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Gear reduction motor supplier—Xinnuo Motor

Xinnuo is a renowned gear reduction motor supplier. We provide high performing speed reducer for electric motor.
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High torque and speed control

XINNUO’s speed reducer for electric motor is designed to provide exceptional torque and speed control. We offer high-quality three phase gear motors which provide 6.0 rpm speed. Our AC/DC veer gear motors are self-locking to avoid excess movement of the shaft when no motor is operating. Our gear motors have IP67 and IP69 classes, which make them highly durable. 

Easy installation and less maintenance

Our speed reduction motors are made with 100% stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum. The raw material used in the manufacturing of the gear motors makes them reliable with a minimum maintenance rate. XINNUO motor is famous electric motor gearbox supplier that design compact and lightweight, which allows accessible motor installment. Moreover, our motors have a market competitive price range. 

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XINNUO is a top-rated gear reduction motor supplier

XINNUO motor is a trusted electric motor supplier that manufactures premium quality products in an affordable price range. XINNUO is a leading electric gear motor supplier that offers worm-gear, cycloidal motor, angle gear, and helical gear boxes to its international customers.

AC geared motor
AC geared motors are used with single-phase AC and three-phase AC power supplies. These motors have parallel, hollow, and round shafts to provide precise motor control. These motors are widely used to control or reduce the speed of the motor according to the desired input. We are a credible gear reduction motor supplier that develops extremely applicable gear motors for high-grade industrial applications.
Cycloidal gear speed motor
Cycloidal speed motors are the finest speed controlling motors available in the marketplace. XINNUO motor is qualified electric motor gearbox supplier that manufactures motors for high gear ratio production. The cycloidal gear motors are stable motors with effective shock load capacity. These motors are used in agriculture machinery and the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
three phase gear motor
Three-phase gear motor operates with a three-phase asynchronous motor to produce high torque output. XINNUO is authentic gear reduction motor supplier that manufactures helical gearboxes to provide continuous efficiency. These motors have Class F insulation and brakes for high reduction ratios. Three-phase gear motors are installed in different low-voltage and high voltage industries.
worm gear electric motor
Worm-gear motors are specialized electric motors manufactured to generate optimal torque without high energy consumption. These motors are small-sized and suitable for the industry that demands high ratio reduction because they are self-locking. When the output shaft becomes stationary, the gear stops driving the worm. Therefore, these motors are called self-locking.

Reliable gear reduction motor manufacturer in China

XINNUO is a global gear reduction motor supplier that offers a variety of gearboxes and electric gears for different applications.

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Xinnuo Motors is a famous electric motor supplier in China

XINNUO motor is an exceptional electric motor gearbox supplier with 20 years of experience in the motor manufacturing industry. We offer a diverse catalog of industrial and domestic motors. We provide 100% customization of speed reducer for electric motor. You can select the specification of the gear motor according to your conveyor systems and machinery requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will address some frequently asked questions by our customers in this section.
1. Who is China’s top gear reduction motor supplier?

XINNUO is the most reliable and famous electric motor gearbox supplier in China. We supply supreme quality motors globally. XINNUO motor has an annual output of more than 10 million yearly. We are CE, SGS, and CCC certified electric gearboxes supplier. 

2. What are the advantages of a speed reducer for electric motor?

Following are the benefits of gearbox and speed reducer motors;

  • Speed control and reduction
  • Maximum torque output
  • Reduced speed 
  • High motor resolution 
  • Easy Installment 
3. Describe the different types of gear motors?

Different gear reduction motor suppliers design various kinds of gear and speed reduction motors for industrial operations. Let’s discuss some common types of gear motors;

4. What is the minimum delivery time at XINNUO Motor?

The minimum delivery time at XINNUO motor is 20-25 days for in-stock available products. However, the delivery time for customized products is 25-30 days. 

5. Does XINNUO offer customization of products?

Yes, XINNUO motor is custom gear reduction motor supplier in China. We design gear motors according to customers’ desires and operational requirements. We offer wire box, size, casting, frequency, and voltage modification at XINNUO motor. 

Let's discover what previously satisfied customers say about XINNUO

The company has over 30,000+ satisfied customers globally. Our convinced clients appreciate and recommend our services to international clients. Some of the reviews are listed below;
  • star star star star star
    I ordered my speed reducer for electric motor and OEM motor from XINNUO two years back. Honestly, the quality is so good that they work perfectly without regular checkups and maintenance. I have become their regular customer since then. Thanks, XINNUO motor, I am delighted.
    Albert McBroom:
  • star star star star star
    I ordered my customized low vibration three-phase motor and gearbox from XINNUO motor for my husband’s small workshop. He was so happy with the working capacity and compact size of the motor. XINNUO is the best gear reduction motor supplier that provides high-quality and low-priced electric motors.
    Stella Addison:
  • star star star star star
    It has been 3 years I am working with XINNUO motor because they provide quality products and exceptional customer service. When I ordered my first veer electric gear motor from them, I loved the quality and efficiency of the delivered product. I am happy that I chose XINNUO.
    Vicky Rae Stogie:
  • star star star star star
    I didn't find any well-maintained and affordable helical gear box in Australia. So, I ordered one from XINNUO motor. Honestly, they are one of the finest custom gearbox manufacturers in China. They provided me with complete customization in a very low price range. Customer care also helped me with all my queries and concerns. I will buy more motors.
    Simmon Hazelwood:

Are You Interested In More Information Or An Accurate Quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable gear reduction motor supplier, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

Gear reduction motor supplier in China

Gear reduction motor supplier – Introduction:

Speed reducer for electric motors is reliable for electronic appliances where speed control and reduction are necessary. Gear-boxes and reducers are widely used for high torque production. Gear motor’s rpm, power consumption, and durability are perfectly suitable for appliances and high-grade machinery. 

Gear reduction motor supplier

Gear Reduction Motor

XINNUO motor is a superior gear reduction motor manufacturer in China. Electric motor gearbox supplier provides different types of gearboxes. It includes a worm gearbox, angle gearbox, helical gear box, cycloidal gearbox, veer geared motor, and three phase gear motor. 

How to shortlist the best gear reduction motor supplier in China:

Buying an incompetent motor will ruin your entire machinery operation. A highly skilled electric motor gearbox supplier could manufacture high-quality and efficient reduction motors. Choosing a trustworthy gear reduction motor supplier could be a hectic task. You should always consider the following instruction before choosing reliable gearbox providers in China;

  • Experienced and qualified technical team for designing compatible electric gear motors. The gear motors and reducers must produce less vibration.
  • You must study the manufacturing material used in the making of speed reducer for the electric motor. The shaft should be made with 100% raw material for high-speed reduction. 
  • The manufacturer must have the ability to produce bulk production. 
  • It must have international inspection certificates.
  • The company should be capable of meeting deadlines provided by the customers.
  • It must offer a market competitive price range. 

Applications of speed reducers:

Gear motors are highly functional, and reducers are widely used for various applications in different industries. Some most common applications of reduction motors and gearboxes are as follows;

  • Electric gear motors and speed-reducing motors are primarily installed in the automotive industry for different purposes. 
  • Gear boxes are used in the petroleum industry for refining and processing applications. 
  • Gear motors are implemented in the paper and pulp industry. 
  • Speed reduction motors are suitable for refining processes in oil and gas industries. 
  • Reducers are frequently used in the household and safety appliances for smooth operation.

We also offers a variety of other electric motors such as OEM motors, explosion-proof and three phase electric motors


Three phase gearboxes and reduction motors are versatile for various commercial operations. If you are worried about the speed of electric motors, choose XINNUO’s speed reducer for electric motors. XINNUO motor is a top-quality gear reduction motor supplier that offers high torque generating gear motors. XINNUO is a custom gearbox manufacturer offering 100% customization of voltage, frequency, and casing. Contact our customer care if you have any queries. We are 24/7 available to help you out.  

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