What type of motor is explosion proof?

What type of motor is explosion proof

What type of motor is explosion proof

Every year, more than 5000 workers receive serious injuries due to fire or explosions at the workplace. Most of these mishaps occur due to faulty machinery and equipment malfunction. This happens because internal parts of machinery get heated up after working continuously, thus, increasing the risks of sparks at the work site. 


Explosion proof electric motors are designed to tackle the issue of explosions in most commercial appliances. These motors have become a popular choice for industrial machinery because of their outstanding safety features. Xinnuo Motor is one of the top electric motor manufacturers in China that supplies high-grade explosion-proof electric motors.

Are you wondering what type of motor is explosion proof? This article will help you to understand the classification, specifications, and selection guide for explosion-proof motors. Let’s take a look!

What type of motor is explosion proof?

An electric motor having an internal explosion that prevents the explosion from spreading in the commercial setting is called an explosion-proof motor. These motors maintain an internal temperature less than the flammable material to avoid large blasts. The explosion-proof motors are manufactured with high-grade steel and strong housing to ensure safety in the workplace. 

What is an explosion proof motor?

Explosion-proof Electric Motor

Explosion-proof Electric Motor

Explosion-proof motors are a significant type of industrial motor that reduces the risks of a massive explosion in hazardous areas. These motors tend to reduce overheating in the internal parts to provide maximum safety. 

Explosion-proof motors are available in both single-phase and three-phase winding. However, the application range of both motors is different. Single phase explosion proof motors are used for low-grade commercial purposes, and three phase explosion-proof motors are applicable in high-grade industrial equipment.

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Explosion proof motor classification:

If the question “what type of motor is explosion proof?” is still coming up in your mind, let’s simplify it further! 

Not all types of explosion proof electric motors are valuable for all hazardous locations. Explosion-proof motors are classified according to the hazardous application. Let’s closely understand the classification of explosion-proof motors with the help of table.


Division I

Division II

Division I location is the most hazardous location as it indicates the presence of flammable agents during normal motor operation. Division II is only hazardous under certain abnormal circumstances such as rupture, malfunction, leak, or spill.
Examples: Ignition liquid and vapors Examples: flammable gas and vapors 


Class I

Class II

Class III

Class I contain flammable vapors in the air.Class II type contains combustible solid material in the environment.Class III type indicates the presence of ignitable fibers nearby.
Acetone, gasoline, ethyleneDust, grain, coil, and debris Flour, wood shaving, and fibers.



Group C

Group D

Group F

Group G

Group C and D contain ignition gases such as hydrogen, acetylene, diethyl ether, ethane, methane, styrene, and ammonia.Group F and G consist of flammable particles such as wheat, corn, nylon fibers, polythene, and wheat flour. 

Table 1: Classification of Explosion-proof Motors

Selecting the appropriate explosion proof motor according to your hazardous application:

After understanding, what type of motor is explosion proof? It is very significant to grasp the selection criteria of explosion-proof motors to find the right fit for your application. Let’s discuss some common factors to consider while choosing a suitable explosion-proof motor;

  • Closely identify your hazardous location to find the right fit.
  • Research the market and company’s background.
  • Analyze the Divisions, Classes, and Groups, and be sure where your location lies for accessible installation
  • If your location is Div I and Class I, you must choose a high-grade explosion-proof motor.
  • If your location is Div II and Class II, choose a reliable motor with robust housing and temperature regulation feature.

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Difference between explosion-proof and ordinary motors: 

The comparison between explosion-proof and ordinary motors will help to answer the question, “what type of motor is explosion proof?” 

Ordinary Motor:

  • Low protection 
  • Ordinary structure 
  • Low insulation class 
  • Robust working principle 

Explosion-Proof Motor:

  • High protection degree
  • 100% flame-proof structure 
  • High insulation class 
  • Internal explosion system 

Xinnuo Motor manufactures a diverse range of electric motors, including single-phase electric motors, OEM motors, and three-phase motors


In this article, we have answered “what type of motor is explosion proof?” and their classification. The quality of manufacturing material of these motors is premium to ensure zero errors, high precision, and reliable performance.

If safety is your primary concern, choose high-quality explosion proof electric motors.  For further queries, you can contact us


Are explosion proof motors cheap?

Explosion proof motors are not cheap. These motors are comparatively pricier than ordinary motors because they have advanced features. These motors contain internal explosions, high-grade insulation, and protection. 

Are brushless motors explosion proof?

People often ask, “what type of motor is explosion proof and brushless”? And the answer is that brushless motors are not designed as explosion-proof. However, these motors can be modified into explosion proof electric motor with customization. 


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