Single Phase Explosion Proof Motors — A Simple And Safer Solution

Can you imagine your life without machinery for a day? From small household appliances to high-grade industrial machinery, motors are utilized everywhere. Despite having special perks, electric motor malfunctioning can cause explosions, resulting in severe injuries or even death. 

Therefore, industries are investing in reliable explosion-proof motors to avoid mishaps in the workplace or household. Single phase explosion proof motors reduce the risks of equipment damage or explosions due to overheating and spark. 

Figure 1 Single Phase Explosion Proof Motors

Figure 1: Single-phase explosion proof motor

Xinnuo Motor is the leading electric motor supplier in China that designs safe and reliable explosion-proof motors. In this guide, you will get all the necessary information regarding single-phase flameproof motors. Let’s have a look.

An overview of single phase explosion proof motors: 

Figure 2 Explosion-proof Electric Motor

Figure 2: Explosion-proof electric motor

A single-phase explosion-proof motor is specially designed to operate in locations involving ignition material. Single phase flame proof motors are suitable for domestic and low-grade commercial appliances. Since these motors work on single-phase power supply, they have low efficiency and speed than three-phase electric motors. 

Single phase explosion-proof motors prevent explosions by reducing overheating. These motors are made with highly durable iron cast and copper coil to ensure safety. Single phase explosion-proof motors provide reliable performance with an extended lifespan. 

These motors have IP44 (TEFC) protection and F insulation class for maximum protection and safer operation. With such outstanding features, flameproof motors have become the top choice of businesses. 

Classification of single phase explosion proof electric motors: 

Remember, not all type of explosion-proof motors is suitable for all applications. These motors are classified into different explosion proof classes according to their application in different hazardous areas. Let’s understand the classification of single phase explosion proof motor;

Class I, Division I, Group C and D

  • Flammable vapors, gases, and liquids. 

Class II, Division I, Group F and G

  • Dust particles, combustible fibers, and flying substances.

If you want more in-depth knowledge, read our comprehensive article on explosion-proof motors.

4 reasons why you should choose a single phase explosion proof motors: 

Are you confused about whether you should select an explosion-proof motor or not? Here are the potential benefits of single phase explosion proof electric motor which will convince you to buy one;

  • Improved performance:

Single-phase flame proof motors have standard efficiency with capacitors that provides high torque and RPM value. These motors have 110/220 rated voltage and 50 Hz frequency for improved and reliable performance. 

  • Safety:

As we all know, explosion-proof motors are recognized for their safety feature. Similarly, single-phase flame-proof motors ensure safer operation by reducing the risks of fire explosives. These motors minimize equipment, property, or any health damage. Single phase explosion proof motors are UL listed and certified by IECE. 

  • Budget-friendly:

Explosion proof electric motors on a budget? Yes, single-phase explosion-proof motors are less pricy than three-phase motors. These motors offer constant speed; thus function perfectly for low-volume equipment. 

  • High durability:

These motors are fan enclosed and made with premium quality material ensuring resistance from dust and water. Therefore, these industrial motors operate for an extended period without frequent maintenance and repair. Moreover, you can practice regular inspection to increase the working span of the explosion-proof motor.

Applications of single phase explosion proof motors: 

Let’s discuss some applications of single phase explosion proof electric motors in domestic and commercial sectors; 

  • Household Appliances 
  • Food and beverage industry 
  • Low-grade mining machinery 


Do you work in a hazardous location and are concerned about the safety of your equipment? Single phase explosion proof motors can be the savior. The single-phase explosion-proof motors provide reliable performance, increased protection, and error-free output. 

For more information, you can contact us. We are responsive around the clock to help you out. 

Single Phase Explosion Proof Motors-FAQ

Are TEFC motors explosion proof?

Figure 3 TEFC Motors

Figure 3: TEFC motors

TEFC (totally enclosed fan-cooled) motors are designed for heat dissipation and internal parts protection. TEFC motors are not primarily explosion-proof because they are suitable for T3 temperature rating. That means the external temperature of these motors shall not exceed 200°C. Therefore, these motors are not helpful for T4 temperature rating dangerous areas. 

TEFC motors provide ventilation but cannot control explosions or overheating in Class I, Div. I dangerous locations. 

Who is a reliable manufacturer of single phase explosion proof motors in China?

Xinnuo Motor is a certified explosion-proof motor manufacturer in China. We provide a diverse range of single-phase and three-phase explosion-proof electric motors. We design a variety of explosion-proof motors for different hazardous locations. Our motors are made with 100% stainless steel and raw material for precise performance and long life.

With 10,000+ satisfied customers globally, Xinnuo Motor is the most trustworthy supplier in the motor industry. Our explosion-proof motors are UL and IECE-certified. These motors are tested and certified as explosion-protected equipment. Xinnuo also has quality assurance certifications such as ICE and ISO9001. Moreover, we offer complete customization of explosion-proof motors according to the client’s machinery requirements. 

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