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Explosion Proof Motor Catagory

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

1 hp explosion proof motor
YBX3 series high efficiency 1 hp explosion proof three phase induction electric motor
YBX3 series high efficiency 1 hp explosion proof three phase induction electric motor
YBX3 series high efficiency 5 hp explosion proof three phase induction electric motor
YBX3 series high efficiency 30 hp explosion proof three phase induction electric motor
YBX3 series high efficiency 30 hp explosion proof three phase induction electric motor
Three phase explosion proof motor
YBX3 series high efficiency explosion proof three phase asynchronous motor

Explosion Proof Motor

Xinnuo is currently successfully catering to clients across the world with high-grade motors.

Explosion proof electric motor specifications

Ambient temperature-15℃≤0≤40℃
Altitudenot exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage380Vor any voltage between 220-760V
Rated frequency50HZ, 60HZ
Protection classIP 55
Insulation classF, H
Cooling methodICO141
ConnectionStar-connection for up to 3kw, delta-connection for 4kw and above.

Data Sheet of Explosion Proof Motor

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Explosion Proof Motor Data Sheet

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Packing of Electric Motor

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case
Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

Explosion proof three phase motor


Are you worried about the safety of your electric motors?

Explosion proof motor is a reliable solution to this problem. It is supremely applicable in such atmospheres where extremely combustible materials are present. Impressive features along with convenient maintenance make this motor a mandatory part of versatile industrial applications.

Xinnuo Motor is the most dependable manufacturer of Explosion proof motors in China. This FAQ guide will let you know the ins and outs of these outstanding electric motors in simple words.

1. What Are Explosion Proof Motors?

Explosion proof motors are high-efficiency electric motors. These motors operate in places where explosive gas mixtures exist. The construction materials of explosion proof induction motors are supremely durable.

These materials prevent the ignition of electric motors if they get hot during operation. Besides, such types of motors ensure reliable power supply and winding insulation. That’s why there is a low chance of igniting materials due to malfunctioning.

Figure 1- Explosion Proof Motor

Figure 1- Explosion Proof Motor

Proper maintenance and reliable manufacturing ensure a long shelf life of an explosion-proof motor. It is compatible with different dangerous conditions with great efficiency.

2. What Are The Features Of Explosion Proof Motors Manufactured By Xinnuo Motor?

Xinnuo motor manufactures explosion-proof three-phase induction motors of the YBX3 series. These electric motors have worthwhile features that are effective for preventing internal explosion in motor-based electronic appliances.

Figure 2- Explosion Proof Three-phase Motor

Figure 2- Explosion Proof Three phase Motor

The most noteworthy features of these highly functional whole closed motors include-

  • Measurements and power classes are set concerning the IEC standards.
  • Materials are flameproof.
  • The number of poles is 2,4,6,8,10, etc based on the model of motors.
  • These motors fulfill the requirements of GB3836.1 and 3836.2 standards while delivering explosion proof performance.
  • Support Y-connection and delta-connection for below and above 3kW power rating respectively.
  • Explosion proof motors of the YBX3 series contain a fan cool squirrel cage.
  • Temperature group is T4. That means the highest surface temperature is 135⁰C.
  • The electrical equipment category level is class II class B.
  • Ingress protection rating is IP55.

3. Which Industries Need Explosion Proof electric motors?

Explosion proof motors are widely used in critical environments. These motors have tremendous durability in dealing with explosive gases. You can generally find explosion proof induction motors in the following sectors:

  • Chemical industry
  • Petroleum refinery
  • Wastewater industry
  • Mining equipment
  • Oil recovery
  • Gas extraction
  • Offshore platforms
  • Pharmaceutical productions
  • Tankers
  • Forest product

Except for these, you can utilize an explosion proof motor in running compressors, pumps, fans, etc.

Figure 3- Widely Used Explosion Proof Induction Motor

Figure 3- Widely Used Explosion Proof Induction Motor

4. How To Maintain Explosion Proof three phase Motors?

The design of an explosion-proof motor ensures sufficient durability and functionality. Despite this, it requires proper maintenance to keep it fully operative for a long time. You should consider the following maintenance options for this motor.

Predictive Maintenance

This maintenance deals with instant fault detection and solving. Different testing methods like vibration tests, thermal imaging tests, etc are reliable to find the defect at the right time.

You need to conduct these tests to predict the problem from time to time. Thus, you can significantly reduce labor and repair costs. Predictive maintenance takes care of motor problems and saves them from complete falling.

Figure 4- Explosion Proof Motor Maintenance

Figure 4- Explosion Proof Motor Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

You need to apply some preventive measures to develop its maintenance. Such as:

  • Regularly conduct the motor winding test.
  • Inspect the motors visually to identify the burn signs. Besides, you can get a smell of burning due to overheating sometimes.
  • Keep the component’s joints tight.
  • Check the fuses and starter switches.
  • Keep the motor away from extreme noise and vibrations.
  • Use grease in bearings. It improves lubrication to a great extent.

Preventive maintenance prevents irregular shutdown of explosion proof motors and develops performance. You have to maintain this over a certain period based on the guideline of the manufacturer.

Besides, you have opportunities to apply reactive maintenance when the motor breaks. That means this process deals with replacing. It is required for you to make a balance among these options. Then, you can optimize the use of an explosion-proof motor.

5. What Is The Difference Between Explosion Proof Motors And Other Types Of Motor Enclosures?

Explosion-proof motor improves the use of electronic appliances in hazardous environments. It provides better performance than other types of motor enclosures because of its useful mechanism and materials.

Here, we are going to explore some considerable points that make this induction electric motor different from others.


Explosion proof motors are applicable in both indoors and outdoors with great durability. But, other motors, like ODF (Open Drip Proof) motors are used only indoors and in regular atmospheres. These motors have only open enclosures.

Figure 5- Explosion Proof Motor Applications

Figure 5- Explosion Proof Motor Applications


The maintenance of the enclosure used in an explosion proof electric motor is easier than conventional motors. Such as, washdown enclosures require regular maintenance to achieve optimum performance that is a time-consuming process.

Cooling Mechanism

Explosion proof motors have integrated cooling systems that ensure adaptability with high temperatures. In contrast to these motors, totally enclosed fan-cooled induction motors contain an external fan. Thus, TEFC motors can transfer air outside the motor. But, this is not as impressive as explosion proof three-phase induction motors.

Resistance To External Contaminants

Effective design and using robust materials turn the explosion proof motor’s enclosure resistant to external contaminants. That’s why air, moisture, liquid, etc can’t cause any adverse effects in its functioning. You also get an idea about its resistance from the IP rating (IP55).

On the contrary, a totally enclosed non-vented (TENV) induction electric motor enclosure is not reliable against a certain flow to water or dust.

Stress Management

Explosion proof induction motor shows outstanding performance in handling mechanical stresses. Its IK rating indicates the effectiveness of this motor in stress management. But, traditional induction motors don’t provide such robustness in dangerous environments.

6. How To Extend The Lifespan Of Explosion Proof Motors?

Explosion proof motors have a long lifespan that is significant in typical industrial sectors. You can keep these motors operative for more than their average lifespan if you maintain some instructions.

The following measures will help you to ensure smooth operation and prevent the sudden failure of an explosion proof induction electric motor.

Reliable Cooling System

Maintaining proper cooling is mandatory for running an explosion proof motor continuously. That’s why you should make sure that the existing cooling mechanism can transfer air outside the induction motor properly. Otherwise, you need to consult with your manufacturer to solve this issue.


Proper use of lubricants in explosion proof motors reduces friction and heat. Lubrication improves the dynamics of components to a certain extent. You need to make sure that the lubricant does not contain any debris and its viscosity level is perfect for the motor’s equipment.

Voltage Control

Excessive voltage supply and frequent changes in voltage are not supportive of the flawless functioning of electric motors. Especially, YBX3 series explosion proof electric motors require superlative voltage control. If not, these motors get hot and cause serious damage.

Proper Inspection

This is a vital part when you are trying to extend the lifespan of explosion proof motors. Trustworthy thermal and vibration tests are essential for the motor’s quality control. High vibrating pressures hamper the load distribution and component alignment.

So, you must check the mountings and make them tight to handle extreme stresses.

Proper Handling

You must follow the storage guideline provided by the manufacturer and properly handle the motors while using or storing. For example, explosion proof motors should be kept under 1000m altitude.

Most noteworthy, you need to provide sufficient heat while storing these motors. Usually, the ambient temperature should not exceed 40⁰C to achieve optimum reliability.

Figure 6- Explosion Proof Induction Motor Long Lifespan

Figure 6- Explosion Proof Induction Motor Long Lifespan

These considerations must benefit you to experience the hassle-free service of explosion proof induction motors. Xinnuo Motor manufactures high-quality electric motors having a long lifespan. Inquire us immediately to get the best product.

7. What Should You Keep In Mind When Choosing An Explosion Proof Motor?

Choosing the right explosion proof motor depends on some factors. You should have clear ideas about these issues while making a choice. Here are some criteria that you need to keep in mind to pick the best explosion proof induction motor.


You must check the class and division before buying the motor. You will find its classification from the nameplate and know the details from the datasheet. Each class has different meanings and applications. So, you should choose the most appropriate one concerning your requirements.

Installation Process

It is required for you to choose a model that is easy to install. It improves your user experience with this motor.

Power Output

Explosion-proof motor performance significantly relies on the power supply. You should not overload a motor. It hampers efficiency to a large extent. So, you need to choose a motor concerning the power output.


While choosing an explosion proof motor, you need to consider the maintenance process. You should not choose a motor that requires frequent maintenance and replacement.

IP Rating

IP rating indicates the resistance of a motor against moisture and dust. So, it is important to buy an explosion proof motor that has an impressive IP rating. IP55 is preferable to these types of induction motors.


This is the last, but not least major factor to choose an explosion-proof motor. A reliable manufacturer can deliver top-class induction motors that remain durable amidst explosive gases.

Besides, it is capable of providing custom solutions for these motors as per your demand. So, you have to choose a dependable manufacturer to get the most efficient performance of explosion-proof motors.

Figure 7- Highly Functional Explosion Proof Motor

Figure 7- Highly Functional Explosion Proof Motor

8. Does Xinnuo Offer Customized Explosion Proof Motors?

Yes. Xinnuo Motor Offers customized explosion proof motors concerning consumer demand. You can get the opportunity to personalize numerous aspects of explosion proof motors.

Again, you will get one-stop custom solutions for the enclosures used in these types of motors. We also offer reliable testing to verify the customized motor’s performance.

Figure 8- Customized Explosion Proof Motor

Figure 8- Customized Explosion Proof Motor

9. How Can I Place My Order At Xinnuo Motor?

You can easily place an order at Xinnuo Motor. You just need to go to its website and provide some required information to Xinnuo Motor’s order placement section. Such as:

  • Frame size
  • Synchronous speed
  • Power
  • Frequency
  • Voltage
  • Direction of rotation
  • Explosion proof level

Moreover, you need to add protection class, temperature, altitude requirements, etc if you have any definite demand in the ordering contract. Then, make an agreement. You can follow this process for all series.

Figure 9- Reliable Explosion Proof Motor

Figure 9- Reliable Explosion Proof Motor

10. What Is The MOQ For The Explosion Proof Motor?

The MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for the explosion proof motor depends on the specifications that you demand. That means it varies concerning the model of YBX3 series motors.

Usually, the minimum order limit is 5000 USD. If you contact our support team and inform them about your requirement, then they will let you know about the MOQ.

11. What Are The Conditions For Using Explosion Proof Motors?

Explosion proof three-phase induction motors of the YBX3 series are reputed for preventing internal explosions. But, you have to keep these motors in certain atmospheres while using them.

The conditions for using explosion proof motors are mainly related to temperature and altitude.

Temperature Constraints

The ambient temperature at the mine should be between -15⁰C and 35⁰C. Again, it can be exceeded to 40⁰C for factory use.

Altitude Constraints

The ideal altitude for an explosion proof motor is less than 1000 meters. But, you can place it in different altitudes concerning your applications.

Figure 10- Explosion Proof Electric Motors Use

Figure 10- Explosion Proof Electric Motors Use


Xinnuo Motor has been providing trustworthy manufacturing of Explosion-proof motors for a long period. Its high-quality materials and sound quality inspection process improve the entire performance of your projects.

Explosion proof three-phase motors of the YBX3 series are highly efficient and functional in numerous industries. Here, we have tried to explain the minute details of this motor. If you have more questions about its manufacturing, feel free to contact us. Stay tuned.

You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@xinnuomotor.com directly.
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