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  • 100% Copper Coil
  • High Precision And Low Noise Bearing
  • One Time Molding
  • Low Vibration
  • 100% Power Output

Electric Motor Manufacturers Catagory

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

MS Series Aluminum Shell Three-phase
MS Series Aluminum Shell Three-phase B35 Flange Electric‌ ‌Motor‌
Y2 Series Big Size Three-phase E
Y2 Series Big Size Three-phase Electric Motor
Y3 Series B35 Flange Three-phase Electric Motor(IE1IE2IE3)
YCT Series Electromagnetic Speed
YCT Series Electromagnetic Speed Regulating Electric Motor
YD Series Pole-Changing Multi-Speed Three-Phase Electric Motor
YD Series Pole-Changing Multi-Speed Three-Phase Electric Motor
YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency
YE3 Series Ultra-high Efficiency Big Size Three-phase Electric Motor
YEJ Series Three-phase Electric Motor With AC brake
YEJ Series Three-phase Electric Motor With AC brake
YVF2 YVP Series Variable Frequency Speed Three-phase Asynchronous Electric Motor
YVF2 YVP Series Variable Frequency Speed Three-phase Asynchronous Electric Motor
MYML(ALU) Series Aluminum Shell Single Phase With Capacitor Electric Motor
MYML(ALU) Series Aluminum Shell Single Phase With Capacitor Electric Motor
MYML(ALU) Series Aluminum Shell
MYML(ALU) Series Aluminum Shell Single Phase With Capacitor B35 Electric Motor
YL Series Single-Phase Dual-Valu
YL Series Single-Phase Dual-Value Capacitor Electric Motor
YCYCL Series Single Phase Capacitors Asynchronous Electric Motor
YCYCL Series Single Phase Capacitors Asynchronous Electric Motor

Electric Motor

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

Electric Motor Manufacturers Specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
AltitudeNo more than 1000M
Rated voltage220V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP44、IP55
Insulation classB、F
Cooling methodICO141
DutyContinuous S1

Data Sheet of Electric Motor Manufacturers

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Factory Tour

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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

Electric Motor Manufacturers | The Complete FAQ Guide 

Electric motors consume almost 50% of the total global electricity. That tells how vital an electric motor is. The electric motor is an essential aspect of modern life. From day to day life to large industrial production, electric motors are mandatory in every field. Therefore, electric motor manufacturers play a crucial role from behind the scenes of modern civilization. 

Xinnuo Motor Supply High Performance Motors From 1HP Up To 500HP. Such as 1 hp electric motor, 10 hp electric motor, 20 hp electric motor, 30 hp electric motor, 100 hp electric motor and so on.

As a leading electric motor manufacturer in China, we face various questions about different aspects of electric motors. That prompted us to create a complete FAQ guide on Electric motor manufacturers.

1. What is an Electric Motor?  

An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. This device turns the electricity into the mechanical rotation of a rotor or spindle. This rotation is then converted into linear motion in different applications. 

Most electric motors uses the magnetic field of the motor and electric current to produce force in the form of torque. 

Electric Motor

Figure 1 – Electric motor

Electric motor manufacturers produce a wide range of products that can work in various voltages according to the available supply and applications type.

2. What Do Electric Motor Manufacturers Do? 

The number of electric motors used in large buildings, infrastructures, and different industries globally is over 300 million. Every year more than 30 million motors are sold globally. And the market is growing day by day.

All of those electric motors are produced by electric motor manufacturers. They design different electric motors to fulfil the market need. Electric motor manufacturers also have a dedicated R&D team to develop new products and improve the old ones.

To produce high-quality electric motors, excellent electric motor manufacturers possess skilled and experienced engineers. Besides, they also have a top-quality manufacturer team.

Good quality electric motor manufacturers also provide excellent manufacturing facilities such as the latest machines, testing environment, and production capabilities.

Manufacturing and selling are never effective without excellent customer care service. Therefore, electric motor manufacturers also provide perfect after-sales service.

From order taking to product design, from manufacturing to quality test, from packaging to delivering to the customers’ doorstep, electric motor manufacturers complete every step with utmost professionalism.

3. What Are The Types of Motor That Electric Motor Manufacturers Make? 

Electric motor manufacturers produce a wide variety of electric motors for various purposes. Here are the types of motors that electric motor manufacturers make:

Types by Current Source

AC Motors 

AC or Alternating currents power up the AC motors. In this case, the alternating currents pass through the coils and generate a rotating magnetic field resulting in torque to an output shaft. These motors do not need any commutator. Standard AC motors include generators, inverters, and power grids.

AC Motor

Figure 9 – AC Motor

DC motors 

DC motors, on the other hand, gather their power from the direct current. The voltage collected from the current rotates an armature winding. In this case, the permanent magnet is acted by non-rotating armature field frame winding.

DC Motor

Figure 10 – DC motor

If you are using a DC motor, you can control the speed by changing the applied voltage or adjusting the field frame current. Electric motor vehicles, rectifiers and batteries are some of the most used sources for DC currents.

Types by Construction

Brushed Motors 

These types of motors are also famous as commutated electric motors. These are one of the two major types of electric motors according to the internal constructions. Electric motor manufacturers provide various types of brushed motors for specific reasons.

Brushless Motors 

Brushless motors are the next generation of brushless motors. Therefore, they are more efficient and come with more lifespan than brushed motors.

As they are more efficient and have more lifespan, they rapidly replace the brushed motors in various applications. For example, most products come with brushless motors in the power tool industry instead of brushed ones.

Gear Motors

These motors use gear heads to vary speed.

Electric Hub Motors 

These types of motors are placed into the hub of a wheel. They are responsible for driving the wheel.

Types Employing Motion

You will see different types of motors according to motor motion. Some of them are Single-phase, three-phase, linear, stepper and 12 Volt motors. These motors use AC current and are primarily used in large applications and industrial productions.

Three-Phase Motors 

Three-phase electric motors come with a simple design and have high efficiency. In most cases, they are a type of induction motor. A three-phase motor uses three alternating currents (AC) and converts them to mechanical energy.

As one of China’s best three-phase electric motor manufacturers, Xinnuo motors produce highly efficient and long-lasting three-phase motors. Our three-phase motors are used all over the world in various industries and applications.

Single Phase and three phase motor

Figure 11 – Single Phase and three phase motor

Single Phase Motors 

They are another example of induction motors. These motors use single-phase AC current to produce mechanical energy.

Our top-quality efficient single-phase motors helped us to become one of the most famous electric motor manufacturers in China.

Linear Motors

As the name suggests, this motor provides straight or linear mechanical energy. That is to say; linear motors deliver motion over a single plane.

Step Motors

They are primarily like 3-phase synchronous motors. But here is the difference, a 3-phase synchronous motor can rotate without any break. Stepper motors, on the other hand, need to start and stop continuously. You would see stepper motors in robots and 3-D printers.

Types According to Energy Conversion Method

This is the classification type. Electric motor manufacturers also manufacture motors according to the electric conversion method. There are four basic types – Induction, Synchronous, Servo, and electrostatic motors.

Synchronous Motors 

They are a type of AC motor. These motors create energy from the voltage using a travelling current and rotor that travels simultaneously. And they make a rotating magnetic field together. Synchronous motors can supply the persistent speed while changing torque.

Synchronous motor

Figure 12 – Synchronous motor

Induction Motor 

They are also famous for asynchronous motors. Induction motors use the electromagnetic induction principle to function. The working process of this motor depends on a moving conductor. When the conductor moves through the electric field, it produces voltages. These motors are cheaper than synchronous motors.

Electrostatic Motors

These motors work by attraction and repulsion of electric charges. Though they use lots of power, they are available in small sizes. For example, you will see electrostatic motors in micro-mechanical systems.

Servo Motors 

Servo motors use Servomechanism or Servos that can read errors and automatically correct them. These motors also have in-built microcontrollers. You can move along with exact degrees. They are exceptionally small and used in sophisticated applications such as robotics.

4. Electric Motors Can Use in What Kinds of Industries?

Electric motor manufacturers produce motors for every industry. From DIY power tools to large scale production, electric motors are everywhere. Therefore, it is pretty impossible to list all the industries or applications that use electric motors in such a short scope.

Here are some of the industries that service from electric motor manufacturers:

General Machinery: Almost every industrial application is based on some general types of machinery such as assembly line and production machines. Every industry wants its machines to run smoothly and over an extended period of time.

Agricultural Technology: Equipment used in agriculture industries require gear motors and standard motors. Motors in the agriculture industry must be durable and sustain harsh environmental conditions.

Industrial applications of electric motors

Figure 13 – Industrial applications of electric motors

Appliances: Electric motors are an integral part of our home appliances. From CD/DVD drive to a washing machine, everything we use to get mechanical energy from electricity is powered by electric motors.

Fans and air conditioners – Fans and air conditioners use electric motors at their core. Electric motor manufacturers create various motors for Air conditioners and Fans. In Xinnuo motors, we deliver high-quality Air pumps and axial fans.

Conveyor systems – Conveyor, is an integral part of many industrial productions. There are various types of conveyors such as Automotive conveyors, Aero mechanical conveyors, Belt conveyors, Chain conveyors, etc. All of those conveyors use electric motors at their core.

Transportation equipment – There are electric motors in every piece of transportation equipment. Electric motor manufacturers can also produce customized motors for transportation equipment.

Warehouse sorting equipment – Modern warehouses use warehouse sorting equipment, and they use electric motors.

5. Which Country’s Electric Motor Manufacturers Export Most Electric Motors? 

Electric machinery is the topmost exporter and imported product in the world. Electric machinery includes electric motors, which turn electric energy into mechanical energy, generators that turn mechanical energy into electrical power, and other electromagnetic machines. Among them, electric motors are the most exported and imported items all over the world.

China has the most electric motor manufacturers

Figure – China has the most electric motor manufacturers

China is the leading exporter of electric machinery globally. And there is no surprise that China Electric motor manufacturers are also leading the export market.

In 2019 Chinese Electric motor exporters exported USD 12.7B worth of electric motors all over the world. The leading destination of these electric motors was the United States of America USD 1.92Billion, Japan USD 897 Million, Mexico 843 Million, Hongkong USD 749 Million and Germany USD 700 Million.

China exported to Vietnam USD 77.5 Million, Chile USD 72.6 Million, and Brazin USD 58.6 Million between 2018 to 2019, which were the fastest among those countries.

In June of 2021 June, Chinese electric motor manufacturers recorded USD 1.31 billion exports all over the world.

For the covid 19 pandemic Chinese market saw a decline in the electric motor export, but the country has overcome the situation in 2021.

6. What Facilities should Electric Motor Manufacturers’ Factories have? 

Electric motors are sophisticated products. Therefore, excellent manufacturing facilities are mandatory for producing high quality and efficient motors.

Manufacturing Facilities 

When you are manufacturing products, you need both facilities and equipment to operate the projected production volume throughput or capacity. Having said that, electric motor manufacturers must have the latest and efficient machinery, testing capabilities and equipment on-site and in-house.

Let’s describe the facilities electric motor manufacturers should have in brief:

Raw Material Warehouse  

Everything begins with the raw materials. Whether electric motor manufacturers are producing small motors or industrial grade motors, raw materials are the foundation. Electric motor manufacturers should have a particular purchase team and executives to conduct thorough inspections of the raw materials.

Stamping workshop 

Electric motor manufacturers should have a stamping workshop for metalworking or stamping processes. Raw materials first go to the stamping workshop for processing.

Rotor Workshop 

A rotor is an item that is situated inside the stator. Top Electric motor manufacturers use sophisticated CNC machines to produce rotors with nearly 0% tolerance. CNC machines are also excellent for mass production. In Xunno motors, we manufacture 15,000 motors per month using CNC machines.

Frame Workshop 

Single-phase and three-phase motors use Aluminium-based frames for additional durability. CNC lathe machines are used to create frames. Manufacturing frames is a sophisticated task.

Embedding Workshop 

The embedding workshop is the place where all the embedding tasks are done. Top electric motor manufacturers have an automatic wire insertion process installed to ensure fast production. Our workers in embedding workshops have over 20 years of experience.

Dipping Workshop 

Here insulation dipping treatment is done. This is a complicated mechanism, and only experienced electric motor manufacturers can maintain global-grade F-Class insulation standards for all motors.

Installation Workshop 

An installation workshop is a place where electric motor manufacturers do the assembly and installation works. In Xunno motors, we have three installation workshops equipped with efficient machinery and workers.

Packaging Workshop 

Electric motors are very sophisticated items. Therefore, proper packaging is as important as production. Top-rated electric motor manufacturers pack every motor in a honeycomb box, maintaining reasonable precautions.

Professionally Trained Manufacturing Team and Engineers 

Manufacturing motors is a complicated task, and electric motor manufacturers can not produce high-quality motors without handy engineers and a manufacturing team.

Successful electric motor manufacturers maintain an excellent working relationship with trained professionals, such as trained engineers, quality control team, professionals, supply chain, manufacturing experts, logistics, customer support, sales, etc.

7. Which is the Best Electric Motor Manufacturer In China?

Chinese electric motor manufacturers are leading the world. No country produces and exports more electric motors than China does. And that’s why China has tons of electric motor manufacturers.

Among all the electric motor manufacturers, Xunno motors have developed a unique brand value all over the world. Xinnuo motors are famous for producing high-grade single-phase and three-phase electric motors. Xinnuo motors were founded in 2000, which is not that old if we consider other prominent electric motor manufacturers in China.

Xinnuo motors in cantonfair

Figure 15 – Xinnuo motors in cantonfair

But we showed our capabilities and excellence within a very short time. It took us seven years to achieve production line efficiency. At the end of 2015, our production output reached 15 million USD.

With that success, we started our own R&D team to develop permanent magnet synchronous motors. And we show our success three years later in 2019 by launching our first permanent magnetic industrial ceiling fan.

We proudly exhibition our products in various shows in China and outside China. Some of the most successful exhibitions for us were the 125th Canton Fair, Hannover Messe Germany 2019, The 8th Taizhou Industrial Exhibition, etc.

As one of the best electric motor manufacturers in China, we have one of the best manufacturing facilities and quality control processes. Besides, we are equipped with highly trained professionals, engineers, sales and project management teams.

8.  What are Characteristics of Excellent Electric Motor Manufacturers? 

Electric motors are widely used, which is why there are lots of electric motor suppliers all over the world. Even in China, there are lots of electric motor manufacturers. And if you google for electric motor manufacturers, you will find lots of options.

However, all of them don’t have the best production capability and expertise to produce the best quality electric motors. Therefore, you should take a close look and do some research before choosing electric motor manufacturers.

Here are some characteristics of electric motor manufacturers you should consider:

Engineering Expertise, Experience and Resources

Expert electric motor manufacturers should have appropriate expertise and resources. Their DFM or Design and Manufacturing is crucial to produce efficient and durable motors.

One crucial suggestion from us, if the electric motor supplier has a similar design, then ask them what their highest production volume was. Expert electric motor manufacturers must have the capability to produce a high amount of production with efficient design.

Production Facilities

Production capability defines the strength of electric motor manufacturers. Remember, it’s not about the production volume only and how fast they can produce without compromising quality.

In addition, they must have an intense quality control procedure throughout the production process to ensure every motor is of the same quality. ISO9000 is the baseline quality management system, and a must-have requirement and top electric motor manufacturers follow the guideline efficiently.

Turnaround Times

The ability to produce an accurate quote and swift turnaround is the key to your success. Excellent electric motor manufacturers are proactive. They always give you product updates spontaneously, and you don’t have to chase them to get the update.

Effective communication is the basis of building a good relationship. And when electric motor manufacturers communicate with you and provide you updates, that means they will not delay delivering your products.

Raw Materials Sourcing and Planning

Sourcing raw materials is a specialized quality. Prominent electric motor manufacturers have excellent sourcing capabilities and source their raw materials from reputed suppliers.

Quality Control 

They must have an experienced team and all the resources to check quality in various manufacturing steps. Moreover, they also should offer third party inspections from the clients.

9. What Certificates are Necessary For Importing Electric Motors from China?  

Typically you can import any electric motors without any special documentation. But there are some specific rules and regulations applied by some countries.

For example, if you are importing from China, you will need BIS certification. Previously the Indian Government imposed this rule on importing footwear and leather products.

But in November 2020 Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) provided a list of electrical items for which importers must have BIS certificates. Electric motors are one of those 18 electrical products on the list.

Unfortunately, we do not provide BIS certificates. Therefore, if our clients from India can deal with DIS certificates, we can export our motors to India.

So, if you are planning to import from Chinese electric motor manufacturers, first learn if there are any special requirements in your country.

If you do not know and can not find out the information, please send us a message, and our sales team will assist you with the rest.

10. What Design Factors do Electric Motor Manufacturers Consider?

Efficient electric motor manufacturers look after every aspect when they design the motor. That is why design factors are important. Here are some of the design factors good electric motor manufacturers keep in their minds.

  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Power
  • Life Cycle
  • Frame size
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Noise
  • Ventilation process
  • Control
  • Efficiency
  • Production cost
  • Operational cost
  • Maintenance

11. What Should be The Quality Procedures of Electric Motor Manufacturers?

You can interpret the word “quality” in many ways. In casual terms, quality can mean ‘doing the job in the right manner.’ But an excellent electric product does more than that. So, when we are talking about the quality of electric motors, we are referring, exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Raw Material Test        

The quality of your motor mostly depends on the quality of the raw materials. So, testing raw materials makes sure you are getting a product built with flawless materials. Checking the raw materials when they arrive is not sufficient. Electric motor suppliers should also check the raw materials every week as we do in the Xun no motors.

Rotor Detection 

This test is performed to eliminate the chance of rotary valve scraping and other failure rates. However, this test is conducted by electric motor manufacturers, but at Xinnuo motors, we also take a different approach. We use a dynamic balance testing process for each rotor that comes from our factory. Performing this test, we eliminated trembling, and Hitler found it on the drive shaft. In addition, this test ensures a high life span and high stability of the motor.

Stator Surge Test 

Stator surge test detects the fault or failure rate. These standalone tests detect the weakness in turn-to-turn isolation. Hence, this is a very important test done by electric motor manufacturers.

No-load Current Detection

The no-load current detection test enhances the winding resistance and, with that, increases the megger value.

Leakage Detection 

Accumulation test detection can identify any leakage in motors made of plastic and steel. For further leak detection in Xunno motors, we use an AQ leak detector.

Final Inspection 

In the final step, electric motor manufacturers perform some general inspections, such as scratches, blemishes, chipping and other damages or flaws. In addition, we perform checks before packaging so that the motors sustain longer.

12. What Should be The Electric Motor Manufacturers’ Approach to Customer Service? 

For every business, customer satisfaction is the prime benefit of their services and products. That’s why most companies have their dedicated customer service or call centre. But having a call centre or dedicated customer service department is not enough if the process is not good. Some companies use their customer service team as a sales business tool.

  • Electric motor manufacturers should follow the below procedure:
  • Analyzing customers’ needs.
  • Planning the prototype and final production
  • Implementation of the project
  • Evaluation of customers demand
  • Analyzing customers’ requirement
  • Receiving complaints from customers and providing the best possible solutions.

Xunno motors became one of the best electric motor manufacturers because of our customer service process. We handle every customer irrespective of their order volume. If any of our clients face any issue, we listen to them and take care of the issue with optimum professionalism.

13. How Big is The Global Electric Motor market? 

In 2017 the global market size of electric motors (DC Motors, AC motors and Hermetic motors) was USD 96,967.9 million. And the projected market size of electric motors in 2025 is USD 136,496.1 million.

Electric motor market

Figure 16 – Electric motor market

The growth rate of electric motors is 4.5%. Electric motor manufacturers are making tremendous updates in this sector, and more and more industries are using electric motors.

14. Do Electric Motor Manufacturers Provide Custom Design Motors? 

Yes, electric motor manufacturers provide custom design motors. You have to place orders describing the fundamental requirements for your custom design motors, and electric motor suppliers will take care of the rest.

But before placing orders for your custom motors, you should look for the experience of the motor supplier as it needs a high level of expertise.

15. Do Electric Motor Manufacturers Offer Parts Replacements? 

Yes, electric motor manufacturers offer parts replacements. You have to find a nearby customer service centre, and you can replace the parts. If you can not find any nearby centre contact your supplier and they should assist you with the process.

16. What is the Standard MOQ of Most Electric Motor Manufacturers? 

There is no lower limit for MOQs. It depends on the motor type and the projects. If you want low MOQs, you can send us a message, and our sales team will answer the minimum number of orders you can place for your project.

17. What Certification Should Electric Motor Manufacturers Have? 

Electric motor manufacturers must have an ISO9000 certificate to ensure product quality. But you should look for other certifications when you are looking for a supplier. For example, a certificate of compliance is a vital certification for electric motor manufacturers in China.


FIgure 17 – ISO9000

You should also check the license and other approval certificates of the company. Besides, you have to make sure that their license is up to date.

18. Do Electric Motor Manufacturers Help to Ship products? 

Yes, they do. Helping with shipping is a service most electric motor manufacturers offer. But here is the thing, they should not make you use any specific freight or transport service. Transportation can affect the overall cost by a great deal.

Good electric motor manufacturers are flexible, and you can choose any shipping method you want. In addition, the motor supplier will provide detailed documentation on how to handle the products throughout the shipping process.

As China is the global export leader and also the number one country exporting electric motors, choosing Chinese electric motor manufacturers will make your life easier as an importer.

19. Can I use Third-party Inspection with Electric Motor Manufacturers? 

Yes, most electric motor manufacturers offer third party inspections. You can use your own resources and team to inspect your motors. But, the best way to use the option of third party inspection is by hiring a third party inspection team.

Final Words 

Electric motor manufacturers are not hard to find but finding one for a long term relationship is hard. We maintain a long term relationship with our clients by providing the best quality motors.

We think now you know much better about electric motors and electric motor manufacturers. If you have any project in mind, ask for a quote, or you can send us a message asking any questions. Our technical team will be in touch with you shortly.



You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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