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Industrial Axial Fan Manufacturers In China

XINNUO is an eminent industrial axial fan manufacturer in China. We supply high-quality fans for various industries, including steel, power generation, petrochemical, and mining. Our fans' built-in quality and durability make them perfect for heavy-duty applications.
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Longer Life And Strong Durability Of Inline Fan

Our industrial axial fans are built to last. We use only high-quality materials in our construction, and our motors are rated for long life. The average lifespan of an industrial axial fan is 30,000 to 50,000 hours, depending on various operating variables. That’s a lot of time before you’ll need to replace your fan. And our fans are backed by a comprehensive warranty, ensuring that you’re fully protected against any failures.

Tube Axial Fan's Compact Structure and Reliable Operation

The tube axial fan is compact and reliable, perfect for various applications. Its small size makes it easy to install in tight spaces, and its sturdy construction ensures reliable operation in even the harshest environments. The tube axial fan is also an energy-efficient choice, making it excellent for green applications. The die-cast aluminium alloy housing ensures that the fan carries reliable and smooth operation.

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Noise Restriction And Low Power Consumption Of Axial Fan

Axial fans consume less power than other fans, making them excellent for energy-sensitive applications. Axial fans also run more relaxed, which further reduces power consumption. And thanks to their high airflow, axial fans can often replace several smaller fans, resulting in even more significant savings. The low noise profile of axial fans makes them ideal for use in quiet environments.

Thermal Protection Units For Your Industrial Axial Fan's Housing.

The motors in the blades of your industrial axial fan can overheat, causing the blades to do so as well. The thermal protection mechanism is constructed to prevent structural damage and overheating. These replacement blades are available in a variety of lengths as well as various sizes and types. They can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and as high as +60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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XINNUO Is The Most Competent Axial Fan Producer In The World

XINNUO Motors has a diverse product lineup that includes axial fans. Our axial fans are made with the highest quality materials and are backed by our warranty. We have a wide range of fans to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

mesh around industrial axial fan
The XINNUO Mesh Around Industrial Axial Fan is perfect for cooling and ventilation applications where a discreet appearance is desired. This fan features a mesh cover that helps conceal the fan while providing excellent airflow. It's not only quiet, but it's also simple to set up and versatile, making it an appealing option for a wide range of uses.
Post Series industrial axial fan
Post-series Axial fans are utilised extensively in industrial settings for exhausting fumes, gases, and heat. They are also used for cooling machinery and other equipment. XINNUO has a wide range of axial fans with CFM ratings that can be used in any industrial setting. The high velocity of the airflow also helps to cool machinery and other equipment.
tube industrial axial fan
Tube Axial fans are designed for use in high heat and humidity environments. The fan blades are enclosed in a metal housing that directs the airflow through a metal tube. This type of fan is often used in HVAC systems to exhaust hot air from buildings. Along with Tube axial fan, XINNUO also provides dc axial fan, tube axial fan, and high-pressure ac axial fan.

Reliable And Affordable Industrial Axial Fan Manufacturer In China

XINNUO is a Global Industrial Axial Fan manufacturer that offers a variety of axial fans for different applications.

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Technical Parameters

Industrial Axial Flow Fans Are Available In A Variety Of Resolutions.

Xinnuo is a worldwide industry leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling industrial axial-flow fans. We carry a wide range of fans to meet your specific needs, including high-pressure fans, low-noise fans, and explosion-proof fans. Our commitment to client care and satisfaction is reflected in the high-quality items we provide.

Frequently Asked Question

We've compiled a list of our customers' most commonly asked queries in the hopes that it will get you the information you need promptly.
1. Can I Get A Customized Industrial Axial Exhaust Fan?

Yes, you can get customized industrial axial exhaust fans. However, certain limitations need to be considered. For instance, the fan’s dimensions, motor and blade, and the material used for the fan casing. It is best to consult with one of our experts to understand better what can and cannot be done.

2. I Need Assistance In Selecting An Industrial Axial Fan. Who Can I Speak To?

If you need assistance selecting an industrial axial fan, our experts are happy to help. Simply give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Other than that, our website also has a wealth of information on industrial axial fans. So, be sure to check that out as well.

3. How Much Noise Will The Industrial Axial Fan Make?

The noise level of an industrial axial fan depends on the size and type of the fan and the speed at which it is running. In general, though, most industrial axial fans are relatively quiet compared to other types of fans. It a XINNUO’s policy to make low noise fans so that the noise disturbance to the workers and the people nearby the factory would be reduced. The workers are disturbed by the noise of the fan and the air-conditioning, so our engineer team focuses on the function and efficiency and the noise of the product.

4. Can I Reduce Static Pressure With An Industrial Axial Fan?

You can reduce static pressure with an industrial axial fan by using the correct type of fan and setting it up in the right way. For instance, if you have a high static pressure application, you’ll need to use a high-pressure industrial axial fan. Similarly, if you have a low static pressure application, you’ll need to use a low-pressure industrial axial fan. It is advised to consult with one of our experts to understand better how to reduce static pressure with an industrial axial fan.

5. Is An Industrial Axial Fan Suitable For Use In A Hazardous Environment?

The simple answer is Yes, industrial axial fans can be used in hazardous environments. However, there are a few things to consider before making a decision.

First, it’s essential to know what type of hazardous environment the fan will use. Some common examples include chemical plants, refineries, and fuel storage facilities.

Once you know the specific environment, you need to determine what type of fan will be the best fit.

Finally, you need to ensure that the fan is installed correctly and maintained. If it’s not installed correctly, it could create a dangerous situation. And, if it’s not maintained correctly, it could also lead to safety issues.

Industrial axial fans can be a safe and effective way to move air in hazardous environments when used in suitable applications. It’s essential to take the time to choose the right fan for the specific application and to make sure that it’s properly installed and maintained.

6. How Can I Protect The Fan Motor From Overload?

There are a few ways to protect the fan motor from overload. One is to use a motor starter. This will allow you to set the maximum current that the motor can draw and will help to prevent it from overloading.

Another option is to use a current limiter. This will limit the amount of current that the motor can draw, which will help to protect it from overload.

Finally, you can use a motor protector. This device will automatically shut off the power to the motor if it starts to overheat. This will help to prevent the motor from being damaged due to overload.

XINNUO offers a wide range of electric motors like 10HP electric motor, 15HP electric motor that comes with overload protection to protect the equipment and extend its service life.

7. What Periodic Maintenance Is Required For Stainless Steel Axial Fan?

Axial fans are designed for continuous operation and do not require periodic maintenance. However, if the fan is used in a corrosive or dirty environment, it is crucial to clean the fan blades and housing regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. Using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner can help keep the fan clean and operating efficiently.

If the fan blades are damaged or worn, they should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the fan. It is also essential to keep the motor and bearings clean and free of debris, affecting the fan’s performance. Periodic checks of all electrical wiring and connectors should also be carried out to ensure the safe operation of the fan.

8. Can You Give Details About Industrial Axial Fan Price?

XINNUO offers a wide range of quality axial fans for industrial applications. We have both standard and customized models available and can accommodate a variety of specifications and requirements. Depending on the fan’s size, type, and features, prices vary, so please contact us for a specific quote.

9. Can I Get My Order In The United States?

Yes! If you are looking to order an industrial axial fan for use in the United States, you will need to ensure that you select a compliant model with UL and cUL safety standards. In addition, you will need to specify the voltage and frequency requirements of the fan when making your purchase. After getting all of the necessary specifications in place, you can submit your order and wait for the fan to be delivered to your location.

Our shipment time for industrial axial fans is typically 1-2 weeks from when the order is placed, so you can expect to have the fan up and running in no time. Plus, your order will be delivered safe and sound with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What Do Our Previous Customers Think Of Us?

We pride ourselves on having a long list of pleased customers. Our clients have always been our top priority, and we strive to ensure that they are satisfied.
  • star star star star star
    "I have worked with XINNUO for a little over a year now, and I have never been happier. They always work with me to meet my deadlines, and the quality of their products is top-notch. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable supplier."
    Anna Collins
  • star star star star star
    I have needed an industrial axial fan for my factory for the past few months. I searched through the internet and found XINNUO as a potential supplier. I read their reviews and found that they always provide good quality products with on-time delivery. So, I contacted them and ordered an industrial axial fan from them. The fan arrived on time, and I found it excellent quality. The fan is running perfectly in my factory, thanks to the superb work done by the team at XINNUO.
    Peter Nguyen
  • star star star star star
    In July 2021, I urgently needed external rotor axial fans for my laboratory. Being in the research field, I cannot afford to delay my work. One of my colleagues told me about XINNUO and their high-quality products. I read the reviews and found them to be authentic. I contacted them and ordered two external rotor axial fans. The fans arrived on time and were of excellent quality. 5/5 for the quality and on-time delivery. Keep it up, XINNUO!
    Marie Brunton
  • star star star star star
    I am an electrical engineer, and I often need to order fans for my projects. A few months ago, I needed to call a high-powered axial fan for my latest project. I did a quick online search and found XINNUO. I ordered the fan, and it arrived on time. The fan was of excellent quality and met all my requirements. Five stars!
    David James

Are You Interested In More Information Or An Accurate Quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable axial flow fan manufacturer, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

Industrial Axial Fan – An Introductory Guide

Axial Flow Fans are different from centrifugal fans in that the airflow is parallel to the shaft. They are used extensively in industry to move large volumes of air at low-pressure drops.

Nowadays, Axial Flow Fans are used in various applications, requiring a reliable and efficient fan. Technology has advanced so much that axial flow fans have become more reliable with high-quality materials.

XINNUO is the yardstick for axial flow fans. Our products are used extensively in industrial and commercial marketplaces. Our goal is to provide the best possible inline fan solution for each application. Let’s explore more about the industrial axial fans.

What is Industrial Axial Fan? 

Industrial axial fans are a type of fan that uses an axial flow to move air through the fan. This type of fan is often used in industrial applications where a large air volume needs to be moved. The fan blades on an industrial axial fan are typically curved, which helps to create more airflow. Additionally, the fan casing is generally designed to be as streamlined as possible to reduce drag and increase the fan’s efficiency, making them explosion-proof.

Figure 1 Industrial Axial Fan

Figure 1: Industrial Axial Fan

The industrial axial flow fan is generally used in large industrial applications such as foundries, factories, and power plants. The EBM axial fan can move a large air volume, ideal for these applications. Eventually, the industrial axial fan may find its way into the home as well, where it can be used to move large volumes of air in a short period.

Axial Flow Fan Vs. Centrifugal Fan | The Common Difference to Know

The centrifugal fan is a type of fan that uses a spinning disk or impeller to create airflow. The impeller is mounted on a shaft that passes through the fan casing. When the impeller spins, it throws the air outward, which creates an airflow.

The centrifugal fan is typically used in residential and commercial applications where a small amount of air needs to be moved. The impeller on a centrifugal fan is relatively small, which allows it to carry a small volume of air. Additionally, the fan casing is typically designed to be as streamlined as possible to reduce drag and increase the fan’s efficiency.

Figure 2 Axial Flow Fan Vs Centrifugal Fan

 Figure 2: Axial Flow Fan Vs Centrifugal Fan

In contrast to the centrifugal fan, the industrial Axial flow fan uses a propeller to create airflow. Axial fan has the advantage of high pressure and ample airflow. So it is popular in industrial applications. The propeller is usually more extensive than the impeller on a centrifugal fan, which allows it to move more air. Additionally, the fan casing is typically designed to be as aerodynamic as possible to reduce drag and increase the fan’s efficiency.

The axial flow fan is also less expensive to manufacture than the centrifugal fan. This is because the axial flow fan does not require a shaft and impeller, which are both costly to manufacture.

So, which one is better for you? It depends on your needs. A centrifugal fan is the best option if you need a small air moved quickly. However, if you need a large amount of air moved, an axial flow fan is better.

Industrial Axial Fan Types:

Axial fans are found in a variety of industrial applications. The two most common types of industrial axial flow fan are:

Tube Axial Fan: 

Tube axial fans are axial fans that use cylindrical blades to move air through the fan. The blades are typically mounted on a shaft that runs the length of the fan, and they are usually enclosed in a metal or plastic housing. Tube axial fans can be either forward- or backwards-blowing, and they are often used to cool industrial equipment or provide ventilation in factories and other large buildings. They are also called the ducted axial fans mounted in the duct.

Figure 3 Tube Axial Fan

  Figure 3: Tube Axial Fan

The Main Advantages of Tube Axial Fans are:

  • They are very efficient at moving large volumes of air.
  • They can be mounted in various positions, making them versatile for many applications.
  • They are typically less expensive than other types of axial fans.

Panel Fan: 

Panel fans are axial fans that use flat blades to move air through the fan. Panel fans are often found in HVAC systems, as they are an excellent way to move large amounts of air quickly. Panel cooling fans can also create a vacuum, making them ideal for applications like dust collection.

Figure 4 Panel Fan

  Figure 4: Panel Fan

The Main Advantages of Panel fans are:

  • They are a very efficient way to move air
  • They can be used to create a vacuum
  • Their blades are very easy to clean
  • Their noise level is relatively low

System Components

Axial fans can be found in various industrial settings, from large-scale cooling and ventilation systems to smaller equipment used for drying or conveying materials. Regardless of the specific application, all industrial axial fan systems have three essential components:

Figure 5 System Components of Industrial Axial Fan

Figure 5: System Components of Industrial Axial Fan

The Fan:

The fan is responsible for moving air or other gases through the system. It can be a simple propeller or impeller-type fan, or it may have more complex features such as variable pitch blades or multiple motors to create reverse airflow. The motor is what powers the fan, and the blades are what moves the air.

The Housing:

The housing is the enclosure that surrounds the fan and routes the airflow. It can be made from various materials, including metal, plastic, or composites. The housing typically includes inlet and outlet vents to allow air to enter and exit and mounting points for the fan and motor.

The Motor:

The motor is the component that powers the fan. It can be a simple electric motor or use more complex technologies such as gas turbines or hydraulic systems. The motor is typically mounted on the housing and drives the fan blades directly or through a belt or gearbox.

The Circuit:

The circuit is the electrical wiring and components that provide power to the fan motor and control its operation. The course includes a switch, relay, or another device to start and stop the fan, as well as fuses or circuit breakers to protect the system from overloads. It may also include sensors to monitor conditions such as temperature or pressure and controllers to adjust the fan speed or turn it off altogether.

Advantages Of Industrial Axial Flow Fan:

Some of the advantages are:

  1. Low noise:

The blade design of the industrial axial fan produces low noise levels. This is because the blades operate in a more streamlined fashion than other fans.

  1. High efficiency:

The industrial axial fan achieves high levels of efficiency due to the design of its blades and its ability to move large volumes of air at high speeds.

  1. Low maintenance:

The industrial axial fan requires very little maintenance, saving time and money.

  1. Smooth Operation:

The industrial axial fan operates very smoothly, which helps to reduce wear and tear on the equipment it is used with.

  1. Compact Dimension:

The compact dimension aids in easy installation in tight spaces.

  1. Low power consumption:

The industrial axial fan consumes low power, making it an energy-efficient option.

Applications of Industrial Axial Fans:

Industrial Axial Flow Fans are Used in the Following Circumstances:

  • In Factories, to Provide Ventilation and Remove Heat or Dust
  • In Mines, to Extract Air and Ventilate the Area
  • In Greenhouses, to Circulate Air and Help Control the Temperature
  • In Animal Houses, to Remove Exhaust Gases and Keep the Environment Clean
  • Near Paint Spraying Booths, to Remove Polluting Agents from the Air
  • In Power Stations, to Remove Hot Gases from the Boiler Room
  • Near Chemical Processes, to Extract Odors and Toxic Fumes
  • In All Kinds of Buildings, as a Part of the Ventilation System

Axial Fans Equipped with the Latest Smart EC Technology:

Smart EC technology is an electronic control system for axial fans that operate more efficiently. By using smart EC technology, industrial axial fans can now be controlled to match the specific needs of each application.

XINNUO has been a leading supplier of axial fans and custom eclectic motors for industrial applications for many years. Our products are renowned for their quality, durability, and efficiency.

We are now pleased to announce that our latest range of axial fans is equipped with smart EC technology. This advanced electronic control system enables the fans to operate more efficiently, resulting in significant energy savings.

The fans also feature longer life and reduced noise levels, ideal for industrial applications.

XINNUO Motors- The Prime Axial Flow Fan Manufacturers in China

XINNUO Motors is a professional enterprise that specializes in the production of axial flow fans. With rich production experience and a solid technical force, our products have excellent performance, high quality, and reasonable prices. We have won a good reputation among customers at home and abroad.

All our products are certified by CE and ISO9001:2008, SSG, CCC, which guarantees that our products are high quality and reliable. Our diverse product line includes all types of motor-driven axial flow fans, including small, medium, and large ones.

We always adhere to the “quality first, customer first” principle. We are looking forward to establishing long-term business relationships with you. Click here to send your query.


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