Top 5 Electric Motor Suppliers In China For 2023

Over the last decade, the Chinese motor manufacturing industry is growing immensely. With global expansion and growth, China has become a significant market for AC motors and DC motors

Figure 1 Electric Motor Suppliers in China

Figure 1: Electric motor suppliers in China

Chinese motor manufacturers provide premium-quality motors at budget-friendly prices.

People around the globe have started preferring electric motor suppliers in China to get the best quality and better prices. 

Isn’t this what you were looking for?

But there is a twist.

Since thousands of motor manufacturers are available in China, it has become uttermost exhausting to choose a supplier that is the best and delivers satisfying products. 

Mostly, people end up choosing a newbie supplier without conducting market research, and that’s what we want to avoid.

So, what to do?

Well, you have landed on the right article. We have jotted down the top 5 electric motor suppliers in China for 2023 to cover your concerns from top to bottom.

Let’s get into it.

Top 5 electric motor suppliers in China for 2023 (Credible & Trusted) 

Want to choose a Chinese electric motor supplier but don’t know how to select the best option? We have got you covered! 

To save you from the hassle of listing down different brands, we are presenting a list of the top five electric motor manufacturers in China that provide top-notch quality, affordability, and pre/post-motor services.

1. Xinnuo Motor 

Figure 2 Xinnuo Motor

On the top, we have Xinnuo Motor, a high-technology electric motor manufacturing enterprise. Xinnuo was founded in 2000, and since then, it was dedicated itself to providing superlative quality while ensuring cost-effectiveness–Making it the customer’s first priority. 

With 20 years of experience in professional motor manufacturing, the supplier delivers well-structured, low-noise, and highly functional electric motors. The company claims to use 100% copper coil and stainless steel in manufacturing high-grade industrial motors.

It manufactures motors with advanced equipment and machining tools to produce long-lasting, low-maintenance, and durable motors. The company has complete product lines of the following electric motors;

Besides this, Xinnuo Motor is ISO 9001, CE, SGS, and CCC certified with their own export license. For satisfied working efficiency and optimum power rating, choose Xinnuo Motor

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2. Greensky Power Company Limited

Figure 3 Greensky Power Company Limited

Second is another popular electric motor supplier in China called Greensky Power Company. The company was established in 2010 in the USA; it moved to China in 2011. The company specializes in advanced manufacturing and product design. 

This year, the supplier has crossed 300 million Yuan in sales. The company already has a loyal international customer base because it is recognized for providing high-performance motors at a market competitive price. 

With high-end products and customer-oriented strategies, the company has reached a 30% annual increase in the last 3 years

The main product line of the company includes the following products;

  • AC Motors
  • Brushed/ Brushless DC Motors
  • Gearboxes

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3. Hengshui Electric Motor Co., Ltd.

Figure 4 Hengshui Electric Motor Co., Ltd

On the third spot, we have Hengshui Motors on the list. Hengshui Electric Motor is well-known for coordinated management and quality assurance. The company has 40 diverse years of experience in the motor industry.  

The enterprise has about 10 million kilowatts annual production capacity with fully automated zones. Moreover, Hengshui excels in product inspection and (QC) Quality Control Management

The firm is continuously improving its international supply chain to reach overseas customers. 

The company is CE, CSA, EU, and Domestic 3C certified. It is also one of the top suppliers in “500 Chinese machinery enterprises.”

The well-recognized products of the company include the following;

  • High-efficiency 3-phase motors
  • Low/High voltage motors.
  • Explosion-proof motors.
  • Customized motors. 

4. Shanghai Electric Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Figure 5 Shanghai Electric Machinery Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Electric Machinery is a one-stop electric motor supplier in China. The company has been manufacturing motors and generators for more than 70 years now. 

Shanghai electric machinery produces over 190 series of electric motors for customers. With 65 billion in annual revenue, the enterprise has exported for more than 50 years

The company has always kept technology, processing capacity, and advanced machinery as its top priority. 

Shanghai Electric has qualified and experienced 2300 individuals on staff. With a broad catalog of products, the enterprise is dedicated to providing–Quality over Quantity. 

Their catalog includes the following products;

  • AC/DC motors
  • Large-sized commercial motors
  • Wind generators
  • Hydro, gas, and steam generators.

5. LU’AN Micro & Special Motor Co., Ltd

Figure 6 LU'AN Micro & Special Motor Co., Ltd

Last but not the least, LU’AN Micro and Special Motor is another famous electric motor supplier in China. The company is ranked among the top Chinese electric motors with 20 years of experience. 

The enterprise was established in 1998 and is located in Anhui, China. LU’AN Motor features an advanced manufacturing team, engineers, and QC/inspection teams. The company is ISO9001 and GB/T19001-2000 certified. 

The company has about 100-200 employees currently working in the unit. It specializes in manufacturing special motors with complete customization according to customers’ needs. Their electric motors and related products are approved by ICE standards. 

The main product line of the manufacturer features the following products;

Get best quality electric motors in China from Xinnuo Motors 

When quality is your call, Xinnuo Motor is the electric motor supplier you are looking for. With an international operation and qualified team, we help people get the ideal motor at budget-friendly rates. 

We make sure you purchase standard-quality motors for your commercial purposes. 

So, Xinnuo Motor is the building block for your industrial machinery. 

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Frequently asked questions:

Are Chinese electric motor suppliers reliable?

Yes, Chinese electric motor manufacturers are highly reliable, producing premium quality products at affordable prices. Chinese electric motors have exceptional rpm, PF rating, and output voltage. 

Who is the best manufacturer of single-phase electric motors?

Although there are several high-end manufacturers in China, Xinnuo Motor is the leading supplier. Their company offers high-quality motors at a cost-effective price. 

Are explosion-proof electric motors cheap?

No, explosion-proof motors are not cheaper than regular motors because they are specialized electric motors for hazardous locations. They have a flameproof casing and internal explosion system; therefore, costlier than other motors. 

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