A Selection Guide To Single Phase Industrial Motors

Single phase industrial motors are implemented in low-volume industries for precise and durable performance. These motors are low power consumption and relatively cheaper than high-grade industrial motors. Xinnuo Motor offers highly precise single-phase industrial motors globally to its consumers.

However, selecting a suitable single phase industrial motor seems like a tough job. Understanding its different types, specifications, and applications from different platforms feels really tiring. But what if you get all the required information in one place? 

Figure 1 Single Phase Industrial Motors

Figure 1: Single Phase Industrial Motors

This selection guide will help you choose the right industrial motor for your commercial application. Let’s find out how; 

What are single phase industrial motors?

Single phase industrial motors are the type of asynchronous motors that are used for low-grade industries. These motors have comparatively high phase power and efficiency than mediocre single-phase motors because they offer 1400-2800 rpm (revolution per minute). 

Leading motor manufacturers are designing single-phase industrial motors for various commercial applications. These motors have high PF rating and phase power than single-phase motors. Moreover, these motors are highly resistant and long-lasting. 

The single-phase industrial motors have dual capacitors and external resistance to provide extra strength and power. These motors have a competitive edge over three phase motors due to their easy installation and long lifespan. 

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Types of single phase industrial motors:

Single-phase industrial motors are available in different types with specialized applications in various sectors. Let’s study common types of single phase (industrial motors) comprehensively; 

YL series single phase industrial motors: 

Figure 2 YL Series Single-phase Motor

Figure 2: YL series single-phase motor

YL series asynchronous motors have a dual capacitor connected with winding to provide high starting and running torque. These motors offer high outputs of 1.5 kW, 2.2 kW, and 5.5kw. YL series offer high resistance due to dual power. These motors are the perfect choice for low-volume commercial purposes, such as compressors, air pumps, small machinery, and tools. 

YC/YCL series single-phase industrial motors: 

YC/YCL series industrial motors are capacitor-driven induction motors that are self-ventilated and robust. These motors have an output power of 1.5 hp to 3hp with reliable performance. These industrial motors have a high power factor of about 0.75 to 0.97. YC/YCL series single-phase motors have large starting torque and driving force that make them a superior choice for the automotive industry, machinery equipment, and lathe machines. 

MY/ML (ALU) series single-phase motors: 

Figure 3 MY ML Series Industrial Motors

Figure 3: MY/ML series industrial motors

MY/ML (ALU) series single-phase motors are capacitor-operated motors having high resistance 220v rated voltage capacity. These motors are manufactured with high-grade stainless steel and aluminum to ensure durable operational life. These series motors have reliable protection classes IP44 and IP55. These motors are suitable for air conditioners and machining tools manufacturing.

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How do I choose an efficient single phase industrial motor from China?

Single-phase industrial motors have many applications in the medium size industries but choosing the right fit for your application is not a no-brainer. You must consider the following factors to ensure that a selected motor is appropriate for your application; 

Optimum speed:

Motor speed plays an imperative role in the motor’s functionality and performance. Before selecting an efficient industrial motor, you must analyze the optimum speed and rpm (revolution per minute). It will help you to choose the right-efficacy motor according to your requirements. 

Torque rate: 

You must figure out the torque rate of the single-phase industrial motor before choosing an electric motor. Torque rate is the rotatory component of the motor that decides its overall efficiency. If you want a single-phase motor for high-grade commercial application, always choose high valued single-phase industrial motor. 

Power output: 

Power output is another important factor you must keep in mind while finalizing your single-phase motor for industrial purposes. Single-phase industrial motors offer a wide range of horsepower and kW power output for different applications. 

Speed control: 

Controlling the speed of the asynchronous motor is crucial in industrial machinery. You must investigate the speed control methods of the motor before choosing it. You must select an industrial motor that has a reliable speed control method without overloading.  

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Limitations of single phase industrial motors: 

Single-phase industrial motors are an affordable option with several noteworthy features. However, these motors are still less efficient than three phase motors and high-grade industrial motors. The single-phase motors have low efficiency than 3-phase power because these motors operate on a single-phase power supply. Moreover, single phase asynchronous industrial motors have load issues, which make them incompatible for high commercial purposes.

How to extend the lifespan of single phase industrial motors:

Although single-phase asynchronous industrial motors are long-lasting, you can extend the lifespan of these motors by following these precautions; 

  • Avoiding overheating of the motor 
  • Make sure the motor is not overloaded or strained.
  • Do regular checkups and easy maintenance. 
  • Make sure the motor is positioned accurately at the location. 
  • Avoid motor contact with water, grease, oil, and dust. 


Single phase industrial motors are designed for micro-commercial applications particularly. They have a low power phase and PF rating, which work quite well in low-grade industries. Except for their long-lasting feature, these motors operate at high efficiency to provide the desired output. 

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Single Phase Industrial Motors-FAQs: 

How does a single phase industrial motor work?

Single phase industrial motors have a similar squirrel cage structure as single-phase asynchronous motors. Therefore, it works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. These motors are highly efficient with a dual power source to operate industrial equipment smoothly. In a single-phase industrial motor, the starting capacitor provides initial torque to the motor, and the running capacitor ensures a stable torque rate when a high load is applied to it. 

What are the common causes of industrial motor failure?

There are several reasons which cause failure in industrial electric motors. Some of the most common mistakes of motor failure are as follows;

  • The most common condition that causes motor failure is an accumulation of dirt and debris. 
  • Overheating also disturbs the normal functioning of the electric motor. 
  • Lack of timely maintenance and lubrication also leads to motor failure. 
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