3 Phase Motor Vs Single Phase Motor—All You Need To Know

Single-phase and 3-phase motors are the two common types of induction motors. Induction motors are highly efficient, budget-friendly, and long-lasting AC motors that are designed with the advanced working mechanism. Although both types of motors work efficiently, they are application specified. Xinnuo Motor is China‘s top-priority single phase and 3 phase motor manufacturers that deliver motors made with 100% raw material globally. 

Figure 1 Single phase vs three phase motor

Figure 1: 3 Phase Motor Vs Single Phase Motor

In this article, we will compare 3 phase motor vs single phase motors thoroughly. Let’s get into it. 

A comparison: 3 phase motor vs single phase motor

If we are comparing single phase vs three phase motor, you need to understand the key differences that make these two motors distinct. The comparison of 3 phase motor vs single phase motor is based on several important factors. 

What is the difference between 3 phase motor vs single phase motor?

Let’s discuss some key differences between three phase and single phase motors.

Single phase motor

Single phase motors are the most widely used motors in domestic or small-grade applications. 

Figure 2 Single phase motor circuit diagram

Figure 2: Single phase motor circuit diagram

Power Source:

In the discussion of 3 phase motor vs single phase motor, the major difference is the power supply. Single phase motors operate on a single phase power supply. 


Single phase motors have a simple and robust structure. These motors usually have a cage-type rotor that produces rotations. Moreover, the stator of single-phase motors has two winding; therefore, these motors are called single phase motors. 


The single phase motors are big in size. 

Power Output: 

The power output and motor amps of a single-phase motor are about 230V. 

Torque generation: 

These motors are not self-starting; thus, generate very limited initial torque. They produce starting rotation via an additional power supply. 

Working efficiency:

The power rating of single phase motors is low and operates on single winding; therefore, working efficiency is low. 

Single phase motor price: 

Single phase motors are economical and reliable. Their price range is also affordable for micro businesses. 


Single phase vs three phase motor is differentiable in terms of applications. Single-phase motors are widely used in household appliances, lightweight machinery, toys, drill machines, and compressors. 

Three-phase motor

It is important to discuss noteworthy features of a three-phase electric motor while comparing 3 phase motor vs single phase. 


The construction of a three-phase motor is complex. These motors have a cage and wound-type rotor with three phase winding. 3-phase motors have the following types based on structure;

  • Squirrel cage induction motor
  • Slip ring induction motor
  • Permanent magnets motors


The circuit diagram shows that 3 phase motor has a star or delta wiring connection with 230v motor wiring. 

Figure 3 Three-phase motor wiring diagram 

Figure 3: Three-phase motor wiring diagram 


These motors are compact in size, and their weight is also lighter than single phase motors. 

Power Output: 

The power output of 3-phase motors is above 415V. These motors have high amps and PF ratings than single phase motors. 

Torque generation: 

Three-phase motors are self-starting and generate high initial torque without any additional power source. 

Working efficiency:

Since these motors operate on three windings, they are highly efficient and productive with high protection class. These motors also have low backlash and malfunction rates. 

3 phase motor price: 

Price range is an important factor in the comparison of single phase vs three phase motor. 3-phase motors are comparatively high priced than single phase electric motors. These motors are designed with advanced features; therefore, they are expensive. 


Three-phase motors have a diverse range of applications in high-grade and low-volume industrial applications. Some of the common applications of 3 phase motors are as follows; 

  • Chemical Industry 
  • Automobile Industry
  • Cutting, grinding, and lathe machinery
  • Manufacturing of machining tools
  • Lifting industry (escalators and cranes)
  • Rolling and pressing industry 
  • Blowers, fans, and compressors

Xinnuo Motor offers a diverse range of premium quality electric motors that include industrial motors, permanent magnet motors, and OEM motors


3 phase motor vs single phase is a never-ending discussion as both motors have a different structures, power output, and applications. Single-phase and 3 phase motors work perfectly in their field of application without defects. Xinnuo Motor offers 100% customizable single phase and 3-phase electric motors to its customers. For more information, contact us

FAQ-3 phase motor vs single phase motor: 

Q 1: Which is better single phase or 3 phase power?

Understanding both motors is necessary to finalize which one is better for you. For example, if you are looking for an induction motor for domestic purposes, a single phase motor would be the right pick. However, if high efficiency and torque rate are your priority, go for a three-phase motor.

Q 2: Is 3 phase cheaper than single phase motor

3 phase motor vs single phase price range is indisputable. Three-phase motors are more expensive than single phase motors because these 3-phase motors are more efficient, reliable, and self-starting. Therefore, 3 phase motors price range is higher than the single-phase. However, the features and quality pay off. 

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