How does a 3-phase motor work – Understanding the process

Is there an electric motor that provides superior performance and reliability? Yes, 3-phase motor is one of the finest working electric motors in the marketplace. These motors are made with premium quality material and advanced features.

How does a 3-phase motor work? Since three phase motors are designed to work on a three-phase power supply; thus, they are widely used in capital industrial applications. 220V 3 phase motors are self-starting, highly resistant, and capable electric motors. Xinnuo Motor is China’s top-priority electric motor supplier that delivers high efficient electric motors to its international customers.

Figure 1- Three phase motor

Figure 1: Three phase motor

This article will help you discover the working principle, advantages, and selection guide of 3 phase motor. Let’s dig into it.

How does a 3-phase motor work:

Three phase electric motors are available as both three phase asynchronous motors and three phase synchronous motors. The working principle of both categories is different; therefore, these motors are beneficial for different applications.

Figure 2- 3 phase electric motor diagram

Figure 2: 3 phase electric motor diagram

Three phase synchronous motors:

Three phase synchronous motors operate on a 3-phase power connection. The three-phase stator winding generates a rotating magnetic field. The 3-phase motor operates on a DC supply. These motors are not self-starting and require an additional power supply to produce initial rotations. These motors are widely applied in low-power appliances such as clocks, timing machines, and home appliances.

Three phase asynchronous motor:

3 phase motors work on the principle of electromagnetism; therefore, they are also known as induction motors. The stator winding of a 3-phase motor produces electromagnetic induction, which rotates the rotor and produces torque. There is a relative speed difference between the rotor and motor magnetic flux. Three-phase asynchronous motors are used in high industrial machinery, lifting, and grinding machinery.

Noteworthy advantages of 3 phase induction motor:

Some of the exceptional benefits of 220v 3 phase motors are as follows;

  • High resistance:

Three phase asynchronous motors are highly resistant motors because they are made with premium quality material and IP55 protection level.

  • Speed and torque rate:

Since these motors are designed for high-grade industrial applications; thus, they offer high speed and torque ratio.

  • RPM and amps of 220V 3 phase motor:

The rpm (revolution per minute) and motor amps of three-phase motors are exceptional for industrial applications. 3-phase motors offer 1500-3000 rpm.

3 phase motor price:

220V 3 phase motors are cost-effective as compared to other heavy-duty industrial motors.

The lifespan of three-phase motors:

Squirrel cage induction motors and three-phase synchronous motors are long-lasting and do not demand high maintenance. 3-phase motors work precisely in harsh temperatures and climates.

How do you select the right induction motor manufacturers in China?

A buyer must follow some instructions to select the right 3 phase motor supplier in China. Let’s discuss some factors you must consider before finalizing an induction motor manufacturer in China;

  • Company’s background: You must analyze selected manufacturers’ backgrounds and how long have they been in this business. It is critical to investigate the technical team, annual sales, and production before placing your orders.
  • Manufacturing Scale: If you are planning to purchase 3-phase motors for industrial equipment, you must investigate the manufacturing scale of their selected company. You must understand if the manufacturer can fulfill your demand in the desired timespan.
  • Certifications: It is important to select the company that has international quality assurance certificates to avoid the chances of incapable products. The selected company must have CE, SGS, and CCC product quality certificates.
  • Customization: Manufacturers that deliver custom-made products are the real deal winner. While selecting the right supplier, it is necessary to check if the company provides modification services.
  • Warranty Policy: Always finalize the supplier that provides satisfactory warranty and after-purchase services to its customers. In case of damaged and ineffectual products, the company must provide repairing or return services.

Xinnuo Motor also manufactures a variety of electric motors, including single-phase motors, permanent magnets motors, and industrial motors.


Three phase electric motors have gained a mass reputation globally because of their robust structure and effective working mechanism. The impressive working principle of 3-phase motors provides high torque, efficiency, reliability, and long life. These motors are highly beneficial for high-load industries because they ensure constant operational capacity. Xinnuo Motor offers free customization and quotation services to its customer. For further inquiries, contact us. Our customer care team is 24/7 available to address your concerns.

How does a 3-phase motor work-FAQ

How to test a three phase motor?

You can easily use a multi-meter to test a 3-phase motor. You can test the power supply, winding resistance, and insulation resistance using a multi-meter. Here are some steps to follow;

  • Understand the circuit diagram of 3 phase electric motor.
  • Test the power supply of the motor from phase to phase terminals such as U to V, V to W, and W to U.
  • Similarly, you can test the winding resistance from phase to phase.
  • In case of insulation resistance test, check from phase to phase and then phase to earth.

3 phase electric motor wiring diagram?

Wye wiring and delta wiring are the most common wirings used in a three-phase motor.

Figure 3- 3 phase electric motor wiring diagram

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