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Tube Axial Fan Manufacturer In China

Xinnuo is known for manufacturing high quality and adaptable tubular axial fans that best meet your requirements. Working with us, you will see the potential of our team to increase your business growth.
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Premium Installation Of Thermal Protection Units In Your Tube Axial Flow Fans

With continuous working, the motors of your tube axial fans can get hot. If there are no inline fans for the cooling of your fans then the situation becomes worse. However, Xinnuo takes care of this matter for you and equips your tube axial fans with built-in high tolerance thermal protectors. These units enhance the working of the fans and allow them to work under temperatures ranging from negative 30 to positive 60 degrees Celsius.

Compact Tube Axial Duct Fans With High Operational Reliability

Tube axial duct fans manufactured at Xinnuo offer high functional stability due to its extreme protection category. The model comes in a compact design and offers space-saving installation. The flow fan delivers high efficiency when used according to the conditions specified by the supplier. You can also order your custom tube axial flow fan from Xinnuo motors.

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Noiseless Working With High Durability And Production Qualities

The biggest concern in the manufacturing and construction industries is the maintenance of noise. Usually, the products with high-voltage motors and AC flow produce more noise as compared to the others. This is because they take more load while working and hence a sharp noise is produced. To sort this issue, our productive team at Xinnuo has designed the structure of your tube axial flow fans in such a way that not only do they make less-to-no noise but also, they consume less power.

Improved Lifespan Of The Tube Axial Flow Fans

The lifespan of the products is the most discussed thing while buying. Tube axial fans manufactured at Xinnuo have a high capacity of working all day continuously and they don’t get heated up. Our fans can work for 30,000 to 50,000 hours depending upon the condition of your fan. If you maintain them properly, the lifetime will remain the same for 2 to 3 years, however, negligence can cost you a fortune.

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Collaborate With Our Company And Enjoy The Most-In-Demand Products In The Market

Xinnuo motors have the knack of making premium designs and updated machinery to win the market competitive standards. Our products are reliable with an advanced set of features such as no noise or vibration production, non-abrasive casing material, damage resistance, and increased lifetime with a warranty of 2 – 3 years. Our tube axial fan spare parts are genuine and installed with utmost precision. You are offered to check our prototypes for your perusal because your satisfaction matters to us. Upon need, we also provide a free catalog and installation/operational guidance for your better assistance.

12 inch tube axial fan
The spark and explosion-free 12-inch tube axial fan have the capability of getting through tough environmental conditions. It can withstand the sheer temperature and pressure without getting the surface damage due to high-quality stainless-steel casing. A 12-inch tube axial fan is suitable for use as an exhaust fan in households or warehouses, industrial locations, and medium-sized axial fan requirement areas.
24 inch tube axial fan
The 24-inch tube axial fan is an ideal size for manufacturing firms and construction areas where you need to get rid of the polluted air. They are highly applicable for clearing the dust away from the working areas, purifying the air around you by expelling it into the outer environment. They are noise-free and use less voltage to operate. Their moderate frequencies allow them to work under any uncertainty.
Post Series tube axial fan
Our post series tube axial fans are a great addition to our product range because they contain a lot of different models for different accommodations. You don’t need to stick to one fan and perform all the functions, rather, you can check in detail our post series product range and we assure you’ll find what you’ll be looking for. We can also personalise our products according to your wants.

Reliable And Affordable Axial Flow Fan Manufacturer In China

XINNUO is a Global Axial Flow Fan manufacturer that offers a variety of axial fans for different applications.

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Technical Parameters

Xinnuo – Your Product House For A Diverse Range Of Axial Fans

Our product range is not only limited to the tube axial fans, we also offer axial bowlers, cooling fans, exhausting fans, and vehicle fans. All the products have sharp propellers and impellers with strong axis discs. The casing is kept at a few inches' distance from the blades so that they may not contact and cause friction. Xinnuo offers different blade and casing designs leaving a bunch of choices so that you can select the best according to your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Get The Genuine Tube Axial Fan?

Yes, we provide you with a genuine tube axial flow fan. Xinnuo does not like to decrease the quality of its products. We work with honesty and loyalty to our company and our clients. All your product pieces are genuine and supplied to us by reliable manufacturers. We believe in maintaining quality rather than quality.

2. Would I Get A Sample To Check?

For your better understanding, we provide you with the product prototypes so that you can have your 100% satisfaction. After all, we make products for your use and we make sure to keep a transparency level between our clients and our services.

3. Can I Get Operational Videos?

Xinnuo customer services staff guides you in detail the working process of the products you buy. You can call 100 times and your queries will be answered with the same patience. However, for your ease, we also arrange a set of operational videos where we show and teach you about the parts and working.

4. How Can I Visit Your Manufacturing Site?

If you live in China, our manufacturing area is just a walk away. You are welcome to visit our premises and examine our work modes, question our teams, and check the quality of our products. We can give a full tour to our firm so that no doubts of scam cross our mind.

5. What Are The Benefits Provided At Xinnuo?

The first and foremost benefit of joining the services of Xinnuo is their budget-deals. You can invest keeping in pace with your pocket.

Secondly, you get premium designing of your products. Give a sample draft and see how our engineers mold them into masterpieces.

The third most benefit you get is the after-sale services. Manufacturers seldom consider this but once we get into a business-client relationship, we take it to the end.

6. What Is MOQ?

Concerning your pockets and other requirements, we have introduced a MOQ system according to which you can order in minimal quantity rather than opting for the massive ones. Place minimum orders on a trial basis and we assure you will come back to be a part of Xinnuo services.

7. What Is The Product Delivery Time?

The estimated product delivery time is 15 to 25 days. However, it can fluctuate depending upon the location or the quantity of your order.

8. How Is My Product Packed And Delivered?

Not only our product manufacturing is good but our packaging is also up to the mark! We use hard corrugated boxes to pack your products so that no external damage takes place.

9. What Services Do I Get At Xinnuo Motors?

Other than after-sale and effective-cost deal services, we also provide maintenance services in which we thoroughly check for the faults and damages that might be the reason for your product malfunctioning. Furthermore, we also provide project handling services where our experts devise strategic policies so that your business can flourish.

10. Do You Handle Long-Term Projects?

Yes, we do handle long-term projects. Just let us know at the beginning of placing the order so that we can arrange our schedules according to your project demands.

11. Does My Product Come With A Warranty?

Yes, your products come with a warranty. We ensure you enjoy the best of your investments.

12. Can I Place An Order In Urgency?

We never say no to the urgent order because we know what it feels when the work gets on the nerves. We try every possible way to reduce your work burden by having it on our shoulders.

We leave our contact number and email on the website and you can use that to reach us. You can also place your order from the instant quote pop-up. We respond within hours and we stay online 24/7 so that you don’t miss a chance to contact us. Tell us your specs and we will make that product for you!

Have A Glimpse Of Our Strong And Heart-Warming Customer Response!

It is no less than an honour and proud moment to have such courteous customer ratings and reviews. It is due to the endless efforts of the Xinnuo team that we have reached this milestone that not only natives, but overseas clients also recognize our efforts.
  • star star star star star
    I started working with Xinnuo in 2020 and I must say I am a super lad with a ton of services they provide. I was not only assisted in choosing the right product for me but also given complete guidance on the operation and working of the tube axial fans. Their customer behaviour services are better than any manufacturing company located in China. Big thumbs up for what they are bringing to the industrialists like us!
    Jane Harley:
  • star star star star star
    A few months ago, I needed a bulky order of the tube axial fans on an immediate basis and couldn’t find any manufacturer who would complete the order of this urgency. It was until I found Xinnuo Motors that not only welcomed me but also accepted my order. And to my wonder, the order was at my door within 20 days! Truly satisfied with what they are serving.
    Grace Burney:
  • star star star star star
    Xinnuo is a solid place for customization and I am very intrigued by their unique sense of cooperation. I got fully listened to my preferences and a group of technicians and engineers combined to give shape to my ideas and boom! I get an exact replicate of my thoughts. Such a brilliant team Xinnuo has! Since then, I not only recommend their services to others but also, I am their permanent customer.
    Alexander Martin:
  • star star star star star
    Noise is a biggie to me and I wanted noise-free tube axial fans so that I could run my manufacturing business in peace. I tried and tested various suppliers but their noise resistance wasn’t that effective when compared to Xinnuo. All of their products make less to no noise such as panel axial fans and tube axial fans. I am so impressed by the quality and other features and half of my worries are gone away since the day I have joined Xinnuo services.
    John Adams:

Are You Interested In More Information Or An Accurate Quote?

 If you are looking for a reliable axial flow fan manufacturer, look no further than Xinnuo motors. Contact us to get an instant quote from experts.

Tube Axial Fan

Owning the luxurious advantages of the tube axial fans at the cheapest price, they have taken a strong place in the industrial market. From cooling to air purification, and exhausting purposes, tube axial flow fans are serving their best. Behind all the extraordinary features of the fans lies the devotion and masterminds of Xinnuo engineers.

Ever since we have laid the basis of our manufacturing business, Xinnuo has grown with 10 -25% of yearly profit and has given us a high reputation and recognition across the world. Our working ways are certified with Iso and CE certification and our services are impeccable-making our clients permanent.

Due to the increasing demand and importance of tube axial fans, we have jotted down answers to some queries in the form of an FAQ guide.

Tube axial fan – a brief introduction

Tube axial flow fan

Figure 1: Tube Axial Flow Fan

Tube axial fan is the off-shoot of the axial flow fans that are very popular in the market these days. They offer immense benefits when compared to their price. The casing or outer covering of these fans can be of plastic or metals as you demand. The inner parts such as the center disc, impellers, and propellers are made with stainless steel to enhance the efficacy of the fans, not only this, the stainless steel also protects your tube axial fans from getting rust or similar damage due to environmental conditions. The propeller blades help the fan to work in low-pressure conditions.

Moving on to the working process, they only subject the airflow in one direction, unlike centrifugal fans which let the air move in all directions. Tube axial flow fans have more speed and less power consumption as compared to the other fans and their budget-controlling quality is the strongest reason why you should opt for tube axial fans.

Applications of Tube Axial fan

Applications of tube axial fans

Figure 2: Applications of Tube Axial Fans

Considering their outstanding features, different industries use them for different applications such as

  • Cleaning the dust or contaminating particles from the manufacturing area
  • Exhausting purposes to reduce air pressure in the rooms
  • Cooling or heating of the glass
  • Reducing the heated cars or motor temperature
  • General ventilation tube axial fans
  • Jet fan
  • Circuit test-tube axial fan

Their use can be modified according to the need. You won’t regret buying these fans at Xinnuo.

Technical information of Tube Axial Duct fan

The technical information of the different models of fans differs based on their sizes (12 inches to 24 inches) and functions. However, on average, we have listed the specs from lower to higher.

  • Voltage: 100 – 420 V
  • Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  • Current: 0.6 – 0.16 A
  • Power: 65 – 750 W
  • Speed: 2600 – 3000 r/min
  • Noise: 70 – 75 db(A)

Tube axial fan Vs vane axial fans

Although, both fans fall in the same category the main difference lies in the design, structure, and shape of the fans. The tube axial flow fan is rather tube-like and vane fans are flat. Tube axial fans are used in different industries for bigger projects and vane axial fans can be used as home exhausting fans. The differences are minor but you cannot ignore them when buying in bulk.

Industrial benefits of Tube Axial Exhaust fan

Manufacturing industries get a lot of benefits from the industrial tube axial fans manufactured by Xinnuo.

  • They have optimum structure and design with tensile strength
  • They stimulate smooth working of the blades due to the imported motors
  • Have high speed yet make less noise
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly
  • They’re explosion proof

Design and Types of tubeaxial fans available at Xinnuo

Design of tube axial fan

Figure 3: Design of Tube Axial Fan

There is no limit to innovative ideas when it comes to offering designs. Our team is well-trained and knowledgeable to bring variety to the work. We run analyzing software to check the authenticity of our rough sketches and then proceed to the construction. Our Xinnuo team leaves no traces or errors behind.

As far as the types are concerned, we provide

  • Direct-works with an impeller attached to the motor
  • Belted- the propeller is attached to the axis and then to the belt
  • With wire (ducted) – that are connected through the wires
  • Walled – these are with or without wires and mounted on the walls

Reliable Tube axial fan Manufacturers

You can easily find a tube axial fan supplier but for that, you should do a study of their timeline first. We suggest you buy from Xinnuo for the on-field experience they have had for years and a whole lot of engineers and technicians to aid the manufacturing process.


The price of the tube axial fans is not fixed due to certain reasons. It keeps fluctuating depending upon your area of residence, a number of additional features and specifications, and the manufacturing companies. The more you top-up your fans with different features, the more the price of your tube axial fans will be. However, we have calculated an estimated amount so that you can draw a rough idea of your budget which is 60 to 800 US dollars per piece. If you buy from Xinnuo, you’ll get an extra benefit because we provide cost-friendly deals for our fans.

Installation guide

Xinnuo advises you to install your tube axial fans by following the tips below.

  • First of all, read our product catalog to get detailed information about the fans. Read the working and functioning of the parts carefully and then proceed to open the fan box.
  • Examine the parts and join them together as per the instructions provided by our technicians in your catalog.
  • Report us if you find any part missing or damaged (that doesn’t happen because we dibble check your products.)
  • If you have bought the duct fan, then install it in the place near a switch or according to the duct length.
  • If you have bought a wall fan, then drill a wall hole to fix the fan into it.
  • Do not mess with any part or you’ll end up ruining your fan by the end.
  • In case of any assistance, call the customer services staff at Xinnuo and we’ll help you out.

Tube axial fans at Xinnuo

We manufacture the latest and most advanced-tech tube axial fans that perfectly match your preferences. Currently, Xinnuo offers you direct, belted, ducted, and panel fans. We can also make customized fans so that you can run your manufacturing business exactly the way you want.

Order and shipment process at Xinnuo motors

Just like other responsibilities, we fulfill the order placing and order shipping responsibilities carefully. The moment you place your fan order by fulfilling the instant quote form, we start manufacturing tube axial fans and it reaches you in less than 25 days. We also provide shipment on demand that is either by road or through cargos depending upon your location.

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