Understanding Single Phase Electric Motor Prices (Different Types & Uses)

single phase electric motor prices

Figure 1: Single phase electric motor prices

Single-phase electric motors are the most widely used electric motors in the industry. These motors are functional, low-cost, and durable. Single phase motors are not self-starting; thus, they are less efficient.

Single phase motors are available in different voltage, output power, and frequency range. Xinnuo Motor is China’s leading electric motor manufacturer that supplies top-notch single phase motors globally. 

Are you planning to buy a suitable single phase motor for your application? This guide will help you understand different single phase electric motor prices and applications. So, without any further delay, let’s get into it.

Single phase electric motor prices [A guide]

Affordability is a crucial factor to consider if you are purchasing a single phase motor. Therefore, it is important to understand single phase electric motor prices before finalizing a motor. Following are different single-phase motors with prices;

  • Single phase motor (1 hp to 5 hp): 

1 hp to 5 hp single phase electric motors are constant speed AC motors. These motors are usually used with low-grade machinery for continuous operation. They produce 1-5 horsepower output power on a constant voltage supply. These motors have high-grade insulation (F, B) and protection class. 

1 hp-5hp electric motors are available in different price ranges in the market. On average, 1 hp to 5 hp single phase electric motor prices range between $80 – $500. 

  • Single phase motors (7.5 hp to 10 hp): 

The 7.5 hp to 10 horsepower single-phase motors are efficient and work incredibly with low-grade industrial motors. These motors have 3000-3500 rpm values on 220V-240V rated voltage.  

These motors have low noise bearings and robust structures, making them the most durable electric motor. The 7.5 hp to 10 hp single phase electric motor prices start from $500 to $1200. 

  • Single phase motors with capacitor: 

Single phase motor with dual capacitors

Figure 2:Single phase motor with dual capacitors

Single phase electric motors with capacitors are the most workforce motors with advanced features such as reliable performance, long life, and constant torque. These motors come with start and run capacitors to increase the working efficiency and precision of the electric motor. 

The capacitor-driven single phase electric motor prices start from $250 to $600. However, the price range of these motors varies from company to company. 

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The working mechanism of single phase electric motors:

Figure 3 Working of Single-phase Motor

Figure 3: Working of single-phase motor

Like other AC motors, single phase motors comprise a rotor and stator. A single-phase motor has two winding;

When the single phase power source is provided to the stator, it produces flux. The alternating flux acts on the rotor to run the motors. However, alternating flux cannot produce initial rotation on the rotor; therefore, a single phase motor needs a capacitor to generate starting torque. A capacitor is always connected in series with the motor. 

Applications of single phase electric motors:

Single phase electric motors are ideal for low inertia applications because these motors are designed to provide low power output.

Let’s discuss some common applications of single phase electric motors;

  • Refrigerators 
  • Washing Machines and dryers
  • Kitchen Gadgets (mixer and grinders etc.)
  • Compressors
  • Fans and blowers
  • Machine tools (drills, portable cutting equipment)

Xinnuo Motor also offers a range of three-phase electric motors, single-phase explosion proof motors, and standard industrial motors. 


Single phase motors are low torque, reliable, and cost-effective electric motors. If you are finding a reliable small motor for your application, a single phase asynchronous electric motor is a must-have. It provides maximum output with external capacitors while consuming low energy. Hope this guide has helped you understand different single-phase motor prices and their function. For more information and a free quote, you can contact us. Our customer support is responsive around the clock to answer your queries. 

Frequently asked questions

Is a 3-phase motor better than a single phase motor?

Three-phase electric motors are better than single phase motors in terms of efficiency and high speed. The 3-phase electric motors produce constant torque and rpm (revolution per minute) rating. 

Whereas single phase electric motors operate on single phase power supply; therefore, they are less efficient and speed-generating than three-phase motors. However, single phase motors are long-lasting and does not demand frequent maintenance. 

Which motors are cheaper?

Single phase motors are cheaper than other motors because these motors are designed for low-grade industrial and domestic applications. Due to their working mechanism and output power, single phase electric motor prices are less than three phase motors. 

Can I use a single phase motor without a capacitor?

No, single phase motors do not work without a capacitor because these motors are not self-starting. These motors demand certain capacitance to produce starting torque. Moreover, some single phase motors need two value capacitors (start and run) to generate maximum torque. 

These motors have a low efficiency rate; thus, a capacitor is necessary to start and run the motor to produce the optimum power output.

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