globally:

Shanghai Pinnxun manufactures and supplies a wide variety of motors. The list includes:

  • High/low voltage motors
  • AC/DC electric motors
  • Russian GOST Standard motors
  • Large-size asynchronous motors.

Let’s discuss some of them:

Squirrel Cage HP Motor

Shanghai Pinnxun has become a well-known brand in electric motor manufacturers in China. Shanghai Pinnxun manufactures innovative and premium quality products. The squirrel cage high power motor has laminating core and squirrel cage rotors. It increases the lifespan and durability of the electric motor. The advanced squirrel cage has IP44 or IP54 protection that ensures less maintenance.

Slip Ring Low Voltage Motor

Slip Ring motor (JR series) has low voltages range, making it accessible for domestic use. The low voltage slip ring motors are implemented in the compressors, pumps, and blowers. It has an anti-condensation space heater which provides advanced thermal protection.

Russian GOST Motor

Shanghai Pinnxun launches new and innovative products for the international market. Recently, the China electric motor company launched GOST motor for the Russian market. The GOST motor is available in both high and low voltage ranges. Manufacturers design these motors for pumps and fans. It helps to carry out clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations easily.

Figure 4 Russian GOST Electric Motor

Figure 4: Russian GOST Electric Motor

4. Taizhou Taicheng Electrical Equipment:

Taizhou Taicheng Electrical Equipment is located in Taizhou in the Zhejiang Province. The company has started to gain international attention. It produces high-quality and cost-effective products. After successful business in Southeast Asia, the China electric motor suppliers have expanded their business. China electric motor company has become one of the renowned electric motor manufacturers in China.

Taizhou Offers the Following Types of Electric Motors:

Taizhou manufacture high-quality fan motors, air-conditioner motors, water-cooled motor, and industrial motor. Some of them are as follows:

Permanent Magnet Ultra-High Efficiency Motor

The permanent magnet high torque motor is perfect for industrial applications. It provides a high-efficiency rate and starting torque. Taizhuo’s designed brushless permanent magnet motor has variable speed. It also has adjustable frequency levels. Warehouses, industrial plants, and the fan industry use these motors.

Ml Series Single-Phase Electric Motor

The electric motor manufacturers in China produce MI series single-phase electric motor. These motors are best for commercial and domestic use. The company produces MI series motors with 100% copper wire. It provides a 72% efficiency rate. The MI series single-phase motors are lightweight and less vibrating. This is why they are widely implemented in home appliances.

YE3 3 Phase AC Electric Motor

Taizhou has manufactured exclusive YE3 series three-phase motors on the ICE standards. The china motor company Tiazhuo has improved the mouse cage casting recently.  They have designed a lightweight and less noisy YE3 series motor. Moreover, it has a self-cooling system with less than 40 centigrade ambient temperature. Petroleum, mining, mechanical equipment, and chemical industries use these electric motors.

Figure 5 YE3 3-phase AC Electric Motor

Figure 5: YE3 3-Phase AC Electric Motor

5. Taizhou Sweelin Electromechanical:

Taizhou Sweelin Electromechanical is a famous electric motor manufacturers in China. The manufacturer has annual export revenue of 5 million to 10 million USD. The China Electric Motor Company is situated in Wufeng Industrial Park, Wenling City. The international motor suppliers own seven production departments in China. Quality, integrity, and satisfaction are the core goal of Taizhou Sweelin Electromechanical.

Taizhou Sweelin Electromechanical Manufacture Following Electric Motors:

Taizhou Sweelin Electromechanical produces Y2 series electric motor and YEJ electromagnetic electric motors.

Let’s discuss some of the electric motors manufactured by Taizhou Sweelin Electromechanical:

3 Phase AC Electric Motor

Taizhou Sweelin Electromechanical produces 3 phase electric motor on large scale. The manufacturer claims that the motors are precise with low noise bearing. It is applied to industrial pumps, fans, and reducers.

Xntz Series Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Xntz is a high-quality permanent magnet brushless motor manufactured by Taizhou Sweelin Electromechanical. The China electric motor company utilizes 100% raw material for manufacturing synchronous motors. Moreover, the company provides complete customization and variable frequency range to its customers.

6. Zhejiang Yachan Electrical Machinery:

The list of “top 10 electric motor manufacturers in China” is incomplete without Zhejiang Yachan. It is another visible name in the marketplace. Zhejiang Yachan electrical machinery is based in Lianshu Industrial Zone, Wenling City. The China electric motor supplier uses modern techniques to produce “Yachan” series motors.

Types of Motors Zhejiang Yachan Offers to its Customers:

Zhejiang Yachan manufactures a broad variety of electric motors. It includes:

  • JY single-phase asynchronous motors
  • Electromagnetic variable speed motors
  • MY/ML aluminum shell motors
  • YVP variable-frequency and variable-speed motors.

Some top-selling Zhejiang Yachan electric motors are as follows:

Ie2 High-Efficiency Three Phase Electric Motor

Ie2 SERIES is high efficient three-phased motor manufactured for advanced industrial machinery. The motor provides 100% output and 80-90% efficiency rate.

Yej2 Series Three Phase Induction Motor

Yej2 Series Three Phase Induction Motor is made of aluminum alloy casting and 100% copper coil. The China electric motor supplier Zhejiang Yachan has re-designed the model to include a dc brake and squirrel cage.

MS Series Induction Motor

MS Series induction motor has been used in water pumps, air coolers, fans, and compressors. Yachan’s MS Series provides extended performance and life. These motors have F insulting and IC411 to keep up low maintenance features.

7. Zhejiang Dagao Electric Motor:

Zhejiang Dagao Electric Motor is another top seller in the top 10 electric motor manufacturers in China. The china electric motor company is situated in Taizhou city. The company has over 300 sales centers across the country. The company has been producing electric motors since 1988. The company is dominating the electric motor industry with 30 years of experience.

Zhejiang Dagao Offers the Following Electric Motors:

  • Zhejiang Dagao supplies
  • YB2, YB3, YE2, YE3 motors
  • YEJ series electric motors
  • Cast iron motors high-efficiency motors

Some very popular motors are as follows:

YEJ2 Brake Series Motor

The china electric motor supplier manufactures the YEJ2 brake series motor for stability and control. The YEJ2 series motors have DC electromagnetic brake to control machinery operations.

YB2, YB3 Explosion-Proof Motors

Dagao motor designed YB2 and YB3 explosion-proof motors for hot weather conditions. It also decreases the chances of fire explosions at the workplace. The electric motor manufacturers in China make protective motors to ensure safety from hazardous conditions.

YD Multi-Speed Electric Motor

YD multi-speed electric motor provides a variable speed and frequency range. These motors are the best choice for many industrial and domestic purposes. The Chemical and petroleum industries are the major applications of YD multi-speed motors.

Figure 6 YD multi-speed electric motor

Figure 6: YD Multi-Speed Electric Motor

8. Jiangsu Dazhong Electric Motor:

Jiangsu Dazhong electric motor is another famous electric motor manufacturers in China. The China electric motor supplier Jiangsu Dazhong is based in Jingjiang City. The company is exporting products to more than thirty countries. The china electric motor company has about 460 technicians working currently. It has about 50 million units annual production capacity to keep up with the international market.

Jiangsu Supplies the Following Electric Motors Worldwide:

Jiangsu exports a wide catalog of electric motors to its global customers. Flameproof motor, large DC electric motor, GOST motors, and NEMA D induction motors.

Ydf2-011 Valve Actuator Motor Valve-Operated Motor

Ydf2 valve motors are designed to operate with an electric actuator. It has an IC400 cooling way and B5 mounting type. This electric motor provides high torque and rotational stability.

Aim-180 Exdiibt4 GOST Standard Motor

The China electric motor company Jiangsu Dazhong produces GOST motor according to new technology. The GOST motors are low voltages making them eco-friendly and more stable.

Y2 Compact High Voltage Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

Y2 Compact High Voltage motors are suitable for industrial use. The motor demand a high voltage range and power supply. These are also known as SCR motors due to their high efficiency and voltage capacity.

9. Anhui Wannan Electric Machine:

Anhui Wannan Electric Machine Co is emerging electric motor manufacturers in China. The company has over 1800 employees currently working with the organization. The China electric motor supplier owns 120 sales departments in China operating worldwide. Moreover, it has gained a 15% international market share in the fiscal year of 2018.

Types of Electric Motors Anhui Wannan Offers:

Anhui Wannan manufactures diverse categories of electric motors. It includes certified IE2 & IE3 motors, NEMA motors, and explosion-proof electric motors.

Water Pump Motor Three Phase Electric Motor

Anhui Wannan designed three-phase motors, especially for water pumping purposes. It is implemented in all kinds of water pumps. The motors have F-grade insulation and an advanced tank box shape. These characteristics provide durability and high performance.

Dust Proof Explosion Proof Motor

China electric motor suppliers design dust-proof and explosion-proof motors for customers. These features protect motors from weather and severe working conditions. These motors have IP65 protection and F-type insulation. It restricts dust particles inside the motor.

Three Phase Electric Motors for Fire Pump Application

Wannan’s three-phase fire pump motor has cast iron housing and a double shaft. The advanced mechanism increases operational capacity. The oil and gas industry uses these electric motors for durable performance.

10. RongCheng Hengli Electric Motor:

RongCheng Hengli Motor Electric Motor is another popular name in the poll of “top 10 electric motor manufacturers in China.” The China electric motor company is also known as Hengli motor. It is located in Rongcheng, Xiazhuang. The company is ICE certified and is working to expand its international reach.

RongCheng Hengli Offers the following Electric Motors:

RongCheng Hengli manufactures various types of electric motors. The company produces motors on large scale to meet international requirements. YM series, YL series, cast aluminum MS series and low-voltage motors are some manufactured motors at RongCheng Hengli.

YL Series Three Phase Electric Motor

RongCheng YL series motors have an AC cooling tower for protection. It ensures normal working in a wet and hot environment. Home appliances, refrigerators, and cooling machinery factories use YL series motors.

YM Series Induction Motor

YM series induction motors have precise dust-proof bearing and silicon steel sheets. It improves the performance and lifespan of the motor. The China electric motor company designs YM series induction motors for manufacturing tools.

Figure 7 YM series induction motor

Figure 7: YM Series Induction Motor

Waterproof Submersible Induction Motor

The CE-certified water-proof induction motor works perfectly under wet conditions. The china electric motor supplier has manufactured this motor for appliances and machinery that come in contact with water.

How to Choose the Best Electric Motor Manufacturers in China?

If you are having trouble choosing the best electric motor manufacturer, we are here to help. While choosing the right electric motor supplier, you must consider the following factors:


Always inquire about the quality and manufacturing material of electric motors before purchasing. Ask the customer care and consultation team to get manufacturing material information. Choose electric motor manufacturer in China that produces electric motors with 100% copper coil.

Delivery Time:

International delivery time is a very important factor. If you are ordering from China Motor Company, choose a fast delivering company. Make sure the company you selected delivers products at the required time. Usually, the delivery time for china electric motor suppliers is 25-30 days.


Customization is another crucial factor to consider while purchasing electric motors. Choose the electric motor manufacturer that offers speed, frequency, and voltage customization. Ask the consultation team to adjust and customize speed, frequency, and voltage according to your machinery requirements.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

“Good reviews mean good experience.”

Customer reviews and testimonials play an important role in identifying the reputation and credibility of the company. Always check out clients’ testimonials and reviews before choosing China electric motor Company. Explore what previous clients say about the services of the electric motor supplier.

Before and After-Sale Services:

The top electric motor manufacturers in China offer easy maintenance and repair services to customers. Moreover, the suppliers also offer a free quotation before buying. Choose electric motor manufacturers in China that provide pre and post-purchase services.

Exchange and Return Policy:

Check out the exchange/return policy of the electric motor manufacturer. Before placing orders, check out if the company offers a warranty. Never buy electric motors that do not come with 1 year+ warranty. The top 10 electric motor manufacturers in China provide one year warranty on motors. Moreover, the warranty on other products depends on the category. Moreover, China electric motor suppliers provide exchange and return policies for damaged products.


The top 10 electric motor manufacturers in China list will help you choose the best electric motor company. You can choose a company according to your requirements. Xinnuo – a leading china electric motors manufacturing company provides high-quality, innovative, budget-friendly, and environment-friendly electric motors. The China electric motor suppliers also deliver products globally. Moreover, these companies are gaining a reputation worldwide. Quality and satisfaction is the topmost priority of electric motor manufacturers in China.

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