Understanding Single Phase Motor Winding Resistance Chart

Single phase motor winding resistance indicates the voltage, efficiency, and motor speed. Maintaining ideal single-phase winding resistance is crucial to ensure accurate and precise performance. Xinnuo Motor is a top-priority electric motor manufacturer in China that delivers qualified single-phase motors internationally. 

Single phase motor winding resistance chart

Figure 1: Single phase motor winding resistance chart

If you want to learn about single-phase motor winding resistance, you are at the right place. In this brief blog, we will understand the single phase motor winding resistance chart and its importance in motor working. Let’s have a look;

What is a single phase motor winding resistance chart?

If you want to choose the right single-phase motor for your application, you must understand its winding, resistance, and wire connection. A single phase motor winding resistance chart represents the necessary information and resistance capacity of the motor.

Different types of single-phase motors have specific windings, motor connections, and resistance. For example, split phase motors have different winding and working mechanisms than permanent capacitor induction motors. 

A single phase motor consists of two winding; main and auxiliary winding. The main winding is made of thick wires; thus has low resistance. However, the starting winding consists of thin wires having high resistance. Run/start capacitors are connected in series after identification of motor winding.

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Single phase motor winding resistance chart: 

Let’s closely analyze the resistance chart of single phase motors for better understanding; 


kWVoltageResistance of BL-RED wiresWinding Connection

Set Temperature

1 HP0.75 KW230V2.5-2.72-wire connection25°C
1.5 HP1 KW230V2.0-2.12-wire connection25°C

Chart 1: Single phase 2-wires winding resistance

HPKwVoltageWire-to-wire resistance


Winding Connection


1 HP0.75kW230V2.75.17.83-wire25°C
1.5 HP1.1kW230V2.23.65.83-wire25°C
2 HP1.5kW230V1.52.64.13-wire25°C
3 HP2.2kW230V1.12.13.33-wire25°C
5 HP3.7kW230V0.92.23.13-wire25°C

Chart 2: Single phase 3-wire winding resistance

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Single phase motor winding resistance chart-Conclusion:

Winding resistance of single-phase motors plays an integral role in motor working and application. Understanding the winding resistance chart helps in general inspection, connecting capacitors, and overall performance. For further information and a free quote, feel free to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

What should be the ideal single phase motor winding resistance?

The ideal winding resistance for a single phase motor is less than 0.5 ohms. If the single phase motor winding resistance exceeds this value, it indicates a malfunction in the motor that may result in motor failure. 

How to check single phase motor winding with a multimeter?

Checking single-phase motor winding with the multimeter is easy. For winding resistance, test the resistance of the body frame and earth wire with the multimeter. If the resistance is 0.5 ohms or less, your motor is in good condition. You can also use a multimeter for testing power supply, insulation tester, and full load amps. 

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