The 8th China Taizhou Industrial Exhibition

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The 8th China Taizhou industrial exhibition was held in Taizhou, a city located in Zhejiang province. The show was organized by Shanghai lianxun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. The Taizhou Municipal People’s government approved this exhibition, and it was held in Taizhou International Expo Center (China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center). 

More than 350 domestic and international participants attended this exhibition, and it was a successful show of industrial products.

The Story Behind The Show 

The story of the Taizhou industrial exhibition started from Wenling, a coastal county-level city in the Taizhou municipal area. Wenling’s water pump industry created an industrial output value of 38 billion yuan together with the motor industry in 2011, resulting in 44 million US dollar profits and taxes. Since then the water pump industry of Wenling became the pillar of China’s water pump industry. 

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In recent years, the water pump industry has increased through measures such as building modern industrial clusters, promoting enterprises to go public, encouraging independent innovation, accelerating the construction of development platforms, etc. 

After seeing the success of the Wenling water pump industry, the organizing committee planned to organize an event that would help to build a communication and transaction platform for local enterprises and foreign investors.

Therefore the organizers launched the Taizhou Electromechanical Equipment Exhibition at the Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The center can accommodate more than 50,000 square meters of exhibition space.

Various industries participated, such as the Machine tool industry, Mold industry, Measuring and cutting tools, mechanical   automation, casting and forging industry, welding and cutting, Hardware and electrical equipment industry, participated in the show.  

Xinnuo Motors in the 8th China Taizhou Industrial Exhibition 

As a leading water pump manufacturer, Xinnuo motors was one of the top participants in the 8th China Taizhou Industrial Exhibition. Motors consume more than half of the global electrical power. Therefore, efficient motors are essential for factories and global power consumption. We displayed our top-quality motors used by thousands of businesses all over the world. 

We displayed our latest 2019 Permanent magnetic industrial ceiling fan production, which was a unique product in that exhibition. We showed our single and three-phase motors along with our other products such as speed reducer, PMSM motor, and high-pressure swirl pump.

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Xinnuo motors were established in 2000, and over the last two decades, we have established ourselves as one of the leading motor brands in the world. We achieved our product line efficiency in 2007, and by the end of 2015, we have completed the production output of 15 million USD. We also displayed our permanent magnet synchronous motor, which our R&D team developed in 2016. 

Xinnuo motors have clients in the UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Middle-East, South Africa, South America, and many countries in Asia. Many people from those countries attended the exhibition and gave us positive feedback about our brand. 

The 8th China Taizhou Industrial exhibition was successful and demonstrated the production capability and innovative ideas of Chinese industrial equipment production. This event was a massive success for both China and Xinnuo. We are looking forward to the next show. 


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